Chapter 2
Joey's Quest Part 1


Matt pulled off the expressway, after a grueling two weeks on the road.  Taking the frontage road west, Matt could see the sign of the Lincoln Way Inn less than a quarter of a mile ahead. `Damn, it sure feels good to see that sign,'  Matt thought.

Parking near the lobby entrance Matt got out of his car and stretched, arching his back, he could feel the vertebras pop back into place. Shielding his eyes,  Matt looked west, admiring the colorful sunset.

Sharon Moore, day desk clerk was busy filling Jeff Stuber, her replacement, in on what rooms were available and all special requests for the registered guests.  Looking up, she spotted Matt as he got out of his car.    She poked her head into the office. "Mr. Biggs, Matt Morgan has arrived," she informed her boss.

"Thanks, Sharon," William Biggs said as he rose from his chair.   Joining Sharon and Jeff at the counter he greeted Matt with a big smile.  "Welcome, Mr. Morgan, it's been too long since we've had the pleasure of your company."

"Thank you, Mr. Biggs, my  absence was not by  choice,"  Matt said.  Turning his attention to the others, "Sharon, Jeff, I'm glad to see you're both still here.   Mr. Biggs hasn't given you two a hard a time now, has he?" 

Smiling, Sharon said, "No, not at all.  How was your trip?"

"Long and tiring,"  Matt said.

"May I help you with your bags, Mr. Morgan?" Jeff asked eagerly.

"No thanks, Jeff.  I just stopped to see if I have any mail,"  Matt said.

"I placed your mail on the table in your apartment this morning after you called to let us know you were on the way," Sharon said.

"Thanks, Sharon," Matt said.  Turning his attention to the manager, Matt said, "Mr. Biggs, you have a minute?"  as he turned to leave.

"Yes, Mr. Morgan," the manager said as he followed Matt out the front door.

Leaning against his car, Matt looked up at his smiling friend.  "How has things been going, Will?"

"Great, Matt." 

"Is young Jeff working out?" 

"Yeah, he's doing  an excellent job.  Sharon has done a great job of training him," Will said.

"After working nights for the last five years I figured she would do a good job at training her replacement,"  Matt pointed out.  "Is there anything I should know about?"

"Nothing major, Matt.  You look beat. Why don't you get some rest and we can talk tomorrow,"  Will suggested.

"Yeah, I am beat.  Will, stop by for lunch tomorrow and you can fill me in on what's been going on,"  Matt suggested.

"Sharon, how long have you known Mr. Morgan?"  Jeff asked while keeping an eye on the two men outside.

"Jeff, relax, I've known Matt Morgan for years.  He would spend the summers here with his godparents.  When they retired three years ago, they offered the Inn to Matt.  He's been a great boss to work for," Sharon said.

"He seemed nice when he interviewed me.  I just want to do a good job while he is staying here,"  Jeff said.  "Is there anything I should watch for?"

"Yeah, the pool.  When he is in town be sure you get the pool cleared out by ten and the door is locked.  No one, I mean no one is to have access to the pool during the posted closed times." 

"Why?" Jeff asked.

"Matt likes to use the hot tub and swim.  He has the habit of swimming in the nude."
Sharon said with a smile.

"How do you know he swims in the nude?"

"I made the mistake of forgetting my clipboard in there one night.  As I was getting my clipboard, he was climbing out of the pool,"  Sharon said as she remembered the incident.

"What happened?"

"He smiled at me, then stood there and talked to me for a few minutes before he went to the diving board and dove into the water," Sharon said with a sly grin.

"You saw everything?"

"Yeah, how could I not, everything was in  plain view."

"Well, how was the view?" Jeff asked with a grin.

"He is so gorgeous.  Years of  swimming has paid off." 

"He must be popular with the ladies," Jeff said with a grin.

"Jeff, ah, I think you should know.  Matt doesn't date girls.  His interests lays someplace else." 

"You mean he's gay?" Jeff asked in a  low voice.  "He doesn't look gay."

