Runaway Chapter 16

by Kenitra

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Chapter 16

When Brian woke up, he was on his side with Tyler in his arms. Brian glanced at Tyler's sweet face and watched his eyelashes flutter as he dreamed. Brian's leg was possessively over both of Tyler's. Brian carefully propped himself on his elbow and watched Tyler sleep. He always had looked so young and innocent, and those qualities were enhanced while he slept.

Brian silently watched Tyler for a while before he just had to reached out and touch the soft skin on Tyler's cheek. He ran his finger gently downward, curling it around Tyler's chin. Tyler moaned softly. Brian smiled and repeated the motion. This time Tyler reached up and tried to brush the annoyance away. When his hand discovered fingers, he stopped moving. Slowly, Tyler's eyes opened and he found Brian smiling at him.

"Morning baby," Brian whispered.

Tyler blinked and looked around, noticing the bright sunlight filtering into the room. "What happened?" he asked, frowning slightly as he tried to remember.

"You were really upset last night, Ty, do you remember that?" Brian asked gently. Tyler was quiet for a moment then nodded. "Well, combined with everything else, you became hysterical. I was really worried about you baby," Brian said honestly. "My Mom called our neighbor, she's a doctor. She gave you a needle to help calm you down. You fell asleep almost immediately and have slept through the night," Brian explained.

Tyler smiled shyly at Brian. "I guess that's why I feel so rested." His stomach suddenly growled and they both giggled. "And so hungry," he added.

Brian rolled off the bed and held his hand out to Tyler. "Come on, then. We'll go downstairs and get some food before we clean up. We can decide what we want to do today," Brian added.

Tyler agreed and accepted the offered hand. Both men paused to pull on some clothes before going downstairs, hand in hand. Brian led Tyler to the kitchen where they found Jackie busy cooking a huge breakfast. She turned when she heard the two enter.

"Good morning boys!" She said with a smile.

"Morning Mom," Brian greeted her.

"Good morning Mrs. Littrell," Tyler said shyly as he followed Brian to the table.

Jackie walked over to the table and looked down at Tyler with a smile. "Now Tyler, I don't think I heard you correctly, because I know you must have said 'good morning Jackie'," she said.

Tyler blushed. "Morning Jackie," he repeated.

Jackie grinned. "Now, I hope you two are hungry. I'm making pancakes and scrambled eggs. There is bacon already cooked, orange juice is on the table. Help yourselves to some toast," she added as she returned to the stove.

Tyler stared at her in bewilderment. Everyone in this family was so relaxed and open. The complete opposite of what he grew up with.

Brian handed Tyler a glass of juice. "Thanks, Bri," he said with a smile.

"No problem, baby," Brian said happily. "Do you want some toast?" he asked.

Tyler nodded. Brian put some bread in the toaster as Jackie returned to the table with a platter of eggs and pancakes. She joined the two men at the table. She held out her hands to each of them. Brian automatically took her hand and reached for Tyler's. Tyler quickly got the idea and joined hands with Brian and Jackie. Jackie said a brief prayer of thanks.

"Okay. Eat up, boys," she said.

The three filled their plates with the delicious homemade food.

"Where's Dad today?" Brian asked Jackie.

"He had some business early this morning but he'll be back by lunch," Jackie replied.

Brian and Jackie talked, trying to draw Tyler into the conversation as much as possible. After breakfast, they cleared the table before returning to the bedroom.

"Why don't you shower here, and I'll go across the hall. After, I'll give you a tour of the house," Brian suggested.

Tyler nodded. "Okay," he agreed as he walked towards the bathroom.


Tyler turned to look at Brian.

"How are you?" he asked softly.

Tyler smiled slightly and shrugged. "I don't know yet," he replied quietly.

Brian nodded and Tyler continued to the bathroom. Brian grabbed a change of clothes and walked across the hall to the other bathroom.

By the time Brian was showered and dressed, Tyler was sitting fully clothed on the bed waiting for him. Brian walked over to him and pulled him up so they were face to face. He gently cupped Tyler's chin with his hand as he leaned forward to kiss Tyler's soft lips. Tyler wrapped his arms around Brian, and when the kiss ended, he laid his cheek on Brian's shoulder.

"Thank you for loving me," he whispered.

