Runaway Chapter 5

by Kenitra

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I must say that I am absolutely stunned by the events that occurred in the United States on September 11. My thoughts go out to everyone who has lost a loved one, including a crew member for the Backstreet Boys. While not a religious person myself, I truly believe God or fate, or whatever people want to call it, was on Leighanne Littrell's side when she didn't get on Flight 11 as she had originally been scheduled.

This story, Runaway, is about Brian and an original character. There are 22 chapters and an epilogue... and just to Let everyone know there is reference to a past rape...and basically no sex in the entire story. So if anyone is looking for a 'quick fix' this story is not it!

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The ice cream was scooped into dishes and the six men pigged out until none of them could move. They all slumped back in their seats.

Chapter 5

The quiet grew as everyone relaxed after the long night and day. Finally Tyler spoke. "I guess you want to know what happened," he said softly.

"Only if you want to tell us Ty," Brian said quietly.

The others remained quiet, letting Tyler collect his thoughts.

He sighed deeply. "My Father was always a strict disciplinarian," he began. "When I say strict, I mean I went straight to school, an all boys private school, and then straight home. I was required to do homework for most of the evening then to bed. The only people I could remotely call friends were the boys I knew at school. Weekends my father taught me about engineering and Sunday we went to church." Tyler took a deep breath. "If I tried to do something with the other boys or if I changed my schedule, I was punished. Initially I was spanked or locked in my room. But after my mother left...." Tyler began to tremble as memories flooded back to him. "I had to be perfect. If my shirt wasn't perfectly clean or my hair not brushed properly, I was punished." His voice dropped to a whisper. "He started slapping me, but quickly moved on to punching me, in the stomach, in my back. A couple of times when I really messed up he beat me with his belt...with the belt buckle." Tyler was staring at his hands in his lap as he spoke so didn't see the tears in the five pairs of eyes watching him intently.

"The worst happened just over a week ago. One of the boys at school, John, the closest thing to a friend I had, gave me a magazine. I'd never told him I was ..., but he figured it out and gave me the magazine." Tyler took a few shaking, deep breaths. "My father found the magazine and was waiting for me when I got home from school the next day." Tears were falling freely down Tyler's face. Brian slid down the couch and put his arm around Tyler's shoulders. "The second I walked in the door ... he just grabbed me and threw me across the room. I was dazed ...I...I didn't have a chance to run. He just started kicking me...pounding me with his belt, calling me names, and telling me...telling me I was going to hell. I finally blacked out, hoping he would just kill me. But he didn't..." Tyler whispered.

He took a deep breath before he continued. "I...I don't know how, but when I came to...he was passed out on the couch. I...I had to crawl to the door. The next day is a big blank...I found myself wandering around downtown in the city...I had no money, only the clothes I was wearing...I found an alley and curled up wanting to disappear. That's when Simon found me." Tyler couldn't sit still any longer and began to walk around the room, never looking directly at the five other men.

Now that he'd started, he just wanted to get the entire story out. "I woke up to find myself in a strange a bed. Someone had cleaned most of my wounds. Simon introduced himself and said I could stay with him until I was better...I had nowhere else...and...I didn't know any better." Another brief pause. "A couple of days 'new friend' Simon starting telling me how good-looking I was...telling me how I could make a lot of money using my looks and body... God I was so naïve. I told him I wouldn't sell myself...and...he kicked me out. He said try living on the streets for a couple of days and then we'll talk. Last night...God was it only last night," Tyler paused as he thought about it. "I went to the place Simon hangs out...I was cold and hungry...but I told him I'd do anything except prostitute. I let him buy me a drink...Why did I do that?...How was I to know he'd drug me? Suddenly I could barely body wouldn't do what I wanted it to do. Simon pretended to help me, taking me out the back. Then..."

Tyler was standing in front of the large glass window, looking out into the night, remembering the night before. He had to get the words out. His voice was barely above a whisper. "The alley was very, very black...I could sense something was wrong...but I could barely move. I felt hands on me...they started grabbing me..." His body was trembling as he spoke. "Simon leered at me and said something about if he couldn't make money...he'd give them all a freebee...I was shoved back and forth."

