Runaway Chapter 22

by Kenitra

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Chapter 22

They remained in the garden kissing and holding each other for nearly an hour. Eventually they separated and Brian stood, pulling Tyler to his feet. He put his arm back around Tyler's shoulders as they slowly walked back to the house.

Brian hated to ruin the peaceful mood, but he needed to know. "So, have you decided what you're going to do Ty? Or are you going to think about it more?" he asked casually as they reached the back deck.

Tyler sighed and turned to look at Brian. "As much as I hate the idea of being away from you, I think staying here is probably the best idea," he admitted reluctantly. "I mean, I do want to finish school, so I may as well do it here. And Jason is here too. Your parents have been really nice to me too," he added.

Brian grinned. "They better be!" He pulled Tyler into a hug. They stood on the deck for a few minutes, simply holding each other.

"Should we go talk to your parents about it?" Tyler finally asked.

After one final squeeze, Brian pulled back and kissed Tyler's forehead. "Sounds like a plan, baby."

Hand in hand, they walked back into the house. They found Jackie and Harold sitting on the couch in the family room quietly watching television. Brian and Tyler sat down on the loveseat.

"Can we talk to you both for a few minutes?" Brian asked.

Harold reached over to the coffee table for the remote and shut off the TV. "Of course," he said, looking at the two young men.

Brian started to speak, but Tyler reached over to touch his arm, silencing him.

Tyler spoke instead. "Brian told me that both of you have offered to let me stay here for the year and return to school," he said quietly.

Harold looked at Jackie then back to Tyler. "That's right Tyler," he said.

"Thank you," Tyler said softly. "Brian and I talked about my options and… I would like to stay if you're still willing to have me."

Jackie and Harold smiled. "That's wonderful Tyler," Jackie enthused.

"I think that's a very smart move Tyler," Harold said. "It will be nice having another man around the house again," he added, making Tyler smile.

"Thanks," Tyler said, blushing slightly. "I'll try not to be in the way or bother either of you…"

"No, no, no!" Harold interjected. "Tyler, if you're staying here, you are a part of our family. There is no such thing as being in the way." Harold sat forward in his seat to look at Tyler intently. "Tyler, we enjoy having people in the house with us. Both Jackie and I have become quite fond of you. So while you're staying here, you are to consider yourself a Littrell. If you have any questions, or problems, please talk to one of us. Anything you need, we will try to provide. All we ask is that you try to be considerate of us. If you're going to be late, just give us a call. We certainly don't intend to control you, but simple courtesy helps keep everyone happy." Harold smiled at Tyler. "That's all we ask Tyler."

Tyler returned the smile. "I can do that. Thank you for everything you've done." Tyler became serious and more emotional. "I never thought I'd get the chance to live in a home again and go back to school. You'll never know how much it means to me that you accept me," he said, blinking back a sudden wave of tears.

Brian hugged Tyler tightly to allow him a chance to compose himself. Tyler turned back to the older Littrells with a watery smile.

"You're more than welcome Tyler," Jackie said sincerely. "We're glad you're here." She paused then continued. "Tyler, why don't you just enjoy the next week while Brian is still here. Once he's back in Orlando, I'll help you register for school and we'll work out all the details. Just know that Harold and I, and Junior too, will help you out however we can."

Tyler smiled. "Thanks Jackie and Harold. It means a lot to know I have your support." Tyler stifled a sudden yawn and Brian grinned.

"I think that's our signal to get out of here," he said, hugging Tyler to him. Brian stood and walked over to give his Mom and Dad a quick hug and kiss each. "Goodnight, Mom, Dad. Thanks," he added. Tyler smiled at the senior Littrells and followed Brian out of the room.

Brian waited at the bottom of the stairs for Tyler then reached out for him. Hand in hand they walked up to their bedroom. They prepared for bed quietly. Tyler was the first ready and crawled into the four-poster bed to wait for Brian. A few minutes later Brian joined him.

The two lay facing each other in the faint light.

