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Chapter 4

A Time of Discovery;

Lance was in his first class seat reading a magazine waiting for the plane to  takeoff when he felt someone take the seat next to him.  "I'm sorry, but that seat is taken," Lance said without looking up.

"You're right.  It's taken by me,"  a familiar voice answered.

Lance looked over to  see the grinning face of Joey.  "Hey, Joe.  How did your weekend go?" 

"Fine.  How were the auditions?" 

"Too many people with too little talent."

"Then you didn't find anyone?" Joey asked.

"I didn't say that.  I found one girl that has the talent but I'm not sure she really has the hunger to succeed in the business,"  Lance said as the plane gained speed for takeoff.

Joey had to smile, watching Lance during takeoff was a hoot.  He grabbed hold of both armrests of his seat and held tight.  His eyes were closed and you knew he was saying a prayer.  Joey know it was no use to try to talk to Lance during takeoff or landings so he just sat there looking past Lance and watched the ground pull away as the plane gained altitude. 

As soon as the plane leveled off and the seat belt sign went off Joey reached over, patted Lance's hand and softly said,  "We're up.  You can relax."

Letting out a large sigh Lance asked, "Where were we?"

"You were telling me how hot this girl was."

Frowning, Lance replied, "No I wasn't."

Joey laughed at Lance.

Lance backhanded Joey in the middle of his chest,  "Ass. . . .I was telling you about this new singer. . . . . "

The flight went without any incidents,  until they were on the ground and the plane taxied around and around waiting for a gate to open.  Finally pulling up to their gate Lance and Joey grabbed their bags and exited the plane.  As they walked down the jet way Joey said, "We spent as much time driving around on the ground as we did flying in the air."

"Well that's what happens when we have to use a commuter airline for these short trips,"  Lance said as he put on his hat and sun glasses.

Exiting the tram in the main terminal, they made their way to the front doors hoping to get a taxi.  Suddenly a hand lands on both of their shoulders.  Turning with a start, they saw the grinning face of Justin.  "Do you two need a ride?"

"Shit, man, you trying to give us heart attacks?"  Lance said.

"Sorry," Justin said losing his smile.

"We just weren't expecting you, Just.  Where are you parked?"  Joey asked with a smile.

"This way,"  Justin said as he jumped ahead of them leading the way.

The ride into town was taken up with Justin telling them all about the awards program and the party they attended after.  Justin had a case of motor mouth and he carried on all the way to Lance's place. 

"Lance, you want to come over later and hang out?"  Justin asked.

Shaking his head, Lance said, "Not tonight.  I need to get some laundry done, and then I want to crash.   I've been away from my own bed too long."

"K, we're getting together at my place around eleven for lunch.  JC wants to show us some songs he has been working on,"  Justin said.

"Sure, I'll see you both there,"  Lance said getting out of Justin's Jeep®.

"Bring your suit.  We can play in the pool after,"  Justin shouted after Lance.

Lance nodded and gave a wave as he walked to his front door.

The drive over to Joey's apartment took only a few minutes, but they rode in silence.

"Thanks for the lift, Curly,"  Joey said as he got out of the jeep.

"Ah, sure any time.  See you tomorrow,"  Justin said.

Looking in at Justin, Joey asked,  "Ah, do you want to come in and chill for a while?"

"Yeah," Justin replied with a big grin.

Entering the apartment the first thing Joey did was open the drapes letting the sun into the dark room.  "Justin, why don't you make us some sodas, " Joey said as he took his bag into the bedroom.

Opening the refrigerator Justin spotted the six-pack of beer.  "Joe, can I have a beer?"

Sticking his head out of the bedroom door Joe looked at Justin for a moment as he made his decision.  "If you want one OK.  But I want your keys on the table.  You're not going to leave here drunk."

Tossing his keys on the table, Justin got glasses from the cabinet.

Joey tossed his bag on the bed and picked up the phone next to the bed.  Punching in the now familiar number, Joey waited for an answer.


"Hi sexy, I'm home," Joey said softly.

"Joe, you made good time.  How was the trip?"

"Not bad.  I hooked up with Lance in Atlanta. . . . How has your day been?"  Joey asked.

"Oh same old thing.  Cleaned up the place, did laundry.  Did you want starch in your boxers?" 

Chuckling, Joey said,  "I have never thought about that.  Do what ever you think is best."

"Did you get the third degree from Lance?"

"No, nothing was said about my trip.  Even Justin hasn't brought it up yet."


"Yeah, he met us at the airport."


"He's here now.  We're going to chill for awhile," Joe said with a sigh.

"Well just remember he already knows about us.  I think you can talk to him and he will understand." 

"Yeah, you're right.  I'll just have to see how it goes."

"Call me tonight and let me know how things went,"  Matt said.

"I will.  I love you, Matt."

"I love you, Joe.  Talk to you later."

Justin was standing outside the bedroom door catching just the end of the phone call.  Joey hung up the phone and went into the bathroom.  Taking the drinks into the living room Justin placed Joey's coke on the coffee table and picked up the TV remote as he sat down on the couch.  He was flipping through channels when Joey came out.

Taking a seat on the couch Joey asked, "Anything good on?"

