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Second Time Around, Part 4
By Joseph Wallace

No one Else but you

It was June and the day was sweltering.  I was working as my mother's assistant for the summer which was great.  Mom was an entertainment lawyer and she had some really cool clients and I got a lot of exposure to the business.  Most of the stuff she did was contractual agreements, but we often got to go to concerts, do lunch and attend award shows.  It sounds like peaches and cream, but not everyone has to work for my mom.

When it came to work, my mom was no joke.  I had to call her Ms. Campidenico in the office.  She had a name in the industry and it was Battle Ax because she always got what she wanted and not even the top record companies or management teams messed with her or her clients.  When I told her I was interested in possibly performing, she thought a job on the other side would educate me about the in's and out's.  Boy was she right.

Today I was typing notes that I took from a meeting we had with Arista and a new artist that we were representing.  The air conditioning in our office was on the blitz, so it was very hot and the repair people weren't working fast enough.  In addition to working me like a race horse, my mother mandated that I wear business attire.  EWWW!  Long sleeve shirts and ties are not very warm-weather friendly.  What ever happened to nepotism?

"Here.  You look like you could use a drink."

When I turned around to see who was the person that put the water on my desk, it was one of the repairmen.  He was cute as hell and thought I noticed him checking me out earlier.

"Thanks, Ah..."

"Randy.  My name is Randy."  He said extending his hand.

"Oh.  I am..."

"You are Cameron, right?"

"Yeah, what are you psychic or something?"

"No.  I just know how to read."  He said pointing at the name plate that sat on my desk."

"Smart Ass."  I said with a chuckle.

"Hey.  I am the guy that gave you the water."  He said throwing his hands up in surrender.

"This is nice cushy job for the summer.  How did you manage to snag it."  he asked.

"I am working as my mother's assistant and believe me, it is harder then it sounds."

"I know what you mean.  I work for my old man and he is crazy.  He doesn't know how to say no.
This is already the third call that we have been on this morning and it is only 9:30 AM.  I must say that you being here makes this appointment the most enjoyable call."

"Oh Really.  How so?"  I said, deciding to push this a little.

"Well, it isn't everyday that I get to give water to a cute guy."

At this point I was really blushing.  Here was this adonis leaning against my desk flirting his ass off.  Now, I am completely in love with Chris, but I wasn't an idiot.  I knew when someone was cute.

Randy had a nice build.  The tight fitting tee with the logo of his father's business, left little to the imagination.  He squatted down next to me and put his arm around my chair.  I could smell the musky scent and feel heat emanating from his body.  I felt really guilty, but this guy was kinda turning me on.

Damn it was hot today.  I hope the flowers don't wilt before I can get them to Cameron.  It was close to lunch time and I wanted to surprise him and take him out for a bite to eat.  I was fortunate enough to have the next two days off.  Singing with the accapella group at Disney was fantastic.  Not only did Joey and I get a chance to stretch the old vocal cords, but it has opened to many doors for us.  The downside, was that the performance schedule with the accapella group was crazy.  Because it was summer, everyone was vacationing and coming to Disney.  We had like over 12 performances in a day.  I was glad to be off and even more glad to see my boy.

We hadn't been seeing eye to eye lately and for good reason.  I know that keeping our relationship a secret was getting to Cameron, but what was I supposed to do.  My life was really changing in so many ways.  I was going to be a star soon.  Lou Pearlman, the manager of the Backstreet Boys, saw me perform and we have been talking about forming an all male pop group.  Joey was already a part of it.  We even found two other guys who just so happened to be ex members of the Mouseketters.  Lou was interviewing another guy today.  Someone from Mississippi.  I was so excited.  I just wish I could have my cake and eat it too.

When I walked into the office, I noticed that the temperature didn't change much.  It was still hot as hell.  There were a couple of repairmen walking around, so I assumed that they were working on the air-conditioning.

I walked to where Cameron's office was and there was one of the repair guys talking to him.  He seemed a little to close for my taste.  No one noticed me so I decided to surprise Cameron and sneak up on him.  As I got closer.  I could hear them chatting.

"So Cameron.  What do I have to do to take you to lunch?"  The guy with the big head asked.

"Well, I guess we could go to lunch as friends, but nothing more.  My 'friend' wouldn't like it." Cameron said with an emphasis on friend.