"Are you okay with this?" Brian asked softly.

Tyler was quiet for a minute before he sighed. "Yeah. I mean I hate that I will be away from you, but it makes sense." Tyler suddenly turned over and grabbed something from the bedside table. He turned back to Brian. "I…I um picked this up for you today," he said shyly as he handed Brian the small box.

Brian smiled in surprise. "Thank you Tyler," he said softly. He sat up in the bed and opened the box. His eyes widened then he grinned as he saw the silver ring sitting inside.

"It's a thumb ring," Tyler said quietly. "I know you don't really wear a lot of jewelry, but Kevin thought you could probably wear it without too many questions from media and fans. I wanted you to have something from me, with you always." Tyler smiled ironically. "I didn't realize at the time how important that would be."

Brian took the ring out of the box and put it on his left thumb. "Its perfect Ty," he said intently. "I will always wear it. Whenever things get too tiring and frustrating, I can look at it and know I have your love, and that's all I need," Brian said sincerely and leaned forward to softly kiss Tyler's mouth.

Tyler responded, changing the kiss from gentle and soft to hard and passionate. He wiggled over on the bed until the length of his body was touching Brian's. He slid his tongue into Brian's mouth as he took control of the situation. Brian was rolled onto his back and Tyler crawled over to lie on top of him, never releasing his mouth. Finally the need to breathe forced both of them to break the kiss and gasp for breath.

Brian's face was flushed and he smiled in surprise up at Tyler. Tyler's lips were kiss-swollen and his eyes half closed. Brian thought he'd never looked better.

"What's this about?" he whispered as he leaned up to gently nibble on Tyler's throat. He pulled back to look at Tyler's face.

Tyler bent his head against Brian's shoulder, not meeting his eyes. "I love you. I just want to show you how much," he whispered and began to suck on Brian's earlobe.

Brian had to resist the urge to give in and allow Tyler to continue. Something wasn't right. He braced his body then rolled the two of them over, so Tyler was on his back on the bed. Tyler gave a gasp of surprise.

Brian straddled Tyler's waist and gently grabbed his wrists, holding him immobilized on the bed. Tyler tried to wiggle free but quickly gave up.

"What?" he asked in exasperation.

"Tyler, look at me," Brian said gently. Tyler still refused to meet Brian's eyes. Brian slid down so he was stretched out on top of Tyler. "Tyler, please," he pleaded.

Tyler sighed loudly and finally turned his eyes to meet Brian's gaze. Brian could read the frustration, desire and fear in Tyler. He released one of Tyler's arms and gently stroked down the younger man's face. "Ty, please tell me what's going on," he said softly.

Tyler sighed loudly and looked away from Brian. "I just… I just wanted you to know what I have…so you wouldn't look elsewhere once you leave," he finished with a whisper. Brian could see the wetness escaping from Tyler's eyes.

Brian sighed in his own frustration and slumped down on Tyler. He wrapped his arms around Tyler, holding him tightly. "Ty, listen to me," Brian whispered intently into Tyler's ear. "I know what you have. You have the sweetest smile I've ever seen, a kindness and gentleness that makes me proud, a heart of gold, and a brilliant brain that baffles me sometimes. And to top all of that off, you have a beautiful body I love to hold in my arms. But the outside is only a small part of the package. The parts I love most about you are inside. So how could I ever find anyone else like you…why would I even try?" Brian asked softly.

"You really see me like that?" Tyler asked incredulously.

"Yes!" Brian kissed Tyler's cheek. "Ty, don't get me wrong. I would love to make love with you, feel you writhing against me, our bodies joined as one. But not until you're ready. It's enough to just hold you in my arms, and know you love me."

Tyler moved and Brian released his hold. They were soon lying on their sides facing each other. Tyler reached out and touched Brian's face. "I want to make love with you too," Tyler said shyly.

Brian smiled gently. "It will happen baby, just give it time." He leaned forward and kissed Tyler, pleased when Tyler responded. They remained in that position for a while, simply kissing and enjoying being close to each other. Eventually they cuddled up and drifted to sleep.


