Runaway Chapter 1

by Kenitra

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Alright, I know this isn't the next chapter of Millennium Love. But it is coming...soon!

This story, Runaway, is one of the stories I gave a sneak preview to, at the end of one of my earlier stories, Set You Free. It is about Brian and an original Character. There are 22 chapters and an epilogue... and just to Let everyone know there is reference to a past rape...and basically no sex in the entire story. So if anyone is looking for a 'quick fix' this story is not it!

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Chapter 1

The boy staggered down the cold, dark alley, completely oblivious to his surroundings. The only thing he knew was that he had to find some place safe, some place safe and warm before he died. He made his way to the end of the dark alley and leaned heavily against the corner of the gray brick building. He paused, trying to focus his mind, numbed by the drugs he'd been slipped. He peered around the corner.

A large bus was parked, idling against the curb. He could feel the warmth emanating from the vehicle. He just wanted to crawl up beside it and die. Before he could move, the bus door opened and a man walked off. The man lit up a cigarette and glanced around before he took out a cell phone and dialed.

Through his fogged brain, the boy could make out a few things the man said. "The bus is secure…no one on board…ready to roll." The boy watched as the man closed the phone and began walking around. His mind lost in delirium, he didn't even think when he walked towards the bus as the driver wandered around to the front end of the vehicle. The door was open and the only thing he knew was that he needed to be warm; he needed a warm place to curl up and pray for death.

Despite his condition, he still registered surprise when he found the bus lit up inside. There were couches and tables. He stumbled towards the back and found bunks, six in all. His legs finally gave out and he fell over onto one of the lower bunks. His body gave into the pain, and horror and numbness as blackness took control.

"Damn, its cold out there!" AJ exclaimed as he rushed onto the tour bus, quickly followed by Nick, Brian, Howie and Kevin.

"Ya think?" Brian asked sarcastically through his shivers. He stripped off his coat and threw it over a chair before walking over to the small kitchenette on the bus and putting a kettle of water on to boil. "Who wants tea or hot chocolate?" he asked the others.

Three voted for chocolate and one for tea. Brian was going to have tea too. The five guys slumped down on the two couches and one chair, trying to relax after their long concert. A phone on the wall of the bus rang, and Howie reached above his head to answer it.

"Yeah, I think we're ready to roll," he said as he glanced at his band mates. Each one nodded. "Yeah, we're good to go." He hung up the phone. About a minute later, the bus began to move. They would be driving all night before they got to the next city. They would finally get to check into a hotel though because they were doing two shows over three nights.

The five men sat quietly as they drank their hot beverages and gradually calmed down from the typical adrenaline rush that came with each concert they did. Nearly an hour after the bus began to roll Brian stood up.

"That's it for me guys. I'm gonna crash," he said, stifling a yawn.

"Night, Bri," the guys said as he walked back to the bunks.


The boy bolted awake when he heard the scream. The drugs still had a hold of him and he couldn't remember where he was. But his body quickly reminded him of the pain. He instantly curled up in a tight ball and covered his face with his hands. His entire body trembled.

Kevin was the first to reach Brian when they heard him scream. Brian was holding back the curtain for his bunk, staring into it.

"What the hell Bri?" Kevin asked. Then he looked down at the bunk and saw the curled-up body, covered in tattered clothes and dirt, trembling. "Oh fuck!" he said quietly.

The others arrived and saw what Kevin and Brian were looking at. "Want me to call security and stop the bus?" Howie asked.

Brian squatted down beside the bunk and stared at the intruder. He glanced up at his friends. "What are we gonna do? Throw him off the bus? We're in the middle of nowhere right now," he said quietly. He returned his eyes to the balled up figure shaking on his bunk.

Brian stood up and motioned for everyone to return to the front lounge. Brian trailed the group and everyone turned to look at him. "I don't think he's much of a threat right now. In fact, it looks like he's barely aware that we're here."

"I'll say. He didn't look too good," AJ agreed.

"I'm gonna go and try to talk to him. It might be easier if we're all not crowding around him," Brian said.

"No!" Kevin said flatly. Brian looked at his cousin. Kevin sighed. "Okay, but I want at least two of us talking to him. No one goes alone. We don't know who this guy is, and he could be dangerous." Brian reluctantly agreed.

