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Second Time Around, Part 3

                                                                                          By Joseph Wallace

It was a perfect day.  The spring air was pungent with warmth and fresh flowers. Children dressed in little skirts and slacks scurried around playing tag while the parents exchanged greetings.  Yeah, this was my favorite time of the year and today had an extra special meaning.

"Christopher Alan Kirkpatrick!"  The president of the college bellowed over the microphone.

Chris danced onto the stage, snatched the parchment paper from the President's hand and gave the unsuspecting man a big hug.  Every one laughed, including the President.  With "Graduation or Bust" on the back of his robe, Chris strutted across the stage, wallowing in all the applause.

My parents, My 10 year old sister Isabel, Chris' mom, his siblings and I all stood at the top of the hill near the amphitheater where the graduation was being held.  The sweltering sun shone down on our backs and we each breathed a sigh of relief when Chris received his degree.  It was a proud moment for all us, especially Chris; however, we were glad that the ceremony was coming to an end.

As we made our way to a shaded area, I begin to think of all of the special moments that we shared on campus and all of the wild places we made love.  This day was truly one that was bittersweet.

"Cam?  Cameron are you there?"  Beverly, Chris' mom waved in front of my face.

"Oh Yeah.  I am sorry.  I just zoned for a second."

"Ok.  I just wanted to make sure you were all right."

"Never mind him Bev.  He just has a lot on his mind."  My mom said, giving my shoulder a comforting squeeze.

"I can imagine with Chris graduating and all.  Don't worry Cameron, that boy loves you to death.  You two are good for each other."  Beverly said with a smirk.

"Wh..What do you mean?"  I said nervously.

"Come on Cameron.  I pride myself in being a very understanding and modern woman.  Do you think that you and Chris' relationship would go unseen by a mother's eye."  Beverly replied through laughter.

At this point the temperature seemed to sky rocket to 100 degrees.  Both my parents and Beverly were laughing at how uncomfortable and stunned I looked.

"Cameron.  Don't worry sweetheart.  You are a part of my family and love you.  You and Chris are good together.  You help ground him.  I am very happy that you are my sons partner."  Beverly said with ease.

I didn't know whether to jump for joy or run for cover.  I was happy that Beverly was so understanding, but I was also very aware that Chris wasn't ready for his mother to know.

"Be...Beverly you can't tell Chris that you know.  He will think that I told you and he will be so upset because he isn't ready for you to know and he thinks you will respond harshly..."

"Honey, slow down."  Beverly interrupted  "Don't worry.  When I speak to him, I will just let him know what I've noticed.  I won't even tell him that I spoke to you.  You just have to act surprised when he talks to you."

"Ok."  I sighed with relief.

A couple of feet away, I saw Chris approaching us.  I could tell he was still on a high as he glided  through the crowd.

"What's up peeps?  Are we ready to go?"

"Yes!"  I said eagerly

My parents and Beverly continued to laugh while collecting the kids and making our way to the parking lot.

"What was that all about?"  Chris asked.

"Oh nothing.  They just think I am spacey."

"That is ok because you are my space cadet."  Chris said.

The drive back to my house was quick and quiet.  I was deep in thought and Chris was napping.  He had had a rough night of partying.  Then, he had to wake up early for the ceremony.  I was glad to have this moment of down time, because we were having a big graduation party for Chris that night.

Mom and Dad were nice enough to let me use the pool house for a the party.  I was able to get rid of my them and my sister for the day, but my dad forbade me to use the main house for anything.  He said he would rather die.

While we were at the graduation, a crew of caterers and custodians whipped the house into shape.
When we arrived, I noticed a lot of of the folks were packing up and leaving.  Chris woke up after I turned the engine off and gave me a very cute puppy dog look.

"Sweetie, why don't you go upstairs to my room and sleep while I go check on the party stuff."

"Will you come up and keep me company when you are done."  He said in a baby's voice.