Brian hugged him tightly. "How can I not?" he murmured.

They remained in their embrace for a few minutes, before Brian slowly pulled back. "So are you ready to see the rest of the house?" he asked.

Tyler smiled and nodded. They walked through the house, hand in hand. Brian pointing out different things that had caught his eye, when he first looked at the house. Once they had toured the building, Brian led Tyler into the yard. The backyard was larger than the front, over three acres. There was a large pool, a smaller hot tub, and numerous paths that trailed around the yard past large trees, shrubs and flowers. Near the very back of the yard was a pond with a little waterfall trickling into it. They could see a few fish swimming among the aquatic plants. A couple of benches were situated nearby.

Tyler drank in the beauty of it all, the house and the grounds. His own house had been very severe. Little color had been used and almost no decorations, only the necessary furniture. The outside had been simply grass, no trees and no flowers. How very different this home was. Tyler silently walked over to one of the benches near the pond and sat down. He reflected on what he had just thought. Where he had lived had been a house, nothing more, austere and clinical. But this place, with its beautiful gardens and family pictures hanging on the walls inside, it was truly a home. Every room felt lived in. Jackie decorated the tables and walls with fresh or dried flower arrangements, adding an incredible array of color to every room.

"What are you thinking about, Ty?" Brian asked gently, sitting beside Tyler on the bench.

Tyler smiled sadly. "Was thinking about my house and how different, how much nicer, it is here. I'm still learning the meaning of home and family," he murmured.

Brian put his arms around Tyler's shoulders as they sat. "Well you are a part of this family now. In fact, if you add the entire Littrell family, plus the entire Backstreet family, you have more family than you'll ever know what to do with," Brian added lightly, bringing a smile to Tyler's face.

He turned his head to face Brian. "I love you, Brian," he said simply.

Brian smiled. "I know."

They remained sitting quietly for a while before Brian suggested they return to the house. Brian kept his arm around Tyler's shoulders as they slowly followed the path as it circled around and wound its way back to the patio by the pool.

By the time they reached the house, it was lunchtime. Jackie had set out some pasta salads, cold meat, cheese and buns. They each filled a plate and joined Jackie and Harold at the table.

Tyler was still a little nervous around Harold. The only male parental figure he had ever known was his father. He had learned to be afraid that anything he did wrong would be punished. He found that familiar tightening in his stomach return and thought he might be sick.

Brian watched Tyler closely and could see his increasing discomfort. Brian glanced at his father and realized he was watching Tyler too. Finally Harold stopped eating and looked over at Brian.

"Brian, have I ever hit you? For any reason?" he asked. His voice shattered the uneasy silence.

Brian stared at his father in disbelief. "No! Of course not!" he quickly responded.

Harold turned to look at Tyler. "Tyler," he said gently, "You have nothing to fear from Jackie or myself. We have never harmed our children. In this family, abuse is not tolerated, by anyone."

Tyler was embarrassed and couldn't look up at Harold. He felt the blood rushing to his face and knew it was red. He felt Harold touch his arm. Slowly he raised his head to look at Harold.

"I'm sorry if I've embarrassed you Tyler," Harold apologized. "But I tend to speak my mind, and I don't like having someone afraid of me for no reason. I can understand why it's hard to trust older men, but I hope you give me the opportunity to prove that I am not like your father."

Tyler nodded slightly. "I'll try," he said softly.

Harold smiled. "That's all I can ask."

Everyone resumed eating in silence, although the quiet was less tense than before. After lunch, Brian and Tyler went back outside to enjoy the early spring warmth. They sat on the patio, talking quietly until Tyler began to yawn.

"Maybe you should have a nap," Brian suggested. He could tell that despite the full night of sleep, Tyler needed more rest.

"Will you come with me?" Tyler asked softly.

Brian smiled and pulled Tyler to his feet. They went up to the bedroom, removed their shoes and jeans before stretching out on the bed. Brian spooned behind Tyler.

"I'll stay until you fall asleep then I might go talk with my Dad, okay?" Brian said softly. Tyler nodded and closed his eyes, enjoying the warmth of Brian's body against his back.

Brian waited until he was sure Tyler was sleeping. He carefully slid off the bed, pulled his pants back on and wandered downstairs. He found his Dad sitting in the den going over some papers.

