I want to thank everyone for all of the wonderful feedback.  It really helps the writing process.  If the story seems to be going a little fast, I am doing it on purpose.  The first 5, or 6 Chapters are back ground based the memories of Cameron.

Of course I don't know the Nsync Boys.  If I did, I wouldn't be writing little stories about them.  This
is a fictional piece any implications about the sexuality of the band members is pure fantasy.  Also
any mention of other celebrity characters, people, or places, is purely for the purpose of the story.
This is all in my mind folks!


Second Time Around, Part 2
By Joseph Wallace

Pleasure and Pain

It was the opening night of Chris's show.  He had been practicing for months and I was so excited to see the end product.  This would be the first time that I ever saw him act.  I had heard him sang and his falsetto was hypnotizing, but this was going to be a special treat.

Even now, I still get goose bumps when I see him perform.

The lights went low and the stage lit up.  I was in awe of the set.  I could tell that a lot of time went into building the scenery.  Everything was so captivating. When the first act began, I was blown away.  My mild-mannered Energizer Bunny, was transformed into a madman right before my eyes.  It was almost surreal.

 This had to be the best performance, outside of Broadway, of Phantom of the Opera that I had ever seen.  At the end of the show, the actors got a standing ovation.  When Chris came out on stage for his bow, the crowd went wild.  His performance was exceptional.  He was extremely funny and his character was a very sexy villain.  I was so proud that tears spilled out onto my cheeks.  I was even more happy when he looked at me from the stage and winked.

The actors exited the stage and I needed to get out of there as soon as possible.  I pushed past all of the people to get to the exit.  Chris would be expecting me to meet him after the show, but I needed to set up my little surprise back at my room.

I was so glad that we got through the first show.  The crowd responded well and I  knew every other show from here on was going to be great.  I was so happy to see Cameron in the front row.  He was truly my focal point throughout the whole performance.  Now that it was over, I was going to spend some time alone with my baby.

I went back stage and  Molly handed me a  black envelope with gold writing on it.  I looked at her strangely and she shrugged her shoulders with a confused look.  "Cameron told me to give this to you."

I opened up the letter and there was a key tapped to the black paper and the gold words jumped at me, "I will be waiting for you in my room.  Congratulations.  Yours forever, C.

I felt my heart jump with excitement.  Cameron and I had only been going out for two months, but I loved him since August.  He was beautiful and alluring.  There was a certain sexiness about him that was almost feminine, but he was totally all man.  "Damn I can't wait to see him."  I thought while almost walking into a wall.

After smiling at the people that were laughing at my mishap, I ran the rest of the way to Cameron's dorm.  I eagerly ran to catch up with the RA who was letting himself inside of the building.

"Hey Chris.  Man, that was an awesome performance tonight."  Billy praised.

"Thanks!"  I said bolting past Billy running down the hall.

Cameron lived on the first floor in the corner of the building. It was nice because it was kind of secluded and there weren't tons of people in your business.  As I approached his door I could here very soft music playing in the background.

On the door knob there was a single rose and a note that said, "I'm waiting inside."  I was about to knock when I realized I had the key .  I anxiously slipped the key inside and opened the door. I wasn't prepared for what was waiting for me.

Chris just stood there with a blank look on his face.  He was speechless and that was a rarity.

Before the show, I had spent much of the afternoon preparing for his congratulatory dinner.  Since my roommate was going to be at a family members wedding for the weekend, I had the whole room to myself.  I cleaned everything from top to bottom and I had Billy put Jared's bed in the storage closet next to my room.  In it's place, a table with two chairs was set up.  The theme of the evening was black and gold.  There were black and gold balloons, napkins and candles.  It was truly a scene out of a prom.  Not to mention, that my bed had black satin sheets and gold satin pillow cases.  In addition to the decor, I had cooked a meal good enough for royalty.

This dinner was especially special to me, because it gave us an opportunity to be ourselves.  We always had to watch we did and said in public.  Because I was "out," It was hard on Chris.  I spent a lot of time pretending to be a side kick and he spent a lot of time explaining to his friends that he and I were just friends.  Tonight it would be just about us being together.

Chris walked into the room and dropped his bags on the floor.  I walked slowly towards him and pulled him close.  "Surprise baby.  Con..."  Before I could congratulate him his lips silenced me.  The kiss was eager, but it was also tender and loving.  "I guess you like the surprise." I said totally out of breathe.

Chris looked at me with watery eyes and stared at me for a couple of seconds.  The dark brown portals to his soul spoke volumes.  I was being bombarded by so much love.

"Cameron, baby.  This is the nicest thing that anyone has ever done for me."