"Doesn't look like it," Justin said as he turned the TV off.  "It's too early for any ball games."

Sitting in silence for a few moments, turning to face Joey, Justin took a big swig of his beer.  "Well, how was your weekend?"  Justin prodded.

"Oh. . . OK I guess."

"Just OK, hum ,"  Justin said.  "Were you able to work out your problems?"

Smiling slightly, Joey answered, "Yeah, we were able to work out most of them."


"One of the things I found out about the friend I was visiting is that he doesn't like to lie.  Even when keeping a promise he could manage not to lie.  But of course you already know what kind of guy Matt is," Joey said with a slight smile.

"He told you I called?"

"He didn't have to.  I was there and I heard Matt's side of the conversation."

"Oh. . . I didn't cause any problems, did I?" 

"No,"  Joey said while shaking his head.  "Matt kept his promise to me.  I kind of figured out that you stumbled onto what was going on."

"Joe, can I ask you something?"


"I know that you and Matt have become friends. . . . .  But I get the feeling that you two are more than just friends."

"Yeah, Justin, we are more than just friends,"

"Is this just your way of finding some sexual relief or is it deeper?"  Justin asked.

"Justin, remember what Matt said about listening to your heart?  Well my heart is shouting, `He is the one.'  I have deep feelings for Matt.   I can't believe I'm telling you this but I love Matt."

With a deep sigh Justin said,  "This is heavy.  When did you start getting these feeling for Matt?"

"The night we met.  When I went back to talk to him about his story I asked him if I could spend the night with him."

"You did what??"

"I asked him if I could spent the night with him.  But he turned me down."

"He did.  Why?"  Justin asked.  Then he added, "I know why, he is in love with Lance like in his story."

"He said that he was flattered, but he would rather we get to know each other first.  He didn't want to be a one night stand."

"And this weekend?"  Justin asked.

"It was our time to get to know each other."

"And you did?"

"Yeah, I got to know Matt pretty well.  I got to meet Matt's family.  We had supper at his sister's.  I met Becky, John and Jess."

"Really.  Did she freak when she met you?"

"Yeah a little at first.  Then she calmed down and forgot about who I was, Joey of Nsync, but started seeing me as Joey, Matt's friend.  She's a great kid."

"You said you met Matt's family.  Did he take you home to meet the parents?"  Justin asked with a grin.

"No he didn't.  But on Saturday we went to a big flea market.  While we were wandering around Matt's dad and his wife showed up."

"How did that go?"

"A little tense,  Matt's dad kept calling me Joseph all afternoon.  At first I thought he didn't like me, but Matt said if he didn't like me he wouldn't have spoken to me at all."

"Well at least he has an open mind,"  Justin pointed out.  "How is Jess handling  the situation?"

"She's OK with it,"  Joey said with a smile.  "She walked on us in bed Sunday morning."

"No shit!  What did she do?"  Justin asked.

"She jumped on Matt and started tickling him."

"With you right there?"

"Yeah, and when she was done torturing Matt she looks at me and casually says, `Morning, Joey'."

"No shit." Justin said finding it hard to believe.  "Why was she there?"

"She told us that since Matt had me all to himself yesterday that today he had to share me with her."

"Well did Matt share?"  Justin asked.

"Yeah, the three of us spent the day at the Brookfield Zoo.  Jess is a great kid, I can see why Matt spoils her."

"I hope we get to meet her some time,"  Justin said.

"There's a good chance you will meet her,"  Joey said.  "Ah, Justin.  Will you do me a favor?"

"Sure what?"

"After the meeting on Wednesday would you give Matt a call and tell him what our new tour schedule is."

"Why should I call him?"  Justin asked a little puzzled.

"Matt wants to hit you up for a pair of tickets for the concert closest to Joliet."

"Why hit me up for the tickets?"

"He doesn't want to bring too much attention to our friendship,"  Joey explained.

"Oh, I see.  Shifting some of the attention to me."

"Yeah, something like that." 

"Joe, when are you going to tell the other guys and your family about Matt?"

Running a hand through his hair Joey sighed,  "I don't know.  You are the only one that I've told about this.  I'm not sure how the others will take this."

"It's going to be a shock.  You're the last person we would have suspected to be bi or gay, which ever it is. . . . .  Who would of thought, Joey the flirt, would like guys."

"I don't like guys.  I'm just in love with this particular guy,"  Joey said.  "Justin, I have never felt this way about anyone before."

"Joe, I think everyone likes Matt.  At least that's the impression I get when we talk about him."

"Matt said he has been talking to all you guys."

"He did?" 

"Yeah, I kind of over reacted when you first called.  Matt quickly put me in my place by telling me he had been communicating with all you.  And that this was the first time you had called."

"Sorry if I messed up your evening."

"You didn't.  I found out more about Matt with that call.  I found out what kind of man he is.  Besides I got to find out one of my best friends was having a problem with his girlfriend,"  Joey said with a grin.

"Oh, yeah that.  He told you about Brit,"  Justin said as the blush rose.

Laughing, Joey said,  "Matt didn't say anything to me.  I just happened to have been lying with my head in his lap while you two were talking.  But I could figure out what the conversation was about from Matt's side of the conversation."

"Hey good show, guys,"  Johnny Wright said as they came off stage.

