Runaway Chapter 2

by Kenitra

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Alright, I know this isn't the next chapter of Millennium Love. But it is coming...soon!

This story, Runaway, is one of the stories I gave a sneak preview to, at the end of one of my earlier stories, Set You Free. It is about Brian and an original Character. There are 22 chapters and an epilogue... and just to Let everyone know there is reference to a past rape...and basically no sex in the entire story. So if anyone is looking for a 'quick fix' this story is not it!

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"Tyler, lie down, please," Brian gently suggested.

Tyler almost fell face first onto the couch. He turned his head into the back of the couch and closed his eyes. Brian grabbed the bowl of warm water and the cloth, setting them on the floor beside him as he knelt by the couch. He scanned Tyler's lean body, quickly noting the bruises along his back, including some old bruises and distinct scars. He realized that battery wasn't new to Tyler.

Brian's gaze noted the scratches and gashes on his ass cheeks and he could see fresh blood along Tyler's crack. Brian inhaled sharply and blinked back tears as he realized just what this boy's body had been subjected to.

Chapter 2

Brian soaked the cloth in the water and ever so gently began wiping the grime from Tyler's body. Brian started at Tyler's shoulders, gently stroking down each arm then over the shoulder blades.

Tyler couldn't stop the tremors from racing through his body. Everyone who had touched him in the past week had hurt him, so why should this be different?

Brian felt Tyler tense but didn't say anything. He rinsed the cloth and continued washing Tyler's body. He began to hum softly. He tried to remember some of the lullabies his Mom sang when he was little. When he couldn't remember much more than a few bars he simply switched to humming pieces of songs he knew from performing and the radio. All he wanted to do was lull Tyler into relaxing.

Brian's washing was quickly approaching Tyler's butt and he knew Tyler would tense up. Brian knew he needed to find out how torn up Tyler was. He'd only ever seen one rape victim before- he never knew the victim, but the physical trauma the guy had suffered had been so horrific that he ended up with internal bleeding and almost died. Brian wasn't going to let that happen to Tyler.

"Tyler," Brian said softly. Tyler reluctantly turned his head to look at Brian. His eyes were so lifeless it made Brian shiver to think that someone could lose their joy of life like that. "I'm gonna try hard not to hurt you, but I want to make sure you're not hemorrhaging, okay?" Brian explained. Tyler nodded almost imperceptibly and turned his head back.

Brian turned his attention to Tyler's abused butt. As gently as he could, Brian wiped the gashes, cleaning off the dried blood and dirt, hoping to prevent infection. When he could no longer avoid it, Brian raised himself on his knees. With one hand he gently spread the cheeks of Tyler's rear, while softly running the wet cloth along the crack, absorbing the fresh and dried blood. He could see a little fresh blood seeping out of Tyler's anus, but nothing major. He hoped it was just from the initial trauma and it would stop in a few hours. Brian very gently dabbed at the fresh blood and Tyler's entire body tensed. Tyler waited for the pain, but it didn't come.

"Sorry," Brian whispered. He rinsed the cloth out again and continued washing the rest of Tyler's body, wiping dried mud off his legs. Brian glanced at the bowl of water and realized it was quite dirty. "Tyler, I'm just going to get some fresh water, I'll be right back," Brian said quietly. He waited until Tyler nodded against the cushions before unlocking the door and walking softly down the aisle. He decided to go to the kitchen; it would make less noise than the bathroom, which was right next to the bunks.

Tyler knew he should move, but the warmth of the bus, and Brian's gentleness had relaxed him. He was still feeling some effects from the drugs he'd been slipped. His mind was clearer than it had been, yet he still couldn't understand why this stranger, in fact, this group of strangers were helping him. He'd stowed away on their bus. He expected at best to be thrown off, at worse to be arrested; yet, neither scenario had occurred. His body was screaming for food and sleep, but he couldn't give in to either demand, yet; not until he was sure this was real.

