A Tale of Two Boybands 15


This is yet another story about those hunky boys of the Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync written by a straight woman. Therefore, please excuse my writings if they appear to be a bit screwed due to my lack of knowledge. This story is a work of FICTION (note the term FICTION) and is purely written for the sole purpose of entertainment and enjoyment. These events did not happen to the best of my knowledge and therefore actions taken in this story do not reflect the true nature of the characters involved. This story does not imply anything about the sexuality of the person(s) involved. And if you're an underage teenie or do not wish to read about male/male sexual relationships, this is now the time to shut your lap-top as there will be sexual explicit scenes throughout. Proceed with your own risk. Enough with the warnings, now on with the story.

***Author's Note:

Congratulations! You've survived through 1/3rd of "A Tale of Two Boybands". Chances are you are here because of a number of reasons: 1) You're a Brian fan and you really don't care what happens to Justin so long as Brian has a chance with Justin; 2) Like #1, you're a Kevin fan and now the prospects of JC and Justin getting together have diminished significantly thus reopening the door for Kevin; 3) You're a JC fan and you are able to forgive me; 4) You don't care much for the characters, but you are hooked; 5) Despite all that has happened in "A Tale of Two Boybands", you still love me. Whatever reasons that bring you, I'm grateful for your continual support. This chapter contains "Love's Omnipresence" by J. Sylvester. Enjoy.



"Justin!" Lance yelled through the closed door of Justin's suite.

There was still no answer, only silence. Lance began to knock several more times on the door until Chris stopped him. Joey was following him close behind.

"What the hell are you doing?" Chris asked him.

"I'm trying to wake him up." Lance told Chris. "It's already 10 am. If JC wakes up and sees that he's not up yet, he's going to get it from JC, again."

"Jeez, you're a little over concerned. Why didn't you bother waking me up as well?" Chris waited for Lance to blush before breaking down in a fit of laughter.

He got up with Joey's help and proceeded to break into the room. To his surprise, the room was not locked. He carefully opened the door and peeked in. He didn't want to open the door too wide in case there were some psychotic fans or even worse tabloid reporters. Justin had a tendency to walk out of the shower naked and perform a little dance number in front of the mirror. Now that all their secrets were out in the open, Chris didn't want Justin to be the latest victim on the Backstreet Boys' itinerary. When all was clear, Chris, Joey, and Lance all entered the room to find the youngest 'N Syncer missing.

"He's gone." Lance said.

"I bet you he got some Britney booty." Chris said, sarcastically.

"No, he was with me last night." Joey stepped in.

"Shut up! You were drunk last night, how could you know if he was with you or not?" Chris snapped at Joey.

"He was with me early in the night. We were at the nightclub and I got these chicks interested and they said they would only do it with me if I got Justin to come along." Joey explained.

"So, where is he?" Lance was becoming more anxious.

"Calm down, Lancey-poo." Chris said to Lance and then turned to Joey, "Where is he?"

"I don't know." Joey answered. "He said he was getting tired and wanted to return to the hotel as soon as possible. But he did mention Brian earlier in the night. So I guess he could have met with him."

"Brian as in the Backstreet Boys' Brian?" Chris asked.

"I guess." Joey said. "Does he know any other Brian?"

"Shit! He's going to get a whooping today if I find him." Chris said, exiting Justin's room with the Joey and Lance tagging along.

They walked down the hall into JC's room to inform him that his beloved Justin was involved in yet another escapade the night before. Chris opened the door and smiled at the sight of JC in bed. He noticed clothes scattered throughout the room, but dismissed the cluttered suite.

"I wonder which lucky lad he got in bed last night?" Chris said, sarcastically.

Chris made his way around the room to JC's bed, kicking the kicking away the clothes from his path as he went along. Once he reached JC, he began to wake him up. JC slowly woke up. He pulled the sheets off of him, revealing to his bandmates the full monty only to have Chris tossed him a pair of shorts.

"Put some clothes on for god sake." Chris said. "Gross."

JC began to put on his shorts while Lance gathered the clothes off the floor. Lance brought the remnants of the ripped clothes to his nose and with one sniff, he knew they belonged to Justin. Lance followed the trail of clothes and found Justin hidden behind the dresser, afraid to come out.


The lights still locked at green. Brian had been standing at the same corner for the past several minutes, waiting for those lights to turn red and therefore allowing him to cross the street. He had been walking along the streets of LA since last night when he had a chance encounter with Justin Timberlake at the latest club to open. Just as Brian was about to leave the nightclub, entered Justin Timberlake. Although he arrived with Joey, he soon left with Brian. They found their way up the roof of the nightclub. Ambient music still lingered in the night's air. Justin walked to the edge of the roof and stared into the lonely night, deep in his thoughts. Brian notice Justin's solemn cries and immediately wrapped his arms around him. They held each other for several minutes as Brian recited love poem after love poem into Justin's ears.