The week went by quickly, too quickly for both Brian and Tyler. Brian knew Tyler was having a hard time accepting what was coming. Tyler had arranged for extra sessions with Jason, his therapist. Brian didn't try to dissuade him. He tried to spend as much time as possible with Tyler, getting him more comfortable with his parents and the city. They spent their evenings at home, often cuddled together talking quietly or reading. Nights were spent holding, kissing and occasionally groping.

The night before he was to leave, Brian was in his room finishing packing. Tyler sat quietly on the bed watching him.

"Bri?" he said suddenly.

Brian stopped and looked over at Tyler. "Yeah baby?"

Tyler stood and walked over to Brian. "I want to do something special tonight," Tyler said softly.

Brian smiled and put his arms around Tyler's waist. "Anything you want," he vowed before kissing Tyler's lips.

Tyler grinned and pulled Brian over to the side of the bed. He began by pulling Brian's t-shirt off, exposing the smooth, warm flesh of his chest. Tyler lightly ran his fingers over the skin, along Brian's shoulders and down his arms. Then Tyler reached for Brian's jeans and unsnapped the button before pulling down the zipper. He pushed the jeans down to Brian's ankles and then knelt down, lifting first one leg, then the other, freeing Brian from his pants. Brian remained standing quietly in his boxers, wondering what Tyler was planning.

Tyler stood again and looked intently at Brian. He leaned forward to kiss him slowly, devouring Brian's mouth, while his hands stroked over Brian's body. When he pulled back, both were breathless. Tyler smiled shyly at Brian and reached for the boxer shorts. Brian trapped his hands.

Tyler shook his head. "Its okay Brian. I know I'm not ready for everything. I just want a chance to learn your body, feel its strength and warmth," he said seriously, meeting Brian's gaze.

Brian smiled and released Tyler's hands, allowing Tyler to push down the boxer shorts. Tyler turned Brian around and gently pushed him onto the bed on his back. Brian never took his eyes off Tyler and felt his arousal grow when Tyler ran his gaze over his body. Tyler knelt on the bed beside Brian and remained motionless for a moment while his eyes consumed the beautiful sight before him.

Finally Tyler reached out with one hand and placed it on Brian's chest over his heart. "I know in my heart that you would never hurt me. But my head still hasn't caught up yet. I want to explore you but if you try to reciprocate right now, I don't know how I'll react," he said solemnly.

Brian reached up and covered the hand on his chest, with his own. "Is this what you've been talking to Jason about?" he asked softly.

Tyler smiled slightly, "This and other things. Do you think you can do this for me?" he asked seriously.

Brian smiled and nodded. "Ty, you know I would do anything for you," he whispered.

Tyler leaned down and kissed Brian hard. "Thank you," he murmured when he pulled back. He turned his gaze back to Brian and slowly began to cover every inch of his body with his hands. He learned every hollow, every muscle of Brian's torso before moving down to the firm legs. He started at Brian's feet and slowly stroked his hands upwards, along shins, over kneecaps and up tense thighs.

Tyler could hardly believe that he was touching such an incredible body, a body that was his to touch and his to love. It stilled stunned him when he thought about Brian's love and loving Brian. This was so much better, more intimate than the time they washed one another in the shower. Tyler finished exploring the front of Brian, skipping his groin for the moment. He had Brian roll over and repeated the motions, loving the play of muscles and flesh beneath his fingers.

As he moved he silently talked to himself as Jason had suggested. 'This flesh is Brian. Brian loves me and will never harm me.' His hands ran over Brian's rounded butt and felt the muscles twitch. 'This is Brian's ass, I can touch it, squeeze it and love it.' His hands followed his thoughts. For the first time he wondered what it would be like making love to Brian, entering between the firm mounds in his hands. He grinned to himself when his body responded positively to the thought.

