Runaway Chapter 14

by Kenitra

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This story, Runaway, is about Brian and an original character. There are 22 chapters and an epilogue... and just to Let everyone know there is reference to a past rape...and basically no sex in the entire story. So if anyone is looking for a 'quick fix' this story is not it!

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Chapter 14

Everyone in the courtroom turned to look at the woman. Somehow, Brian knew immediately who she was, and the loud gasp from Tyler confirmed it. The woman was Tyler's mother.

If it were a movie, the courtroom would have erupted with murmurs and objections. Instead, the judge simply waved the woman forward until she was standing before the bench.

"And you are?" he asked her.

Brian returned his eyes to Tyler, easily reading his shock by his body language. Tyler hadn't seen her in three years. How had she found him?

"My name is Alison Johnson, your Honor," she replied, trying not to turn and look at her son. The Judge was waiting for more information. "I'm Tyler's mother and was married to William," she added.

The Judge looked at her contemplatively. "If neither attorney objects, I would like to hear what Mrs. Johnson has to say," he finally said. No one objected. "Very well, please tell us what you know," he said.

Mrs. Johnson nodded. "William was always very strict with Tyler, but he never abused him, when I was there. He abused me, badly. Three years ago, I finally had had enough and found the courage to leave. I couldn't support myself, let alone a teenager." The pain was evident in her voice, but all Brian heard was her admitting that her husband was abusive and she left Tyler in that situation. "I never thought he would turn his attention to Tyler. I thought that if I were gone, Tyler would have a better childhood. I was obviously wrong," she whispered.

The Judge looked at Alison Johnson. "Let me get this straight. Your husband beat you regularly and severely? You made the decision to leave, yet you left your son in that abusive environment?" It was clear that the Judge was angry.

He looked at Tyler then to the prosecution. "Do you have anything to add?" he asked.

The prosecutor shook his head. "No, Your Honor. In light of the police report and this new witness, we request that all charges be dropped against Tyler Johnson."

The Judge returned his attention to Tyler. "Tyler," he said and Tyler quickly stood. "Tyler, before this case began, I had the opportunity to talk with the arresting officers, a police detective and the prosecution. The detective had done some further research about your father. It is clear that you have had to deal with abandonment and an abusive situation during the past few years. Everyone, from your parents, to your school, has failed you, and the courts have compounded that problem. For that, I offer the apologies of the court." The judge paused for a moment. "While this is a criminal courtroom, not family court, I am still a judge and allowed to make judgments. Although you will be eighteen in two days, I am granting you immediate emancipation from your parents. You are now legally an adult. Further to that, I am submitting a court order requiring your father to provide you financial compensation for the pain and suffering you have endured. Is there anything you would like to say to the court?" he asked.

Tyler was stunned. He had been afraid that he would have to face a trial, and face his father. Instead, the Judge had apologized and given him his complete freedom. Tyler looked at his mother still standing before the Judge. He was surprised to find that he felt…nothing. He was long past the anger and hurt. She had made her decision, now he was free to make his own choices. Tyler turned slightly and looked at the five men sitting behind him. Brian smiled broadly in support, making Tyler's heart flutter.

Tyler turned back to the Judge. "Your Honor, thank you for giving me my freedom from my parents. But you are wrong when you suggest that everyone has failed me. I was more fortunate than most abused or runaway kids are. I found five men who offered me safety, friendship and love. If it weren't for them, I would be dead. They saved my life physically and emotionally. All I want to do is continue living my new life, in peace, without ever encountering my father again." Tyler finished and sat down.

The Judge smiled down at Tyler. "Well said Tyler." He looked up to address the court. "Charges dismissed, Tyler Johnson is free to go." He banged his gavel and stood up. Everyone stood and waited until the Judge was gone. Tyler turned around and found himself in a group hug surrounded by five men.

Brian was in front of him, holding him tightly. "It's over baby," Brian whispered through tears of relief. "I love you!"

Tyler pulled back enough so he could see Brian's face. He smiled brilliantly at the singer. "I love you too, Bri," he said sincerely. Both wanted to kiss, but knew that they were in public.

Reluctantly, Brian released Tyler, although he continued to stand as close to him as possible. The others remained close too. As they began to move towards the back door, Alison Johnson barred their way. Brian glared at the woman, and Tyler met her gaze.

"What do you want?" he asked quietly.

"Tyler, please," she pleaded. "I didn't mean for you to get hurt! I'm sorry."