"I'll go with you Bri," Nick volunteered. Brian nodded and the two walked back to the bunks. The three others sat back down on the couches.

Brian knelt down beside the bunk and stared at the man again. He hadn't moved. Brian tentatively reached out and touched the man's shoulder. He flinched and whimpered, trying to crawl closer to the outside wall of the bus.

"It's okay," Brian said soothingly, "I'm not going to hurt you. No one here is going to hurt you."

The boy's body was on fire. The drugs were wearing off and the pain was getting stronger. His stomach turned, he was going to be sick. "Sick," he whispered.

Brian heard the whisper and turned to Nick. "Go grab a garbage can, quick," he said quietly. Nick nodded and stepped over to the bathroom and grabbed the plastic container. He handed it back to Brian.

Again, Brian gently touched his shoulder. "Here." Somehow the boy knew what he meant and uncurled his body enough to lean over the side of the bunk. Everything in his stomach, which wasn't much since he hadn't eaten in two days, spewed out. He began to heave, but had nothing left to throw up.

His body was too weak to do anything else. He curled back into his ball. "Just let me die," he whispered, wanting the pain and loneliness to end.

Brian looked at him sharply. Nick sat down in the aisle between the bunks and watched. Brian wanted to ask why he wanted to die, but decided not to. "What's your name?" he asked quietly instead.

"Tyler," came the hoarse whisper.

"Well, Tyler, no one is going to die tonight," Brian replied with cool confidence.

"Why? I'm not worth anything. I'm just a piece of garbage," Tyler whispered, remembering what had happened to him.

Brian glanced at Nick. Both men could hear the absolute desolation in Tyler's voice and wondered what could take a man to that point. Brian put his hand on Tyler's shoulder and did not remove it, even when Tyler flinched.

"Tyler, no one is garbage. No matter what you've been told or what you think, you are worth something. You're life is invaluable," Brian said firmly. He gently rubbed Tyler's shoulder and finally Tyler stopped flinching. "Why would you think that Tyler?" Brian asked gently.

Tyler couldn't understand why this man, this stranger was being so nice. More than anything he wanted to confide in someone, but what if he was betrayed again? But then, he really didn't have anything left to lose; he was already prepared to die anyway.

"Tyler, I promise, no one here will hurt you. Please let us help you," Brian pleaded softly and it was Tyler's undoing. His body protested, but he forced himself to uncurl and roll over so he could look at the man talking to him.

Brian and Nick both gasped when they saw Tyler's battered face. Brian instinctively reached out to check the cuts and bruises. How could someone do that to such a beautiful face? Tyler instinctively flinched. He saw the compassion in Brian's face and forced himself to remain still while Brian gently moved dark brown hair out of dried blood. Brian quickly scanned down Tyler's body, noting the ripped clothes and dried mud. He realized that Tyler didn't even have a winter coat.

Brian met Tyler's hazel gaze and smiled gently. "My name is Brian, and this is Nick," Brian said indicating Nick sitting behind him. "Nicky, would you go to the kitchen and fill one of those big bowls with warm water? I'm going to take Tyler to the back lounge. I think he'd be more comfortable back there," Brian spoke without taking his eyes off Tyler.

Nick glanced at Tyler then at Brian. "Bri, what about what Kevin said?" Nick asked.

Brian glanced back at Nick and gave him a pleading look. "Please Nick?"

Nick pushed himself up and walked back to the front of the bus. Brian stood up and held out his hand to Tyler. Tyler stared at the offered hand. "It's okay Tyler," Brian said encouragingly, "trust me." Tyler finally reached up and took the hand. The two walked to the back of the bus. Brian ducked his head into the bathroom on the way by to grab a face cloth.

Nick walked into the front lounge and everyone looked up at him. "Where's Brian?" Kevin asked, jumping to his feet.

Nick went to one of the cupboards and pulled out a large bowl. "He's talking to Tyler," Nick answered Kevin as he filled the bowl with warm water.

"I thought I said…" Kevin began, but Nick turned and looked at him, shutting him up.

"Kev, the boy is harmless. You should see his face. Someone used it as a punching bag," Nick explained.

"So his name is Tyler?" Howie asked. Nick nodded.

"What's his story?" AJ wondered.

