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Second Time Around, Part 5&6
By Joseph Wallace

Cameron stood in front of Chris with glossy eyes and a gaping mouth.
"What did you say?"

"I think that we should take a break.  I mean, it is just getting to confusing and we are arguing to much."

"So, you think that running away from US is going to make things better.  Please, Chris.  Tell me that you aren't going to give up on us!"

The tears were coming faster and harder now.  Cameron clutched at the side of the wall, holding on for his life.  The mixed emotions of anger, and saddness were overwhelming and he felt as if he were going to collapse.  Continuing to hold on to the wall for support, Cameron walked into the den mumbling to himself. "Please don't let this be happeing.  Please don't let this be happening, God."

Tears flowed freely as he fell into a chair.  Behind him, Chris followed closely.

The man with the onix like eyes placed an uncertain hand on Cameron's shoulder.

"Cameron."  he whispered.  "I just don't want to hurt you any more.  If I can't be a good boyfriend to someone I love, I just don't want to do it."  He said saddly

"Chris.  I just want you to be a friend to me.  Before we were lovers, we were friends.  We played together, ate together.  We did everything and you never cared who was around.  Why are you so on edge now that we are a couple?  Is it that obvious!"  The last sentence echoed off the wall as the volume startled the couple.

"I don't know.  It was different when we were in the comforts of college.  Everything was liberal and open.  Things are really going in the right direction for me.  I love you, but my career is important.  I want both.  No one has ever heard of a gay guy in a band."

"Yeah right!" I said with a bitter tone. "I would never do anything to jepordize us or your career.  I love you.  I...I need you."  Cameron pleaded slumping further into the chair.

"I just don't trust myself Cameron.  There are times when I've come close to telling the world about us.  I love you so much and sometimes I don't feel like I'm good enought for you..  I guess that is why I get so jealous."  Chris said, while massaging the small of Cameron's back.

"So, what do you want Chris?"  Cameron sniffled.

"I don't know.  I just feel like I need some time to sort out my feelings.  Not for you, but for everything.  I didn't want to tell you, but we may be going to Germany soon.

The silence was deafening as Cameron soaked in this new information.

"Really?"  Cameron choked in disbelief.

"Yeah.  We have been rehearsing really hard and the gigs we've been playing have been fruitful..  Now we just need to lay down the vocals for the tracks?"  Chris said with a gleam in his eye.

"Wow.  That is great Chris."

Both guys sat and stared at each other, not knowing what to say.

"Ch...Chris.  We don't have much time an...and I don't want to spend what little time we have apart.  I understand that you don't want the world to know about us and that is fine, but I need you.  I need you as my lover and friend."

"Ok."  Chris said with certainty

The two embraced each other as if neither wanted to ever let go.  It was evident that they were going in separate directions and who knew how much more time they had.

After spending a few moments together.  The couple went back out to mingle with their guest.  Chris apologized to Jake for being so aggressive.  Chris even let Cameron take Jakes number so that they "all" could hang out at some point.  The rest of the night dragged on until about 3 AM when the last drunkard left the house.  Clean up was fairly easy and the two found themselves sprawled out on the sofa while the birds begin the chirp outside.

Chris whimpered and cuddled up next to Cameron on the sofa.  Soft hazel eyes stared at Chris as he slept deeply.  Cameron couldn't help but to smile.  Some might find Chris a little quirky, but it was the high energy and whimpering that Cameron fell in love with everyday.


Some how the couple had made their way up the stairs and found enough strength to strip and role into bed.  Morning quickly turned into afternoon.   Cameron awoke from his slumber and was greeted by the crisp smell of bacon.

His creamy light-almond skin glowed in the sun that peaked through the curtains.  With some stretching and one-hundred push ups later, Cameron was ready to start the day.  Remanants of last nights conversation revisited the trouble teen and he begin to get anxious, clearly Chris was still there, because "who else would be cooking bacon?"  He thought.

Cameron ran for the door and was about to leap down the stars when he heard voices.
Stopping midway down the stairs, he crouched a little so he could hear what was being said.

In the living room
"I am sorry I didn't tell you guys sooner, but I wasn't sure how you were going to take it.  Only Joey knew." Chris said with a nervous voice.

"We have only been together a couple of months, but we are brother's.  Right guys?"  Joey added.

I could hear the other guys agreeing and I could almost imagining them nodding their heads.

"Wow!  Does that mean that you and Cameron have wild monkey sex?" Justin, the young one asked.

