Hello, all!

Okay, this is just a quick announcement to everyone. The story does go on, and new chapters will be posted soon. I promise. Very soon.

Before I do that, however, there have been several people writing to me, telling me that they might need to re-read the old chapters again before they could go on. For that reason, I have written a not-so-brief synopsis of the first few chapters. I will be posting them before any new chapter.

Additionally -- just for y'all to know... my delay has had everything to do with my inability to access any computer for a while. It has nothing to do with the rather callous bastard/bitch who tried to send a worm through the e-mail at me.

Now... I do still receive e-mail, but it might take me a while to get a response out. Please do not take this as me ignoring you -- once I get better access, I will be my same old sociable self. Okay?

Great. A special thanks to everyone who has waited for this.



P.S. -- it has been a while since I saw the television show. If anyone has any summaries or updates on what's been going on, I'd appreciate it. - KW