Runaway Chapter 4

by Kenitra

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This story, Runaway, is about Brian and an original character. There are 22 chapters and an epilogue... and just to Let everyone know there is reference to a past rape...and basically no sex in the entire story. So if anyone is looking for a 'quick fix' this story is not it!

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There was a car waiting downstairs for them and they piled in. By the time they reached the local mall, they decided to separate and meet in the food court in three hours to grab a quick bite before going to do the sound check.

Chapter 4

Nick, Brian and Tyler headed off in one direction while the others went to the second level of the mall. Tyler began to get into shopping as they went from store to store. Both Brian and Nick loved clothes and had fun deciding what would look good on Tyler. By the end of the afternoon, the guys had bought Tyler a complete Nike outfit, plus two pairs of shoes, some jeans, khakis, shirts, some dressier clothes and the essentials like socks and underwear. Tyler had tried to protest, wanting to go to the cheaper stores like K-Mart, but Brian and Nick refused.

They had made it through the afternoon without the singers being recognized. They walked back to the food court and spotted their friends sitting at a row of tables. Before reaching the others, Brian discreetly shoved a twenty-dollar bill into Tyler's hand. They dumped their bags at the table and went to get their food; Nick to McDonalds, Brian got Chinese and Tyler got pizza. AJ, Howie and Kevin already had their food. The six men all sat and ate their meals.

Howie glanced at the bags of stuff Nick and Brian had. "Someone went on a shopping spree today," he teased.

"Actually, they're late...or early birthday presents for Ty," Brian said. He turned to look at Tyler. "When is your birthday Ty?"

"Um, March 17, I'll be eighteen," Tyler replied uncomfortably when all the attention turned to him.

The guys all looked a little surprised, not realizing just how young Tyler was. "Okay then they are definitely early birthday presents," Brian said, breaking the silence. "So are we ready to go?" he asked everyone.

The bags were collected and the six walked out to the limo. The ride was quiet for a while. Tyler looked at the five men who had saved his life, even if they didn't really realize it. He wanted to tell them the whole story; he needed to, to find out if they were real, or if they were going to hurt him like everyone else.

"Um, are you guys busy later this evening?" he asked hesitantly. Everyone turned to look at him.

"What's up?" Brian asked gently.

Tyler took a deep breath. "I want to tell you guys...everything. If you're interested."

Brian was sitting next to Tyler and leaned towards him. "Are you sure, Ty?" he asked softly.

Tyler nodded.

"Well why don't we order up a pile of room service and hang out in the suite tonight?" AJ suggested. The others agreed.

Nothing more was said about the evening. The car pulled around to the back of the arena, which was cordoned off, keeping the fans away. The men slipped in the back door and were greeted by members of their tour crew. Kevin nodded at a woman and walked over to her. She handed him a laminated card with a string on it. Kevin smiled and walked back to the others.

He walked up to Tyler, reaching over his head and putting the string around his neck. The card dangled on Tyler's chest and he looked up at Kevin in confusion.

"That's a pass so you can wander around and get backstage again without being stopped or hassled too much," Kevin explained.

Tyler was surprised. He blinked back tears and stared down at the floor. "Why are you doing this?" he asked quietly. The singers were confused.

"Doing what Ty?" Brian asked softly.

Tyler looked up at the faces around him. "Being so nice to me, treating me like a friend. I'm not worth it."

"Well," Nick moved to stand in front of Tyler, "we think you are. And in this matter, your opinion doesn't count!" he said with a grin. He grabbed Tyler's hand. "So come on, I'll show ya the stage." The others watched at Nick dragged Tyler with him down the hall and around the corner.

"Someone really fucked with that kid's head and self-esteem," Howie commented. No one said anything as they slowly followed the path Nick and Tyler had taken.

The stage was set up in the center of the arena so fans could view the show from all sides. Brian and the others could see Nick dragging Tyler up one of the ramps leading to the tallest part of the stage. They were all relieved to see Tyler laugh at something Nick said. The stage crew was rushing around, wanting to get everything set up so they could get some sleep. They'd taken the set apart the night before, and then driven all night to set up again in the new venue.

The stage manager brought the guys their headsets and the microphones. Headsets were for dance numbers, hand held mics for slower songs.

Tyler left Nick standing on the platform as the four other singers arrived. He walked back down the ramp, smiling a little as he passed Brian. As each of the singers took their turn talking and singing a few lines into both pieces of equipment, Tyler gazed around the stage at all the equipment. He moved back a few rows into the stands so he could view the entire engineering feat, and was impressed. At least his engineer father had taught him something. He quickly moved his thoughts away from that ugly topic, reminding himself he would be dredging it up later.