"Shut up Curly.  You are to young to know about wild monkey anything!"  Some one said.

Cameron stood there wondering what envoked Chris to come out.  The perplexed young man sat on the stairs, when his answer came right from the horses mouth.

"I am sorry to spring this on you guys before we eat, but I just had to tell you."

"From what you said, it seems like he was pretty shaken up last night.  I am just sorry that you felt like you were under all this pressure to keep it from us?"  JC added

"Well, I felt like I owed it to Cameron and to you guys to come clean.  I was getting paranoid.  I thought he was going to leave me for someone else because I was in the closet.  I was starting to be a real asshole."

"No!"  Joey said sarcastically.

Everyone sat around the marble coffee table smiling and chatting as Lance sat silently.

"Are you going to be ok with this Lance.  I guess this is kind of new for you and all?"  Chris asked.

"Um?  I mean it is fine.  I think Cameron is cu...is nice."  Lance stumbled over his words.  "I haven't had much experience with gay people like you guys, but I am willing to learn."

Everyone noticed Lances stumble over his words but no one pushed.

"Group Hug!"  Justin yelled

Everyone jumped up and hugged each other in a comforting embrace.

Cameron wipped his eyes where a little bit of moisture accumalated.  He was happy that Chris was willing to share him with his friends.  At least it was a step.

Walking slowly back up the stairs, Cameron slipped into the room so that he could shower.  The shower was quick and he threw on his favorite shirt with the "Transformers" logo on the front , and his favorite shorts that were at least 5 years old and a little small.

With the wet curls sitting wildly on his head, Cameron bounced down the stairs and went into the the living room, pretending to be clueless.

"Chris?   Baby?  Are you down here making breakfast?"  He  asked while rubbing his eyes and pretending to yawn.

He allowed himself to focus and jumped in surprise.  "Ahhh!  I mean hi guys.  I didn't know we had company."

Chris walked up beside Cameron and placed a hand around his waist .  Keeping with the phacade, Cameron tried to unravel himself from the embrace, but Chris just squeezed tighter.  "Chris?  What are you doing?"

Chris immediatly silenced him with a kiss and walked back into the kitchen.  "Nothing.  I just invited the guys over for breakfast.

Although Cameron was pretending he was surprised by the public display of affection, he couldn't help but be a bit happy.

"Don't worry about it Cameron."  Joey said  "Chris told the guys about your hot monkey sex?"

Chris ran out of the kitchen and begin to thrust wildly at Cameron's behind.  With a squeal, Cam ran away and was quickly pursued by the short man.

Cam jumped behind Joey, but Chris was resilient

"Come on Cam.  Lets give the guys a lesson."

"Get away from me you psycho."

"Come on Chris.  You are embarassing Cameron.  This is only the second time he has met us."  JC offered

"Yeah and he has never met poor Lance."  Justin pipped in.

"Sorry.  All this talk about sex got me all bothered."  Chris said flopping on the sofa next to the guys.

Never mind him guys.  He is just wierd.  I hope he didn't freak you guys out with his announcement.

"No.  Not at all.  Being in the entertainment business, you become liberal and open really quick."  JC added

Cameron found a empty spot on the love seat next to Lance.  He tried not to stare, but Cameron was enthraled by Lance's  the feminine features a jade-green eyes.  "Hi Lance.  It is nice to finally meet you.  If you haven't guessed, I am Cameron."

Lance stared intently at Cameron.  Surveying his body and letting his eyes rest on his face.  After a long pause, Lance noticed everone was looking at him.

"Oh yeah."  Lance said with a deep blush while shaking the confused man's hand.  "Nice to meet you Cameron."

"Seems like Lance is after your man Chris."  Justin joked.

Lance blushed a deeper red and looked around like he was a wild cat backed in the corner.

"That isn't funny Justin!"  Lance yelled before he ran out of the living room.

Everyone looked really confused at the outburst.

"What is up his ass?"  Chris said coming out of the kitchen.

"I don't know, but I guess I should go apologize."

"No.  Let me talk to him.  Please."  Cameron begged.

Justin gave in and told Cameron to apologize for him.  Cam walked out of the living room and noticed that the front door was open.  He followed his senses and went out on the front porch and found Lance sitting on a bench on the side of the house.

"Is this seat taken?"

Lance turned his head to avoid Cameron's eyes.  He also didn't want to revel the tears and pain that lied in his on eyes.

"I know that I'm not one of the guys, but you can talk to me.  What's wrong?  Did I do something?"  Cameron said while resting his hand on Lances shoulder.