I kissed away each of the tears that slid down his face and looked back into those beautiful eyes.  "Oh Chris.  Don't cry sweetie.  I love you.  I'll do anything for you."

He smiled as I led him to his seat at the table.  His temperament immediately turned to that of a child as I served him dinner.  He was so excited and happy.  I think he was about to bounce out of his seat.  I thought twice about serving dessert because the sugar would just make him that much more energetic.

The evening was going well.  We greedily ate the chicken parmigiana with pasta, indulged in the the cool crisp taste of the white wine and stared intently at each other.  I was going to have to thank Molly later for getting the wine from the store.   The burning candles and incense, accompanied by the soulful mix of some of my favorite artist, set a romantic mode.  Chris got out of his seat and stood in front of me.  The smell of his cologne and sweat sent my hormones into over drive.

"May I have this dance."  Chris asked

"Of course."

Chris grabbed me into his arms and we swayed back and forth to the music.  His strong hands rested comfortably on my hips and I was in heaven.  This was my first slow dance with a guy and I never wanted it to end.  The moment and the wine had me dizzy.

I rested my head on his shoulder and dreamed of holding him forever.  I knew that this was my guy and I wanted to give him everything.  Tonight I was finally going to give him me.

Chris and I hadn't had sex yet. To be honest, I was a virgin and I was waiting for the right time and the right person.  Right here with Chris was perfect.  He was everything I wanted and I was going to let him make love to me tonight.

While we moved in a little circle and found comfort in the melodic sounds pouring out of the stereo.  I placed small kisses on his neck.  The sighs and the whimpers were arousing and encouraged me to do more.  I flicked my tongue quickly across one of his ear lobes and he groaned and pressed his crotch against me and I could feel his throbbing member swelling.

I continued my assault on his neck and continued to lick and probe at his ear.  The more I explored, the more excited he became.  Our slow dance quickly turned into a heated make-out session.

"Cameron."  Chris whispered in my ear


"If you don't stop, I am not going to be responsible for what happens.  You are driving me crazy."  he moaned

"I am yours tonight.  You can have what ever you want--including me."

Chris paused and looked into my eyes.  He found nothing but sincerity.  I really wanted him.

"Are you sure?  I know you want to wait.  Believe me, I want you badly, but I don't want to rush."

"Chris.  I can't make you wait.  I can't wait anymore.  I wanted you since the first day I met you."

His lips found there way back to mine, sending me into a frenzy.  Chris slowly lowered me onto my bed, while he skillfully undressed me, our lips never broke contact.

I laid there in nothing but boxers and they were doing very little to contain my "excitement."

Chris slowly and seductively stripped for me.  He was so adorable and sexy as he pumped his hips to the music.  As each article of clothing dropped to the floor I whopped and howled, egging him to take it all off.  Soon, he was standing in nothing but boxers, wiggling his eyebrows at me.

I was terribly excited and I wanted to see all of him.
I beckoned for him to come closer and i slowly lowered his underwear past his hips and the surprise was overwhelming.  I couldn't stop gawking at his healthy member.

I could tell that he was pleased with my response to his size because he was sporting the biggest smile I had ever seen.

"What's so funny?"  I asked


"Don't let it go to your head."  I whispered

I thought I was going to be to embraced to see his body and to have him see mine, but my passion took control and I didn't have time to worry.  I inched my face closer to his member and he closed his eyes in anticipation.  I closed my mouth around the head and swirled my tongue around the tip.  I could taste the pre cum.  It was a sweet nectar and I loved it.

Chris arched his back and begin to thrust forward.  I lowered my head and tried to engulf as much of him as possible, but I only made it half way down the beautiful nine inches.

For a few seconds, I relished in the taste and aroma of his manhood. It was intoxicating and I loved the way his legs wobbled when I took him into my mouth.  Quickly, Chris withdrew from my mouth and snatched my boxers off my body.  He then, jumped in the bed and swallowed me half way.
I felt like I was going to explode, but I held back.  This was a new sensation and I wanted the pleasure to last.

I took Chris in my mouth and we both worked at each other vigorously while in the 69 position.  I surprised myself because I almost had all of him down my throat.  The sweat, the sounds, the taste and the feeling was to much for me.  "Chris.  I am going to cum."  I moaned.

"Me to baby."

We simultaneously climaxed into each other's mouth.  I instinctively swallowed, hungrily ingesting all of his milk.  Chris crawled into my arms and we both laid there spent.

"Chris.  I love you."
"I love you too Cam. I love you even more for ending my drought."  He joked.

Our lips meet and I tasted myself.  It was erotic.  The mixture of both fluids collided as we kissed passionately, creating a potent cocktail.  I was quickly getting turned on and I let my hands explore his body.

