Runaway Epilogue

by Kenitra

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The end of the story. Hopefully everyone has enjoyed Runaway. It was a long time in the writing, but from the positive feedback I think it was worth it. THANK YOU!

Thank yous to Neo and Rune, as always, and to David the archivist.

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2. I don't know the Backstreet Boys or any other celebrity. The story is completely made up. Tyler is from my own imagination.

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Tyler hugged Jackie and Harold tightly, blinking back a few tears. "How can I ever thank both of you for everything you've done?" he asked quietly.

Jackie smiled and gently wiped Tyler's face. "Simple, Tyler, be true to yourself and be true to Brian. What you have together is rare, so make sure you hold on to it," she said.

Tyler smiled and kissed her cheek. "Thank you."

He turned to face Harold. "You take care son," Harold said. "And you better visit us regularly, even when that other son of ours can't make it, okay?"

Tyler smiled happily at the man who had become a father to him. "I promise Harold. And I'll try to drag that boy of yours with me if I can," he added, making Harold smile. They shook hands then Tyler picked up his carry-on, and turned to walk to his gate.

He boarded the flight bound for Orlando and sat back in his seat, staring out the window. He smiled to himself as he thought about how much his life had changed in sixteen months. He'd changed from an abused, scared, lonely boy, into a confident, friendly high school graduate. All because of the man he was going to visit. The thought of Brian made him grin. He couldn't believe how much he loved the singer. Not being able to see him every day had been the only downfall of the past year. But now Tyler was on his way to Orlando, to look for a place to live before beginning college in September.

After Brian had left in late April, Tyler adapted to living with the Littrells. They helped him enroll in summer school. Harold Jr. had taught him how to drive. When the court ordered money came from his father, Tyler had Harold Sr. help him invest it, after buying himself a small used car.

>From there, things began to happen quickly. Summer school ran through June, July and August. Tyler didn't have trouble keeping up, but attending classes with male and female students was a new experience. Once he adapted to that major change, he began to enjoy himself more. He made friends with a number of students who would be going to the same high school as him in the fall.

He'd only made it to Orlando once during the year. He'd visited for a week between summer school and the September semester. The guys had all been happy to see him, and he'd been shown all the attractions of the city. He also had his second clean HIV test.

Tyler's thoughts turned to Nena. She was the first friend he'd made at summer school and had become his best friend throughout the school year. She guessed that he was gay, and didn't bat an eye. Everyone else assumed they were dating and neither dispelled the rumors. They had promised to keep in touch and Tyler hoped they did.

The plane finally took off, but Tyler didn't notice. His thoughts had turned to Christmas. Brian and Kevin had visited. Tyler reached up to finger the gold chain around his neck. He felt the pendant, the infinity symbol and silently mouthed the words he knew were engraved on the back, 'Love Eternal'. Brian had given it to him on Christmas Eve.

His smile faded slightly as he remembered making the decision to call his Mother. She had kept her word and not tried to contact him in over six months. He'd had Brian contact Paul McQuarrie to get her phone number. The call was tense, he wasn't sure he'd ever forgive her, but at least contact had been made.

Tyler sighed and pushed himself up in his seat. He looked around at the nearly empty plane. He had no idea how long they'd been flying, or when they would reach Orlando. Returning his gaze to the window, Tyler thought about the conversation he'd had with Brian in March.

Brian had been in New York during Tyler's March break, so had invited Tyler to join him there to celebrate Tyler's nineteenth birthday. The one evening they had stayed at the hotel, Tyler had mentioned applying to colleges for the fall. Brian was ecstatic that Tyler had applied to one in Orlando, but he wanted to make sure Tyler wasn't just applying to be near him.

Tyler remembered what he had said. 'Brian, everyone makes small sacrifices in their life for the people they love. I love you more than anything and want to be close to you, so if I go to a college that isn't my number one choice, I can accept that. I will still be getting a good education, and I will be with the man I love. I think that's a good compromise.' Brian couldn't argue with him. Instead, he'd pulled Tyler to his feet and taken him to the bedroom where they made tender love late into the night.

Tyler felt the heat rise to his face as he thought about that. Their lovemaking had been sporadic. They had only had intercourse a handful of times in the sixteen months. That was due to a number of factors. Initially, it had been Tyler having flashbacks to the rape. Those were almost nonexistent now thanks to his therapist and Brian. But the hectic schedule the group had also prevented Tyler and Brian from having much private time. Tyler smiled to himself. Hopefully they could make love more often, once he moved to Orlando.

A flight attendant drew his attention back to the plane. Passengers were being informed to fasten seatbelts for landing. Tyler suddenly felt nervous. He hadn't seen Brian in three months, Kevin since Christmas and the other guys since Thanksgiving.

The plane finally landed and passengers began to disembark. Brian had said someone would be there to pick him up. He just wished he knew whom. He grabbed his carry-on and started walking through the airport. Suddenly he spotted a familiar face.