For some reason, when Cameron said friend I got really pissed off.  I was more then some 'friend,'  I was his lover!

Initially, I had no intentions of letting the comment bother me, but the repair guy with the big head said something that pissed me off even more!

"Well, your 'friend' isn't around.  Maybe you and I could be more then friends."  The repair guy whispered into Cameron's ear.

"What the fuck is going on?!"  I interrupted.

Cameron and the big-headed guy turned around, shocked to see me standing there.

"C...C...Chris.  I didn't know you were stopping by."  Cameron said nervously.

The repair guys stood-up from his crouching position and backed himself up against the file cabinet.

"I have the next two days off and I thought we could spend some time together.  Maybe I was wrong.  Maybe you can let him take you to fucking lunch since I am just a friend."  I said glaring at the big-headed guy.

"Oh God." I thought.  "What have I gotten myself into."

Chris could really be a little pistol when he wanted and I could see that he wasn't going to let this one go easily.

I stood up, to get in front of him and Randy, but Chris beat me to the punch.  Before I know it, Chris was all up in Randy's face.

"Let me tell you something buddy, Cameron is taken.  Make sure you stay the hell away from him!!"  Chris yelled.

"Look man, I don't want any problems.  Cameron said he just had a friend, so I assumed he was free.  No disrespect intended."  Randy said squeezing past Chris and backing out of the room.

Chris swung around and gave me death glare.  In all the time we have dated, we had never had a fight or even an argument.  This time, I knew he was really upset with me.

"Here are the flowers that I thought you might appreciate."  Chris said throwing the long-stemmed roses on the desk.  "Maybe your other man can get you some flowers next time!"

Chris turned on his heels and was about to walk out of my office when I jumped up and slammed the door.

"Chris.  Don't you even try to walk out that damn door!  You know I only love you and you are going to act like an ass because I called you my friend.  What is that all about?!"  I yelled.

"Cameron, friends don't make love to each other.  I can't believe that you were letting that guy flirt with you.  If I did something like that you would kill me!  You could have least told him that you had a BOYFRIEND and not just some FRIEND.  That shit really hurts."  Chris said with his eyes starting to mist.

"I thought that was the way you wanted it. You said we had to be discreet now that you were starting a group.  Don't you think I wanted to tell him.  I am sorry if I flirted with him, but you know I love you."

"So you admit that you were flirting?"  Chris asked through squinted eyes.

"Chris, it was harmless.  You know I would never do anything to hurt you."  I said with my eyes starting to water.

"Yeah whatevah!  Dani said the same thing, but that didn't stop her from doing it.  Maybe I just don't deserve to be in a relationship."  Chris said before he broke down and started sobbing.

I was so hurt that I didn't know what to do.  Some how I had caused Chris to be upset and it made me feel terrible.  I ran and grabbed him in a tight embrace and he held me like I was his life support.

"I am so sorry Cameron.  I know that things have been rough on us lately.  I promise t...to make it up to you."

"Baby.  You don't have to make anything up to me.  If anything, I should be making things up to you.  I had no right to flirt with that guy, but Chris you have to know that there is no one else for me.  I haven't spent the last 10 months loving you for nothing.  You complete me and I know that we can over come anything."

" I just felt like I was losing you.  Between working and getting this group together, we haven't had much time for each other."

"I understand.  Just don't be afraid to talk to me. Also, you should know how passionate I am about you."  I said kissing away the remainder of his tears."

"Wow.  I must have act like an asshole just now." Chris said through a strained chuckle.

"Actually, it was kind of hot.  I never saw you like that before.  It was like you were marking your territory."

"Well, it is survival of the fittest and I have chosen my prize."  Chris said grabbing my waist.

"Ok He Man.  Are we getting out of here or what?"

Instead of going to a restaurant for lunch, we decided to go back to my house I called my mom and told her that I wasn't feeling well.  She said that I could take the rest of the day off if I finished typing up the notes.  I sped through the remaining pages and made the necessary corrections.

By the time I was done, Randy and his crew were on their way out.  Thank goodness, because I wanted to get out of there.

I quickly locked everything up and we walked out to the parking lot and jumped into the car.

"I see you have Joey's car today.  What happened to Ole Betsy?"

"Like you said, Betsy is old.  I took Joey's car because of the air conditioning and he has to work today, so he won't be needing it."