Matt drove around to the back of the Inn and pulled his car into the garage.  Unloading his bags and laptops Matt entered his apartment.  Dropping his bags inside the bedroom door Matt took the two laptops over to the dining room table.  Quickly glancing at the two stacks of mail, Matt decided he wasn't in the mood to tackle that at this time.  Going over to his desk he booted his computer, entering the access code he watched as it came to life.  Checking his e-mail Matt was astounded to find 156 e-mails.   Quickly scanning the e-mails he noticed most were from fans of his story.   There were a couple from other authors and a new one that caught Matt's eye.  `I wonder.' Matt thought as he opened the e-mail.

To: midwestjames
From: little_bro_J
Subject: New Chapter

Hey Matt,
I just finished reading the new chapter of MNL,  it is awesome as always.  I like the idea of having Marc and me kind of bonding as brothers.  There's lots of times I wish I had someone to talk to, who is not in the group. <sigh> 
We are in rehearsals for the Music Video Awards, working on new choreography, trying to keep things fresh. 
Hope to see you next time we are in the area.  Looking forward to the next chapter.
Your fan.

Matt smiled at the e-mail then clicked on the reply icon.

To: little_bro_J
From: midwestjames
Subject: Reply New Chapter

Hi Justin,
I've been on the road for the last two weeks, sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner.  My laptop crashed the first day out so I haven't been able to check my e-mail the whole time.
Justin, I know I'm not Marc.  But if you want to talk just go ahead.  I'm a good listener and you know I always have an opinion on everything. ;-)
Good luck on the awards show I will be watching.
Later little bro,

Clicking the send button, Matt's e-mail was sent on its way.  Matt switched to his other 
e-mail site.  Finding four e-mails from Joey, Matt quickly opened the first one.

From Viking
To mwj
Subject: Haven't connected 

Hay Matt,
Looked for you on the net the last couple nights.  We had a few days off so I went home to see my mom and dad.  Got to hang out with a couple old friends from school.  Had a good time.
Give me a shout if I'm on the net latter tonight.  K?
Your friend,

From Viking
To mwj
Subject: What's Up?

Hay Matt,
What's going on?  Haven't heard from you in over a week.  Did I do something to make you mad?  I'm sorry if I said something wrong.  Please let me know what's wrong.
Your friend?

From Viking
To mwj
Subject: ignore last e-mail

Hey Matt,
Please ignore the last e-mail.  I was so glad to get your e-mail today.  Sorry about your laptop taking a nose dive.  Sounds like you're on the road trip from hell.  I wouldn't have thought of using the public library to send a e-mail.
Hope the rest of the trip goes better.  Will talk to you when you get back home.
Your happy friend,

From Viking
To mwj
Subject: MVA

Hey Matt, 
Hope you made it home all right.  I just got back from the final rehearsal for the Music Video Awards.  It's going to be awesome. 
Hope to catch you on the net soon.
Your friend,

Matt smiled at Joey's last e-mail. Glancing at the clock on his monitor Matt noted he had just little over an hour to get ready for tonight's award show.

Matt was going over his e-mails as he half heartily listened to the awards show.  Giving full attention to *Nsync's and Britney Spears performance.  Matt was all grins as he watched Nsync receive their three awards.   Making a note as to the counter setting on the VCR Matt planned to go back and edit out all the bad parts of the show and keep the best parts, namely the parts with *Nsync.

Matt was shutting down his computer, having been able to answer half of his e-mail, when the phone rang.  Looking at the caller ID Matt didn't recognize the number and noted it was from out of state.  "Good evening. Matt Morgan here, how may I help you," Matt said still in his work mind frame.

Giggles came from the other end then a familiar voice said,  "That has got to be the strangest greeting I've heard in a while.  What ever happened to hello?"

"Oh, Joey, hi.  Sorry. I'm still on autopilot." 

"Rough week huh?  Well you made it home I see.  What have you been doing tonight?" Joey asked.

"I couldn't find anything good on TV tonight so I've been answering my e-mails.  What have you guys been up to?"  Matt asked with a grin.

"Matt! Don't tell me you missed it,"  Joey almost shouted into the phone.

"Missed what?"  Matt innocently asked.

The Music Video Awards; I don't believe you missed it."

"Oh, was that tonight?  Did you win anything?"  Marc said as he suppressed a giggle.

"I don't believe you missed the award show,"  Joey said in exasperation. 

Laughing at Joe's reaction, Marc said, "Joe, Joe, calm down man.  I was kidding.  I halfway watched the show." 

"What do you mean halfway?" Joe asked.