My fingers glided across his nipples and pinched delicately until both hardened.  I could feel Chris' nature rising again.

I released his lips and started deeply into those beautiful brown pools

"Chris.  Will you make love to me?"

"Are you sure?"  He asked nervously


He didn't need to respond because his body language conveyed his passion.  I reached under my pillow and pulled out some lube.

"Chris.  I am glad that my first time is going to be with you.  I can't think of anyone that I would rather have as my first."

"I will be so gentle with you.  I promise Cameron.  I love you and I would never hurt you intentionally."  He whispered "Do you have condoms."

"Condoms?  Oh, Condoms.  Damn I knew I forgot something." I said, scolding myself

"I don't have any.  I wasn't expecting us to...I've never had sex with out one." Chris said worriedly.

"I guess we just found something else that we have in common since I've never had sex."  I joked "Honestly Chris, don't worry.  We can make love another night."

"Do you trust me Cam."



"Do you mind if we don't use one."


Chris squirted some lube onto his hand.  While kissing on my neck, he inserted a finger.  My body tried to reject it, but he pushed forward.  It actually felt good as I could feel him inside of me.  As he trailed his way down to my nipples, I barley felt him insert the second finger.  By the time he took my penis in his mouth, I was in heaven and didn't feel the third.

"Are you ready?"

"Yes."  I said eagerly.

Chris spread my legs and put them on his shoulders.  After lubing himself up, I could feel the tip of his penis against my hole.  I looked up into those eyes and I felt nothing but love.  I relaxed and prepared myself.

Chris placed his hand on me and begin to stroke.  With the lube, it felt incredible.

"You like that baby?"  He grunted

"Yes."  I moaned.

My head was thrown back and I let the pleasure wash over my body.  I wouldn't last much longer if he kept this up.

All the time that Chris was jerking me, he was slowly pushing forward.  I felt the fat mushroom head penetrate past the initial ring of muscle.  Then, I felt his hand speed up.  I moaned and thrashed as Chris pumped at my opening and jerked at the same time.  The pain was minimal and I opened up with each thrust.

"Ahhhh!."  I moaned with a mix of pain and pleasure.

Chris continued to push forward while he massaged my cock.  It was hard to concentrate on the pain when he was such and expert at helping me concentrate on the pleasure.  He placed soft kisses on my face, forehead, neck and my chest.  I was being stimulated in so many ways.  My senses were on overload.  He continuously thrusted forward with short pumps.  Soon, I felt his soft pubic hair pressed against me.

I opened my eyes and Chris was frozen, eyes closed and and his lips were clenched shut.  I stayed as still as possible and tried to relax.  Chris had stopped jerking me and we just laid there for a moment getting used to each other's body.

"Are you ok, Chris."  I asked softly

"Cam.  This is so amazing.  You are so ti...I am not going to last that long on this round." Chris joked.

"What!  Are you kidding?  This didn't hurt as bad as I thought, but I am not doing this again.  At least not tonight."  I quickly corrected myself.

"I am just kidding baby.  Are you ready?" He said somewhat appealingly

I just nodded.  Chris slowly withdrew, leaving only the fat mushroom head inside of me.  When he pushed back inside, I screamed."

"Baby are you ok?"  He asked frantically

I laid there silently and allowed my lips to curl into a smile.  "I am fine.  I think you found my spot."  I cooed

"Oh.  You mean this?"  He said, withdrawing and thrusting in quickly.

"AAAHHH!  Yes!"

He didn't need any more encouragement.  He made love to me slow and sweetly.  We sucked on each other's lips and the kisses intensified with each thrust.

"Harder."  I encouraged.

The quick deep thrusts sent me into the sky.  I couldn't even see straight.  Sweat dripped from Chris' face as he drilled into my welcoming body.  The friction and the moisture from our bodies was driving me insane.  I knew that I was going to cum soon.

"I...I'm coming baby. I am--AAAAHHHHH"  I screamed before I could say another word.

My innards tightened around Chris when i came.  Two thrusts later, I could feel my insides filling with his seed.  The feeling was unbelievable.

Chris fell on top of me and wrapped me in his arms in a very tight hug.  I could feel his heart pounding against me.  It was a feeling that could get use to.

It was also a feeling that I would learn to miss.

"Wow."  he exhaled.

"Yeah.  I know what you mean."  I said, placing a tender kiss on his lips.

Chris in I laid in bed, basking in the after-glow.  Soon, our breathing subsided and we came down from the sexual high that we were on.

"What do you say we take a shower and nuke the leftovers."  Chris whispered in my ear.

"Sounds like a plan to me."

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