"Thanks," JC said while wiping sweat off his face.

Johnny followed them into the dressing room.  Each one grabbed a cold bottle of water and flopped on one of the couches to cool down.

"Guys, I have some good news and some bad news,"  Johnny said.

"What's the bad news?"   Chris asked.

"The next show has been canceled," Johnny said.

"And what's the good news?"  Justin asked.

"You all have the next two days off,"  Johnny said with a grin.

"Two free days!" Justin exclaimed.

"You guys are free to do what ever you want.  If you want to go home and see your families, you can.  You just have to be in Indianapolis Thursday morning by 9 a.m."

"Cool," Lance said,  "Thanks, Johnny."

Joey rushed through his shower and quickly dressed.  Going out to the tour bus, he grabbed his small carry on bag. 

As Joey was getting into a cab Joe heard Justin call out, "Joey, you heading out already?"

"Yeah, I'm trying to catch a flight.  See you in Indy."

"OK, have fun," Justin yelled back as he gave Joey a wave.

Sitting back in his seat in the VIP lounge Joey pulled out his cell. 

"Hello," came the sleepily voice on the other end.

"Hi, it's me.  Did I wake you?"  Joey softly asked.

"You sure did.  And it's going to cost you.  I was dreaming of you,"  Matt said still half asleep.


"You should be.  But I guess talking to you is better than a hot dream of you." 

"Hot dream?"

"Yes very hot dream," Matt said while rubbing the sleep from his eyes.  "What's up?"

"Just got back from the concert and I was missing you,"  Joe said softly.

Yawning, Matt said,  "I was having such a good dream I didn't miss you."

Chuckling, Joey said,  "So that's how it is."

"Yep,  while you're out touring, all I have is my dreams,"  Matt said.

"Well I'll let you get back to your dream.  I just wanted to say hi and tell you I love you,"  Joey said softly.

"I'm missing you too.  Give me a call when you get to the next city."

"I will.  Dream about me,"  Joe said.

"I plan to.  Now if I can get back to that dream.  I want to find out why you have me tied up and what you are going to do with that can of chocolate syrup. . . . . Love you, Joe."

Matt was sleeping soundly when something jarred him from his sleep.  Sitting up, Matt looked around the room not sure what woke him.  Then he heard the garage door.  Falling back in bed, Matt's heartbeat quickened and then he heard the thump of a car door closing.  For an agonizing long time Matt waited, finally hearing the click of the lock of the back door.  Smiling, Matt took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

Joe walked into the gray light of the apartment pausing for a moment allowing his eyes to adjust to the dim light.  Making his way to the bedroom Joe stopped in the doorway as his breath was taken away by the sight of Matt's naked form sprawled on the bed.  Matt had kicked the sheets off him and they lay in a heap at the foot of the bed.  Placing his bag down, Joe walked to the side of the bed and gazed down at Matt.  `Shit, Matt, I can stand here for hours looking at you.' Joe thought as his gaze traveled over Matt's body.  Returning to Matt's face, Joe's heart skipped a beat as he looked into Matt's dark eyes.

"You going to stand there all night?  Or are you coming to bed?" Matt softly asked.

Sitting on the edge of the bed Joe leaned down and softly kissed Matt. 

Wrapping his arms around Joe's neck, Matt returned the kiss.  Breaking the kiss, Matt looked into Joe's eyes, "When do you have to leave?"

"Late Wednesday afternoon." 

"You must be beat,"  Matt said.    "Come to bed."

Matt rolled to his side as he watched Joe undress.  "Where were you when you called?"  Matt asked.

"At the airport," Joe said with a smile.  "Are you mad I didn't tell you I was coming?"

"No, not at all.  I like this kind of surprise.  How did you get the time off?"

"They had to cancel the next concert.  Some major problem with the arena,"  Joe said as he climbed into bed behind Matt, pulling him close and kissing the back of his neck.

Snuggling back into Joe's embrace Matt felt Joe's arm wrap around his waist pulling him in until every possible square inch of their flesh was touching.

Leaning down, Joe lightly kissed Matt's shoulder,  "Good night, I love you."

Rubbing Joey's arm that was draped over his chest, Matt replied,  "Sleep tight, love."

Matt woke a little after eight and slipped out of bed, making a visit to the bathroom to answer the call of a full bladder.  Returning to the bed, Matt stood and gazed at his sleeping love.  After watching Joe sleep for another twenty minutes, Matt slipped on some shorts and went out to the kitchen.  Realizing that there was no way Joe was going to be getting up soon, Matt poured a large glass of orange juice and grabbed a slice of cold pizza.  Setting the timer on the coffee maker to come on at noon Matt retired to his computer to work on his story.

Joey awoke to the smell of fresh coffee.  Feeling a little disoriented, it took Joey a moment to remember where he was.  Looking around he found he was alone in bed.  Getting up Joey slipped into a robe he found at the foot of the bed.   Joey found Matt working at his computer.  Letting out a big yawn Joey asked,  "How long have you been up?"

"Since eight,"  Matt said as he looked at Joey as he stretched.

"What time is it?"


"Why did you let me sleep so long?"  a surprised Joey asked.