Brian was surprised to find Nick sleeping on one of the front couches. The other guys must have finally crawled into their bunks. Brian quietly dumped the dirty water and filled the bowl with some fresh. He began walking back then stopped. Opening a cupboard, he pulled out a box of soda crackers then grabbed a couple of bottles of juice from the fridge. He glanced at the clock, surprised to find that it was almost three. He stuffed the crackers and juice in his pockets and grabbed the bowl of water.

"How is he?" Nick quietly asked from the couch. Brian glanced at his friend, still lying down with his eyes closed.

"Not good," Brian whispered, fighting the tears as the image of Tyler's battered body flooded his mind.

Nick opened his eyes when he heard Brian's voice. He sat up. "Anything I can do?" he asked earnestly.

Brian shook his head. "Just get some sleep Nick. We'll all talk about it later at the hotel, okay?"

Nick nodded. Brian stopped and looked at Nick. "Actually, Nick, when you get up later, could you find some old clothes Tyler could wear? His clothes were pretty much ripped to shreds."

"Sure, B. I'll set them outside the lounge, okay?" Brian nodded and walked back down the short hall. He stepped into the lounge and set the bowl down before closing and locking the door again. He turned back to find Tyler in exactly the same position he'd left him.

"Tyler?" Brian said softly, not wanting to wake the boy if he was asleep.

"Mmm?" Tyler murmured, turning his face to look at Brian again.

Brian smiled tenderly. "Sorry if I woke you," he apologized.

Tyler shook his head slightly. "You didn't," he said quietly, feeling strangely comfortable with Brian, despite being naked. Brian sat down on the floor by Tyler's head. He wanted to wash the dirt and blood from his face. Tyler watched silently as Brian took the cloth and gently patted and dabbed the grunge from his forehead and cheeks.

Brian met Tyler's surprising direct gaze. "Do you want me to wash your front too?" he asked.

Tyler didn't answer; he simply rolled off the couch and stood up. Brian stood too and began gently washing Tyler's neck and chest. Brian rinsed the cloth and continued, moving down Tyler's body with gentle precision, cleaning the scrapes and cuts he found. He found himself staring at Tyler's limp penis, and gently picked it up, wiping off the muddy fingerprints he found there.

There was nothing sexual or sensual about Brian's touch. But it was the gentleness and tenderness with which he washed every part of Tyler's body that brought the tears back in full force. As Brian finished with Tyler's legs and feet he stood, finally noticing the tears streaming down the boy's face. Brian walked to a small closet and pulled out a blanket. Returning to Tyler, he wrapped the blanket around his shaking shoulders and led him back to the couch. He gently laid Tyler down, so he was lying on his side, facing Brian. Brian sat back down on the floor.

He pulled out one of the bottles of juice and twisted off the top. He handed it to Tyler, who wiggled his arm free of the blanket to gratefully accept the drink. He greedily swallowed, drinking down the entire bottle.

"When was the last time you ate?" Brian asked softly as he took the empty bottle from Tyler.

Tyler looked away. "A couple of days, I think," he whispered.

Brian noticed Tyler's embarrassment. He turned to face Tyler, gently cupping the boy's chin in his hand. "Ty, don't be ashamed or embarrassed by what has happened. I know I don't know the entire story and no one is going to force you to tell it. Only if you want to. But know that you don't have to be afraid of me or my friends. If you need something, anything, just ask me. Okay?"

Tyler couldn't break from Brian's intense stare until he nodded. Brian smiled slightly and pulled out the soda crackers, handing them to Tyler.

Tyler ripped open the box and began shoving the crackers into his mouth. Brian reached over to slow his hand. Tyler stopped shoveling and chewed each cracker before eating another one. He was surprised when he began to feel full after about a dozen crackers.

Brian watched Tyler the entire time and took the box of crackers when he saw that Tyler was full. "I'll set them over here," Brian said, indicating the small table, "in case you get hungry again." He set the second bottle of juice down as well. Brian then walked over to the small closet and pulled out another blanket. He moved to the other couch and lay down. The couches were in an 'L' formation so he put his head at the end, closest to Tyler's. "I think we both could use some sleep, wouldn't you say?" Brian said quietly, suddenly fighting his own exhaustion.