He watched a couple of crewmen raising a huge light fixture. He looked closer and realized they didn't have the base stabilized enough. Tyler let his gaze follow the direction of the light tower, onto the stage where his new friends were goofing around, getting the feel of the stage. Tyler began to walk quickly down out of the stands, his eyes flickering between the light fixture and the singers. With the resounding noise in the empty arena, and the fact that the guys had their headsets on, Tyler wouldn't be able to make them hear if he yelled. A quick glance around showed him where the guy doing the sound checks was. Tyler darted over to the booth and shoved the man out of the way, grabbing the mic linked to the headsets.

"Guys, get off the stage, NOW!" he shouted as he looked up at the five men. The singers jumped at the new voice and looked down at the booth. "Please, just get off the stage," Tyler begged, visions of losing his new friends flashed in front of his face. The soundman regained his feet and grabbed Tyler.

"Who the hell are you?" he yelled as he yanked the mic from Tyler's grasp. "Security!" he shouted. Tyler never took his eyes from the five men as they ran down one of the ramps. Tyler slumped down into a chair and sighed, just as a loud shout went up.

"Look out!" someone yelled as the giant light stand began to fall, the base having slipped out from underneath. The giant metal pole and a dozen large colored spotlights crashed to the stage. Panic erupted.

Attracted by the initial shout, a security guard grabbed Tyler's arm, wondering if he were responsible for the chaos. Before Tyler could say anything, his friends arrived. Brian pried the guard off Tyler.

"Let him go," Brian said in a very calm and cold voice. The four other singers froze, knowing that that voice indicated just how angry Brian was. The guard looked at Brian blankly for a moment as the chaos continued around them. Seeing who was speaking to him, the guard released Tyler.

Kevin had enough of the pandemonium. He walked over to the soundboard and put the microphone's plug into the speakers. "Can I have everyone's attention!" Kevin's voice boomed through the arena. The noise level dropped considerably and everyone slowed, turning to look at Kevin.

Noticing that he had peoples' attention, Kevin continued. "Thank you. Now, is anyone hurt?" he asked. People looked around and shook their heads. Kevin waited for a minute before speaking. "Good. Then everyone just calm down and let's get this mess cleaned up. We'll do the sound check while we rehearse tomorrow." Kevin shut off the microphone and turned around. He could see Jeff and the tour manager running towards the singers. They glanced up at the mess on the stage and looks of fear crossed their faces.

"What the hell happened?" Jeff asked, out of breath from running.

Before anyone could speak, Dave, the soundman started. "This punk here grabbed the mic and started yelling at the singers," he whined. By now, the stage manager and other members of the crew were crowding around.

Brian had had enough and spun around. "Shut the hell up!" he shouted, making everyone jump. He glared at Dave. "Tyler just saved our lives, you ass! If he hadn't shouted into our headsets at us to get off the stage, we would be up there right now under a ton of steel and glass." An audible gasp went through the crowd. Brian ignored it and glanced down at Tyler who was still slumped down in the chair.

Tyler's mind was racing as he thought about what almost happened. He'd done it again; he'd let himself get too attached. He had only known the singers for less than a day yet they were the closest things to friends he had; in fact, they were the closest things to family he had now. The thought that he almost lost them frightened him to death. He couldn't do it any more. He stood up suddenly and bolted towards the door.

"Ty, wait!" Brian shouted. He pushed his way through the crowd and ran after Tyler.

Kevin glanced at Jeff. "We'll be at the hotel," he said before running after his cousin, with AJ, Howie and Nick quickly following.

Tyler found his way to the back exit and out into the alley. He looked around him and realized he had absolutely no idea where he was or where he could go. He had no one. He sank down to the pavement and sobbed in despair.

He barely registered it when he felt strong arms tenderly wrap around his shoulders. Someone lifted him up and put him gently in a car. Later he was lifted again and carried into a room.

Brian watched silently as Kevin set Tyler carefully on the bed. He could see Tyler's body was still shaking uncontrollably. Brian had yet to stop and analyze his own feelings. It wasn't important right now; Tyler was.

Kevin walked quietly back to Brian. "I think it's the shock of everything finally hitting him, Bri. Then with what happened at the arena...." Brian nodded and Kevin left, silently closing the door.

Brian kicked off his shoes then pulled Tyler's new shoes off. He couldn't imagine being as alone as Tyler was. No one should be that alone. Brian lay down on the bed beside Tyler's trembling body. He pulled the boy to his chest then wrapped the blanket around them. His arms wrapped around Tyler's body, as he gently stroked Tyler's hair and back.