"You needed the rest.  It was after four when you went to bed."  Matt said as he watched Joe continue to stretch.  In doing so, the front of his robe opened giving Matt full view of little Joey.

Joe finally noticed Matt staring with a half smile on his face.  Realizing what Matt was looking at Joe lowered his arms and closed the front of his robe.  "Sorry," Joe said a little embarrassed.

"I'm not,"  Matt said with a chuckle.  "There's coffee in the kitchen.  I'll be in to start brunch in a minute.  I want to finish this part of the story."

Matt was preparing brunch when Joe came up behind him, wrapping his arms around Matt's waist and started to nibble the back of Matt's neck. 

Squirming in Joe's arms, Matt laughed, "Save that for after we eat." 

"Can't I have a little to hold me over?"

Turning around Matt pulled Joe's head to his and planted a hot kiss on his lips.  Joe was really getting into the kiss as he slipped his tongue into Matt's mouth. 

Breaking the kiss Matt said with a cheesy smile, "Now back to brunch."

"Damn!  You are such a tease,"  Joey said.

"Yep," Matt smiled.  "Now put your hands to work and set the table."

During brunch, Joey filled Matt in on what was happening on tour.  "Did Justin get you the tickets you wanted,"

"He sure did.  I got them in the mail last week."

"Which show?"

"Milwaukee.  We're driving up the night before after Jess gets out of school."

"Where you staying?"  Joey asked

"Hilton, downtown."

"That's were we will be staying," a surprised Joey said.

Smiling a sly smile, "I know.  I got that information out of Lance."

"You seem to be working the whole group."

"It's part of the smoke screen to protect you.  I talk on line with each of them at least one a week and I try to feed them enough information so when you get excited and let stuff slip about my story, one or more of them will already have heard it."

"Who told you I let stuff slip?"

"Justin, of course.  That's part of how he figured out what was going on with us.  You would let facts slip out about what was happening before I ever got it posted.  He kind of figured out we have been talking.  A lot."

"I'll try to be more careful.  Did any of the others notice?"

"I don't think so.  But there is this thing with Lance."

"What kind of thing?"

"After you're visit last month,  his e-mails seemed to change."

"In what way?"

"Well,  before he would tell me how concerned he was for you.  He was worried about your behavior."

"And afterward?"

"He was happy with the change in you.  But he started asking my option on how I thought you would feel about things.  Like I would know what's going on in your head."


"I think he knows something is up between us. . . .  Joe, are you ever going to tell the rest of the guys and your family about us?"

Joey sighed and ran a hand through his hair.  "I'm not sure when I will tell the guys.  I'm afraid of how they will react."

"I don't think there will be much of a problem.  From what I get from talking with them, they seem to be pretty open-minded.  But you know them better than I do,"  Matt pointed out.

"They may be open-minded with you and others outside the group, but I'm not sure how they will feel about having one of their own come out to them."

"It's going to be a shock,"  Matt concluded.  "They may not believe it at first, but denial is to be expected.  But if they are truly your friends they will come around."

"You think so?"

Matt nodded.  "What about your family?"

Staring at his empty plate Joe thought long.  Looking up to Matt, a tear ran down his cheek.  "I, I don't know," Joe said with a shake of his head. 

Taking hold of Joe's hand across the table, Matt said, "The idea scares the shit out of you, doesn't it?"

Joe nodded.  "You don't know my mom and dad.  They are strict Roman Catholics, they will never understand."

"Joe, your dad is a musician.  He has to have worked with gay musicians."

"Working with gay musicians and having a gay son is totally different."

"Yeah, he loves his son," Matt said while giving Joe's hand a squeeze.

Sniffing Joey wiped his nose on the back of his hand.  "How did you tell your family?"

"I knew I liked boys better than girls when I started junior high.  That was the first year we had to take PE class.  And we had to change clothes and shower," Matt said with a smile.  "I liked the shower part best.  But I never did anything until my senior year."

"What happened?"  Joey asked.

"I had a crush on my best friend, Jeff.  We'd been best friends since sixth grade.  In high school we would double date.  Jeff's girlfriend would have one of her friends come along to be my date.  I was really shy around girls, and Jeff would always kid me about being a virgin.  Well one night after our date Jeff and I were hanging out in the cemetery drinking beer and I got a little too drunk."

"Why the cemetery?" 

"It was quiet, no traffic, and no one to hassle us.  I normally don't drink much.  One beer and I'm buzzed.  But that night it was hot and the beer tasted good.  So there we were sitting under a tree drinking, with our shirts off.  The bullshit flying, you know what happens when guys get to bragging.  Most of it was just shit, at least on my end. . . .
We finally ran out of shit and there was this big pause.  Jeff looked at me and smiled.  And I leaned in and kissed him on the mouth."

"What was his reaction?"  Joe asked.

"Jeff is as straight as they come.  He was shocked at first.  They he went ballistic on me, calling me fagot, and queer.  He shoved me away and said he never wanted to see me again.  Then he got in his car and drove off."

"Leaving you alone in the cemetery?"

"Yeah, and I had to walk home.  It was only two miles, but they were the hardest two miles I ever walked.  When I got home, Becky saw how upset I was and asked what was wrong.  I said there was nothing wrong and went to my bedroom. . . When she came into my room, she found me on my bed with my face buried in my pillow.  She lay down beside me and held me for a long time.  Finally, she asked what had happened. And I told her everything."