"I was trying to get  through my e-mails, and I had the TV turned down low.  But I did watch your performance and I did see you get your three awards."

"What did you think of our performance tonight?"  Joey asked.

"It was great.  But. . ."

"But what?" 

"I'm afraid Britney number stole the show," Matt said.

"Yeah, she was awesome tonight, "  Joey softly said.

"She caught my attention."

"She what!" Joey almost screamed.

"Joe, I may be gay, but I'm also male.  I can appreciate a good looking chest, I mean girl." 

"Yeah, I know.  She has really developed over the last couple years, music wise that is," Joe said as he cleared his throat.

"Joe, I thought you'd be out celebrating your wins.  What's up?" Matt asked.

"Oh, we are out celebrating.  The others have already gone into the club.  I'm calling from the limo, I just wanted to see if you got home all right and how the trip was."

"The trip was way too long.  And boring as hell.  I'm not sure if I'm going to like this new job.  And the real fun part is I get to spend tomorrow doing performance reviews.  The only good thing is after I finish up the paperwork I can relax until Monday," Matt said.  "What do you guys have on tap for this weekend?"

"Oh, same old grind, parties, interviews, more parties and interviews, another awards show,"  Joey said almost bored.

"Are you guys going to perform?"  Matt asked.

"No, this one we just have to show up." Joey said  half-heartedly.

"Oh, you poor baby.  The life of a celebrity is so boring,"  Matt said with a chuckle.

"Actually your weekend seems better,"  Joey said.  "Matt, I have to go.  Lance has just come back out looking for me.  I'll call when I have more time."

"Ok, Joe, have a good time at your party.  Call when you can. Bye."

"Bye, Matt."

Justin came off the dance floor after dancing for more  than an hour.  Spotting Joey  sitting at a table he went over.  "Hey Joey, isn't this a great parrtee?"

Joey smiled at Justin as he sat down. 

"Hey, what's wrong?  You're not dancing.  And you have been nursing that drink all night,"  Justin asked.

"I've been dancing,"  Joey replied.

"What?  Fifteen minutes.   Are you sick or something?" Justin said as he placed his hand on Joey's forehead.  "This isn't the Joey Fatone I know.  You must be an impostor." 

Brushing Justin's hand away Joey said, "No, I'm not sick.  I'm just a little tired that's all.  And I'm really not in the mood to parrtee."  Joey thought for a second  then added, "Justin do me a favor."

"Sure; what?"

"I'm going to head back to the hotel, tell the others I will see them in the morning." 

"I'll get them and we will go with you," Justin said as he started to get up.

"No," Joey said as he placed his hand on Justin's arm.  "You guys are having a good time, stay and enjoy.  I'll have the limo drop me off at the hotel then send it back here for your use."  Pushing his drink aside, Joey headed for the club entrance.

Lance spotted Justin sitting at the table.  Placing a hand on Justin's shoulder Lance took the seat next to Justin.  Looking around the room he leaned into Justin and asked,  "Where's Joey?"

"He went back to the hotel."

"Why?  Is he sick?"  Lance asked.

"No.  Said he was tired, and wasn't in the mood to party."

"He must be tired if he is the first one to leave a party," Lance said.  Looking across the room Lance smiled as he leaned into Justin.  "Curly, look who just arrived."

Looking over at the entrance spotting Britney, Justin let out a low moan, "Now I wish I would have  gone with Joe."

The next day nothing was on *Nsync's agenda for the morning.  Two TV interviews, a photo shoot, and a interview with Teen Beat Magazine took up the rest of the day.
Getting into the limo, Chris asked, "Joey, what's up with you today?  Is there something wrong?"

"I'm ok.  I'm just tired,"  Joey said.

As they traveled back to their hotel, Joey sat in silence looking out the window but not seeing the passing city.  Turning his gaze back to his friends Joey said,  "Guys, I know I haven't been myself lately.  And I know we have the awards show Sunday night.   But I've decided not to attend."

"Why?"  asked JC.

"Because I won't be here.  Guys, I need some time to myself.  So when Lance leaves tomorrow for his auditions, I will be going to the airport with him,"  Joey said.

"What about the awards show?" Chris asked.

"We're not performing.  So the three of you will still be there if we win anything."

"You're not going to your folks, are you?" Justin asked.