"Good."  I said before pulling him into a very passionate kiss after making sure no one was around.

"Wow.  You know you are going to be in trouble when we get back to your house?" Chris said in a sexy tone.

"I hope so because I can't deal with our schedules.  I am a boy with needs.  I haven't seen you in almost a week."

"What are you talking about.  You came over to our place the other night."

"Please Chris, you went to sleep and didn't even talk to me.  I hardly call that quality time."

"Baby.  I was really tired and I had a bad day. You being there made me feel better."  Chris said with a pout.

I swear, that boy could make me do anything.  Just a gesture sends me into heaven.

Sometimes, I wish things were still that way

I smiled unwillingly and Chris' grin begin to spread across his face.  I wanted to be mad, but I just let it go.

We drove to my house in a comfortable silence, holding hands. Despite everything,  I was happy he was here today.

It was hot, humid and very sticky.  We both ran into the house, praying that icicles were hanging from the ceiling, but settled for cool air. My parents were both away for the next week.  My mom had to fly up to New York City for a couple of meetings while dad checked on a couple of restaurants they owned.  I was glad to be left alone with my man.

Chris was looking particularly sexy since he cut his hair into a short bob.  I watched him as he shuffled around, getting lunch out of the kitchen.  He whipped up some sandwiches and found some potato salad.  I stripped to my wife-beater and boxers and lounged in the den.

"If you don't stop flaunting your stuff, I am going to eat you instead."  Chris said huskily while making weird biting faces.

"That won't be happening today.  I am tired and a little sore from the dance class I've been taking."

"What?!  I mean...poor baby.  Daddy will give you a massage later."  Chris said with a slight hint of disappointment in his voice.

Of course I was just kidding, but I wanted to play with his mind.  We hadn't been intimate in a week.  I know he was in need.

Since I started working out and taking the dance classes, my body was toning up really nicely.  I was also playing basket ball with the band in between practicing.  I notice Chris giving me a lingering stare.  I got up and stretched, letting the shirt lift and reveal nice abs.  Then I bent over.  I could hear Chris swallowing.

When I looked up, Chris was staring right through me and his hand was unknowingly massaging his crotch.  I was having so much fun being a tease that I took off my t-shirt.

"W...Why did you do that?"  Chris asked.

"I am just so tired of  clothing after being cooped up in that office all day." I said coyly

We sat on the floor in the living room and just chatted about everything.  Ocassionly, I would lift my leg, stretch it in a vertical position and hold it.  All of the muscles flexed in my leg and I know he loved to see my legs pulled back like that.

Chris kept shuffling and adjusting himself.  I knew he wouldn't be able to control himself very long.  Hell, I wouldn't be able to control myself much longer.

We finished eating and I suggested we go and take a nap.  We raced to my room and he beat me by least then an inch.

"You cheated!  You had a head start!"  I said out of breathe

"What ever, you just can't keep up with the old man."

"Whatevah."  I said as i begin taking off my underwear.

Chris watched me and begin to get this real eager look on his face.  I laid in bed and watched him as he undressed real quickly.  When he was done, I opened my arms and invited him into the bed.  He jumped in and immediately started to kiss and touch me.  It was so difficult and I was about to give in, but the game was so much more fun.

"Chris."  I wined  "I am tired honey.  Remember?"  I said with a mock yawn and pushed him lightly

He looked at me like a deer caught in head lights.  "Are you serious?"

"Yeah.  I am beat.  Could you just hold me."

Chris wrapped his arms around me as we spooned.  I could fell him stiffening.  I decided to move around a bit and rub my butt against his throbbing hard on.  After a minute, I could hear small whimpers escape from his lips.

The head of his penis was right against my crack.  I moved around a little so that more of it was resting between my warmth. With a sharp thrust, he could be completely inside of me.  I knew I was torturing him, so I begin to make light snoring sounds to keep up the facade.

"Cameron?  Cam, are you awake?"

I just moaned and pushed back a little more.  I know he was in agony.  Chris just laid there trying to be good.  I knew this one last thing would drive him over the edge.  I begin to clinch my butt, squeezing the head of his penis.  I heard a moan escape from his lips.

Suddenly I could feel him kissing me lightly on my shoulder.  I tried to maintain, but a moan slipped out of my mouth.