"What did she say?"  Joey asked.

For the longest time she said nothing.  She just held me, rubbing my back and giving me little kisses on the forehead.  When I finally stopped crying she told me that she loved me and that liking boys would not change the way she felt about me.  She held me until I went to sleep. . . . Later she called Dad and told him what had happened."

"What did he say?"

"I don't know what he said to Becky, but he drove all night and came into my room the next morning.  I woke up when he sat beside me on the bed.  I started to get up to run away when he put his hand on my chest and smiled at me and said, "It's all right, son.  Becky told me what happened."  Taking  his hand from my chest he reached up and wiped a tear from my cheek.  "Mathew, you are my son.  And no matter what, I will always love you.  We'll get through this together."

Joey thought over what Matt had told him.  "You know your dad is awesome.  What ever happened to Jeff?"

"Well I didn't go to school for two days.  Jeff came over after school to find out if I was all right.  He felt like shit for the way he reacted.  He said he was sorry for what he said.  And that he was pissed at me for not telling him I liked guys."

"Did you remain friends?"

"Yeah, we remained best friends.  Jeff never told anyone about that night.  When I asked him about it he said what happens between best buds stays between best buds."

"Are you still best buds?" Joey asked.

"Yeah, we are.  He and his girlfriend got married a year after we graduated high school.  Jeff now lives in Hawaii and has a little girl, Kammy.  And I'm Kammy's  godfather,"  Matt said proudly.

"Matt, I know we had planned on fooling around this afternoon.  Would it be ok if we held each other and talked?  I'm not in the mood for sex."

"I'd like that too.  Joey, don't feel like we have to fool around when we get together.  I love having you close by, holding you and being held by you.  When the time is right it will happen.  I love you and I know you love me.  That's enough for now."

The afternoon was  a quiet time for the two of them.  Matt turned on the stereo, loading the CD deck with soft music.  They relaxed on the couch, Joey studying the movie script he had brought with him while Matt finished up the newest John Gresham novel.
Joey lay using Matt's lap as a pillow, giving them the contact they both craved. 

As they were reading the phone rang next to Matt.  "Hello. . . . .Oh hi, Beck. . . .Oh shit, I forgot all about that. . . It's a good thing you reminded me, Jess would have killed me for sure. . . . .  What time will you guys be back? . . . Ok, I'll see to it.  Bye, Becky."

"What's wrong?"  Joe asked.

"I forgot I needed to pick Jess up at school and take her to the doctor office."

"Is there something wrong?"

"No, just her checkup," Matt said.  "Come on let's get dressed and go get her."

"Will we be able to spend some time with her?"

"Yeah, her mom and dad have a big company dinner to attend tonight so we will have her until they pick her up."

They went in to get dress, "Matt, where is the stuff I left last time?" Joey asked.

"Pants and shirts are on the right side of the closet and your underwear is in the right dresser drawers."

Joey opened the top dresser drawer and froze for a moment then started to laugh.  "I don't believe you did this,"  Joe said while holding up a pair of stiffly starched boxers.

Matt grinned at Joey.  'You said you didn't care if I starched them or not."

"I didn't think you'd do it.  There is no way I can wear these."

"Check the drawers below.  You should find something to wear."

Checking the lower drawers, Joey found a lot more clothes than he had left.  "Ah, Matt, what's up with all the extra stuff?"

"I went shopping the other day and picked you up some stuff,"  Matt said with a smile.
"You left only two outfits and extra underwear.  So Jess and I went shopping and got you some things."

"There's enough underwear for a couple weeks," Joey said as he pulled on a pair of boxers.  Going to the closet stopped and gawked at the contents.  Hanging there was at least a dozen shirts and  an assortment of slacks and shorts.

Coming up behind Joey Matt wrapped his arms around Joey's waist.  Looking over Joe's shoulder Matt asked,  "Can't find anything to wear?"

"Ah, Matt, . . . This is too much.  You shouldn't have done it,"  Joey said overwhelmed.

"Done what?  Oh, those two outfits are yours,  the other stuff is only things I bought that just happen to be your size,"  Matt said in Joe's ear.  "You're welcome to borrow anything you'd like."


"Yeah, borrow.  You don't want to have to explain new outfits showing up in your luggage."

"But this is too much,  thank you."

"You're half welcome.  Jess picked out most of it, I just provided the sizes,"  Matt said giving Joe's shoulder a kiss.  "Now pick out something and let's get Jess."

Matt pulled up in front of the school just as Jess came out.  As she approached the car Matt motioned for her to get into the back seat.  Pulling open the door, Jess tossed her books in and was about to complain.  "Why do I have to sit back. . . `  Jess froze seeing who was in the front seat with Matt.  "Joey!"  Jess shouted as she closed the car door.  Leaning over the front seat, she gave Joey a big hug and a kiss.

"Hey, Jess,"  Joey said as he was hugged and kissed by Jess.

"When did you get in?"  Jess asked.

"Early this morning," Joe said.

Matt drove to the doctor's office and parked.  "Jess you ok with going in on your own?" Matt asked.

