Savage Garden Picture Show

by Chris Engelke

Disclaimer: The usual disclaimer. If you are underage, homophobic, or just cannot fathom that possibility that any celeb could be gay, bisexual, or lesbian, please leave. I don't know Darren or Daniel. If I did know them, I wouldn't be writing this story, because I would be in bed all day....and so would they!

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Chapter 2

Daniel and Michelle were in his car, driving to their professor's house. Because the church was in the middle of nowhere, Daniel had driven for quite a long time, yet still had a long ways to go.

It was now pitch dark and raining quite heavily. Both Daniel and Michelle felt that they might be lost, but because they seemed to be the only people on the road and because there were no businesses anywhere near, there was nobody to ask directions. Even if there was someone to ask, they wouldn't be asked. Daniel was the stereotypical man, especially in that aspect.

It hadn't rained in weeks and because of that, the roads were extremely slick. Without warning, a dozen motorcycles appeared and drove towards them. They drove on each side of Daniel's car. He was startled to see them driving towards him and looked behind him, seeing where they were going in such a hurry. He lost track of where he was driving when he hit an especially slick spot on the road. The car skidded sideways just as more motorcycles were zooming past them. The back of Daniel's car mowed down several motorcyclists. Michelle screamed. The car kept on spinning in circles until they finally hit a tree.

Luckily, neither Daniel or Michelle was hurt, though both were in shock. Once they were able to get back to their senses, Daniel tried to start the car, but it wouldn't start. "Damn! he said. "The car won't start. Did we pass a gas station?"

"No, honey. We haven't passed anything in ages. I think we need to go look for help. Didn't we pass a castle not too long ago?" Michelle replied.

"Yes, I think you're right. Stay here... I will go to that castle and phone for a tow truck."

"Why do I have to stay here?" Michelle whined.

"I don't want both of us to get wet."

"I'm coming with you! I'm too scared to stay out here by myself!"

Michelle was finally able to convince Daniel to let her come with him. They each grabbed a section of newspaper that was lying in the backseat of the car to protect them from the rain. Of course, everyone knows how absorbent newspapers are. They walked for awhile and finally got to the castle. By then, the wind was howling, the rain even more heavy, and the thunder and lightning even more severe. Both Daniel and Michelle were glad that they were finally going to be able to get out of the rain. Daniel looked for a doorbell, but when he could not find out, he lifted the knocker and let it drop down with a thud. The sound of that knocker echoed and echoed until finally the door opened.

Daniel couldn't help but gasp when he saw the man who opened the door. He them immediately blushed. "What's going on with me? I'm not attracted to guys! I love Michelle! We're gonna get married!" He said to himself.

While Michelle did not hear Daniel's gasp, Lee did and snickered. "Good evening. My name is Lee. How may I be of assistance?" Lee said to his guests.

"Good evening. My name is Daniel Jones and this is my fiancee Michelle. We had an accident a little ways back on the road and I was wondering if we could use your phone so we can call for a tow truck."

"Right this way." Lee said. Instead of bringing them to a phone, Lee brought them to a room, where there was a party.

"We're not in the mood for a party." Daniel said. "Thank you, but all we need is to use the phone so we can call for a tow truck."

Lee was not listening to Daniel. Chris, Lee's brother, entered the room. "Lee, Darren is ready to unviel his latest creation."

"Wonderful! Let's get our guests prepared to meet the good doctor." Lee responded. "You take the woman and I will take the gentleman."

"Oh come on!" Chris demanded. "Let me take him and you can take the...breeder!"

Michelle was insulted on how Chris was treating her. "Excuse me?"

"Oh, don't get your panties in a bunch!" Chris said.

Chris went over to Michelle with a towel and dried off Michelle as Lee did the same for Daniel. Both Daniel and Michelle were glad to be finally getting dry, until Lee and Chris started to take off Daniel and Michelle's clothes. "What the fuck is going on here?" Daniel demanded.

Lee replied, "Your clothing is wet. I don't think you will want to keep those on. We will dry them for you." He took off Daniel's sweater first, then his shoes, socks, and pants. He saw that Daniel was getting the beginnings of an erection. He smiled brightly. "Chris?" Chris looked towards Lee, who pointed towards Daniel's increasing erection with his head. "Is he beautiful or what?"