"Yes.  You know I can't stay away from my man for to long."

After giving my butt a squeeze, Chris made his way up to my room and I went out back to check on things.  I was so surprised to see that everything was basically set.  The food was being laid out and the pool house was all decorated.

The small stage was in place and the band was already setting up their equipment.

"Hey Cameron!" Anthony, the guitarist yelled across the pool.

"What's up Ant?"

"Are you ready for tonight?"

"As ready as I can be!"  I said before waving and walking back in the house.

I needed a major nap before all the guest arrived.  Chris was already snoring in the middle of my bed.  He looked so cute stripped down to his boxers and t-shirt.  I started to shuffle around, taking off my clothes when I heard him say, "Hurry up.  I want to hold you" in a groggy voice.

Not needing that much encouragement.  I jumped in the bed and he pulled me into a tight hug.
With his head resting on my chest, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and happiness.  There was no where else I wanted to be at that moment.


"Huh?"  Chris mumbled into my chest.

"I am proud of you."  I said pulling him closer and running my fingers through his newly trimmed hair.

"Good, because I never want to disappoint you.  I love you."

In retrospect, I am still not disappointed in him.

"I love you too."  I said before drifting off to sleep.

Party Time

The party was off to a good start.  People started arriving around 6 PM.  The DJ was already spinning music and people already started to drink and eat.

By 8 PM, the place was packed and it looked like a scene right out of MTV Spring Break!  People were making out, this girl started to flash people and almost everyone was dancing.
I was busy running around making sure that everything was in order for Chris' surprise.  Of course he knew about the party and the band, but he had no idea that there was going to be a special performance dedicated to him.  Well sort of dedicated to him.

The DJ stopped the music and the band stared to warm up and do sound check.  Chris and Joey found their way over to the stage where I was standing.

"What's up Cam."  Joey said grabbing me in a bear hug.

"I think you are up or is that a pipe in your pocket."  I said in a serious tone.

Joey immediately let go and looked down at his crotch.

"What evah, loser.  You wish you could make the JoJo stand at attention."

"Calm down Joey.  I don't want to have to kick your ass for messing with my boy."  Chris said

"Why aren't you guys out there playing pool war?"  I asked.

"We wanted to get a good spot next the stage and next to the snacks."  Joey said, cramming a sandwich in his mouth.

I chilled with the guys for a couple of minutes when Anthony invited me on to the stage.

" I will see you guys after the show."

"Where are you going?"  Chris asked.

"I am going to introduce the act, silly."

I got on stage and prayed to God that I didn't faint from anxiety.

"Testing...Testing!"  I spoke into the mike.

"Hey Class of 1996!!!!  What's up!!!  I want to thank you all for coming here tonight and celebrating your recent accomplishment.  I am proud of all of you and surprised that some of you actually stopped drinking long enough to graduate.  We have a special surprise tonight.  The band is going to play a couple of sets, so lets give it up for Tragic Beauty!!!"

The crowd begin the howl and hoop.  I was nervous but excited all at the same time.  Since I never sang in front of anyone, including Chris, no one realized that I was about the perform.

"The name of this song is called Triumph and it is dedicated to all of you, but it is especially for a very special person."

The music started with the guitar and the keyboards then the drums joined.  The song was a ballad with a rock twist.  The sweat stared to pour from my face as I looked out into the crowd.  Chris and Joey stood at the foot of the stage staring at me with bulging eyes.  .

The earth may quake
Time could stand still
But none of that matters
Because what we have is for real
A clown might frown
Oh what a tragedy that would be
But you leaving, is an even greater catastrophe
I know that it is going to be hard, but we have to try
To keep our love for one another alive.....

Distance may separate us, but in our hearts we know what's true
There is nothing in this world to stop me from loving you.