"Of course,  I don't think it's a good idea for you two to come in with me.  Joey going into  an office full of women wouldn't be good,"  Jess pointed out.

Arriving back at the Inn Matt pulled around to the front so Joey could see the new addition going up.  "Wow! They got a lot done in just a few weeks," Joey said.

"The last of the steel should be in place by the end of the week.  Then they should start enclosing everything.  If everything goes as planned we should be in business by the first of the year,"  Matt said as he drove around to his garage.

Entering the apartment Matt asked,  "Jess, do you have homework?"

"Yes, a little." Jess grumbled knowing what was coming.

"Well, get on it,"  Matt said.

"I was wanting to visit with Joey,"  Jess wined. 

"Get your homework out of the way.  Then we can visit.  I won't run away,"  Joey said giving support to Matt.

"Fine!  There is no winning this with the two of you working together."

Matt and Joey smiled at each other as Jess went to the table to do her homework.

Joey helped with supper as Jess did her homework.  Matt kept finding Joey looking out at Jess through the door. 

Turning back to Matt after gazing at Jess, Joey was met with a grin.  "She's hooked you hasn't she?"  Matt asked.

"Yes she has," Joey said with a smile. "When I started seeing you I didn't know I got such a great added bonus."

"What until you really get to know her, and find out what a pain in the ass she can be." 

"I heard that!"  Jess called from the dining room.

"She also has good hearing,"  Matt added.

Joey and Jess monopolized the conversation the rest of the evening.  Jess seemed to have a thousand questions and Joey had the answers.  Matt just sat back and took mental notes.

A little after eight, the phone rang.  Matt picked it up, "Hello. . . .  Ok, thanks. . . . She'll be right out."

"Your mom and dad are here.  They're waiting for you out front,"  Matt told Jess.

"Darn.  Joey when do you have to leave?"  Jess asked.

"Tomorrow afternoon," 

"When will I see you again?"

"It looks like not until we play Milwaukee.  You two will be staying at the same hotel as us so we can spend some time then,"  Joey pointed out.

"Do you really think she is going to talk to you with Lance around?"  Matt chuckled.

"Of course I'll talk to Joey.  Lance won't have that much time to talk to a kid."

"Well get your books and get out to your folks before they decide not to let you go to the concert,"  Matt prodded.

"Ok,"  Jess said as she got her stuff.  Going to Matt, she hugged and kissed him, "Thanks for picking me up at school, talk to you later."

 She gave Joey a hug. "We'll see you in a couple weeks, take care.  Love you," Jess said as she gave Joey a kiss.

Matt and Joey were relaxing in the hot tub enjoying the warmth.  "I wish we could fit one of these on the bus.  I could go for a soak each night after a show," Joe said with a sigh.

"It must be hard on you guys having to travel each night.  I don't see how you get any rest on tour."

"It's not bad when it is a short hop to the next city.  We can get a few hours sleep in a real bed before we have to start the madness again.  And the way the tour is scheduled this time we travel to the city, check into the hotel and get some sleep.  We have the rest of that day to ourselves.  They aren't scheduling anything until the day of the concert."

"So you are getting some time to rest between shows."

"Yeah,  that was the idea.  But we seem to fill out our free time.  If there is a club around we usually check it out."

"Coming here seems so boring,"  Matt said softly.  "All we ever do is hide out."

"When I go out clubbing it's because I want to be around people; the more the better.  That way I don't have to think about how lonely I am."

"Are you lonely?"  Matt asked.

"Not any more," Joe said with a smile.  "I know you are just a phone call away.  I just wish we could be together more."

"Well we are together now.  What would you like to do?"  Matt asked.

Joe thought for a moment, "I'd like to take a shower with you."

Standing to exit the hot tub Matt said, "From hot tub to shower, your wish is my command."

Grabbing their towels and robes they headed back to the apartment.  Entering the large shower Matt adjusted the temperature of the water.  "How many shower heads do you want to use?"  Matt asked.

"Just one,"  Joey said as he took some shower gel in his  hand.

"What are we going to do?"  Matt asked.

"You are going to do nothing.  Just stand there."

"Why?  What for?" Matt asked a little nervous.

"I want to get to know you better."

"We are getting to know each other,"  Matt pointed out.

"I want to get to know you by exploring you," Joey said as he brought his hands up to Matt's face.  "Close your eyes."

Matt closed his eyes as Joe touched his face starting with his forehead.  Gently using his hands to wash Matt's face,  Joe ran his thumbs over Matt's eyebrows, and around each eye.  "You have a tiny scar on your left eyebrow.  How did you get it?"  Joey asked.

"I fell off my bike when I was six," Matt said.  "And I got the one on my chin at the same time."

"Yes, I see," Joey said as he explored Matt's nose and lips.  "Nose is perfect.  You've not been in a fight."

"No, I try to avoid them."

Running his fingers along Matt's jaw line and chin.  "Strong jaw.  A hint of a beard."

"I didn't shave this morning."

"I know.  I like the look on you.  Besides it's soft, even at this early stage of growth," Joey said as he reached up to each ear and lathered them.   Joey worked down the sides of Matt's neck to his shoulders, feeling the strong muscles that came with swimming.  "Here, rinse your face off," Joey said as he turned Matt into the shower spray.