Tyler closed his eyes and began to relive the horror. "Someone slapped me...another punched me in the stomach...I tried to bend over...protect myself...but other hands yanked me back. Fingers tore at my clothes...I felt my skin exposed to the cold pants were yanked down... I...I was shoved face first down onto the cold pavement...then...then I felt the pain." Tyler crumpled to the floor. "I'd never even kissed a boy before," he whimpered. The five singers, tears streaming down their faces, ran over to Tyler and enveloped him in a huge group hug. "They stole everything from then another and another. I'd start to black out...but they punched me to keep me awake...I don't many or how long...Then it was finally over. I was alone... Somehow I got to my feet and stumbled down a number of alleys looking for a place to lay down and die...Then I found your bus." Tyler couldn't say anything more. He was mentally and physically exhausted.

Kevin picked him up as he had down at the arena and carried him into the bedroom. Brian followed close behind his cousin, with the other three behind him. Kevin set Tyler down on the bed. Kevin backed up, allowing Brian to remove Tyler's jeans and sweatshirt, leaving him in boxers and a t-shirt. Brian pulled the blanket up over the boy and began to herd everyone out of the room.

"Brian?" Tyler whispered. Brian stopped and glanced at AJ, who was just in front of him. AJ left the room and closed the door. Brian walked back to Tyler.

"I'm here Ty," he said gently.

Tyler looked up at Brian, pleading with his eyes. "Please don't leave," he begged.

Brian slid under the blankets beside Tyler and wrapped his arms around the boy. "I'm not going to leave Ty, promise," Brian whispered, holding tightly to Tyler, trying to understand why this broken angel had been brought into his life.

Tyler woke up surrounded by warmth. He could see the sun streaming in the window of the hotel room. A quick glance showed him that Brian was lying right beside him, still sleeping. Brian's arm was resting lightly across Tyler's chest. Tyler couldn't help but stare at Brian. Less than forty-eight hours earlier, he was ready, no he was begging, to die. Then this light walked into his life; actually five lights, and gave him a reason to live.

Tyler was still bewildered by the compassion and understanding he'd been given. No one in his own life had treated him as considerately as these five strangers had. And the man sleeping beside him, he was the most confusing of all. No matter what Tyler had said or done, Brian was always there. Tyler knew that it was just pity; they all felt sorry for him. But he didn't care; they were being nice to him and he desperately needed that right now.

Tyler suddenly realized blue eyes were staring back at him, and he blinked. He felt himself blush and looked away. "Ty," Brian spoke softly. Tyler refused to look. Brian moved his arm from Tyler's chest and gently grasped his chin, turning his face back to Brian. Brian was lying on his stomach and moved up the bed so he was eye level with Tyler. Without removing his hand, Brian searched Tyler's face trying to figure out what he was thinking. As if in slow motion, Brian moved his face forward until his lips tenderly brushed against Tyler's. To Tyler, the sensation was a combination of pleasure, pain and fear. A low moan escaped him. The kiss was short and gentle. Brian pulled back and smiled at Tyler.

"Now you have," Brian said softly.

Tyler shook his head in confusion. "Have what?"

"Kissed a boy," Brian replied before rolling off the other side of the bed.

Tyler felt the tears well up immediately. He couldn't believe Brian was making a joke out of this. He turned his head, but not before Brian saw the tears. Brian crawled back on the bed, kneeling beside Tyler. "Ty, what's wrong?" Brian asked in confusion.

Tyler looked at Brian, the pain clearly visible in his eyes. "So this is all just a big game to you?" he asked sadly.

"What?" Brian shook his head vehemently. "God, no Ty. I didn't mean it like that." Brian touched Tyler's cheek, expecting him to turn away, but happy when he didn't. "You said you had never kissed a boy ... and I ... I wanted to be the first." Brian looked down at the bed. "I'm so sorry, Ty, that wasn't my decision to make," Brian whispered in apology, realizing he'd taken the decision away from Tyler, just like everyone else had done.

