Runaway Chapter 10

by Kenitra

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Chapter 10

Tyler didn't know how long he'd been climbing the stairs. His legs were screaming at him from the exertion, but he kept climbing. If he stopped his father would find him and punish him. Tyler wasn't even sure where he was anymore. Finally, he reached the end of the stairs and another door.

Tyler yanked open the door and ran outside. He realized he was on the roof of a very tall building. A roof…no escape! The only way out was back down the stairs and he couldn't do that. Tyler began pacing around the perimeter of the roof, looking over the side, and trying to find another way down. His muscles were cooling down from the panicked flight and began to cramp. Eventually Tyler had to stop walking. He found a corner somewhat sheltered from the biting wind and sat down. He leaned against the concrete and brought his legs up, wrapping his arms around his shins and tucking his face against his knees. He began to rock.

All sense of safety and happiness that he had found in the past three days suddenly disappeared. His father was here and the only thing he could think of was the familiar fear and loneliness. His new friends faded from his thoughts as his mind began to replay every time his father had hurt him. A slap for a small thread hanging from his shirt cuff. A punch for not buttoning a shirt to the top. A kick for having a scuff on his shoe. Then there was the belt. The first time, he had asked to study at another boy's house. His father said 'no'. But that same night Tyler's teacher wanted to review his report, and he missed his regular bus. He had to take a later bus and his father was waiting. Tyler never had a chance to explain.

These thoughts ran over and over in his mind. He was oblivious of the cold and the tears streaming down his face.

Tyler had no concept of time so had no idea how long he'd been sitting on the cold cement before a warm, gentle arm suddenly wrapped around his shoulders. Tyler quickly raised his head in fear, and glanced at the person beside him.

He stared blankly at the young blond man beside him, knowing he should recognize the face. Finally, a name came to his mind. "Nick."

Nick smiled gently at Tyler. "We were worried about you, bud. Everyone is looking for you," he said.

Tyler immediately panicked and Nick realized what he'd said. "Not him Tyler. Not him," he said, trying to calm Tyler. "He's gone Tyler."

Tyler slumped back against the cement. "Gone?" he asked still confused.

"The others had a few words with your father. They convinced him it would be best for all if he left and didn't try to find you again," Nick explained gently.

Tyler tried to comprehend what Nick said. His father wouldn't give up that easily, would he? Nick stood up and pulled Tyler up with him. Tyler immediately winced as his strained muscles clenched tightly in the cold. "Oww," he gasped, as he stumbled forward, trying to grasp his painful calf. Nick caught him and picked him up. Tyler was too weak and in too much pain to object. Nick walked back to the roof door and pulled it open. He walked over to the elevator and pushed the button.

Tyler couldn't stop the tears from running down his cheeks. He was confused and afraid and now his leg muscles were spasming creating a constant stabbing pain. He tucked his head against Nick's chest and sobbed. The elevator door opened and Nick stepped on, carefully carrying the boy. He whispered softly to Tyler, trying to comfort him.

"Shhh, Tyler, its okay. He's gone. We won't let him hurt you again." Nick pushed the button for their floor and waited as the elevator slowly moved down. "Ty, I know it hurts. I know your legs hurt. We'll take care of it soon, I promise."

The door finally opened and Nick carried Tyler to the entrance of the suite. His hands full, he kicked at the door until Howie opened it. He gasped as he saw the condition Tyler was in.

"Call the others D, tell them we're back," Nick said as he walked directly to the room Tyler had been staying in. Howie pulled out his phone and hit the speed dial as he followed Nick.

Nick carefully set Tyler on the bed. He immediately curled up in a tight ball, and rocked, crying in pain. Howie talked to Kevin. Kevin would call Brian and Howie would call AJ. Nick ran into the bathroom and began filling the tub with hot water. Returning to the room, he knelt down beside Tyler.

"Ty, listen to me," Nick said gently as he forced Tyler to meet his eyes. "We have to get you out of these damp, cold clothes okay? Then we're going to get you into a hot bath that will help your legs."

Tyler nodded in silent agreement. Nick helped him out of the jacket. "Where's Brian?" Tyler asked quietly.