"Not really.  I'm fine."

"Come on Lance, you can do better then that?  Come on, I can be objective and just listen.  It might be good to talk."

"Well, it is kind of hard.  I think...I mean I know that I am...g...gay."  Lance choked.

Cameron embraced the sobbing ten and rubbed the small of his back.

"It is ok Lance.  The guys are ok with Chris and I.  Why don't we go back in their and talk to them."

"No!"  Lance mumbled into my shoulder.  "I mean, not yet.  I just want to stay out here a little while.  You don't mind, do you?"

"No.  Of course not."

Lance regained his composure while Cameron massaged the smal of his back..

"Cameron?"  Lance said hesitnatly


"When I first saw you, I thought you were really cute."  Lance said, turning a deep red.

"Ah...Thanks.  You sure aren't hard on the eyes."  Cameron laughed nervously.

Lance turned and faced Cameron and saw the uncomfotable look on his face.

"Don't worry, I am not going to hit on you or anything.  I just wanted you to know that I think Chris is a lucky guy.  When he first told us about  you, it stired up a lot of feelings.  When I saw you, I was like 'Goodness.  This is so unfair.  He gets to be out and have a cute boyfriend.'"

"Don't worry Lance, you are going to find a nice guy as well.  I can't be your boyfriend, but I can be your friend.  I bet I am not even a year older then you.  We can totally hang and cruise."  Cameron gave Lance a playful shove.

"That would be cool.  You are a nice person, I am glad Chris introduced you to us."  Lance said in his deep voice.

"Well Lance I don't know about you, but there is a plate in there with my name on it."


The two went back in the house, chatting and coming up with a fun way for Lance to come out the the guys.  "Everyone gave Cameron that "What happened look."  Cameron just smiled and shrugged his shoulders while everone sat around the table.

Initially, everyone ate their breakfast in silence.  Chris noticed the smiling and the none verbal communication that kept happening between Cam and Lance, but he opted to be quiet.

"Lance, could you pass me the fruit."  Cameron asked.

"Sure.  Oh, speaking of fruit, I am gay.  Could you pass the eggs, Joey."

Simelotanioulsy, Chris and Justin choked on their orange juice.

"Are you serious, Lance?"  Joey asked while passing the eggs.

"Yeah.  I am sorry guys.  I was a just a little emotional with all of this coming out stuff.  I have known I was gay for years, but you can't really talk about that stuff in Mississippi."  Lance laughed.

"It is ok Lance.  I didn't mean to joke." Justin mumbled shyly

"Don't worry about it.  It was just when you made that comment about Cameron, I freaked because I was obviously staring at him.  I guess Chris telling us that he is bi is one thing, but meeting his boyfriend was wild.  I never met a real gay couple before."

"Really?"  Chris asked.


The boys spent the rest of the afternoon just haning out.  Cameron, Justin and Lance played a little 3-on-3 basket ball against Joey, Chris and JC.  Needless to say, Joey, Chris and JC were in charge of cooking dinner.

Joey whipped a cheesy lasanga while Chris and JC served the ice-cream for dessert.  The dinner was filling and it ended with the guys falling in front of the television in the family room.

"Damn Joey!  That was an awesome meal.  You have to cook for me again."

"No problem Cam.  Just let me know.  I love to cook."

"Well, you have an open invitation to my kitchen."

All to the guys, except Chris mumbled their agreement.  Cameron turned towards Chris on the loves seat and noticed his pout.

"Baby.  Now you know Joey can make the dinner, but only you get to serve me the dessert."  Chris shuttered from the contact of Cameron's breath and lips against his ear.


After watching Ferris Buller's Day off, Joey, JC, Justin and Lance got up to leave.

"You coming Chris."

"Nah Josh.  I have to work off some of this food I ate."  The shorter man said looking at his lover.

"Ewww.  No visuals.  Thanks."  Justin joked.

"Don't worry Curly, you will get a sex drive one day."

"Don't play your self Chris and don't let my age fool you."

All of the guys owed and awwed as they pilled in Joey's jallopy and pulled off.
Each one said their goodbyes and thanked Cameron before pulling off.

"What are we going to do now." Chris asked playfully.

"Sleep!"  Cameron said in mock frustration.

Grabbing around his waste, Chris pulled Cameron close and humped at his behind.  Cameron arched his back, feeling the thick hard on in Chris' pants.

"Well, maybe I can stay up a little bit longer.

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