Tyler finished his voyage of Brian and rolled Brian over to his back again. Brian was obviously aroused and breathing heavily. Tyler smiled, pleased that he had caused that reaction. He lay down beside Brian so his head was near Brian's hip. He supported his head in his hand and gazed at the pulsing organ in front of him. 'This is Brian, this is Brian's body. He will never hurt me.' Tyler said the words to himself a couple of times, calming his nervousness. He tentatively reached out one hand and softly stroked up the silky shaft. The skin rippled under his touch and a few drops of clear liquid escaped the tip.

"Ty?" Brian's voice spoke softly, hesitantly.

Tyler looked up to meet Brian's eyes and smiled. "I'm okay," he said, then returned his attention to the flesh before him. He returned his hand to the shaft and gently grasped it at the base. Brian moaned softly and lifted his hips. Tyler tightened his grip and dragged his hand up the length, stopping below the wide head. Brian gasped again. Using his thumb, Tyler swirled the slick liquid around the purplish head, listening as Brian's gasps and moans increased. It felt so good giving Brian so much pleasure.

Tyler sat up but didn't release his hold. He looked at Brian's face and found his lover panting slightly, his eyes closed, skin flush. "Bri, sweetie, tell me how you like this," he said softly. He wanted to know what his lover liked, how to please him the best.

Brian slowly opened his eyes halfway. Tyler felt his own pulse quicken at the sultry look he was given. "Just like that baby. Firm, hard strokes all the way up. Light teasing across the top," he whispered.

Tyler began to repeat his movements, and Brian responded. His body began to thrash around on the bed, his hips bucked as he strained to reach completion. Tyler increased the speed of his strokes, before adding his other hand to cup and squeeze the sack below.

That was all Brian needed and he began to spurt his cream over Tyler's hand. Tyler instinctively slowed his stroked but continued them until Brian gasped at the sensitivity.

Tyler brought his hand to his face and carefully smelled the creamy liquid. He tentatively flicked the tip of his tongue through it. It was warm and salty. A taste he could probably get used to. Tyler grabbed the towel he had placed on the bedside table and gently wiped Brian down. He wiped his hands and tossed the towel to the floor before crawling up the bed to lie next to Brian. Brian was still gasping for breath, coming down from exquisite pleasure. Tyler simply watched, immensely pleased at what he'd done.

Finally Brian rolled his head to look at Tyler. "That was incredible baby, thank you!" he said and reached over to stroke Tyler's cheek. "I love you so much."

Tyler snuggled against Brian's side and tucked his head against Brian's neck. "I love you too, Bri. I know this was only a small step, but I'm going to get better. I want to be able to make love with you, and I won't let anything stop me," Tyler promised quietly.

Brian's wrapped his arm around Tyler and squeezed. "I know you won't. Together, we will be able to do anything."

Tyler stood out on the front porch, staring blindly at the trees off in the distance. He couldn't look at Kevin, because it would remind him of what was coming…now. He tensed as he heard the door open and a trickle of words from Jackie as Brian finished saying goodbye to his parents. Thankfully, Jackie and Harold remained inside, giving Brian a few minutes alone with Tyler. Kevin remained in the car for the same reason.

Tyler felt Brian walk over to stand slightly behind him. "There's only one thing you have to remember," Brian said softly. Tyler turned to face him. Brian reached out and cupped Tyler's cheeks. "I. Love. You. And that means that no matter what happens, or how far apart we are for the moment, we will be okay. Okay?"

Tyler blinked back the wetness in his eyes and nodded. "I love you, and we'll be okay," he repeated softly.

Brian smiled. "Right!" he leaned forward and softly kissed Tyler's trembling lips. "I will call you tonight, once I get home, alright?"

Tyler nodded and managed a weak smile. "I'll be waiting," he whispered.

Brian gave him another quick kiss and turned to walk down to the car, blinking back the tears he had been hiding from Tyler. He opened the door and paused, glancing back at the porch. "Love you," he whispered the words. Brian got in the car and didn't look back as Kevin drove away.

Tyler had read his lips. "Love you too," he whispered back.

To be continued...