A Tale of Two Boybands 32


This is yet another story about those hunky boys of the Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync written by a straight woman. Therefore, please excuse my writings if they appear to be a bit screwed due to my lack of knowledge. This story is a work of FICTION (note the term FICTION- I can't stress this enough) and is purely written for the sole purpose of entertainment and enjoyment. Yes! Entertainment. That's all... think of it like a movie. You watch for entertainment and you read for entertainment. These events did not happen to the best of my knowledge and therefore actions taken in this story do not reflect the true nature of the characters involved. This story does not imply anything about the sexuality of the person(s) involved. And if you're an underage teenie or do not wish to read about male/male sexual relationships, this is now the time to shut your lap-top as there will be sexual explicit scenes throughout. Proceed with your own risk. Enough with the warnings, now on with the story.

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It was dawning when the two Backstreet Boys and sole 'Nsync boy left the premises of the hospital en route to their country estate just outside the county borderline. The sun glared brightly into Brian's baby blues, blinding him. He raised his hand, shielding his eyes from the blinding light when he noticed his young boyfriend in the backseat. There, alone by himself, Justin sat uncomfortably with his head pressed against the rigid window. He kept shifting positions every few minutes, never looking up in Brian's direction. As grateful as he was for Brian's miraculous recovery, there was an undeniable sadness in his eyes.

Brian noticed Justin's droopy eyelids never lifting to reveal those sparkling blue eyes he had grown to love. Brian couldn't help, but feel guilty for bringing such sadness into his boyfriend's otherwise vivacious heart. He shot a glance in Kevin's direction, pleading for approval. And despite Kevin's condemning frown, Brian struggled painfully to join his lonely boyfriend in the backseat.

To much of his surprise, Justin retracted from Brian's approaching touch. Brian relentlessly dropped his hand from Justin's face. His eyes followed, dropping to the floor of the backseat. He shifted away as a distressing sigh escaped past his lips. A teardrop found its way down his pale face, which Justin had wiped away with his fingertip. Brian leaned forward, relishing this tender moment of love exchanged between his boyfriend and himself.

"Justin," Brian uttered, never letting go of Justin's hand, "I'm so sorry, baby."

Justin sighed. His eyelids briefly lifted as he looked away from Brian's maddening stare.

"I know I was a bit out of line earlier." Brian shamelessly admitted, apologizing for his ludicrous request for his young boyfriend to perform the pornographic act of stripping before him and God knows what else had he not been struck with a life-threatening heart attack at the precise moment in the very public hospital setting. "I'm sorry. Please know that I do love you and that it was the codeine speaking and not me."

For the first time during the entire ride home, Justin looked into Brian's misty baby blues. He slipped his hand from Brian's grip. Blinking a few times to prevent any impending tears from flowing down his face, Justin looked Brian in the eyes.

"I guess the codeine must have messed you up pretty bad for nearly a month since I've been here." Justin said and simply returned to his seat against the window.

Brian, defeated, left Justin alone in his thoughts, returning to the front seat just in time to catch a smirk on Kevin's face. Apparently the tension between him and his boyfriend was quite amusing to Kevin. Out of frustration, Brian turned on the CD player to deafening decibel, playing his group's Millennium CD as if it was the anthem of the new millennium. His eyes wandered to the backseat, curious if he had provoked any reaction from Justin. None.

They finally arrived back to their country estate to a waiting Howie Dorough at the foot of their front steps. Kevin skipped his way past his younger bandmate into the house, leaving Brian and Justin still in the car. Brian looked into the rear mirror to find Justin asleep in the backseat. He shook his head slightly and turned his head to find Howie peering inside the car.

"Are you going to just leave him in there?" Howie asked his bandmate.

"Of course, not." Brian murmured.

Brian struggled clumsily, trying to unbuckle his seat belt. Once freed, he threw himself into the backseat, knocking Justin out of slumber with his hand pressed against his crotch. Justin yelped in pain, pushing Brian off of him. Defeated once more, he decided to just leave Justin in the car.

Brian joined Howie outside and together, they marched inside to an already lunching Kevin. Kevin looked up from his bowl of soup and invited his cousin and bandmate to join him for lunch. Howie accepted the invitation, gratefully. Brian, on the other hand, could not think of anything else but the lonely boy in the car.