"Cameron!?"  Chris yelled

I jumped up, pretending to be startled.  "What?"

"Cam, you know you aren't asleep."  He yelled.

"You are right."  I said jumping out of bed and starting to run.

I was two slow.  Chris leaped and tackled me.  We fell on my bean bag.

Before I could do or say anything, Chris took the length of me into is mouth.  I almost exploded.

The love making was quick and ravenous.  We bit, scratched and yelled as we both came to a mind shattering orgasm.  My knees were pressed into my chest and my legs were wrapped around Chris' neck.  He thrusted one last time before he released me from the knot.

My body was tingling all over.  Chris snuggled up against me and sucked on my neck.

"Cam.  How could you do that to me?  I was going crazy.  I wanted to take you while you were asleep.  I was even considering going to the bathroom and just beat it."

"I just wanted to tease you a little and see how long you could last.  I knew you were going to wake me for some.  You are such an animal."

"You loved it."  He growled.

"I did. Lets take a shower."

Chris and I went into the shower and just hugged and kissed.  After going at it again in the shower, we just plopped in the bed.

After cuddling for a little while, I jumped up with an idea.

"Chris.  Lets have a party."


"A party.  You can invite your friends and I can invite the band over.  My parents have tons of alcohol and I know they wouldn't mind if I used some of it."

Chris zoned out and had this very pensive look on his face.  I know that it was hard for him to be around the guys and me at the same time.  Besides a couple of Chris' closest friends and family, no one knew he was bi.  Like most guys his age, he joked about women and admired their "assets."  I on the the other hand, was completely out.  It wasn't something that came up in casual conversations like, "Hey I'm Cameron and I'm gay!"  It was just something that I started to share with people a year ago.  My parents are very liberal, so they always talked openly about being gay.  My dad always use to say, "We went through hell making an interracial relationship work, so we are use to being alternative."  You gotta love dad!

Upon looking at me, anyone would immediatly think I was straight.  Only someone one who has a keen eye, would pick up on me being gay.  To most, I was a just a trendy straight guy.  Chris was always living in fear that someone would find out.  I didn't necessarily mind so much about us not telling people, It just hurt to think that he was even afraid to be my friend in public.

"Chris, I understand if you don't want to have the party.  Don't worry about it."  I said with hurt evident in my voice.

"No, it isn't that, I just want to spend time alone with you.  You know?"  Chris said, trying to convince himself more then me.

"Yeah.  I know."

I was in a funk after our conversation.  I didn't feel like talking and I certainly didn't want to cuddle.  Chris just looked at me from a distance, probably knowing why I was giving him the cold shoulder.  He apologized a million times, but I had had enough.  Stop worrying about who is going to find out about us and worry about being my fucking friend.   I was going to show him!

I jumped on the phone and invited the band over.  Now the guys I played with knew I was gay, but they didn't give a shit.  We played basket ball together and everything.  There were even a couple of nights where they were giving me to much "energy" after slamming down a couple of drinks.  It wasn't about my sexuality.  It was about my friendship, something Chris forgot all about.

"I hope you don't mind Chris, but I invited some of MY FRIENDS over."  I said with an emphasis on MY FRIENDS.

"No problem."  He said with a not so sure look.

In no time, the party was going full speed a head.  More people came over then I had expected.  There were probably about 20 people total.  Most were just college buds, a few friends from high school, the band and Chris.

Chris was mingling a bit, since he knew the guys from the band and from school.  I was being Mr. Social Butterfly and purposefully ignoring him.  I could feel his eyes on me.  He was starving for attention.  "No one would ever think we are together now."  I thought out loud.

"Hey Phil!"  My friend Molly screamed when she walked in to the house.

"Hey Red!"  Screaming out a nick name she earned because of her flaming hair.

Molly was always the life of the party.  She knew how to have fun and had a notorious reputation for getting what she wanted.  it was a well known fact that she had a thing for Chris since they worked on the Phantom together.  Still and yet, she was cool.

"Where is Chris!"  She squealed

"He must of heard her scream because I could see his eyes widened while he was chitt chatting over in the corner.  He looked directly over at us and I pointed Molly in his direction.  She went running over to him.  While she hugged him, he gave me a death glare and I smiled.

I turned around to down a shot with the band.  While I was talking, I felt someone tap me on the shoulder.  I thought it was Chris, but when I turned around it was this random guy who was really cute.

