Runaway Chapter 3

by Kenitra

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Alright, I know this isn't the next chapter of Millennium Love. But it is coming...soon!

This story, Runaway, is one of the stories I gave a sneak preview to, at the end of one of my earlier stories, Set You Free. It is about Brian and an original Character. There are 22 chapters and an epilogue... and just to Let everyone know there is reference to a past rape...and basically no sex in the entire story. So if anyone is looking for a 'quick fix' this story is not it!

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The bus began to lurch to a stop. A quick glance out the window showed the bus was slowly making its way through a mob of teenage girls standing in front of the hotel. Security guards had barriers erected to keep the fans back. Once the bus was through, it drove around to a back entrance and stopped. The bus driver opened the door separating the driver's seat from the rest of the bus.

Chapter 3

The bus driver opened the door separating the driver's seat from the rest of the bus. Just as he was about to say something, he noticed Tyler sitting on the couch. "Hey, how the hell did he get in here?" he asked in surprise as he walked towards Tyler. Tyler automatically shrank back in fear while Brian and Nick jumped to their feet.

"Its okay Jake. He's a friend of ours and we snuck him aboard last night," Nick lied.

Jake glared at Tyler. "Hmp. You guys know you're supposed to tell me when you have extra people on board," he complained.

"Sorry, man. We forgot," Brian apologized and subtly directed Jake to the door. "Can you make sure there are no fans waiting to pounce? We all really want to get checked in and relax for a while."

Jake nodded and disembarked. None of the six men said anything. A minute later Jake stuck his head in the doorway. "Its all clear. Your security and management are already here and the other bus should be along in a couple of hours."

"Thanks Jake," Kevin said. The guys all stood up and stretched a little before walking off the bus. A bellboy had arrived with a cart for luggage and Jake had popped the side storage compartment to unload the suitcases.

The five singers began hauling out their stuff. Tyler stood beside the bus trying to remain inconspicuous. He saw a new man approach the group.

"Hey guys!" the man said.

The singers looked up. "Hi Jeff!" they said in unison.

Kevin walked over and shook Jeff's hand. "What are you doing here Jeff?" Kevin asked.

"I just wanted to see how you guys were doing, and how the tour was going," he explained as he looked around. His eyes fell on Tyler, quickly taking in the bruises and hesitation. "Who's your friend?" he asked Kevin, nodding in Tyler's direction.

Brian saw Kevin and Jeff walk towards Tyler and immediately walked over to stand beside the boy and do the introductions. "Tyler, this is Jeff. He's with our management team. Jeff, this is a friend of mine, Tyler Johnson." Before Jeff could ask questions Brian gently grabbed Tyler's arm and directed him towards the luggage cart. "Come on Ty, you promised to help me with the luggage," Brian said. Tyler meekly followed.

Kevin turned to follow the other guys into the hotel but Jeff stopped him. "Who's the kid Kevin? Who did the number on his face?" Jeff had never heard anything about the guys being abusive to anyone but he needed to know if he had to cover his ass, if something were to leak out to the press.

Kevin looked at Jeff sharply. "Geez, Jeff, get serious. You honestly think one of us did that?"

Kevin shook his head and began walking to the door. Jeff caught up to him and put his hand on Kevin's arm.

"You're right Kevin, Sorry," Jeff apologized although he still wasn't happy with what little information he had.

Kevin sighed and leaned against the concrete wall. "We're not sure what his story is Jeff. But Brian has taken him under his wing, so unless you want B-Rok pissed at you, just let us take care of it."

Jeff had only seen Brian Littrell really angry once before. It wasn't something he wanted to see again. He nodded. "Okay, Kev, you guys know what you're doing. Watch out for the media okay? But if I can help with anything, let me know."

Kevin nodded and the two men walked into the hotel, quickly catching up with the others. They were standing at the front desk, signing in and getting their keys.

The group had a five-room suite reserved for the next three days. The keys were quickly distributed and they took the elevator up to their rooms. Brian was still holding on to Tyler's arm, afraid he was suddenly going to bolt. He could feel the confusion in Tyler, and the exhaustion. Tyler simply followed Brian not quite sure what he was doing or where he was supposed to go.

Once the bellboy had been tipped and left, the guys crashed onto the three overstuffed couches in the middle of the common area. Tyler gingerly sat down beside Brian and leaned back against the couch, closing his eyes. Kevin picked up the phone and called room service, ordering breakfast for everyone. The guys all threw out suggestions about what they wanted and Kevin repeated the order.

"Tyler, what would you like?" Kevin asked. Tyler forced his eyes open. His body was beginning to shut down again, still in need of much more sleep. He looked at Kevin in a fog.

