"And I did notice about you being lazy, like, do you EVER plan to post chapter 20?
it's not a good idea to keep you fans waiting like this, you can see what happened to the spice girls!"

"Oh, damn! I have to post now. I've been compared to the Spice Girls!"

— Paulo makes an insulting comparison to me in the #boybands chatroom

I hope I haven't tricked you unduly by making you think I'd updated "Studio" for the first time since No Strings Attached came out. I haven't updated the story, but I'm about too. I've been hard at work, and I expect to have Part 20 up this week. So please check back for Part 20, or maybe make use of this warning to re-read some of the earlier sections. After all it has been a very long time — I had to re-read it all twice, and I wrote the damned thing.

Also this week, I'll be updating my site for the first time since July. And, on Sunday, December 2nd, I want to have a chatroom party for all of you who have been so nice about contacting me to compliment the story and ask when it would continue. Details on this gathering will be with Part 20, but I plan to start about 4pm Central Standard time (10pm Greenwich Mean time) and continue so long as there are people with whom to chat.

Thanks for your interest, and I hope to chat with you this weekend.
Mike Ellis