Tyler nodded in agreement and closed his eyes. Brian quickly followed. "If this is only a dream, I'd rather not wake up," Tyler whispered before Brian drifted to sleep.

Tyler awoke with a start. His head was pounding and his entire body was in pain. He looked around in confusion, unsure of where he was. Sunlight was pouring in through tinted windows. A quick glance out the window showed that he was moving, he was on a bus. Tyler looked around the room and immediately noticed the man sleeping on the other couch. Brian. Tyler slowly sat up and found that if he leaned slightly to the side, he could sit. He still felt exhausted.

He had no idea where the bus was going, but he didn't care, it couldn't be a worse place than where he'd been. Tyler noticed the box of crackers on the table and realized he was starved. He slowly stood and walked over to the table, wrapping the blanket tightly around him. As quietly as he could he opened the box and began nibbling on the crackers. He stood by the back window and stared at the scenery racing by. He forced himself not to think about the past couple of weeks. He couldn't deal with it yet.

Tyler could hear someone moving around in the other part of the bus. He wondered if he should go out, but didn't feel comfortable without clothes. Just then, he heard a soft knock at the door. He glanced at Brian, who was curled up, still deep asleep. Brian had said his friends were okay, so Tyler walked over to the door, and unlocked it.

A tall, young blond man stuck his head in. Tyler recognized him as Nick. "Hi!" Nick whispered, smiling brightly at Tyler. He handed him a bundle of clothing. "Bri asked me to find you some clothes, so I hope these are okay?"

Tyler took the clothes and smiled tentatively at Nick. "Thanks," he said shyly.

Nick grinned. "No prob. We're going to be at the hotel in about thirty minutes, so once you're dressed, wake sleeping beauty over there," he nodded at Brian, "then come up to the front, okay?"

Tyler nodded and Nick backed up, closing the door. He set the clothes down on the couch and looked at what Nick had given him- socks, boxers, jeans, a t-shirt and a sweatshirt. He forced back the tears, as he remembered not long ago when he had clothes like that to wear and took them for granted.

He dropped the blanket and quickly pulled on the clothes. They were a little big, but clean and warm. He pulled on his ratty old sneakers before walking over to Brian. He leaned down and gently shook Brian's shoulder. "Brian? You have to wake up," Tyler said quietly.

Brian slowly opened his eyes and Tyler lost himself in the blue crystals. Brian smiled brightly at Tyler. "Morning Tyler! How are you?" he asked the question lightly, but Tyler knew the seriousness behind it.

Tyler smiled hesitantly. "I'm okay, I guess," he said softly, feeling a little embarrassed in the light of day.

Brian suddenly registered Tyler's appearance. "Nick was here?" Brian asked, sitting up. Tyler looked down at the clothes and nodded.

"He said we'd be at the hotel in half an hour," Tyler repeated Nick's message. Brian nodded, yawned and stood up.

"Thank God. I'm sick of sleeping on this thing," Brian said as he folded up the blanket then walked to the door. Tyler remained standing where he was, suddenly unsure of what was going to happen.

Brian noticed Tyler's hesitation and walked back to the younger man. He put his hand lightly on Tyler's arm and looked into his eyes. "Ty, I don't have all the answers. I don't know what's going to happen. But I'm not going to throw you out the door with no place to go. We'll figure something out, okay?"

All Tyler could do was nod. He followed behind Brian as they stopped at the bathroom first, taking turns using the toilet, before they walked out to the front lounge. Brian's four band mates were all there and it was the first time Tyler realized how many people were on the bus. He looked shyly at the four men, smiling a little when Nick gave him a broad grin. Nick's smile was infectious.

"Guys, this is our unexpected guest, Tyler…" Brian turned to look at Tyler, smiling sheepishly. "I'm sorry Tyler, I don't even know your last name."