Tyler could hear the sincerity in Brian's voice and realized the singer hadn't been making fun of him. He wasn't sure what to do. "Brian," he said softly. Brian glanced up at Tyler. "I'm glad you were my first kiss." Tyler smiled shyly and Brian grinned.

Before either could say anything else, there was a soft knock at the door. "Brian?" Kevin called softly.

Brian looked at the door. "It's okay Kev, we're up," he called out. Kevin opened the door and walked in to see Brian sitting on the bed and Tyler still under the covers.

"Morning guys! Breakfast will be here in about 30 minutes," Kevin told them. Then he looked directly at Tyler. "How are you feeling Tyler?" he asked gently.

Tyler smiled. "I'm doing much better. Thanks Kevin."

Kevin returned the smile. "Good. I'll let you guys get dressed then and see you in the lounge soon." Kevin walked back to the door and closed it behind him.

Brian turned to look at Tyler. "Are you really feeling better Ty?" he asked, the concern clear in his voice.

Tyler nodded. "Yeah. I still hurt all over, but I feel stronger and rested," he told Brian honestly.

Brian looked at Tyler thoughtfully. "Ya know Ty, I haven't pushed it, but you really should go see a doctor. Just to get checked out and make sure everything is okay," Brian suggested softly. He wasn't going to force Tyler to do anything, but he would feel better if Tyler had a clean bill of health.

Tyler stared at the bed sheets for a minute thinking about what Brian said. His mind started to think about all the things that could go wrong. His worse nightmare flashed through him and he began to tremble. The tears began to fall unrestricted.

Brian stared in shock at Tyler as the boy began to shake. When he saw the tears hit the sheets he moved. Brian turned around and slid up the bed so his back was against the headboard. He pulled Tyler to his chest and held him tightly.

"I'm sorry Ty. Forget I said anything. I didn't know it would upset you so much," Brian apologized, angry with himself for upsetting the boy.

Tyler held on to Brian as if he was the oxygen Tyler needed to breathe. Tyler took some deep breaths, trying to regain his composure. He shook his head against Brian. "It's not that," he finally managed to whisper.

Brian had to pull Tyler back so he could see his face and hear him. Tyler raised his tear swollen eyes to look at Brian. "I...I let my imagination get away, I guess. If I see a doctor, do they have to file a report?" Tyler asked, but didn't wait for a response. "If they file a report and my name gets into a father," Tyler took a gulp of air. "My father could find me," he finished in a hushed voice.

Brian finally understood why Tyler had cried. Brian continued to rub Tyler's back. "Ty, we can find a doctor who doesn't file reports, or we can give your name as John Doe. I'll pay for it so it doesn't have to go through insurance or anything."

Tyler relaxed against Brian as Brian spoke. After a minute, he giggled and looked up at Brian. "Could we find a better alias than John Doe?" he asked with a smile.

Brian laughed and hugged Tyler to him. "Whatever name you want, Ty." Brian reluctantly moved away from Tyler and off the bed. He held out his hand. "Come on Ty, let's go eat." Tyler grasped the offered hand and slid off the bed. He stopped to pull some clothes on before joining Brian at the door. They walked out to the lounge, not even aware they were holding hands.

The others were sitting in the lounge waiting for room service to arrive. All of them saw the clasped hands, but refrained from commenting. Brian and Tyler sat down on one of the empty couches.

"So anything different today, or just the usual?" Brian asked no one in particular.

Howie answered him. "The usual, except we've added the sound check with the rehearsal this afternoon about two. Otherwise, we relax till then, rehearse, eat, and then get back to the arena for warm-ups and the concert."

"Then we're here tonight for another concert tomorrow," Kevin added.

Brian nodded, as Nick jumped up to answer the door. He let the man bring the cart into the room and signed the slip. Everyone immediately walked over to grab some food. Once the six men had their food, Brian spoke again.