Turning back to Joey, Matt smiled as he leaned into Joe intending to give him a kiss but was stopped by Joey with a hand on his chest, "Don't move. I'm not done yet."

Running his hands over Matt's pectoral muscles feeling the firm but not overly large muscle mass.  It had a light covering of curly dark brown hair which almost disappeared just below Matt's large dark nipples.  There was a line of fine hair that ran from dead center of Matt's chest down to his navel where the hair became thicker as it traveled downward to the base of Matt half hard cock.  Rubbing across Matt's taught six-pack Joey moved his hands to Matt's sides, getting a response of a slight squirm and a little giggle.  Looking up into Matt's eyes, Joey asked, "You're ticklish?"

"Just a little."

Continuing up higher, "Raise your arms," Joey said.   Exploring higher Joey found Matt's lightly tufted armpits. Taking each arm, Joey gently washed each one.

"You can put your arms down now," Joey said softly as he crouched down and lathered Matt's pubic hair.  Gently soaping Matt's ball sack, Joey had to laugh, "You seem to have a problem here."  Placing a finger  on the end of Matt's erection, Joey pushed down and let it slap back up to Matt's stomach.  Smiling up at Matt, Joey continued his exploration by lathering first Matt's left leg and foot, and then his right leg and foot.

"Turn around,"  Joey said as he looked up into Matt's dark eyes.


"I want to get to know the other half of you. Turn around,"  Joey said as he pushed on Matt's left leg.

Matt reluctantly turned, letting Joey continued the lathering of Matt's legs working up to his tight ass.  "Matt you are as hairy as I am below the waist.  It's nice to know I'm not so odd after all.  Justin keeps kidding me about having a hairy butt."

Massaging the twin hairy globes Joey seemed to take delight at how firm they were.  Inserting a hand between the mounds Joey cleaned the area.  "Can you bend over a little I want to be sure I get you good and clean."

Matt adjusted his stance placing his feet a little further apart and bending slightly at the waist.

Joey now had full view of Matt's ass crack and Joey became amused at the reaction he would get when his fingers would lightly brush over Matt's puckered ass hole.  Each time Joey would brush over it , it would clench tighter.

Moving up Matt's back Joe was amazed at how tense  Matt's back muscles had become.  And then he noticed that Matt was trembling.  "Matt, what's wrong? Are you getting cold?"

Joey got no response from Matt.  Taking Matt by the shoulders Joey guided Matt under the warm spray of the shower rinsing the soap off Matt's back side.  Turning Matt around, Joey found Matt had a horrified look on his face and streams of tears were running down both cheeks. 

"Matt, what's wrong?. . . .Matt talk to me. . . . " Joe pleaded.

Looking up into Joe's concern-filled eyes Matt just said,  "Hold me please."
Joey quickly pulled Matt into his arms, holding Matt close to him.

Matt buried his face into Joey's right shoulder and sobbed.

"Please, Matt, tell me what's wrong.  Did I do something to upset you?"

"No.  It's not anything you did really.  It's just. . . . When . . . When you touched me back there it. . . It. . . Brought back some bad memories."

Reaching for the shower controls Joey turned the water off.   "Come on, let's get dried off,"  Joe said softly.

Nodding, Matt pulled away from Joey and grabbed two towels off the shelf next to the shower.  Handing one to Joey, Matt quickly dried himself as he watched Joey.

Almost feeling Matt's stare, Joey knew he was looking at his crotch.  Wrapping the towel around his waist, Joey asked,  "Matt, can you tell me what's wrong?"

"I, . . . I,  . . .can't,"  Matt stammered as he turned and fled into the bedroom.

Joey followed Matt into the bedroom and found him standing with his head against the closet door.  Coming up behind Matt, Joey wrapped his arms around Matt and pulled him back against his chest, holding him tight.  "Please, Matt, talk to me."

"K. . . . Well. . . .A couple years ago, I was involved with someone.  One night we were messing around and he started doing something I didn't want to do.  I told him to stop it. But he said he knew what I needed and if I would just relax I would enjoy it."

"Did. . . .  Did he rape you?"  Joey asked in a trembling voice.

Matt nodded.  "He wouldn't stop.  Even when I cried out that it hurt.  He wouldn't stop.  He just kept hurting me.  The pain was so great I passed out.  I awoke hours later, alone and in great pain."

Joey pulled Matt tighter to him as he felt Matt's pain.

"I made it into the bathroom and tried to take a shit.  But when I went to wipe myself there was blood.  I managed to call Becky and she took me to the hospital."

"Oh, god," Joey softly cried.

"I was in the hospital for over a week."

"Did the police ever catch him?"  Joey asked.

"I never informed the police.  They wouldn't do anything.  There was no evidence.  When I took a dump the evidence went down the drain.  And he would have said that I had consented to the sex.  It would have been my word against his."

"Is he still around?" Joe asked.

Shaking his head Matt said, "No, when my friends found out what he had done, a group of them found him and beat the shit out of him.  This one drag queen was so mad she kicked him in the nuts."

"Shit," Joe winced.