"No.  I'm not sure yet where I'm going.  I just know I have to get away for a few days and recharge my batteries,"  Joey said.

"What if something comes up?" JC asked.

With a heavy sigh Joey said, "I will have my cell with me.  If something major comes up, and I do mean major, like Curly and Brit running off to get married kind of thing.  You can reach me by my cell."

"How long?"  Lance asked.

"I'll meet you all back home on Monday," Joey said. 

Joey entered the VIP lounge and spotted Lance  sitting off in the corner.   Sitting down next to Lance, Joey asked,  "How long before your flight leaves?"

"About forty minutes.  They should start boarding any time now," said Lance.  "Did you get a seat on the flight you wanted?"

"No.  But I did get on a flight that leaves an hour later,"  Joey said.

" You're not going to tell me where you're going.  Are you?"  Lance said with a slight grin.

"Lance, is it wrong to want to have some time to myself?"  Joey asked.

"No, not at all.  Why do you think I enjoy going to these auditions?  I get to think about something else beside Nsync."

"Well I need this time.  Time for me.  No interviews, no photo shoots, no having to be someplace at a given time, no one deciding what I should wear, what I can or can't eat, and just telling me how to live,"  Joey said.

Smiling, Lance said, "I know what you mean."

"Lance, I know I've been acting weird the last few days.  The other morning while I was shaving I noticed I had lost something."

Frowning, Lance asked,  "What did you loose?"

"I lost me. I didn't know that, person in the mirror.  So I guess this trip is a quest.  I'm going to look for me."

Lance's flight was called to board.  Smiling at Joey, Lance said,  "I hope you find who you're looking for and bring him home.  It would be nice to see the old Joey hanging around again."

Walking Lance to the door, Joey pulled Lance into a hug.  "Have a good flight, and I'll talk to you on Monday."

Joey stood at the window of the VIP Lounge watching Lance's plane take off.  Setting alone in the corner thinking.  `Am I hoping for too much?  Why am I doing this to myself?  A relationship with Matt could never work out.  And if it ever became public, it could be the end of NSYNC.' 
Running a hand through his hair Joey sighed,  `But I'm so tired of putting on this act.  Joey the flirt, going from girl to girl, never finding anyone who likes me, for me. And I'm so tired of being alone.  I think that's why I asked Matt if I could spend the night when we first met.  I knew I was taking a chance by asking Matt, but that night I needed him so bad.' 
Joey closed his eyes remembering Matt's responds.  Then Joe had to smile when he remembered Matt saying that, `he had feelings for me.' 
`Well I will never know if this could ever work out unless I make the first move.  I know Matt will be home this weekend.  All I have to do is show up and see what happens.  The worst that could happen is I go home earlier than planed.  And if he asks me to stay maybe I could end up with a good friend or hopefully more.'

William finished reading the plumber's estimate on the work for the new wing when he heard someone enter the front door.  Looking out his office door, he saw Sharon standing there staring at someone on the other side of the counter.  Concerned there may be a robbery in progress he quickly glanced at the surveillance monitor of the front desk.  Smiling at what he saw he quickly got up and went out to save Sharon from herself.

"Hello, hello Sharon isn't it?" Joey said reading the desk clerk's name badge.

William came out of his office with a big smile on his face.  "Mr. Fatone, it has been too long since we`ve seen you,"  William said offering his hand to Joey. 

"William, it's good to see you," Joey said with a chuckle.  "I'm afraid your desk clerk is a little surprised to see me."

Turning to Sharon, William shook his head slightly. "Sharon,  Sharon!" William  forcefully said trying to get her attention.

Finally taking her eyes off Joey, Sharon replied in a weak voice, "Yes, yes Mr. Briggs." 

"Sharon, why don't you go into the office and take a break.  I'll help this gentleman,"
William said. 

Turning to leave, Sharon said, "Yes, break.  I'll take my break.  I need to sit down."

Joey and William had to laugh at Sharon as she went into the office mumbling to herself.

Turning his attention back to Joey, William asked,  "Now what can I do for you?"

"I just wanted to know if Matt was home?"  Joey asked.

"He is," William said with a smile.  "He's not expecting you is he?"

"No, this is a spur of the moment visit."

"Would you like me to call him out?"  William asked.

"If you would," Joey said with a smile.