Before Nick could answer, he heard the suite door slam open. In seconds, Brian ran into the room. "Tyler!" Brian said, as he raced over to Tyler.

Tyler sat up as best he could and fell into Brian's open arms. As he felt those familiar and comforting arms around him, he began to cry again. Brian held Tyler tightly and gently rubbed his back as the boy cried. Brian calmly listened to Nick explain where he'd found Tyler and what was going on. Brian nodded. He heard the others arrive, but didn't pay attention.

"Nick, will you help me get Ty to the bathroom?" Brian asked softly. Nick nodded and gently pulled Tyler back from Brian so he could pick him up. Brian followed close behind as Nick walked into the bathroom. He set Tyler on the closed toilet before reaching over to shut off the water. The tub was nearly filled.

Brian began undressing Tyler. He pulled the sweater over Tyler's head, noticing the dampness caused by sweat. He put one arm under Tyler's arm and helped him stand as he unbuttoned and unzipped Tyler's pants with the other hand. Tyler slumped back down on the toilet seat.

Nick stood by the door silently watching his friend minister to Tyler's needs. It was so obvious to him how Brian felt about Tyler. Never in the nearly eight years they'd know each other had he ever seen Brian so gentle or caring, concerned or protective.

Brian finished pulling off Tyler's clothes. "Nick?" Brian said quietly, never taking his eyes from Tyler. Nick knew what was needed and quickly moved to Tyler, easily picking him up. He gently lowered Tyler into the steaming water. It was the first time Nick had seen the bruises and scars on Tyler's body. He managed to blink back the sudden swell of tears.

Tyler was shaking, his muscles tense and the pain visible on his face. Nick knelt down by his head while Brian knelt by his feet. Brian stripped off his sweater so the sleeves wouldn't get wet. He reached into the bathtub and grasped one of Tyler's legs. He quickly began massaging the calf muscles in firm, long strokes. He kneaded the flesh, feeling the knotted muscle beneath the skin. He switched to the other leg, and then began to alternate between the legs, soon noticing a gradual relaxing of the muscles.

Tyler leaned back against the porcelain and tried to relax the rest of his body. Brian's fingers were helping to reduce the pain, which helped his entire body calm. Nick took a washcloth and gently washed the dried sweat from Tyler's chest and arms.

"Ty? How is the pain now?" Brian asked softly.

Tyler slowly opened his eyes. "Better. My whole body hurts, but the stabbing pain is gone, thanks," he replied softly.

Brian looked at Nick. "Nick, could you get some track pants and a sweat shirt for Ty?" he asked.

Nick nodded and left the bathroom. Brian grabbed one of the large soft hotel towels and looked down at Tyler. "Come on baby. We'll get you out of there and dried off. Then I'll rub your legs some more."

Tyler slowly stood up in the tub, not bothering to hide his nakedness from Brian. He grabbed Brian's arm for balance as he stepped out of the cooling water. Brian briskly rubbed Tyler's skin, drying him quickly. A soft knock at the door and Nick walked back in, carrying clothes for Tyler.

"This all seems familiar," Nick commented softly.

Tyler smiled slightly at him as he took the clothes from Nick hands. "Thanks Nick," Tyler said quietly.

Nick returned the smile and left the bathroom. Brian helped Tyler pull on the clothes, letting Tyler use him for balance and support. Tyler leaned on Brian as they slowly walked back out to the bedroom. The four other singers were all sitting in the room talking quietly, and looked up as the bathroom door opened.

Tyler felt himself blush and looked down in embarrassment as they all looked at him. The two made their way over to the bed, where Tyler lay down. AJ approached them with a glass of water and a couple of pills.

"Here Tyler, take these," he said, holding out the pills and glass. "They're an over-the-counter muscle relaxant. Not that strong, but they should help," he explained.

Tyler silently swallowed the pills and drank down the water. "Thanks AJ," he said quietly before lying back down on the bed, and closing his eyes.

Brian looked around at his friends. "Guys, can we talk about this later?" he said softly. Everyone nodded and began walking to the door. Brian glanced at Tyler, lying quietly on the bed and walked to the door. He stepped outside the room. "How could he have found Ty?" he asked no one in particular.

