Runaway Chapter 17

by Kenitra

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Chapter 17

Brian quickly moved back up the bed, removing his hand from Tyler's chest. "Oh, God, Ty. I'm so sorry. Why didn't you say something?" he asked, tenderly wiping the tears away. Brian finally noticed that Tyler's body was trembling in fear, not passion as he had thought.

"I couldn't," Tyler whispered.

Brian put his arms tightly around Tyler and rocked him gently. "Forgive me, please? You know I would never make you do anything you didn't want to do." Brian felt his own tears start to fall as he thought he might have hurt Tyler. "All you ever have to say is 'stop' or 'no' and I will, Tyler, I promise."

"I know," Tyler whispered. His body had stopped shaking. "I just couldn't say anything. It was like I was frozen," he murmured.

"Ty, do you remember when we went to see Dr. Young? He suggested that seeing a therapist could help. Dr. Armstrong suggested the same thing last night. Maybe you should consider it," Brian suggested softly. "I'll help you find a therapist, while we're in Lexington. We can ask Kelly Armstrong," Brian said.

Tyler sighed and turned to face Brian. "Maybe that would be a good idea, Brian," Tyler admitted. "I don't want to be afraid when we become intimate. I want to make love with you," he said quietly, reaching out to run his fingers gently down Brian's face.

Brian kissed his cheek. "I want that too. And it will happen Ty; it's just going to take time. Tomorrow is your birthday, so I thought we would just tour the city and have fun. The day after that, we can talk to Kelly and get names of some therapists, okay?"

Tyler hugged Brian. "Okay. I love you so much."

Brian returned the hug. "Love you too. Why don't we go see what my parents are doing?" he suggested.

They went downstairs and discovered that Jackie and Harold were going to a dinner party. Brian and Tyler decided to stay at the house, order some food and watch a movie.

The food arrived shortly after Brian's parents left. Brian took it out to the back patio where they could watch the sunset. He sat on the stairs and Tyler sat down beside him. They shared the containers of Chinese food, not even bothering with plates.

The sun slowly sank behind the trees and disappeared, yet they didn't move. Finally, Tyler changed positions, dropping down to the next step and moving to sit between Brian's legs. Brian put his arms around Tyler's neck, lightly resting his hands on Tyler's chest. Tyler sighed and leaned back. They stared up at the stars in silence.

"What's going to happen?" Tyler suddenly whispered.

Brian hugged him tightly. "I'm not sure Ty," he replied softly. "But we have a few weeks to decide. Let's not worry about it yet, okay?" He leaned down to kiss Tyler's cheek. "For the next little while, its just Brian and Tyler, boyfriends."

Tyler nodded. "Okay boyfriend, it's getting cold out here. Are we going to watch that movie?" Tyler asked.

Brian laughed softly and stood, pulling Tyler to his feet. Brian held Tyler's hand as they walked into the house. They threw out the empty food cartons before grabbing a couple of cans of coke and walking up the stairs to Brian's room.

Tyler stripped to his boxers, and piled the pillows on the bed against the headboard, while Brian opened the doors of the entertainment center and put the movie in. He grabbed the remote and walked over to the bed, pausing to remove his own clothes, before joining Tyler snuggled under the blankets. Brian leaned against the stack of pillows and Tyler moved between his legs, resting his back against Brian's chest.

A few hours later Jackie walked up the stairs and heard the static hum of the television. She knocked quietly on the door and then gently pushed it open when there was no response. She could see the two entwined bodies on the bed. They had fallen onto their sides, but remained tangled together, Brian spooned behind Tyler. Jackie walked over to the side of the bed and gently pulled the remote from Tyler's limp fingers. She pointed it at the TV and turned it off. Her gaze returned to the two figures. He son looked so serene, and incredibly happy. Looking at Tyler, she noticed how very young he looked. But despite his ordeal, he was absolutely at peace, sleeping in Brian's arms. Jackie smiled to herself and pulled the comforter up over the two boys before silently walking out of the room.