Brian quickly stepped in. "Order him the same as me, Kev," Brian said. Kevin finished the order and hung up.

Nick jumped up. "I'm gonna take a shower before the food gets here," he announced and grabbed his suitcase before walking off to one of the rooms.

Jeff decided to return to his own room and finish some business. He would see the group at the sound check later. Howie, AJ and Kevin all went to their rooms to unpack and change, leaving Tyler and Brian alone. Brian stood and pulled Tyler up, leading him to the empty bedroom.

"You can have this room Ty. I'll stay with Kevin," Brian said as they walked into the room.

Tyler looked at Brian in confusion. "I can sleep on the floor, Brian. I don't want to kick you out of your room," he said quietly. Brian didn't say anything, although inside he seethed as he wondered who had wiped the spirit and joy from the boy, making him so submissive.

The room they were in had an adjoining door to the next room. Brian knocked on the door and Kevin opened it. "Hey Kev, mind if I crash with you?" Brian asked.

Kevin stood back and let Brian walk into the room with his suitcase. He set the suitcase on one of the chairs before returning to the room Tyler was in. He smiled at Tyler. "See. Decision made. Now lets go eat."

The food was delivered a couple of minutes later and all six men devoured it. Tyler couldn't remember the last time he'd had such a good meal. Even before he finished eating, Tyler felt himself drifting. He hadn't had a complete night of sleep in over a week and it was finally catching up to him. Brian took the plate from Tyler's limp hands and pulled him up. Tyler numbly followed Brian back to the bedroom. Brian leaned down and pulled off Tyler's worn sneakers. He pulled the sweatshirt over his head, setting it on one of the chairs.

He turned Tyler around and led him to the bed. As he had the night before, Tyler practically fell onto the bed. He was asleep in seconds. Brian moved Tyler's legs and pulled the blanket over him. He softly stroked Tyler's straight brown hair. "Sleep well," he whispered before turning and walking out, closing the door behind him.

Brian returned to the couch, well aware of four pairs of eyes on him. Finally, he looked up and glanced around the room. He sighed deeply. "I don't know the whole story. From what I can figure, he's been abused, for a long time." He stood up and began pacing. "He has old bruises and scars on his back, some are quite old, some newer." Brian walked over to the window. "But that's not the worst," he said softly. He had his back turned so he didn't see the looks exchanged by the four other men.

He couldn't stop the tears as he thought about what Tyler had suffered. He turned back to his friends and sat down beside Nick. "He was raped," Brian whispered and everyone else gasped. "He didn't say how many, but I'm sure it was more than one." He took a deep shuddering breath. "He's just a kid. I think he's been living on the streets. He hadn't eaten for two days." By then, the tears were running freely down Brian's face, as well as Nick's and AJ's. Nick gave Brian a hug.

"I'll do whatever I can to help," Nick vowed.

"We all will, B," Kevin promised. "No one should have to go through that shit, especially alone."

Brian smiled at his friends. "Thanks guys. I knew I could count on you." Brian wiped the tears from his face and stood up. "I'm gonna get some sleep. I thought I'd take Tyler shopping this afternoon if anyone wants to come," he said as he began walking back to the room he was sharing with Kevin.

"Let us know when you're going, B," Nick said and Brian nodded. The rest of the guys decided to get some more sleep too, except Kevin. He was going to check in with their tour manager and the rest of the crew.

Brian debated on taking a shower first or not. He felt really grungy and decided he would. He soaked under the hot water trying to shake Tyler's bruised, sad face from his mind. He wasn't sure why the boy had got under his skin so quickly and was happy that the others hadn't asked. All Brian knew was that he wouldn't abandon Tyler; he'd obviously suffered that enough in his young life. He finished his shower, dried off and pulled on some boxers and a t-shirt. It was only nine AM when he crashed on the bed and drifted back to sleep.

The darkness was all around Tyler. He tried to run but his legs wouldn't work. He could hear them laughing at him. Somehow, he knew he'd been drugged, but he didn't know why. He tried to ask, but his mouth wouldn't work. He looked wildly around, trying to see who was doing this to him, but all he could see were shadows. Shadows that grabbed at him pushed him pulled him. Hands that were tossing him back and forth like a basketball. He recognized one of the laughs and wanted to ask him what was going on. His so-called friend slapped his face and Tyler felt stinging tears fill his eyes.

Some of the hands grabbed him, while others started hitting. He was immobilized and felt his clothes being torn.

Then his body was being torn and he screamed.

Brian woke up with a start as he heard a scream. It took him a minute to remember where he was. He could hear more screams, muffled cries coming from the adjoining room and he remembered Tyler. Brian jumped off the bed and ran to the next room. As he burst through the door, Nick and Howie burst through the other door. They looked at each other then at Tyler, twisting and turning on the bed. The blankets were tangled about him.