Picking up the phone, William dialed Matt's extension.  "Hello, Matt, this is Will.  There is a very large package here at the front desk for you. . . .  Ah, Matt.  You need to come out and get this yourself.  The delivery person  won't let me sign for it.  You must do it. . . . Ok, I'll tell him."

"Matt said he will be out in a minute.  Would you like to take a seat?"  Will asked indicating the chairs on the other side of the lobby.

"Thank you.  I'd like that,"  Joey said with a grin.

Setting in a chair that faced the registration desk, and his back to the entrance to the pool area, Joey waited for Matt to come claim his package.

"Will, what package is so important that I have to sign for?"  Matt asked a little irritated.

Saying nothing and smiling at Matt, William indicated to something behind Matt.

Turning around, Matt only saw a man  sitting on one of the lobby's chairs, then he recognized who it was.  With a smile spreading across his face, Matt asked,  "What are you doing here?"

Chuckling as he shook his head, Joey said,  "Man, you still have a problem with greetings.  What ever happened to hello?"

A little embarrassed, Matt looked at the floor and said, "Hi."

"That's close enough," Joey chuckled as he got up out of the chair and went to Matt.  Hesitating, not sure if he should give Matt a hug. 

Matt made the decision for Joey by pulling him into a big hug.  Feeling Joey tense up at being hugged, Matt quickly broke the hug.  Looking into Joey's eyes, he saw fear as Joey's eyes were locked on someone behind  Matt. 
"Joe, it's so good to see you again.  Come on let's go to my place and talk.  I still want to know why you're here,"  Matt said as he turned back to Will.  "And you and I will have to sit down and talk about how you handle special delivery packages."

"Sure, Mr. Morgan.   Whenever you have a free moment I'll be glad to sit down and talk to you about it,"  William said with a big grin.

Matt and Joey headed down the hall and Joey stopped at the entrance to the pool but Matt walked on to the next door.  Matt turned to find Joey with a perplexed look on his face.  Chuckling, Matt said, "Joey, this way.  I've had a new entrance installed to my place."  Inserting his key Matt heard the click of the lock. 

Entering the new entrance hall Matt closed the door and turned to Joe.   Smiling at Joey, Matt reached over and pull him into a hug which Joey gladly returned.  Taking Joey's hand Matt lead him into the living room.  Sitting down on the couch Matt asked, "Ok, what's going on?  Aren't you suppose to be in New York?"

"I needed a break.  And I found myself in the neighborhood,"  Joey said with a sly smile.

"Talk about urban sprawl.  When did Joliet become a suburb of New York?  Did  you drive all the way?"  Marc asked.

"I kind of hopped a plane." 

"Oh.  Aren't you lucky to hop a plane that came so near.  You could have ended up in Hole in the Wall, Texas,"  Matt teased.

Running a hand through his hair, Joey sighed.  "I kind of planned the destination," Joey said as the blush rose in his cheeks.

Laughing at Joe's uneasiness, Matt asked,  "How long can you stay?"

"I have a flight out Monday morning,"  Joe said.

"Good, we have the whole weekend," Matt said with a grin.  "You are planning to stay the weekend aren't you?"

"If someone would invite me to stay with him, I might," Joe said with a questioning look.

"Joey, why don't you spend the weekend here with me?  I have plenty of room, after all I live at an Inn; I'm sure we could find you someplace to sleep," Matt said.

Joe's smile faded at Matt's statement.  "Yeah, I'm sure there's a vacant room somewhere,"  Joe said with disappointment in his voice.

Leaning into Joey, Marc softly said,  "I'm afraid the Inn is booked solid,  I guess you will have to stay here with me."

The smile reappeared.  "Really?" Joe asked.

"Yeah, really.  But you know I do have to charge you rent," Matt said seriously. 

"Ah, how much?"  Joey asked.

"A whole bunch of these," Matt said as he leaned in and kissed Joey softly on the lips. 

Joe's arms wrapped around Matt as he returned the kiss.  Pulling Matt closer they continued to softly kiss.  Slowly pulling back from Matt, Joe looked into the happy face of Matt.  "At what rate of exchange do I get for kisses?"

"Hmmm, that kiss will get you. . . .   I'd say at least until dark," Matt said.

"Only till dark.  I guess I'd better get busy and give you enough to stay the night,"  Joey said with a sly smile.  "How will I know when my bill is paid up?" Joey asked.