I excused myself and turned around to chat with him.

"Hey.  Cameron, Right?"  The stranger seemed to whisper.

"Yeah.  You are..."

"Jake.  Jake Johnson."  He said very eagerly and extending his hand for a shake.

"Nice to meet you Jake."

"I don't know if you remember me, but I use to be in your freshman English class."

I stood there and stared at him for a while, not able to place his face.

"Wait a minute, the only Jake I knew was painfully shy, short and never spoke.  Then he..."

"I moved away."  "He interrupted.  "I was pretty messed up back then.  My father died and I just didn't know how to deal, so I just went into a shell.  My mom sent me to live with my Aunt, Uncle and cousins out in Montreal.  It was the best thing I ever did."

"I can see."  I said, trying to catch myself, but I had already put foot in my mouth.

Jake just smiled after I blundered.  It was true, though.  Jake had blossomed into a fine man.  He was about 5'2" my freshman year in high school.  He had bad skin, painfully skinny, always wore baggy-baggy clothing.  His hair was oily and he never spoke.

Now, he was bout 6 feet, beautiful body, his hair was a sandy brown with thick curls, he had the most amazing smile and his eyes were a radiant green.  He had certainly done a turn around.

"I just wanted to thank you for always being nice to me.  You never teased me and you defended me against some assholes.  Thanks."  He said with those bedroom eyes.

"My pleasure.  kids can be so cracked sometimes."

"Yeah and It didn't help that I was gay on top of everything else."  Jake said.

"What?"  I stuttered.

"I am gay.  I hope that doesn't bother you."

"N...No.  It doesn't bother me at all.  I am glad.  I...I mean I am gay too."  I said as he flashed me a million dollar smile.

"Cool.  I was hoping so, I mean I'm not flirting.  Maybe a little. Boyfriend?" He rambled

I heard the question, but I wasn't sure what to say.  I wanted to say "Yes.  He is over there and I love him very much."  Unfortunately, I was starting to get pissed because of Chris and his stupid insecurities.  Yeah, I was ignoring him, but he didn't' come and check with me at all since people got there.  He was busy.

"Honestly.  I am not so sure sometimes."  I said sadly "But, I love him."

"Well.  He must be a fool because you are definitely a catch."  Jake said in a low throaty voice.

I was blushing like a school girl.  In the distance I could see Chris coming over and he didn't look happy.

He walked up to where Jake and I were standing  He stepped in between us and he didn't even introduce himself to Jake.

"Hey Chris.  This is Jake."  I said with a confused look on my face.

"Whatevah." Chris said still facing me.  "Why are you so blushy.  What's up?  Is everything ok?!"  Chris said getting louder.

"We were just talking.  Why are you being so weird?!"  I said starting to get a little upset.

Jake just stood there with this dumbfounded look on his face.  I was just really embraced.

"Wow.  Can you  guess why I'm being weird.  You were flirting with this guy today.  You haven't spoken to me all night after I apologized a million times.  Now, I look over here and know you are flirting with this loser.  Did you send Molly over to me just to act as a distraction?"

Chris swings around and is up in  Jake's face at this point.  I move between them before people notice.  Thank goodness we were off in the corner.

"Look man, don't get up set.  I am just touching base with an old friend." Jake said in surrender.

"What evah dude.  Cameron is already seeing someone."  Chris said nastily

"Cool.  No problem.  But just to give you a little information, make sure you are willing to acknowledge him before other people approach him."  Jake said before he walked away.

I could tell that Chris was fuming.

"You talked about our personal business to other people."  Chris accused.

"No!  I was just sharing general information with Jake. He isn't an idiot.  I am sure he could tell.  After all, you did claim me in front of him.  Chris, why do you keep saying that you want to be discreet, but you continuously out yourself in a jealous rage?"  I said with a pleading look in my eyes.

"You know Cameron, maybe we should take some time off."  Chris said through clinched teeth.

"What?"  I said with tears starting to form in my eyes.

I thing this a good place to end.  Ok people.  I know it has been a while, but tell me what you think.  I have been getting all this creative energy!!!  For someone who doesn't want a lot of people to know, Chris sure is getting a little angsted!  Remember to email me at pammonds@rocketmail.com.  Toodles!!!