"Hey Nicky!" A voice shouted behind Nick, Howie and AJ. The three men turned to see a stylishly dressed young man. The man had short brown hair and hazel eyes. He strode over to them confidently. Three mouths hung open. This smiling, well-built young man in front of them wasn't the Tyler any of them remembered or expected.

"Tyler?" Nick asked hesitantly.

Tyler grinned and nodded. "Well duh! Who else would it be?" he commented.

Nick laughed and pulled Tyler in for a hug. "My God, I would never have recognized you. You look terrific Tyler," Nick said as he released his hold.

"Are you sure you're Tyler," AJ asked with a grin before hugging Tyler too.

After a final hug for Howie, the four men grabbed Tyler's luggage and began to leave the airport.

"I guess Mama Littrell really has the right touch," Howie said as they climbed into the limo. "You've changed so much."

"For the better, I hope?" Tyler asked, a little of his old insecurity coming out.

"Absolutely!" the others all agreed.

"So where are Brian and Kevin?" Tyler asked a little shyly.

Nick nodded. "They had to finish laying down their vocals but they should be at the apartment by the time we get there or shortly after," Nick explained.

Tyler could feel his nervousness increasing. Not to the point that he would be sick. Not like before. But he was excited about seeing Brian again.

After a short drive, the car pulled up in front of an apartment building. The four men climbed out and entered the building, walking over to the elevator. Conversation had slowly stopped as they recognized Tyler's nervous excitement.

Tyler drummed his foot, waiting for the elevator to climb to the tenth floor. Finally, the doors opened and Tyler stepped out first. He'd been to the apartment once before and remembered the number. As he strode down the hall his excitement grew, he wanted to see Brian. He needed to see him to know that everything was going to be okay.

He reached the door before the others, and knocked, hoping Brian was already home. The door opened and Tyler looked up expectantly, only to see Kevin standing there. He tried to force a smile. "Hey Kevin!" Tyler greeted him.

Kevin grinned. "Tyler! You look great!" he exclaimed and pulled the young man in for a hug. Tyler returned the hug gratefully. When Kevin pulled back he opened the door and allowed everyone to enter. Tyler waited and glanced at Kevin.

"Where is he?" he asked, getting desperate to see his lover.

Kevin smiled at Tyler's impatience. "Come in Tyler," he said and Tyler walked into the apartment. He noticed the place had been redecorated as he looked around for Brian.

His calm confidence began to waver as he realized Brian wasn't there. He looked around anxiously until Kevin came up to him.

"Tyler, calm down," he said with another smile. "He's in the master bedroom down the hall. Why don't you go knock on the door," Kevin suggested.

Tyler nodded and quickly walked down the hall, until he reached the door to the main bedroom. All thoughts of anyone else disappeared as Tyler stood outside the door. His love, his future, was on the other side of that door. Slowly he raised his hand and knocked.

"Come in," Brian called from the other side.

Tyler reached down and turned the knob before pushing the door open.

The sight that met his gaze stunned him. Candles dimly lit the room and Brian stood at the foot of the bed in black silk pajamas. Tyler stepped forward, gently pushing the door closed behind him. His gaze never left the sight of Brian.

Brian smiled warmly at Tyler. Slowly, he walked over until he was right in front of Tyler. Reaching up, he pulled Tyler to him and kissed him passionately. Tyler responded in kind, folding his arms around Brian's body and holding him close. The kiss was all too brief but it promised eternity. Tyler was flushed and very much aroused when Brian pulled back slightly.

Brian tenderly stroked Tyler's cheek. "I love you baby," he whispered. Brian pulled away and Tyler stared at him in confusion. Brian laughed softly. He walked towards the door, pulling Tyler by the hand. "Come on," he said softly.

Tyler followed. They walked out of the master bedroom. Brian pushed open the door for the bedroom across the hall. It had been converted into an office/study room. A large desk with a new computer sat to one side, while empty bookcases and a comfortable leather chair filled the other side of the room.

Tyler simply stared at Brian in confusion and Brian grinned. They walked down the hall to the third bedroom. It too, had been converted to an office. This one held keyboards and a guitar as well as numerous books and a computer.

Brian led Tyler back to the living room. To Tyler's surprise, the room was empty. The other four singers had left. Brian indicated a couch and the two of them sat, facing each other.

Brian couldn't take his eyes from Tyler, finding it hard to believe that they were finally together. He tenderly stroked Tyler's cheek again.

"I know you were just coming down to look for a place to live," Brian said quietly. "But I want you to live here with me."

Tyler was stunned. He was quiet for a moment. "You're assuming a lot," he said, trying not to grin.

Brian nodded, not seeing the hidden smile. "I know. If you don't like it, we can find another place. Kev and Howie moved out a few weeks ago and I redecorated. The first room you saw, is for you, to study in, do homework or whatever. If you're not comfortable with sharing a room we can redo the other room and change it into…."

Tyler finally cut Brian off. He leaned forward and kissed him. "There is no where I'd rather live than with you. I love you, Brian. And I look forward to sharing a room with you," Tyler paused and blushed, "and a bed," he added.

Brian grinned broadly. "Welcome home, Tyler."

THE END :-))