"Don't worry, I give change.  And besides cuddling and hugs are worth half the points of a kiss,"  Matt said as he snuggled up to Joey and laid his head on his shoulder.

Joey leaned in and softly kissed the top of Matt's head.  Deeply inhaling the sent of Matt's hair.  A mixture of chlorine and strawberry shampoo. 

"Joe," Matt said softly.

" Hmmm."

"I'm glad you decided to visit,"  Matt said.  "I've been thinking about you a lot lately."

"And I of you"  Joe said gently as he ran a finger across Matt's face. 

"Joe, I don't know where this weekend is going to take us.  Is it ok with you if we take it slow until we get to know each other better?"  Matt asked.

"Yeah, I'd like that.  My life is always so rushed.  For once I'd like to do something slowly,"  Joe said with a smile.

Snuggling closer to Joe, Matt was in heaven, when he remembered something.  "Damn, I forgot about tonight,"  Matt said as he reached for the phone.

"Did you have plans?"  Joey asked.

"Yeah, kind of," Matt said as he dialed the number.

"Matt, if you had plans, go ahead and go.  I'll just stay here and wait till you get back,"  Joey offered.

Rolling his eyes at the offer Matt heard the phone answered after only two rings.  "Hi, Becky.  About tonight.  Is Jess having any friends over tonight? . . . .Oh, no one is coming, good. . . . Ah, would it be all right if I bring a guest?. . .   No, you haven't met him. . . . Ok, we will be there at five.  See you then,"  Matt said to his sister.

Turning his attention back to Joey, Matt was greeted with a questioning look. "We're gong to have supper with my sister Becky, her husband Ted and my niece, Jessica,"  Matt explained.

"Becky doesn't get mad when you bring last minute guests?"

"No.  Besides, Becky tends to fret about me.  This way she can check out who my friends are."

"Your gay friends?" Joey asked.

"No.  My friends.  Most of my friends are straight, and a few are gay.  And most all of them  have had supper with my family," Marc said.  "Unless you'd rather not."

"No.  I'd like to have supper with your family.  This way I get to meet Jessica in person," Joey said with a smile.

Matt and Joey took Joey's rental over to his sister's house.   Matt and Joey were sitting with Becky and Ted in the living room talking when Jessica came bounding in the front door. 

"Hi, Uncle Matt.  Did you get a new car?" Jessica said as she went to give her uncle a kiss.

"No.  It's not my car.  It belongs to a friend of mine,"  Matt said.

"Oh? Who?"  Jess asked as she turned to the others in the room and froze.

Chuckling at Jessica's reaction, Joey said.  "The car is mine."

"You,  you're Ja, Ja Joey.  Joey ah, ah, ah, of NNNsync," Jess stammered.

Laughing at his niece, Matt said.  "Jess, take a deep breath and sit down."

Doing as her uncle said, she took a deep breath and then sat down between Matt and Joey.

"What are you doing here?"  asked Jess.

"I came to visit your Uncle Matt.  And I asked if there was any chance I could meet you,"  Joey said with a smile.

"Did Lance come with you?"  Jess asked hoping.

Marc rolled his eyes then said,  "Jessica!"

Laughing, Joey said,  "No, Matt, that's all right.  Lance is in Atlanta this weekend auditioning new singers for his management company."

"Oh," Jess said a little disappointed.  Then doing a complete 180-degree turn Jess smiled at Joey,  "Want to see my room?  I have all your posters."

Grinning broadly, "Yeah, Jess I would like to see your room," Joe said.

Taking Joey's hand Jess almost dragged Joey  down the hall.

Supper was served in the kitchen.  Jess finally started to relax and her conversation shifted away from Joey and on to her family and friends.  Matt noticed that Joey had  also relaxed and seemed to be enjoying himself.

"Becky, Tom, thank you for inviting me for supper.  It's been a long time since I had such a good meal," Joey said.  Then turning his attention to Jess, "And I am glad to finally meet you in person.  I'm glad Matt insisted I come along tonight.   We don't get to spend a lot of time with our fans."

As Joey and Matt  were leaving, Jess pulled Matt aside.  "Uncle Matt, I like him a lot."

"I'm glad Jess,"  Matt said.  "I like Joey too."