"Okay, Tyler Johnson, these are my friends and co-workers, Nick Carter, whom you've already met, Howie Dorough, my cousin Kevin Richardson and AJ McLean." Brian pointed to each as he introduced them to Tyler.

Tyler nodded at each. "Hi," he said softly. His heart started to race as he felt the five men stare at him. A sudden wave of panic began to flow through him as he realized he was trapped on a bus with basically five complete strangers. He would never be able to escape if they wanted to hurt him. He started looking around for an escape route.

Brian quickly noticed the terror and gently grabbed Tyler's arm before he could flee. Brian took Tyler's chin in his hand and turned the boy's face to look at him. "Ty, calm down!" Brian said quietly but firmly. "I promised you, no one will hurt you. These guys are my friends and we won't let anything happen to you, okay?"

Brian's eyes were so intense they made Tyler blink. Tyler desperately wanted to trust Brian, and so far, Brian had kept his word. Tyler closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths, quashing the panic inside. He opened his eyes and smiled shyly at Brian. "Okay," he said softly.

Brian nodded and led Tyler to a seat. Then he remembered the night before and glanced at Tyler. Tyler slowly and carefully sat down. He still hurt, but not as bad as the night before, but now he could feel all the bruises and cuts on his body. Brian opened a cupboard and pulled out a bottle of aspirin. Taking two in his hand, he walked over to the fridge and pulled out two bottles of juice. He gave one to Tyler, with the aspirin, before sitting down beside him and opening the second bottle for himself. Tyler smiled shyly in thanks as he accepted the pills and drink. He was conscious of the other men staring at him. He couldn't meet any of their eyes so he tried to stare at the floor.

The others had silently watched the exchange between Brian and their uninvited guest. It was obvious to all of them that Tyler had been traumatized, even more so than just the bruises on his face.

Brian broke the awkward silence. "So Nicky, you said we were almost at the hotel?" he commented.

Nick nodded. "Yeah, we should be there any minute. It'll be good to take a hot shower and sleep in a real bed for a change." The others all agreed. Tyler ignored the conversation around him as his eyes were drawn to the tattoos of the one called AJ.

"So what's the schedule for today?" Brian asked, looking at Kevin. Kevin dragged his attention to Brian. Kevin had been looking at Tyler, who was staring at AJ.

"Um, we have the day off. We have sound check at the arena at six," Kevin told them. Their concert wasn't until the next night. Kevin's gaze returned to Tyler. He was still staring at AJ and chewing his lower lip.

"Is everything okay Tyler?" Kevin finally asked. He still wasn't sure about this stranger on their bus.

Tyler glanced over at Kevin then looked down at the floor in embarrassment. "Sorry. I know I should know who you guys are, but I just can't figure it out. I recognize AJ's tattoos from a picture a friend had but I can't remember the name of your group." That was the most Tyler had said at one time since they'd discovered him.

Howie laughed. "What? You been living under a rock or something the past year or so?" he asked jokingly.

Tyler felt his face turn red with embarrassment. He stared down at the gray carpeting. "I guess so," he said quietly. Brian stared daggers at Howie and Nick slapped Howie's arm. Everyone stopped laughing.

Howie leaned forward. "Hey Tyler, I was just kidding. Despite what we like to think, not everyone knows who we are. We're called the Backstreet Boys, okay? Friends?" Howie asked, holding out his hand. Tyler looked up in surprise at the offered hand. He glanced up at Howie and couldn't see any laughter or hidden agenda. Tyler accepted the hand.

"Friends," he said quietly, the word almost foreign to his tongue.

The bus began to lurch to a stop. A quick glance out the window showed the bus was slowly making its way through a mob of teenage girls standing in front of the hotel. Security guards had barriers erected to keep the fans back. Once the bus was through, it drove around to a back entrance and stopped. The bus driver opened the door separating the driver's seat from the rest of the bus.


To be continued...