"More than shit.  It injured something down there.  He can't get it up any more.  About a year ago, he was arrested for armed robbery.  He's now in jail and the last that I heard he has become the girl friend to this big black stud.  He's now getting on a regular basis what he gave me."

Joey held Matt to him. Nothing was said for a long time until Matt felt something drip on his shoulder.  Turning in Joey's arms, Matt saw Joe's tear streaked face. 

Reaching to Joe's cheek, Matt wiped his tears away.  "Don't cry," Matt said softly.

"But he hurt you. . . . .  And I hurt you tonight," Joey said clearly upset.

"Yes, Joe, he did hurt me.  And I've healed.  But you did not hurt me.  I was just surprised when you touched me there.  I was not prepared for what happened,"  Matt said as they sat on the bed.  Taking Joe's hand in his, Matt said, "Joe, I know that you love me and that you would never hurt me."

"I do love you.  It's just that the way you were looking at me earlier, I realize now that because of my size, you may not want to have anything to do with me."

"What?? "  Matt said as he pushed Joey down on the bed.  Leaning over him, Matt asked, "Why do you think I wouldn't want anything to do with you?"

"Ah, well, I am kind of big."

"What?  This thing?"  Matt asked as he groped Joe through his towel.

"Yeah, that thing.  It is quite large."

"You think this thing is large?" Matt asked, pointing at Joey's groin and shaking his head.  "I've seen larger.  You're just a little above average."

"Well I'm bigger than you,"  Joey said with a half smile as he tried to push Matt's hand of his growing cock.  "Remember, I've seen you hard.  So don't put down Joey Jr."

"Jr.?" Matt chuckled.  "You know you're right.  In fairness I should not judge Joey Jr. until I've had a chance to see if he measures up."

"Ah, . . . Matt. . . . What are you doing?" Joe asked nervously.

"I think I woke Joey Jr. from his nap,"  Matt said as he squeezed the half hard Joey Jr. through his towel.

"Ah. . . I think you had better stop."

"Oh, I'm sorry,"  Matt said as he removed his hand.  "Was I hurting you?"

"No. . . It's just things were developing in the area we had agreed to take slowly."

"Sorry," Matt said as he leaned into give Joe a kiss.  Matt started the kiss soft, just brushing Joe's lips at first.  As Joe's lip parted, Matt slipped in his tongue into Joe's mouth.  Deepening  the kiss Matt sucked Joe's tongue into his mouth caressing all sides of the tongue with his.  Finally having to come up for air Matt looked at Joey's glazed-over eyes and smiled.  Looking down Joe's body Matt chuckled at the sight of Joey's tented towel.  Reaching down Matt flipped the towel off  Joey's  erection. 

"Oh, my God!  It's enormous," Matt said with a grin.  Looking back to Joe's face, "I'm impressed.  You're right you are bigger than me."

"Yeah,  too big,"  Joe said sadly.  "I'm gross.  I can understand if you didn't want anything to do with me."

Sitting up on his elbow, Matt frowned "What! . . . .  Just because you have what, eight, eight and a half inches you think I find it gross."

"It's nine and a half.  And what can you do with something that big?"  Joey said.

"Well first off I don't think I'm going to be sitting on it," Matt said.

"See, I knew it."

"If you would let me finish.  I was going to say there is a lot of other things I'd like to try with you first." 


"Oh, that's right.  You're new to this boy/boy sex thing.  It's probably your impression that all gay men want is to be fucked.  But you're wrong.  Though, when it's done right it can be incredible.  But that is only a small part of love making,"  Matt said.


"Really. . . .  Joe, I want to try something."


"I want you to lock your hands together behind your head and just lay there."

"Okay.  What are you going to do?"

"I just want to show you something.  Don't worry.  I wont be touching you below your shoulders."  Matt said as he scooted up next to Joey and laid his head on Joe's arm with his mouth next to Joey's ear.

Speaking softly, Matt started to tell Joe what he would like to do with him.  Describing each act of pleasure he was going to perform on Joe's body.  As he talked Matt's hot breath was stimulating Joey's ear.  As Matt talked Joe's breathing quickened.  Knowing Joey was getting really turned on by his narration, Matt changed the subject by telling Joe what he wanted Joey to do to his body.  Knowing Joe was about to pop, Matt stopped talking, just leaned closer to Joe's ear and lightly blew his hot breath in it.

"Oh, God!"  Joey moaned as he arched his back and erupted in a massive orgasm.  Joe's spasms shot cum all over the place.  Most landing on Joe's chest and face, but some hit the pillows and headboard.  After a few minutes, Joe's breathing returned to normal.

"Shit!  I don't believe that just happened,"  Joey said still trying to catch his breath.

Matt just grinned down at Joey.

"You didn't even touch me.  That was incredible."

"That was just a small sample of what lies ahead for you.  I know this is new for you and we will take it slow.  I will teach you how to please me.  And with that knowledge anything is possible,"  Matt said.

"Even with my size?"

"Joey, my love.  I have not seen anything tonight that I can't handle,"  Matt said.  "But right now you need to go get cleaned up, you're a mess.  And I will change the bedding while you're in the shower."

"K, be right back"  Joey said with a grin.

`Damn Joe, you have a great looking ass.' Matt thought as he watched Joey walk into the bathroom. 


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