Brian waved the others out of the room. He quickly walked over to the bed. Sitting on the side, he wrapped his arms around Tyler, halting his struggles. He held tightly and whispered softly. "Shhh, Ty. Everything is okay. It's all over. You're safe now." He ran his hands lightly up and down Tyler's back as he spoke. Brian could feel how tense and afraid Tyler was.

The horror of the memory receded and Tyler realized that Brian was with him, holding him, protecting him. Tyler snaked his arms around Brian's waist, hanging on to him as he cried against Brian's chest. "It hurt so much," he whispered. "I couldn't fight them, they drugged me, and then they hurt me."

Brian continued to hold Tyler close, his hands running down Tyler's back and through his hair. "I know baby, but they can't hurt you anymore. I won't let them hurt you again," Brian said softly.

Tyler gradually began to calm down, and his breathing slowed. Brian slowly withdrew, so he could look at Tyler. "You okay now?" he asked as his gaze swept over the bruises and swollen eyes. Tyler nodded. Brian stood up. "Do you feel like getting up now? I was thinking if you wanted to shower and get cleaned up, we could go shopping; get you some new clothes to wear."

Tyler looked up quickly at Brian. "I can't," he murmured, lowering his head. Brian realized what was wrong. He lifted Tyler's chin with his finger.

"It's my treat Tyler. And before you say no, if you want to repay me at a later date when you get on your feet, you can."

Tyler smiled tentatively up at Brian. "Okay." He slowly stood up, his body still very stiff and sore.

Brian returned the smile. "Great. I'll go get you some more aspirin and leave it on the table. I'll be out in the lounge with the guys when you're ready." Brian started for the adjoining room.



"Thank you, for everything."

"You're welcome Tyler."

Tyler walked slowly into the bathroom. He stripped off the borrowed clothes and stared at his reflection in the mirror. He had a bruise and small cut on his forehead, and his one cheek was a deep purple color. He tried to look at his back. He could see the faded bruises and some new ones, but his eyes skipped over the scars, long used to seeing them on his flesh. He went to the bathroom before showering. It hurt, badly. There was some fresh blood, but not too much. He turned the water on and stepped under the steady stream. He let the heat flush some of the pain from his body.

He scrubbed his flesh, trying to wash away the feeling of dirty hands touching him. He shampooed his straight dark hair and rinsed himself off. Once he toweled dried, he pulled Nick's clothes back on. He ran his fingers through his hair and glanced in the mirror. He had to admit that he looked better. The bags under his eyes were not quite as noticeable, and his eyes were a little brighter. Satisfied that he couldn't do any more he left the bathroom and walked out to the lounge.

He immediately felt five pairs of eyes on him. They were looking at him differently. He glanced at Brian, who walked over to him.

"You told them?" he asked quietly.

Brian nodded. "I told them what I know, which isn't that much," he added with a slight smile. "I hope you're not upset," Brian said.

Tyler shook his head. "No, I'm not."

Nick jumped up suddenly. "So are we going to the mall or what?" he asked. Tyler smiled at Nick's enthusiasm. The rest got to their feet and went to grab their jackets. Before Tyler could mention that he didn't have a coat, Nick walked over to him and handed him a black Roots coat. Tyler met Nick's clear blue eyes. Nick smiled and shrugged. "I'm still a growing boy and I grew right out of it," he said.

Tyler smiled shyly and took the jacket. "Thanks Nick," he said as he slipped his arms into the warm coat.

The guys walked over to the door to go to the elevator, but Brian held Tyler back. "Hey Ty, I was just wondered how you were doing," he asked intently.

Tyler knew what Brian meant. He felt himself blush but answered the question. "I'm alright. It hurt, but there was only a little blood," he said quietly.

They walked towards the door. "Okay. But please tell me if it doesn't get better, and we'll get you to a doctor," Brian said quietly. Tyler nodded.

The six men stepped onto the elevator. AJ slid over beside Tyler. "So Tyler, I notice that you don't have anything pierced or tattooed. Interested?"

Tyler stared at AJ as the other guys laughed. "Just ignore him, Tyler," Kevin said. "He thinks it's his duty in life to try to turn everyone into a copy of himself. Fortunately for the rest of the world he hasn't succeeded."

"Yet!" AJ added grinning at Tyler. Tyler found AJ's smile infectious and he smiled back.

"Well, ya never know," Tyler said and felt a small surge go through him when the guys all laughed.

There was a car waiting downstairs for them and they piled in. By the time they reached the local mall, they decided to separate and meet in the food court in three hours to grab a quick bite before going to do the sound check.


To be continued...