"Hey Dad!" he said as he sat down in one of the large, soft chairs.

"Hi Brian," Harold said as he set the papers aside and took off his reading glasses. "Where's Tyler?" he asked looking around.

Brian smiled. "He's taking a nap. He's been through a lot lately," Brian explained.

Harold nodded. "So I've heard. I'm glad the court case ended so quickly."

Brian frowned. "Me too. I'll never understand how someone could do things like that to another human, let alone their own child."

Harold sat back and contemplated his son. "Tyler was very lucky to have found you. You love him a lot, don't you Brian?" he commented.

Brian's smile returned as he thought about Tyler. "I do Dad, I really do."

"As an equal?" Harold asked.

Brian paused and looked at his Dad. "What do you mean?" he asked in confusion.

Harold sighed and leaned forward in his seat. "I know you love him, Brian. But do you love him because you get to take care of him, baby him, or is it a real, adult love. Do you consider him to be an equal partner in your relationship?" Brian was silent, thinking about what his Dad was saying. "He is safe from his father now, and learning how to be independent. When he starts to establish his own person, make his own decisions, will you still love him?" Harold asked gently.

Brian thought for a moment. "Will I still love him? Yes, Dad, I will. Nothing will change that. I love his smile, and his beautiful eyes, his innocence and his intelligent. He is so smart about some things. His naiveté is about people and how to interact with them. I want him to be his own person." A smile played across his face. "I look forward to the first time he looks me in the eyes and says 'No!'. So, to answer one of your questions, my love for him is definitely an adult love. I want to hold him, make love with him, and share my life with him. But to answer the other question, right now, we are not equal partners, as far as, he does need to be protected and comforted, taken care of. He's still learning to function as a normal person in society and that can be frightening."

Brian sat back and watched his father digest everything that had just been said. Harold smiled at Brian. "Well, you have obviously thought about this quite a bit. I'm glad. I just wanted to make sure you fully understood what you're getting into."

Brian returned the smile. "I know Dad. Thanks for caring." He was quiet for a moment. "Tomorrow is his birthday you know. He'll be eighteen. I was thinking maybe we could all go out for a family dinner to celebrate? I don't know how much his birthday was ever acknowledged by his parents," he added.

"I think that's a great idea Brian!" Jackie said from the doorway. She walked into the room. "Why don't you let me make arrangements? We'll go to a nice restaurant. I'll give your brother a call too. What about Ann and Kevin?"

"I'm not sure if Kev is back yet, but call Ann and find out. I know Tyler would like to see Kevin again. Thanks Mom," Brian said. He stood up. "Thanks for the talk Dad. I'm going to check on Tyler." Brian left his parents and walked up the stairs to the bedroom.

He stepped into the room and looked at Tyler on the bed. He was thrashing about slightly and moaning softly. Brian moved quickly and cuddled up next to Tyler, gently stroking his forehead. "Shhh, it's okay. You're safe baby, just sleep," he murmured.

He held Tyler and slowly Tyler's restlessness faded. Brian lay quietly beside him, listening to him breathe. He thought about what his Dad had asked. Holding Tyler in his arms, there was no doubt how he felt about the teenager. And having Tyler more self-confident and more comfortable with himself, would only make things better.

Brian lost himself in thought until he suddenly realized hazel eyes were watching him. He smiled at Tyler and kissed him gently. Tyler returned the kiss intently and suddenly passion was surging through them both.

Brian rolled over until he was lying on top of Tyler, their lips never parting. Brian gently forced Tyler's lips apart and probed inside his warm mouth, tasting Tyler's tongue and teeth. He suckled Tyler's bottom lip before moving up his cheek, planting kisses over his face. Slowly he began to move down Tyler's neck. He slid his body to the side, so his hand could roam over Tyler's chest.

His hand moved down to the bottom of Tyler's shirt and worked its way under the material. Brian could feel the heat emanating from Tyler's bare flesh as his fingers trailed back up towards Tyler's nipples. He gently pinched one, feeling it harden beneath his fingers. As his hand worked Tyler's chest, his lips nibbled along Tyler's throat, licking and tasting the flesh there.

Brian finally pulled his head back to look into Tyler's eyes. His body froze as he saw tears trickling down Tyler's face.

To be continued...