As soon as I started singing, I closed my eyes.  I guess I was a little nervous at first, but all of that soon passed.  The song poured out of me with all of my heart.  The song may have been for everyone, but all of the emotion was for my man.  When I finally opened my eyes I was glad to see that people were enjoying the song.

Some were slow dancing while other's just swayed by themselves.  A lot of people that I was friends with just gave me that  "I didn't know you could sang" look.  Chris moved to a lounge chair with his eyes locked on me.  He had this pensive look on his face accompanied by tear stained cheeks.  Ours eyes met and I immediately had to turn away because I could feel his heart beating.  It was crazy, but I could feel the love and I knew I would lose it if I didn't look away.   Joey noticed our energy and gave me a smile.  I immediately turned my focus back to the song.

There's no turning back now
from the paths that we must take
In order to grow baby, we must separate
But as long as the world is round
And I can pick up a phone.
Where ever you go, you won't have to be alone
If i could scream it out in the streets, I'd do it with out a care
I'd give a speech in front of millions just as long as you're there
I know that it is going to be hard, but we have to try
To keep our love for one another alive.....

Distance may separate us, but in our hearts we know what's true
There is nothing in this world to stop me from loving you.
You are mine for ever and if I lost you no telling what I would do
There is nothing in this world to stop me from loving you.

As long as I'm alive, you will always have sanctuary from your fears
As long as I breathe, you won't have to cry any tears.
Some may think I'm crazy and that may be true
Cause I all that I am is for you!

I love you
I love you
This is true...

There is nothing in this world to stop me
From loving you!

The music came to a fade and I soaked myself in the applause.  I hadn't sang in front of people in a while and this was truly a reason to do it more often.  I felt great.  Not only because everyone really appreciated the music, but because the reason behind it was so genuine.

I walked out into the crowd and chatted with a couple of folks, making my way to Joey.

"Hey Joe.  What is up?  What did you think?"

"Cameron, Man.  I don't know what to say.  You have an awesome fucking voice.  I didn't even know you could sang."

"Yeah.  It isn't something that I usually do in front of people.  I have been singing and playing instruments since forever."

"Well you rock.  The little man couldn't even take it.  He lost it and went upstairs."

"What!  I gotta go..."

"Don't worry.  He is ok.  He just loves the hell out of you.  I think it just hit him."

I gave Joey a hug for being such a good friend, then I went in the house to find Chris.

When I went upstairs I crept into my room.  Chris was laying on his stomach with his back to the door.

I eased in the bed next to him and he didn't even look up at me.

"Why didn't you tell me you could sang?"  he asked in a strained voice.

"I wanted it to be a surprise.  Did you like it?"  I asked a little worried.

Chris finally turned towards me and I could see how red his eyes were from crying.

"Liked it?  Are you kidding baby?  I loved it and I love you."  He said sucking in my bottom lip and kissing me passionately.

"I've been in two other serious relationships in my life.  One was with this girl Martha in high school and the other was with Dani, but nothing compares to the love that you have given me in the last nine months.  I mean, before we were even dating you had me."  How did you do it?  Chris said with his face nuzzled in my neck.

"I don't know.  It started out as me just loving you as a friend.  At least that is what I told myself.  Slowly but surely I realized that you were it.  You were the one."  I whispered into his ear

Chris' lips found mine and I could feel the waves of energy streaming through us.  I had never felt this connected with anyone and it was amazing.  We laid that way for what seemed like an eternity.  We just laid there kissing and staring into each other's eyes.  At that moment, I was very happy and I could tell he was too.

"I have one more gift for you."

"Don't you think that we should wait for everyone to leave."  He said wiggling his eyebrows.

"We are going to do that later.  I have something else."

"You know you are going to spoil me?"

"I think you are already spoiled."

I got out of the bed and walked over to the bureau.  Inside the draw was a little tiny box wrapped in gold paper and black ribbon.  I went back over to the bed and handed the box to Chris.  His eyes lit up like a child's and he said "You even got it wrapped in our colors."