"Good.  Cause I think you and Joey should be friends."

"Jess, we are friends."

"I mean real good friends.  I think he likes you a lot."

"Jess what are you trying to say?"

Rolling her eyes.  "Uncle Matt you need someone to make you smile.  And I think Joey makes you smile a lot."

Matt was totally not understanding what Jess meant, and it showed on his face.

"Uncle Matt, you need someone and I wouldn't mind having an other uncle,"  Jess said.

They drove back to the Inn, Matt had Joe pull around to the back.  Using the remote on his key chain, Matt opened the garage door and had Joe park next to his car.  Going into the living room, they sat down on the couch.  Joey had noticed Matt was deep in thought the whole drive home.

"Matt, what's up?"

"Oh, I'm just thinking."

"About what?"

"Something Jess said to me on the way out."

"Want to share?"

"She said that she liked you a lot.  And hoped that we become real good friends."

Smiling at Matt's remark, Joe said, "I like Jess a lot too.  And as far as becoming real good friends, I can't see any problem."

"Ah, Joe.  Jess said she wouldn't mind having another uncle."

"Oh, wow!  How does she know?" Joe asked, a little stunned.

"Joe, Jessica is a smart girl.  She loves me.  And she wants to see me happy.  She said you make me smile."

"Really?" Joe said with a smile.

"Yeah really.  And you do,"  Matt said as he leaned in and kiss Joey on the end of his nose.  "You up for a dip in the pool?"

"You think it's safe?"  Joe asked.

"Yeah, it should be.  I'll check,"  Matt said as he picked up the phone and buzzed the front desk.

"Hi, Jeff.  Has the pool been cleared?. . .  Oh, great. . . .  I will be locking out the door for a few hours." Matt said.

"The pool is all ours,"  Matt said with a grin.

"Ah, I forgot to pack a swim suit," Joe said.

"That's all right, I'll lend you one of mine."

"Ah, Matt, you don't wear a suit," Joey pointed out.

"I know.  Why did you think I offered you one of mine?" Matt grinned.

"I just think you want to see me naked," Joey said.

"Yep!" Matt said as he pulled Joe to his feet.  "Come on let's get naked."

Matt and Joey spent the next hour playing in the pool like two kids.  Matt agreed to give Joey an advantage by Matt having to stay on top of the water during their game of tag.  As they both tired, they moved to the hot tub for a relaxing soak.

Stretching out in the tub with only their heads above the bubbling water, Matt smiled as he asked,  "When you came to visit did you tell anyone where you were going?"

"No.  I just told the guys I was tired and needed some time to myself," Joey said softly.

"And they accepted that?" Matt asked a little surprised.

"Yeah, for the most part.  Lance probed some at the airport while we were waiting for our flights."

"Did you give him a better reason for going off alone?"

"I told Lance that I had misplaced something.  I had misplaced part of me, and I was on a quest to find the missing part of me,"  Joey said while gazing into Matt's eyes.

Smiling, Matt asked,  "Have you found what you were looking for?"

"Maybe," Joey said shyly.  "I'll know better Monday."

The timer clicked off and the jets died.  Getting up out of the hot tub Matt said,  "Remind me in the morning to have maintenance check  the chlorine levels in the pools.  They seem way to strong."

Grabbing a towel as they entered Matt's apartment, they quickly dried off; not wanting to drip water all over the place. 

Taking Joe's hand, Matt said, "Come on. I want to show you something."

"What do you want to show me?  I've seen about all there is to see of you,"  Joey giggled, as he watched Matt's ass, as he was pulled along.

"Ah! The bedroom," Joey said.

"Not the bedroom you nut.  I wanted to show you this," Matt said as they entered the large bath.  Going over to the large shower, Matt turned on the water, adjusting the temperature.

"Matt, we just got out of the pool."

"I know that.  But we smell like chlorine,"  Matt said as they both  stepped into the shower.  Taking the bottle of shampoo Matt poured some into his hand and, turning to Joe, said, "Close your eyes and let me wash your hair."

Joey smiled as he closed his eyes and lowered his head so Matt could shampoo his hair.  Quickly building up a lather, Matt changed to a much slower massaging motion. 

"Umm that feels good," Joe said in a low moan.  Leaning into Matt's massaging hands, Joe had to take a step forward as he almost lost his balance.