Tyler shook his head. "You have no idea what I've suffered. I fled him, only to be gang raped. Sorry isn't enough. How did you know I was here?" he wondered.

"A nurse at a Doctor's office. She helps women who are hiding from abusive relationships. She had a picture of you and called me when you were there," Mrs. Johnson explained.

Tyler just nodded. The nurse from Dr. Young's office.

"Tyler, you are still my son. I love you," she said quietly.

Tyler stared at her sadly. "You love me?" he repeated softly. "If you love me, please leave me alone. Don't try to follow me or find me. You gave up your rights as my mother when you left. I have a new life, and I'm happy. For the first time since…I don't know when, I'm happy."

Alison Johnson looked stricken by the words of her son. She looked at the men surrounding him and could see genuine love and concern. She looked intently at the blond haired man standing so close to Tyler. Her eyes widened for a moment as she recognized the look in his eyes. He loved Tyler more than only as friends. Alison sighed and nodded.

"Okay Tyler. I guess I don't really have a choice," she said reluctantly. "For what its worth, I truly am sorry that you were hurt, and I do love you. I always will." She looked past Tyler and noticed the lawyer waiting for them to leave. "I know you don't want to have anything to do with me right now, I can understand that. But, someday, you may change your mind. I'm going to give your lawyer my address. If you ever want to talk to me, he can give you my address. I promise that I won't try to find you. You will have to make the first move, okay?"

Tyler glanced at Brian beside him before returning his attention to his mother. "That's fine," he said flatly. Alison stepped aside and allowed the six men to walk past and out the door.

Tyler blinked rapidly as the flashes of cameras blinded him. Microphones were shoved into his face. The singers quickly escorted Tyler to the room they had waited in earlier. They slipped in and Kevin locked the door. All of them breathed a sigh of relief.

Brian quickly walked up behind Tyler and turned him into his arms. Tyler clung tightly to Brian and sobbed. All Brian could do was hold him, and stroke his hair. Brian heard the others talking but didn't pay attention.

There was a knock at the door and Kevin opened it to allow Paul and Ben into the room.

"What are we going to do about the media?" Kevin asked Paul.

Paul glanced at the distraught Tyler then looked back to Kevin. "I was going to suggest he make a statement but obviously he can't. I'll get the media out front and make a brief statement while Ben brings the car around back. Two of your security guys are outside the room now too."

"What are you going to tell the press?" Brian asked softly, never taking his arms from around Tyler.

"Just the basics. A friend of yours was falsely charged with a crime and the five of you were here to show your support," Paul said. He walked over to Tyler and Brian. "Tyler? I wanted to tell you that the judge also issued a restraining order against your father. He will be arrested if he comes within 500 hundred yards of you, okay?" he said, gently putting his hand on Tyler's trembling shoulder.

Tyler lifted his head from the crook of Brian's neck and looked at the lawyer. "Thanks Paul," he said softly as he wiped his tear-streaked face. "You really helped me get through all this," he said sincerely. Paul smiled and patted Tyler's shoulder.

"You're welcome Tyler." He turned back to the others. "Okay, I'll get the press out of the building and Marcus will make sure you get to the car unaccosted. You guys take care. I'm sure I'll see you sometime back in Orlando," he added before slipping out the door.

Brian gently pulled Tyler away from the others, over to the tinted window. He raised Tyler's chin with his finger and looked intently into Tyler's expressive hazel eyes.

"How are you really, baby?" Brian asked softly.

"I'm…I'm okay, Bri. I'm tired and hungry, but I was so afraid that you guys were going to leave and I would never see you again," he murmured as fresh tears started to fall.

Brian quickly wiped the wetness away. "Shhh, baby. That's never going to happen. I was so worried about you. And I promise that I will do whatever I can to make sure you are never afraid, lonely, sad, hurt or hungry again. I love you Tyler Johnson." Brian tenderly kissed Tyler's eyelids before moving down to his lips.

"I love you too, Brian," Tyler whispered.

"Um, guys?" a voice interrupted them. Both men turned to look at Kevin. Kevin smiled ruefully. "Sorry, but we're ready to go," he told them. "Nick, why don't you walk on the other side of Tyler," Kevin suggested. Brian nodded gratefully to his cousin. In case there was an errant photographer, it would look like two friends helping another friend.

The door opened and the six men walked out. Marcus took the lead, while Pete followed. They quickly made their way to the back door and out to the limo without incident. The limo was scheduled to meet up with the tour bus across town.