Nick shook his head. "We haven't got that far. Brian was taking him to the back lounge and asked me to get some warm water, so we could clean him up."

"I'll take it," Kevin said, taking the bowl from Nick's hands. Nick knew he wouldn't win the argument so he let Kevin take the water.

Brian opened the door to the lounge and let Tyler walk in first. Brian pulled the door closed behind them. "Why don't you take a seat?" he suggested, seeing how unsteady Tyler was on his feet. Tyler glanced at the two couches and shook his head.

"Um, I think I'd rather stand for now," he said softly. Brian shrugged, not wanting to force Tyler to do anything. Tyler glanced around the room. "Nice bus," he commented, not sure what else to say.

Before Brian could respond, the bus turned a sharp corner and Tyler lost his balance. Brian grabbed for him and steadied him, both of them suddenly sitting on the couch. Tyler gasped in pain and jumped up.

Brian stared up at Tyler in horror as he suddenly realized what Tyler's actions probably indicated. Tyler felt tears of pain and shame start to trickle down his face. Kevin opened the door and walked in with the water. He immediately noticed Tyler's bruised face and tears, and then he saw Brian's expression.

"Brian, what's wrong?" he asked setting the bowl of water on the small table.

Brian never took his gaze off Tyler. "Kevin," Brian said quietly but firmly, "Please, trust me when I say this - leave."

"Brian?" Kevin asked in confusion.

"Please Kevin. I'll be okay, and I'll explain in the morning, but for now, I really need you to leave, and ask the others not to disturb us for a while."

Kevin recognized the serious tone in Brian voice. He glanced again at Tyler and realized that Nick had been right. The boy was battered and weak. Kevin nodded and walked out the door, closing it behind him.

Brian walked over to the door and flicked the lock. Then he turned to look at Tyler. The boy was staring out the back window of the bus into the darkness, his body trembling. Brian moved the few steps until he was standing behind Tyler.

"Tyler," Brian said tenderly. Tyler turned his tear-streaked face to look at Brian. Not knowing what else to do, Brian held his arms open in front of him. Tyler let out an agonized cry and fell into the comforting arms. Brian wrapped himself tightly about the younger man, feeling his own tears falling.

"Shhh, Tyler. You're safe now," Brian whispered as he softly stroked Tyler's back. Tyler sobbed against Brian's shoulder, holding on to this new lifeline. The two men stood there for a long time as Tyler cried out the pain, loneliness, and betrayal of the past week. Finally, Tyler had no more tears.

Brian gently moved Tyler back so he could see the boy's face. Their eyes were level. He understood better now why Tyler had been begging to die. He couldn't imagine the shame and horror the boy was feeling. Brian wanted to ask so many questions but first he needed to make sure Tyler was okay physically.

"Tyler, I'm gonna ask you to do something, okay?" Brian waited until Tyler nodded. "I know it may be awkward or uncomfortable, but I really want to help and I need you to trust me." Tyler nodded again. For some reason, he did trust Brian.

"I'm not a doctor, but I do have some first aid training. I want to make sure you're okay physically, every place that you were injured," Brian said. Tyler's eyes widened as he realized what Brian was asking.

"I…I…I can't," he stammered, his shame overwhelming him.

Brian reached out and gently grabbed Tyler's chin. "Tyler, it wasn't you're fault. You don't have anything to feel guilty or embarrassed about." Tyler met Brian's steel blue eyes and felt himself give in.

Without saying another word, Tyler turned and began stripping off the shreds of material that were once clothes. It didn't take much before he was standing completely naked in front of this blond haired, blue-eyed stranger. Brian could see the exhaustion in Tyler's face.

"Tyler, lie down, please," Brian gently suggested.

Tyler almost fell face first onto the couch. He turned his head into the back of the couch and closed his eyes. Brian grabbed the bowl of warm water and the cloth, setting them on the floor beside him as he knelt by the couch. He scanned Tyler's lean body, quickly noting the bruises along his back, including some old bruises and distinct scars. He realized that battery wasn't new to Tyler.

Brian's gaze noted the scratches and gashes on his ass cheeks and he could see fresh blood along Tyler's crack. Brian inhaled sharply and blinked back tears as he realized just what this boy's body had been subjected to.

To be continued...