"Since we have some time this morning, I'm going to try and track down a doctor for Ty," Brian announced.

All eyes quickly turned to look at Tyler. He could feel himself blush.

"What's wrong?" Nick asked. "I thought you were feeling better Tyler?"

Tyler nodded. "I am," he said quietly. "But Brian thinks I should get checked out by a doctor just in case, and I agree."

Brian squeezed Tyler's hand. "Its no big deal guys. We'll go, have him checked out and be back in no time."

"Are you going to get tested, Tyler?" AJ asked quietly.

"Tested?" Tyler asked in confusion.

No one answered immediately. Brian waited for AJ to explain himself, but when it became clear he wasn't going to continue, Brian reluctantly explained. "He means get tested for HIV Tyler," Brian said gently.

Tyler looked at Brian in horror. The thought had never crossed his mind until now. "Oh God!" Tyler turned white as he thought about the possibility he could be HIV positive. He could feel his breakfast rumbling in his gut and dashed to the bathroom. Once again, he found himself leaning over the toilet, throwing up everything in his stomach. And again, Brian stood beside him; this time holding his head and rubbing his back until his stomach had nothing left.

When he was sure Tyler was done, Brian put his hands under Tyler's arms and helped him stand. He turned Tyler so they were facing each other. Gently, Brian took a wet face cloth and wiped Tyler's mouth and face. He forced Tyler to meet his gaze.

"Ty, you can't keep doing this to yourself," Brian said tenderly. "You can't assume the worst. All you can do is take the steps to find out if one of those men infected you. You may not know immediately. Tests will have to be done at different times for the next year. Until then, you can only take each day as it comes." Brian watched Tyler intently to see that he understood.

Finally, Tyler nodded. "You're right Brian. Thank you."

Brian pulled Tyler into a hug. "You're welcome. Now, let's get back to the others," Brian said, taking Tyler's hand as they walked back to the lounge.

AJ immediately jumped up and walked over to Tyler when he saw the two men return. "Tyler, I am so sorry," he apologized.

Before he could continue, Tyler shook his head. "It's okay AJ," Tyler said quietly. "I was just a little shocked because I hadn't even thought about it. But it needed to be said." Tyler smiled at AJ to let him know everything was okay. He walked back over to the food tray and put some food on another plate. He turned back to face the singers. "I think I'll try this again," he said, succeeding in making the guys smile.

He returned to his seat on the couch beside Brian and ate the breakfast. Kevin finally spoke up. "Um, guys, while you were in the bathroom, I made some phone calls and got the names of a couple of local doctors. If you want to make an appointment I have their numbers."

Tyler looked at Kevin. "Thanks Kevin," he said gratefully. Kevin handed the paper to Brian.

Brian turned to Tyler. "Would you like me to call, Ty?" Brian asked quietly. "I'll find out about reports and files and things."

Tyler felt his gut clench as he thought about his father again. He nodded to Brian. "Thank you," he whispered as he tried to finish his breakfast.

Brian walked back to his bedroom to get his cell phone. He called the first number on Kevin's list but didn't like the attitude he got when he began to ask some questions, so he tried the second number. The receptionist was much more accommodating and quickly answered all of Brian's concerns. He asked if he could make an appointment for that morning because they would be leaving the city soon. After checking the doctor's schedule the nurse said she could fit an appointment in for eleven.

Then she asked for the patient's name.

"Um," Brian had to think quickly. "John Thomas," he replied.

"And the nature of the medical problem?" she asked.

Brian wondered how much he should say. He knew hiding the truth wouldn't help Tyler, but he didn't want to tell the nurse the entire story. Tyler could tell the doctor. "He was beaten up pretty badly by some thugs. He just wanted to make sure nothing serious was wrong, like internal injuries," Brian said. It wasn't a lie; it just wasn't the complete truth.

"Okay, sir. The doctor will see John at eleven."

Brian got directions to the office and hung up. He folded up the paper, after writing down the name he'd given to the nurse.

To be continued...