He wasted no time in ripping the paper off and opening the box.  Inside was a sterling silver chain.  Attached to the chain was a piece of onyx shaped like a heart, surrounded by a band of silver.  In the front of the heart, etched inside of the onyx was an infinity symbol

"I got onyx because it reminds me of  your eyes  The silver is purity.  It represents our love.  The infinity sign represents our bond.  We sill be together for ever" I said

"Oh Cameron.  What did I do to deserve you?  Thank you for showing me how special I am to you.  Man, you are the only one that knows how to get to me."

"I love you Chris and I am yours for ever."

Our lips meet in a very eager and hungry kiss.  If there was ever a moment that I wanted Chris more then breathe, it was right now.  I wouldn't feel complete until he made love to me right here and now.

My hands explored his whole body and I could feel him aching for a release.  I didn't have to ask him to take me because he needed this closeness also.  Chris quickly and anxiously pushed our trunks down past our ankles and kicked them on the floor.  There was no time to stop for anything.  I could feel his spit soaked fingers entering me.  I arched my back and pushed forward anticipating the prize.  I raised my legs up so that he could place them on this shoulders.  Every inch of my body was screaming for his touch and I couldn't  wait to feel him deep inside me.

Chris pressed the head of his throbbing meat against my hole and my body invited him to dive deeper.  The first shove allowed a third to enter me. "AHHH." we moaned in unison while I lowered my legs and wrapped them around his torso.

Chris withdrew and pushed himself in deeper.  I could feel his body coming closer and I yearned to feel the rest of him inside.

"Take me baby."  I groaned, sucking on his ear.

The jabs came quick and powerful.  I sucked on his shoulder to keep my cries muffled.  Somewhere in the heat of passion, our shirts were taken off.

Chris grabbed at my shoulders and stabbed at my opening furiously.  The bed jumped making a noise that we didn't care about.  After all, everyone should be outside.  I hope.

I spit on my hand and begin to jack off in time with his thrust.  Chris pulled my hands away and took over.  My mind begin to expand and contract.  I felt like I was tripping!  I was going to explode and I could feel Chris's body tense.

"I love you"  we both said in a strained groan as our bodies climaxed.

For five minutes, we just laid there.  We couldn't move.  If our skin touched, one of us was going to scream.  Finally we just looked at each other, kissed and burst out in a fit of laughter.

"We better get in the shower, huh?"  Chris motioned towards the bathroom.

"Yeah.  People are going to get suspicious if the guest of honor and the host are missing."  I said.

Chris and I showered quickly and threw on our clothes.  I didn't want people to see us together, so I sent him out first.  Five minutes later, I came out with a platter of sandwiches.  No one questioned my wear abouts, they just grabbed the food and started eating.

"So where were you two?"  Joey asked sarcastically.

"Who?  I was in the kitchen preparing sandwiches."  I said with an evil grin.

"Yeah right."  Joey said taking the platter and begin passing out the sandwiches.

I saw Chris in the distance talking to some of his friends that were in the music business and were interested in helping him get a group started.  Unbeknownst to them, he gave me a quick wink.  I smiled and plopped in a lounge chair with a sandwich and a daiquiri.  One of his associates was this round guy that sweat profusely.  He kept staring at me and smiling.  I had seen him some place before, but I just couldn't put my finger on it.

The rest the evening was a blast.  Joey and Chris jumped on stage and sang "Born In the USA" with the band.  It was hilarious.  People finally started to leave at 3 AM.  In addition to the rest of the party staff, my parents also hired a shuttle bus to take people home.  There would be no DWIs in this bunch!

By the time the clean up crew got everything in order, it was 4 AM.  I was tired, but glad that I didn't have to clean anything up.  So what if my family owned me until forever!  Chris was happy and the party was the bomb!

Joey, Chris and I fell on the couch in the pool house and practically fainted.  It had truly been a good day.

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