WERE I as base as is the lowly plain,

And you, my love, as high as heaven above,

Yet should the thoughts of me your humble swain

Ascend to heaven, in honour of my love.


Were I as high as heaven above the plain,

And you, my love, as humble and as low

As are the deepest bottoms of the main,

Whereso'er you were, with you my love should go.


Were you the earth, dear love, and I the skies,

My love should shine on you like to the sun,

And look upon you with ten thousand eyes

Till heaven wax'd blind, and till the world were done.


Whereso'er I am, below, or else above you,

Whereso'er you are, my heart shall truly love you.


Justin could only muster a weak laugh. Brian's selection of poems was no different from that of JC. Whereas JC spent the past several days, leaving him love poems on his bed, Brian had taken this chance opportunity to recite all 25 poems he had conveniently written in a tiny red book. As Brian continued to recite the poems, Justin grew more wearied, yet he managed to stay awake or at least look attentive long enough for Brian to complete his 25th and last poem.

When the last word slipped past Brian's lips, Justin was gone. He had vanished into the night without saying a word to Brian. The only evidence of Justin's presence was a piece of paper with Justin's handwriting sketched on it. "Thank you".

Red- the lights suddenly changed. The residents of LA brushed by Brian, some even knocking him down. They could care less if he was a Backstreet Boys. They had things to do and places to be. No Backstreet Boy was going to stand in the way of their destination. Brian, too, had somewhere to go. He ran across the street as the lights changed, again. A car just missed him by inches. He turned around and found angry drivers yelling obscenities toward him. He composed himself and continued running along the street. He ran for several minutes until he found himself collapsed in front their hotel. He entered the hotel lobby and right away he recognized AJ, Nick, and Kevin at a far-end table, enjoying their breakfast. Disarray of papers was on the table as they dined. Brian chose to ignore them as they did with him. He entered the elevator and pressed the button that would ultimately take him to his floor. The door swung opened and he was greeted by a teary-eyed Howie.

"Brian. I'm sorry." Howie said, crashing down before Brian's feet.

"Justin." The name slipped past Brian's lips instantaneously. He looked into Howie's eyes and knew something had happened. Out of the Backstreet Boys, only Howie understood how Brian felt about Justin as he, too, harbored similar feelings for Nick. Everyone else was still convinced Brian's affection for the rival singer was due to pure lust and not love. Brian picked up Howie and pulled him inside the elevator. "What did you guys do this time?"

"Last night, we got JC drugged. We thought it would be a good idea to get him and Justin drugged, knowing that they had a bond too strong for anyone to truly understand. Instead..."

"Tell me, Howie, what happened?" Brian pulled Howie by the shirt collar. Frustrated, he began to yell at Howie. "What the fuck happened?"

"Brian, last night, JC raped Justin!" Howie broke down in tears as Brian released him. "We thought they loved each other and that we would play match-maker and get them together. We would use their love to destroy them. But Justin never loved JC. He begged JC to stop, but he didn't. I'm sorry. Brian, I didn't want to take part in it. It was all AJ and Kevin's ideas. I swear." Howie continued quietly in his safe corner of the elevator box.

The door swung opened to the ground floor. Standing before them were the three members of the Backstreet Boys. Brian charged out of the elevator, landing on top of AJ, punching him in the face.

"What the fuck!" AJ yelled.

"How could you?" Brian yelled back. "You knew I love him. All of you knew. When you guys kidnapped him, I said, fine, knowing that it was all done for our group. When you guys invited Billy Riley to take part, I let it go since no one got hurt at the end. There was money involved and I know how money can turn ordinary men into savage beasts. But this time, you've gone too far."

Brian got off AJ on his own without any restraint from the others. He walked away, wiping the tears from his eyes. As he exited he could still hear AJ hollering at him.

"What are you saying, 'you guys'? You took part in it, too!"

AJ was right. As much as Brian could deny it, he was very much a part of it. He was present as they outlined their plan to bring their arch rivals down. He was in the limo as they forced Justin inside. He was there when they announced Billy Riley's involvement. He was there when Billy was raping Justin. He was there! Furthermore, he knew what danger he could put Justin in if they got too close, yet Brian pursued Justin anyway. He didn't think about Justin. All he thought about was himself.

Brian used the time while in the elevator to collect himself. He wiped his eyes dry of tears. He fixed his shirt and his pants. He knew he had to be strong when he apologized to 'N Sync and especially to Justin for his group's actions.


"Justin, talk to me." Lance said to his best friend. "What happened?"