Brian slipped out of the bed and walked downstairs after pulling some clothes on. It was early, but he wanted to make breakfast for Tyler, and give him breakfast in bed for his birthday. Brian walked into the kitchen and found his Mom already working at the stove.

"Mom? What are you doing up so early?" Brian asked, walking over to kiss her cheek.

"Hi honey. I figured you would be down soon and would want to take some breakfast to Tyler," Jackie explained. "I'm making a ham and cheese omelet. Is that okay? Or did you want to make something else?" she asked.

Brian smiled at his Mom's thoughtfulness. "No. That's perfect Mom. Thanks." He walked over to the fridge, pulled out the pitcher of orange juice, and poured two large glasses. He set them on the tray his mother had put on the table.

"Oh, everything is set for tonight also," Jackie said as she put the huge omelet onto a plate. "I made reservations at Charlie's for six pm. Ann and Kevin will be there, as well as your brother, your Dad and myself," Jackie said.

Brian smiled at his Mom. "Thanks. You really are the perfect Mom," he said with a laugh.

"Oh, you!" she laughed at his reference to his song. "Take this food up to your guy, before it gets cold," she instructed.

Brian grinned and picked up the tray. He carefully walked into the bedroom and set the tray on the dresser. He went to the closet and reached into his suitcase, pulling out the wrapped present he'd hidden there a few days earlier. He set it on the tray, and then walked over to the bed.

Tyler was still sleeping, clutching a pillow to his chest. Brian's heart surged with love for the man on the bed. They had come so far in six weeks; Brian knew that he would never be complete without Tyler in his life. He squatted down beside the bed and gently stroked Tyler's cheek. He smiled to himself as Tyler's skin twitched. Brian leaned forward and softly kissed Tyler, knowing exactly when Tyler awoke from the sudden response of his lips to the kiss.

Finally Brian pulled back and smiled at Tyler. "Good morning baby. Happy birthday!"

Tyler grinned and reached out to wrap his arms around Brian's neck. Rolling onto his back, he pulled Brian on top of him then brought their lips together for another kiss. "Mmm, it is a good morning, isn't it," Tyler mused when the kiss ended.

Brian laughed softly and wiggled out of Tyler's arms. "I brought you something," he said as he walked back to the tray. Tyler saw what was coming and sat up in the bed so Brian could put the tray on his lap. Brian sat down cross-legged beside Tyler.

Tyler noticed the wrapped gift in surprise. "What's this, Brian?" he asked, picking up the package. "You already gave me a birthday present, in fact, many presents when you bought me clothes, and took me in," he said softly looking at Brian.

Brian smiled tenderly. "Tyler, it is my prerogative to buy as many presents as I want, for whomever I choose. And I choose you. So just open it, okay?" he said gently.

Tyler smiled slightly and pulled the paper off the box. He opened the unmarked box and pulled out some tissue paper. Inside the paper was a cell phone. Tyler looked at Brian in confusion.

"Ty, you know that we won't be able to be together all the time. But I want us to be able to talk whenever we feel like it, no matter how far away I am. I got this phone the day before the last concert. It's set up so the speed dial will call my cell phone, my Orlando apartment, and then Kevin's cell in that order. Of course, you can put whatever numbers you want in there. You can use it as much as you want. The bill will always come to me," Brian explained.

Tyler looked at Brian with glistening eyes. "This is such a wonderful gift Brian. I don't know what to say," he murmured. "I love you!"

Brian smiled happily. "That's all you ever have to say Ty. I love you too." He gently took the phone out of Tyler's hands and set it on the tray. "Now, its time for breakfast, before it gets cold," he announced.

Tyler smiled and looked at the food on the tray. "This looks great Bri. Did you make it?" he asked as he picked up a fork.

Brian shook his head. "I was going to, but Mom was already up and cooking. Her cooking is much better than mine."

Tyler picked up the other fork on the tray and handed it to Brian. "Help me," he said. Brian needed no further encouragement.