The men relaxed against the seats. Tyler was resting against Brian's side, fighting to stay awake. As everyone settled and the car fell silent, he drifted to sleep. Brian held tightly to Tyler and reached into his pocket to pull out his cell phone. Careful not to disturb Tyler, Brian checked his messages and found a couple from his Mom. He'd forgotten to call her when the hearing was delayed. He decided to wait until they were back on the bus before letting her know things were okay.

The tour was over and Brian began to think about what everyone was going to do. He glanced down at the man in his arms. He wanted to take Tyler away from everything. They both could use some quiet time away from the glare of the media and fans. He had yet to ask Tyler what he wanted to do now that he was free from his father. Tyler had said he would like to go back to school. Brian wondered if that were still true.

The limo pulled off the road and up beside the large tour bus. Brian looked over at Marcus and asked him a silent question. Marcus smiled and nodded. As the door opened, Marcus stepped over and easily picked Tyler up carefully in his arms. He stepped out of the limo and onto the bus, walking back to the bunks. Gently he set Tyler on Brian's bunk, and smiled down at the sleeping teenager. In the short time he'd known him he'd come to feel very protective of the young man. He was glad Tyler's ordeal was over. Marcus left to return to the limo. The limo would follow the bus as it made its way to the airport.

Brian gently kissed Tyler's forehead and closed the curtain, letting him sleep. The other guys crawled into their bunks as well. Having had more sleep than any of the others, Brian walked to the back lounge and pulled out his phone.

He hit the speed dial and settled onto the couch.


"Hi Mom," he said softly.

"Brian! I was so worried. Why haven't you called me sooner? Is Tyler okay?" Jackie bombarded Brian with questions.

Brian laughed. "Mom! Mom! Everything is okay," he said, trying to calm her.

Jackie stopped babbling. "Everything's okay?" she repeated.

"Yeah. The judge believed Tyler about his dad. He has ordered Tyler's dad to give him some money and to stay away from Tyler," Brian explained.

"That's good," Jackie said in relief.

"You'll never believe who showed up at the hearing though," Brian said quietly.


"Tyler's Mom."

"What?" Jackie nearly shouted.

Brian recounted what Tyler's Mom had told the courts and Tyler. He then told her how Tyler reacted.

"That poor boy," Jackie said sympathetically. "So what are you going to do now, Honey?"

Brian was silent for a minute. "I was thinking, now that the tour is over, I really need to get away for a while. Tyler and I both do. What would you think about Ty and I coming to Lex for a few weeks?" he asked hesitantly.

"I would say, when does your flight arrive?" Jackie said. Brian could hear the smile in her voice.

Brian laughed softly. "Thanks Mom. We're on our way to the airport right now. I'm going to see about changing our seats from O to Lex. I'll let you know what happens. Mom, thanks for everything," he added sincerely.

"No problem, Brian. I look forward to meeting Tyler. Take care honey."

Brian hung up the phone and sat silently watching the landscape zip past outside the bus window.

"That sounds like a really good idea, Bri," Nick said from the doorway.

Brian hadn't realized anyone else was awake. He looked over at his friend and smiled. "Hey, Frack."

Nick walked into the lounge and flopped down onto the other couch. "Sorry to eavesdrop, B. I couldn't get to sleep so I thought I'd see what you were doing. How's Jackie?"

"No problem. She's good. She's looking forward to meeting Tyler," Brian said with a smile.

Nick returned the smile. "Its so kewl how comfortable your parents are about you being gay," he said wistfully.

Brian nodded in agreement. "Yeah. I never expected it. But your parents are okay with it too, right?"

Nick shrugged and nodded. "Well, yes and no. They've accepted it I guess, but I don't think Jane would ever say she's looking forward to meeting my boyfriend," he said.

Brian smiled at his long time friend. "Well you won't know until you find someone to take home," he said. "And no, you can't borrow my man," he added, stopping Nick's question. They both laughed. Brian stood up. "We've got close to an hour's drive, so I'm going to lay down with Ty," he said as he walked to the door.

"Okay B. I'll probably stay awake so I'll get everyone up before we get there," Nick said, stretching out on the couch and grabbing the remote for the TV.

"Thanks, Nick." Brian walked to the bunks and pulled back the curtain of his bunk. Tyler was sleeping on his side, facing the wall. Brian lay down and spooned behind his boyfriend, wrapping his arms around Tyler and quickly drifting to sleep.



To be continued...