"I asked Jeff to get someone to look into it Bri," Kevin answered. "I just hope he took you seriously and leaves Tyler alone."

"Me too," Brian said softly. "Could someone call Steve? I don't think Ty is going to be able to start work today."

"I'll do it B," Nick said and walked towards his bedroom.

Brian nodded and turned back into the room, closing the door behind him. Tyler had rolled over onto his stomach, but his eyes were open, watching Brian. Brian walked over to the bed and sat on the edge, looking at Tyler.

"How did he find me?" Tyler whispered.

Brian shook his head. "I don't know Ty. Kev is going to see if he can find out." Tyler sighed and closed his eyes. "How are your legs now?" Brian asked gently.

"They're throbbing a little," Tyler replied softly.

Brian stood up and gently pushed Tyler over on the bed so he was on the far side. He walked through the adjoining door to his bedroom. When he returned, he was carrying a small bottle of oil. Kneeling on the mattress, Brian pushed the pant legs of the track pants up to Tyler's knees. He poured a little oil into his hands and began to massage the knotted muscles. Tyler winced.

"Sorry Ty," Brian apologized. "Try to relax. It should feel better soon." Brian continued working on the calves.

"How do you know what to do Bri?" Tyler asked softly. He could feel the combined effects of the hot bath, pills and Brian's hands beginning to work and his body started to release its tension.

Brian smiled to himself. "With all the dancing and running around we do on the stage, sometimes we don't warm up enough before, or cool down properly afterwards. All of us have gotten charlie horses, or muscle spasms at one time or another," he explained.

Brian worked silently for a few more minutes. "How are the rest of your muscles Ty?" he asked. Tyler didn't respond. "Ty?" Brian asked softly. Still no response. Brian looked up the bed to Tyler's head and could see his eyes were closed. He'd obviously fallen asleep. Brian carefully pulled the pant legs down then covered Tyler with a blanket to keep the muscles from seizing again. He walked to the door and turned out the light before closing the door behind him.

Everyone was sitting in the lounge. AJ was battling Nick in a video game. They stopped when they saw Brian. Brian smiled gratefully at them.

"Thanks guys, for everything." He looked at Nick. "Thank you!" he said more forcefully and Nick knew what he meant. Brian dropped down onto a couch. "You guys still have time to see some of the city. Don't feel that you have to stay. I'll stay with Tyler."

They looked at one another then back at Brian. "No big deal B, we've seen many different cities and will see many more on the next tour," AJ said with a shrug.

"Nicky did you get a hold of Steve?" Brian asked, suddenly remembering Tyler's new job.

"Yeah. I gave him a brief run down on what happened. He said they'd manage tonight, and Tyler can help with the set up at the next venue," Nick said.

Brian leaned back and sighed. "Which is where?" he asked tiredly.

"Vegas," Howie said flatly. "We head out right after the concert tonight," he added. Brian nodded. "So how is Tyler?" he asked quietly.

Brian opened his eyes. "He fell asleep while I was massaging his legs." Brian shook his head. "I just can't imagine the kind of life he's had to live. It's like a nightmare."

"A nightmare that is over as of today!" Kevin said forcefully. The others looked at him. "I know we haven't known him very long, but I already consider him a friend. And NO ONE fucks with my friends." The rest smiled and nodded.

Brian yawned and stood up. "Well, since we're not going anywhere, I think I'm going to get some more sleep," he said. No one commented when he walked over and quietly opened the door to the room Tyler was in.

The four men looked at each other. "I think he has it bad," AJ commented quietly.

Kevin nodded and sighed. "I just hope he's careful and doesn't scare Tyler away."

Nick looked at the others. "He'll be careful. You guys didn't see him in the bathroom, taking care of Ty. Brian won't do anything to risk losing Tyler. He's in love with him," Nick said softly.

No one commented, realizing what Nick said was true.

Brian quietly walked into the darkened room. The bright sunlight outside only cast a few shadows throughout the room as it barely penetrated the thick, closed curtains. Brian stood at the end of the bed and stared down at the sleeping form.

His gaze took in the slight frame. Tyler was too thin. His eyes roamed over Tyler's body. His straight, brown hair hung down across his forehead and eyes. Brian thought about those eyes; soft golden-brown with yellow and green flecks. Eyes that were shadowed by hurt and fear. At least they showed a little more light and life in the past couple of days then they had the first night.