"Joe, you're going to fall leaning over like that.  Here put  your hands on my shoulders to steady yourself.

Joey did as Matt had instructed.  Placing his hands on Matt's shoulders while he completed washing Joey's hair.  Matt gently turned Joe into the spray to rinse the shampoo out of Joe's hair.

Finally being able to open his eyes, Joey smiled at Matt.  "That was great.  Here let me do you."

"Not yet.  I'm not done,"  Matt said as he squirted some shower jell onto a bath puff.
Starting at Joe's shoulders Matt began to wash every square inch of his friend.  When Matt came to Joe's crotch, Matt switch from the puff to his hand.  Gently cleaning Joe's equipment.  Matt looked up into Joe's eyes as Joe's manhood reacted to Matt's attention.  "You like this part don't you?" Matt asked with a grin.

"I'm not sure yet, could you do it some more?"  Joe asked.

"You wish.  Turn around and I will wash your back," Matt said.

"OOOh, do I have to?" Joe whined.

"Yes you do,"  Matt laughed.

Joe turned his back to Matt, giving him full access to his back.

Matt started at Joe's shoulders and worked his way down to Joe's feet.  Satisfied he had not missed a spot Matt turned Joey into the spray to rinse off.

Joe returned the favor by shampooing Matt's hair, then giving Matt's body a thorough going over.  Turning Matt into the shower spray Joey made sure all sign of lather was removed. 

Matt reached over to a control panel and quickly punched in some commands.  Turning back to Joe, Matt said.  "Now for the fun part.  See the circle on the floor?"

"Yeah, I see it."

"We have to stand in the circle facing each other,"  Matt said as Joey got into position.  Pulling Joe in tight making full body contact. 

"What's going to happen?"  Joe asked with a chuckle.

There was four beeps.  "This,"  Matt said as thirty water jets came to life.  The jets shot out from all sides, increasing in intensity they started to pulse , massaging  their bodies with ever changing patterns of pulsating water.

"Wow! This feels great,"  Joe said with a grin.

"Yeah, it is.  The only thing you have to watch for is that you don't turn into the spray  without protecting the family jewels,"  Matt said.

"I take it you have?"

"Yeah, the first time I used it.  I couldn't take a deep breath for almost an hour.  One of the jets hit me in the nuts."

" Oww," Joey said with a pained expression. "How long does this last?"

"Another couple minutes,"  Matt said.  "If you're getting  bored, I know something we can do to pass the time."

Grinning, Joe said,  "I know too,"  as he leaned into Matt and gently kiss him.

"Umm yeah,"  Matt said smiling at Joe.  "We could kill plenty of time this way."

When the massage cycle stopped, they continued to kiss.  Finally breaking the kiss, "Joe, the water has stopped,"  Matt said.

"It has?  I didn't notice,"  Joe said softly with his eyes closed.

"Come on let's get dried off and get to bed." 

Matt watched Joe do what he took as Joe's evening ritual of brushing and flossing his teeth, setting out his outfit for the next day, and packing his dirty clothes.

Turning to Matt, who seemed amused, Joey asked, "What?" 

"Do you do this every night?"  Matt chuckled.

Looking over at his bag, Joey smiled, "It's a habit I developed while on tour.  We're always so rushed."

"Oh, I was afraid you were going to turn out to be a neat freak."

"Not hardly.  When we get to stay a few days in one place, my room is a total disaster.  Lance is the neat freak of the group,"  Joey said as he went around to the other side of the bed.  As Joey sat down Matt turned out the light.

Turning on to his side Matt watched Joey lay down.  "Joe, if you intend to sleep way on the edge of the bed you might as well sleep on the couch."

"I wasn't sure,"  Joe said softly.

Chuckling, Matt said, "Joe, get your ass over here." 

Joey scooted over next to Matt.

Matt smiled and asked Joey, "How do you sleep?  Right side, left side, or on your back.:"

"Normally I sleep on my right side," Joe said.

"Great, so do I,"  Matt said as he leaned over and gave Joe a kiss. 

Joey turned on his side and he felt Matt spoon up to him.  Matt's arm went around Joey pulling him in tight.

"I like this,"  Joey whispered.

Smiling Marc whispered, "So do I.  Goodnight, Joe."

"Goodnight, Matt."


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