"Oh my God! He is so fucking sexy!" Chris panted.

"Do we have time?" Lee asked as he was drooling over Daniel's body.

"Yes. Darren won't be here for about 15 minutes." Chris replied.

"Most excellent!" That was the last thing that Lee said. He grabbed Daniel's head and passionately kissed him. Daniel was stunned at first. He had never thought about a man sexually, but was finding himself kissing Lee with more and more passion.

Chris came over to them and went down to his knees. He placed a hand over Daniel's cloth covered erection and gently massaged it. Daniel moaned deeply into Lee's mouth. Usually, Chris loved teasing the guys he was with, but this time he could not wait. Daniel was just too beautiful. He had to see his cock and bring him to such a passionate level that he had never felt before. He wanted Daniel to come so hard that he would be feeling it for days.

Lee stopped kissing Daniel and continued his way down his neck and eventually got to his nipples. He kissed the left one lightly and then started to nibble on it. Daniel groaned even louder. "Oh yes! Keep going! Don't stop!" he moaned.

Michelle was stunned seeing what was happening right in front of her. "Stop that! What the fuck are you doing with my fiancee?"

Lee and Chris did not pay any attention to Michelle and continued their sexual assault on Daniel. Even if Daniel wanted them to stop, they couldn't. They were too far gone. Chris abruptly pulled Daniel's underwear to his ankles. At first, his cock followed his underwear down, but finally flew back up and hit him on the stomach. It was of average length, about seven inches, but was extremely thick. Because he was a virgin, he was scared that Michelle would not be able to take his manhood when they finally made love on their honeymoon. Chris quickly opened his mouth and took all of Daniel's cock in his mouth.

"Oh my God!" Daniel panted. "I never thought that it could feel so good! God! Suck me, Chris! Suck my cock! Don't stop! Don't ever stop!"

"Don't worry, Daniel." Lee replied for Chris. "Chris will keep sucking that magnificent cock of your until you beg to come."

Chris kept on sucking Daniel's perfect dick, but not allowing Daniel to come. Every time he was on the verge of having the biggest orgasm ever, Chris would pull off his cock and make sure that he didn't come. Chris kept this going for over 20 minutes. He was very glad that Darren was late. He didn't want to stop sucking Daniel off. It had to have been the most perfect cock he had ever seen. Usually, he liked men with dark hair, but there had been something about Daniel that attracted Chris to him.

Finally, Daniel couldn't take it anymore. He begged Chris to let him come. "Come on, Chris! This is the best feeling I have ever had, but I need to come. Please!! I am begging you!" A few tears fell down his face. He didn't know how much more of this he could take.

Chris pulled off of Daniel's cock again and looked at Lee. "Lee? Should we finally let him come?"

Lee replied, "Yes. It is time. The doctor will be coming down here any minute now." Lee then knelt down behind Daniel and started to lick Daniel's plump ass. Chris started to suck on Daniel's dick again. Lee moved his tongue to Daniel's asshole and plunged his tongue in. Daniel yelled louder than he ever had in his whole life. While Lee was licking Daniel's asshole, he slowly placed a finger inside of Daniel's ass. Daniel couldn't take it anymore and finally had the most powerful orgasm in his life. His hot seed flowed into Chris' mouth. Chris was shocked at how much Daniel had come. He usually didn't have a problem swollowing the seed of his conquests, but this time, he almost chocked because there was so much cum flowing into his mouth. He loved the taste of Daniel's love juice. It was the sweetest he had ever tasted. Daniel kept coming and coming. After what seemed like forever, the cum stopped flowing into Chris' mouth and the orgasm abated.

Daniel panted hard, trying to catch his breath. Chris took one last look at Daniel's cock, this time soft. Chris then pulled up Daniel's underwear. Once Daniel was able to breathe normally again, he looked down at Chris. "Thank you so much, Chris! You too, Lee! That was the best experience of my life!"

All of a sudden, loud footprints were heard coming down the stairs. The owner of those footprints came into the room. He saw Chris still on his knees, right in front of Daniel. Lee had stood up once he head the footprints.

"What the fuck is going on here?" the voice demanded.

Michelle looked at the source of the voice, screamed, and fainted dead away.