Justin did not reply to Lance's onslaught of questions. He began to cry profusely, burying his face in Lance's chest. Seeing how distraught Justin was, Joey walked away from the two toward Chris.

"This is not good." Joey whispered to Chris.

Chris and Joey turned their attention to JC. He was lost in his thoughts. Memories of last night were finally returning to him, piercing him straight in the heart. He looked around his room and saw clothes scattered all over the room. He heard the faint sound of someone crying. It was Justin.

"Justin!" He wailed, hopping out of bed.

"What the fuck did you do last night?" Chris asked, stopping him.

"Where is he?" JC pushed Chris off to the side and followed the cries.

JC found the source of the crying behind a dresser. He pulled the dresser out of his way. There, hidden in Lance's chest was his beloved Justin. JC stared along Justin's bare body, seeing the damaged he had caused the night before. There were teeth marks all over his body as well as scratches that had been dried with blood. The crevice of Justin's rectum still burned red. JC kneeled down and reached out to touch Justin's face when the boy screamed, "No!" Justin pushed JC's hand out of his way and scrambled past JC as the door swung opened simultaneously as Brian stepped inside. Justin crawled away from JC toward the new visitor and wrapped his arms around Brian's legs. Brian helped Justin up off the floor. He looked into Justin's eyes- full of tears. He looked down Justin's nude body and cried inside when he saw Justin's inflamed phallus between his legs.

JC saw Brian's eyes dropped below Justin's waist, which only instigated one reaction and one reaction only from JC. "Brian must die." JC leaped forward and charged at Brian, bringing the action outside the room as Justin fell backward to the floor. Lance quickly arrived to aid Justin, while the JC and Brian fought right outside the door.

Chris looked at the two outside and then at Justin on the floor, curled up in Lance's arms and shook his head. He and Joey walked out of the room, shutting the door behind him to rescue Brian before JC would make horse food out of Brian. Chris looked on as JC and Brian fought on the floor in the hallway. He turned to Joey.

"How long do you think those two will keep tearing each other apart before they realize that Justin's inside with Lance?" Chris said. "C'mon we have to break this up."

Chris and Joey did their best to pry JC off Brian as the Backstreet Boys finally made their grand appearance in the hallway- breakfast still in their hands. They waited for JC to throw a final punch in Brian's direction before stepping in to help their bandmate off the floor.

"If I see you looking at him like that, again, I'll personally take out those damn eyes of yours!" JC hollered at Brian, who continued to cry.

"Fuck you, JC!" Brian hollered back.

"Yeah! You're the one who raped Justin." Nick said, pulling Brian into a hug.

"I was drunk." JC screamed. "I would never hurt him."

"But you did." AJ said. "You hurt the one person you spent your life protecting. Isn't it funny how things turn out? Who would have thought that the person to take out Justin Timberlake was his very own best friend."

"I love him." JC collapsed down on the floor. Joey kneeled down before him to help comfort him. "I love him."

"Looks like the show is over." AJ announced. "Here I thought I would actually see some love-making between two best friends that were destined to be together. Instead, I get to see JC raped his beloved Justin. What a way to show your love, JC! What a man! Heck, even I wouldn't be able to do that! If I were you, I'd save myself some hassle and just shoot myself."

Upon hearing AJ's voice, it finally registered in JC's mind what exactly had happened. He remembered the nightclub incident when he was forced to help Joey escape the tabloid's spotlight. He remembered vaguely the conversations he shared with Kevin and three others. The three others were none other than AJ MacLean, Nick Carter, and Howie Dorough.

"You did this?" JC glared into Kevin's eyes and rested on AJ's eyes. They were cold and empty. No emotions at all. "That's it. From this day forward, 'N Sync and the Backstreet Boys are history." JC grabbed Nick's apple juice bottle and hurled it against the wall, shattering it into a thousand shards of glass. "Whatever relationship existed before is now gone."

JC returned inside his room to find Justin now asleep in Lance's arms. Upon seeing JC's entrance, Lance was forced to abandon Justin to the dirty floor. JC kneeled down beside Justin. He placed a blanket over his sleeping angel, careful not to press too hard on the wounds he had created all over his body. He scooped the boy in his arms. He carried Justin's limped body, his head arched backward, falling into the air. Every pair of eyes locked at the sight of JC carrying his beloved Justin in his arms down the hallway. He entered another room, apparently Justin's room and shut the door behind him.

Joey and Chris returned to their rooms as did Lance, leaving the Backstreet Boys speechless in the hallway.

"If that doesn't tear them apart, I don't know what else will." Howie commented.

"I give him two weeks before he jumps off some bridge if Justin hasn't already done it before him." AJ said as he led his bandmates on a march down the hallway.

Mission Accomplished....

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