Brian had no doubt in his mind that if Tyler hadn't found the bus, he would have simply lain down and died. The thought caused Brian to shudder. He moved to the empty side of the bed and crawled under the blankets, cuddling up close to Tyler.

A few hours later Brian woke when he felt Tyler moving beside him. He rolled over to find Tyler watching him.

Brian smiled. "Hi," he whispered.

Tyler smiled shyly in return. "Hi," he responded.

Brian reached over and brushed Tyler's hair off his forehead. Tyler never flinched. In a few short days, he'd come to trust Brian completely.

"How are you feeling now Ty?" Brian asked softly.

Tyler lost his smile as he remembered the morning horror. He looked away from Brian. "I'm okay. I'm sorry I ran away from you. It's just…when I saw him, I forgot about everything else. All I could think about was getting away before he could hurt me," Tyler explained quietly.

Brian ran his fingers through Tyler's hair. "I know Ty. It's okay. I'm not going to let anyone hurt you," Brian promised.

"I'm sorry I ruined your plans for today. I hope the others still went and enjoyed the city," Tyler said.

Brian shook his head. "It doesn't matter Tyler. We've all seen hundreds of different cities around the world. The safety and health of a friend is much more important," Brian said intently.

Tyler blushed. "You all consider me a friend?" he asked in disbelief.

Brian smiled. "Of course."

Brian rolled off the bed and stared down at Tyler. "Do you feel like getting up for a while? I'm hungry so I imagine the others will be ordering a late lunch soon." He glanced at his watch. They would have to leave for the arena in a few hours.

Tyler sat up on the side of the bed. His body hurt, but not as much as before. Tentatively he rose to his feet. Brian stood close by to catch him if he fell. Tyler stood still for a minute to make sure he had his balance then started to slowly walk towards the door.

Brian walked beside Tyler with his hand resting gently on Tyler's arm. They made their way slowly into the lounge and over to a couch. Howie was working on his laptop, Kevin was sitting at the table talking quietly on his phone, while Nick and AJ were still playing video games. Each looked up and smiled at Brian and Tyler, but didn't immediately rush over to them.

They sat quietly for a minute before Brian picked up the hotel menu and handed one to Tyler. "Find something you like Ty and we'll order some lunch," Brian said to him. Brian looked at the others. "Anyone else want to order some food?" he asked in a louder voice.

Everyone jumped at the mention of food. Brian scribbled down the food orders and called room service. Tyler leaned back against the couch and closed his eyes. Brian was sitting right beside him and instinctively put his arm around Tyler. Tyler rested his head against Brian's shoulder.

Nick answered the door a little while later and wheeled in the food cart. They all ate ravenously. Afterwards, the five singers began to talk about the concert and minor changes they were planning to make. Tyler curled his legs up under himself and leaned against Brian. He sat and listened to the conversation of his friends, trying to forget about his father. After a while, his eyes closed and he began to fall asleep.

The conversation continued for over an hour. Finally, it was time to get ready to leave.

"Um, Bri, is Tyler coming with us?" Kevin asked, as he noticed Tyler's sleeping form.

Brian nodded. "Yeah." He turned and realized that Tyler was asleep. "I'll wake him. You guys go ahead and get ready," Brian said quietly. The others went back to their rooms and Brian stared down at Tyler.

Brian was suddenly overwhelmed by his feelings for Tyler and leaned forward. He gently lifted Tyler's chin with his fingers and tenderly covered Tyler's lips with his own. He knew he was wrong to act on his feelings, but God, Tyler looked so cute and vulnerable, he had to taste him.

Tyler responded in his sleep, returning Brian's gentle kisses with his own. Brian had his eyes closed and finally opened them. He found himself staring into Tyler's soft hazel gaze. Their eyes locked and the kiss continued. Eventually Brian pulled back, cupping Tyler's face in his hands. He smiled at the teenager.

Tyler softly bit his lip as he continued to stare at Brian. Neither wanted to be the first to speak.

"Say something," Brian finally pleaded, afraid he had overstepped his bounds.



To be continued...