They quickly consumed the large omelet and glasses of orange juice. Afterwards, Brian encouraged Tyler to shower and dress so they could tour the city. Brian went into the other bathroom and showered too.

They played tourists for the day. Dressed like everyone else and without the four other singers, Brian was able to fade into the crowd. No one recognized him, or at least if they did, they didn't approach he and Tyler. Brian found himself smiling constantly, mainly because Tyler was smiling, talking and laughing.

They wandered around the city, stopping to look at anything that caught Tyler's attention. A quick lunch at a small café satiated them before they continued their tour. Brian suggested a matinee at the movies and Tyler quickly agreed, never actually having been to a theatre. As the day began to wind down, Brian directed Tyler back to the car. They drove across town and stopped in the parking lot of a small restaurant. Brian had to resist the urge to grasp Tyler's hand as they walked to the building.

Inside the restaurant, the hostess quickly recognized Brian.

"Oh, Mr. Littrell, good evening! The rest of your party is here, please follow me," she said.

Tyler glanced at Brian. "The rest of our party?" he asked in confusion.

Brian just grinned and gently held Tyler's elbow as he directed him to follow the hostess. They walked through the restaurant to a secluded section close to the back. Tyler could see a number of people sitting at the octagonal table the hostess stopped at. When they reached the table, he began to smile. Brian walked up directly behind Tyler.

"Happy Birthday Tyler," he whispered. He led Tyler to an empty seat and sat down beside him.

"Happy Birthday Tyler," Jackie said.

Tyler stared at the people around the table. He smiled brightly at Jackie, shyly at Harold Senior and Junior. The grin returned when he reached Kevin.

"Hi Kevin!" he said happily.

Kevin smiled back. "Hey Ty," he said fondly. "Tyler, this is my Mom, Ann Richardson. She's Brian's aunt too," he said, introducing the dark haired woman sitting beside him.

Tyler turned his attention to Ann and smiled tentatively. "Hello Mrs. Richardson," he said shyly.

Ann smiled gently at him. "Hi Tyler. It's so nice to finally meet you. I've heard a lot about you. And you are part of the family now, so call me Ann, okay?" she said.

Tyler smiled and nodded. "Thank you…Ann."

Once introductions were done, the conversation picked up as everyone began to talk to each other. The conversation lulled when the waiter arrived and took their orders, but quickly resumed. Brian and Tyler answered questions about what they had done and seen during the day. Even when he wasn't looking at Brian, Tyler could sense the singer beside him and it made him feel safe and loved. He found himself relaxing and talking with the people around him.

The meal was consumed and afterwards the group sat around chatting as they waited for coffee or tea. Brian nodded slightly at the waiter. A minute later, the sounds of 'Happy Birthday' could be heard as seven of the restaurant's staff walked to the table. The waiter was holding a large chocolate birthday cake with candles. The others at the table began to sing as well. Tyler could only stare in shock, as the cake was set in front of him. As the song came to an end, tears were trickling down his cheeks. Harold and Jackie thanked the restaurant staff, as Brian leaned closer to Tyler.

"This is how we celebrate birthdays in this family, baby," he whispered. "I love you."

Tyler turned watery eyes to look at Brian. "You are too good to me Brian. I love you too," he whispered. Brian smiled.

"Hey Tyler, you have to make a wish and blow out the candles," Kevin said, drawing Brian and Tyler's attention back to the table.

Tyler looked around at the people sitting at the table, his new family. He glanced at Brian, who nodded. Tyler made his silent wish and leaned forward, blowing out the candles in one breath. The others clapped happily.

Jackie leaned towards Tyler. "Now Tyler, normally we have the birthday person say something," she said quietly. "Would you like to say a few words, or would you rather we skip that part?" she asked.