"Ty, you aren't alone any more," Brian whispered into the dark hair. "You have Nick and Howie and AJ and Kevin. And you have me, Ty, and I'm not going anywhere," Brian promised.

Tyler felt the strong arms around him and heard Brian's words. Despite his brain arguing against it, Tyler let his heart win and believed Brian's promise. He allowed himself to relax against the muscled chest and slowly drifted to sleep.

Soft voices gradually brought Tyler back to consciousness.

"Do you want me to order dinner for you and Tyler?" AJ asked softly from the end of the bed.

The chest Tyler was lying on moved. "I don't want to disturb Ty, he needs the sleep. I'll wait," Brian whispered.

"I could use the food almost as much as I need the sleep," Tyler murmured as he pulled away from Brian.

Brian glanced over at AJ. "Well, I guess that's a yes. We'll be out in a few minutes, Bone," Brian said and AJ left.

Tyler slowly raised his eyes to look at Brian. "I don't know how I can ever thank you," he whispered.

Brian smiled an incredible smile. "I should be thanking you for saving our lives Ty," Brian said. "But friends don't always have to thank friends for helping out. That's what being friends is all about." Tyler realized he was still in Brian's loosely held arms. He found it was a comfortable place to be, but then he remembered what he was planning on telling them and decided he shouldn't get too comfortable yet. Things could still change. He pulled away and sat on the side of the bed.

"How long did I sleep?" Tyler asked.

Brian pushed himself off the bed. "Only a couple of hours. It's almost nine," Brian said as he went to the adjoining door. "I'm just going to quickly change and I'll meet you out in the lounge, okay?"

Tyler nodded. He went to the lounge and found the four other singers sprawled over the furniture. Nick quickly spotted Tyler and walked over to him.

"Hey Tyler," he said with a smile. "Feeling better?"

Tyler returned the smile shyly and nodded. "Yeah, a little." Nick surprised Tyler by pulling him into a hug. After a moment, Tyler returned the gesture.

Nick moved back, still smiling. "Good. Grab a seat, food should be here soon."

As Tyler walked further into the lounge, he found each of the other guys walking over to greet him and give him a hug. Finally Tyler found a seat and sat down. Brian returned and sat at the other end of the couch. Everyone just relaxed while they waited for room service. Tyler could feel his anxiety beginning to grow. He was going to tell them everything, but he knew that it could cost him. He knew he would give up if they rejected him.

The longer he sat the greater his fear and anxiety grew. Suddenly he jumped up and ran to the bedroom. He made it into the bathroom to the toilet before he threw up. He sank down beside the toilet and leaned against the wall, closing his eyes. He heard someone walk quietly into the room, and somehow knew it was Brian. Brian sat down on the edge of the bathtub and stared at Tyler.

"Ty, what is the absolute worst thing that you want to tell us? What is making you so afraid that you're throwing up?" Brian asked gently.

Tyler opened his eyes and stared at Brian. How did he know? Tyler closed his eyes again. Why put it off? "I'm gay," he whispered, waiting to hear his father call him a fag, devil spawn. The room remained silent.

Tyler slowly opened his eyes and found Brian sitting directly in front of him on the floor. Brian cocked his eyebrow. "So?"

"But...but..." Tyler stammered not sure what to say. Had Brian heard him?

Brian reached out and put his hand on Tyler's cheek. "Ty, two of us in the band are gay too, so you don't have to be afraid. None of us are going to hate you, reject you or hurt you for being who you are," he said softly.

Tyler simply stared at Brian, trying to digest what he'd said. 'Two of us.' Did that mean Brian was? Who was the other one?

"Are you?" Tyler finally managed to get out. Brian smiled gently and nodded. He stood up and offered his hand, pulling Tyler to his feet.

Brian and Tyler walked back into the lounge to find that the food had already arrived. The others were just filling their plates. Brian led Tyler to the cart and handed him a plate.

Everyone began eating in silence. Part way through the meal AJ spoke. "Tyler, how did you know that light was going to fall?" he asked. The others all looked at Tyler, wondering the same thing.

Tyler finished the mouthful of food he had. "My father is a mechanical engineer and taught me some things. I could see that the base wasn't properly locked into place and knew that as soon as they had it to a certain height, the base would give way," Tyler explained. The guys all looked impressed.

"Well, all we can say is thank God you were there today," Howie added, and the others nodded.

They finished eating and Nick jumped up. "Who wants dessert?" he shouted as he ran to the fridge in the little kitchen and returned with two tubs of ice cream.

The ice cream was scooped into dishes and the six men pigged out until none of them could move. They all slumped back in their seats.

To be continued...