Tyler appreciated her consideration, and smiled at her. "Thanks Jackie," he said softly. Then louder, "I guess I'm supposed to say a few words." The others all fell silent and turned to Tyler. "Kevin said I was supposed to make a wish," Tyler said softly. "I wasn't sure what to wish for though because everything I ever dreamed about having…" he looked beside him to Brian. "I now have." He looked around the table. "I'm safe, free of my father. I have people who care about me, and someone who loves me. What more could I ask?" Kevin grinned at Tyler. "I just wanted to thank all of you for being here," he paused and inhaled deeply. "This is the best birthday party I've ever had." He blinked back tears and turned to Brian when he felt Brian's arms around his shoulders. The others allowed them a moment for Tyler to compose himself.

"So are you going to cut the cake?" Brian whispered as he gently wiped the dampness from Tyler's cheeks.

Tyler smiled and nodded. He sat back and picked up the knife. He cut the cake into large pieces, putting them on the plates the waiter had brought. The cake was passed around to everyone at the table and quickly devoured.

Just as everyone was finally getting ready to leave the hostess returned to the table. She leaned down and whispered something to Kevin. Kevin nodded.

"We need to wait for a couple of minutes. Apparently a group of fans found out we were here and are blocking the entrance. The manager has called a limo and it will pull around to the back. We can come back later for our cars," he informed everyone. They waited a few minutes, and then quietly walked to the back door, trying not to attract any attention.

They stepped out into the dimly lit back alley behind the restaurant. Tyler froze. His eyes widened as his senses registered the smell of garbage, and dampness. His eyes took in the dull brick wall of the next building and the dirt on the pavement. Suddenly he was in another alley, in a different city. His vision blurred as he was swamped with images. He let out a small cry of fear and curled up in the corner against the dumpster and the building, trying to protect himself from the pain he knew would come.

Brian had been a few steps ahead of Tyler and heard the soft cry. He quickly turned, shocked to see Tyler's trembling body trying to disappear into the corner. Everyone else turned to see what was going on. Brian slowly approached Tyler as the rest of his family gathered around.

"What's wrong with him, Brian?" Harold Jr. asked.

Brian never took his eyes from Tyler. "Kevin, you remember?" he asked quietly.

Kevin nodded. "Yes. I'll tell them," he said softly. Kevin pulled the others back slightly and recounted the details of Tyler's rape. The alley fit Tyler's description of where the incident had occurred and had brought all the horror back.

Brian tuned out everyone but Tyler. He stopped about three feet from Tyler and squatted down. "Tyler?" he said softly. Tyler never responded. "Tyler, I know you are scared. I remember how scared you were that night after everything had happened. But you found the bus, remember?" Brian continued to speak softly, hoping the tone of his voice would bring Tyler back from the horror. "Remember when I found you? I screamed, I know. I'm a wimp, what can I say? But I didn't run away from you. I didn't give up. I tried to help you, and when you finally let me, I never hurt you, did I? I could never hurt you Tyler. Since shortly after we met, I realized I was falling in love with you. You had been through so much. More than anyone should ever have to endure. Yet, you were still so sweet, so innocent and giving. You still are."

Brian crept a little closer. He could reach out and touch Tyler, but he didn't. "Tyler. Do you remember that first night? You put your trust in me. You let yourself trust me, trust that I wouldn't hurt you or betray you. That still holds true. Tyler, I'm going to reach out for your arm, okay? I know you still trust me. All you have to do is turn around and everything will be okay again." Brian slowly reached out. He placed his hand on Tyler's trembling shoulder.

Tyler flinched momentarily then calmed. A few seconds later, his body began to unfurl and he turned to look at Brian. "Brian?" he whispered hesitantly.

"I'm right here baby," Brian whispered.

Tyler flung himself into Brian's arms and held onto him like a lifeline. The rest of the family released a collective sigh of relief. Kevin moved into action. He had the other family members walk to the limo that was waiting at the end of the alley. Then he slowly walked over to Brian and Tyler.

"Brian?" he said quietly.

Brian carefully stood up with Tyler clinging to him. Kevin took the other side of Tyler and slowly the three walked to the car. Tyler kept his head tucked against Brian's shoulder, not wanting to see the desolation of the alley.

To be continued...