Hours past and Justin still remained in that car all by himself. Brian continually peered past the curtained window, keeping a close eye on his boyfriend. From his viewpoint behind the curtains, he could see Justin shivering inside the car. He had drifted intermittently in and out of slumber, trying to get comfortable in his new found home. Home. Kevin's car had become Justin's home for the past several hours. It would have been his home all day and more had Kevin not come up with a brilliant idea.

"What's your brilliant idea?" Brian asked.

Kevin ignored Brian. He grabbed his coat and keys and smiled at his cousin as he left the house, leaving Brian even more baffled than before. Brian rushed to the window he had been stationed for the past several hours to see what brilliant idea his cousin had come up with. "What brilliant idea?!" Brian threw up his hands in exasperation.

Kevin's brilliant idea entailed him getting into his car and evicting poor Justin out of his new home onto the dirty matted floor. As soon as Kevin drove out of the driveway, Brian dashed outside, helping Justin off the ground. Justin crossly slapped Brian's hands off of him.

"Leave me alone!" the boy cried out, pushing Brian away from him.

"Come inside, Justin. It's getting cold and dark out here. You can stay mad at me. Just don't get yourself sick over this. It's not worth it." Brian tried to explain the best he could.

"Of course not. If I'm sick, you might catch something from me when you're thrusting your tongue down my throat."

Ouch. Brian thought.

Defeated yet again, Brian was left with no choice, but to return inside his home. Once inside, he found Howie waiting for his return. Funny. He swore Howie had left earlier. Then, again, he didn't pay much attention to anything except Justin was now standing outside in the cold. Brian slumped onto the seat next to Howie. Together, they agreed on "Model Behavior". Brian could still see his beloved Justin. An hour into the movie, Brian was warped out of his little fantasy world of fucking Justin Timberlake by a thunderous knock on the door.

Brian opened the door and was surprised to find Justin soaking wet. The image before him was what wet dreams were made out of. Justin Timberlake was standing in the doorway in a wet t-shirt. His entire body was drenched in water from the sudden outpour of rain. His opaque t-shirt had become just another layer of skin. Brian could even see his erected pin-pricked nipples through the thin fabric. And his pants. His khakis clung tightly to his…nevermind. Brian refrained himself from looming impure thoughts. His first priority was to get Justin a towel so he could dry himself off.

"I wanted this whole dramatic scene." Justin began to speak. "But then it was raining so hard and I started to shiver and sneeze. It's not worth getting sick. You're not worth getting sick."

"Here, take off your clothes so we can get you dry." Brian advised, oblivious to the crouching Howie still on the couch.

"I'll be fine." Justin mumbled, ripping the towel from Brian's grip. "Give me the keys to the guest room. I'll stay there tonight and tomorrow morning, I won't burden you anymore."

Brian, delighted to hear Justin's angelic voice, happily handed his boyfriend the key to the guest room. Justin took the keys and quickly disappeared off before Brian registered exactly what he had said with Howie's help.

"Um…Brian, you are aware that Justin will be leaving tomorrow, are you?"

The smile soon faded as he realized what Justin had been saying. Had he paid more attention to what Justin was saying instead of how delicious that pout would taste, or how much fun it would be bite down on those quarter-sized nipples, or any number of B-rok's horny thoughts, he would have known that Justin no longer intended to stay with him.

Saddened by the inevitable end to his short-lived relationship with Justin, Brian started to sob quietly to himself by the foot of the stairs.

"He's gone. I had him in the palm of my hands and now he's gone." Brian kept murmuring. "Poof. He's gone."

"He's not gone yet." Howie corrected him. "You still have tonight to win him back. Here let me go talk to him."

"Do you think I'm stupid falling for you tricks?!"

"Look." Howie appeased. "There's no doubt that I do get a bit aroused at seeing your young Adonis in his cute little Calvins, but I'm your friend. And I respect you. I will not go near your territory. Besides, there's only one dewey-eyed youth that I have my eyes on."

"Okay." Brian finally agreed. "But don't try anything. I'll be watching you two."

After convincing Brian, Howie set out west to the guest home to bring Justin back to his best friend. Meanwhile, back at the estate, Brian was watching via a hidden security camera in the basement. Brian watched as Justin groggily opened the door. From the disheveled hair and his pajama bottoms and signature wifebeater attire, he must have been sleeping. Howie entered the small guest home, taking Justin with him inside by the hand when he remembered Brian said he would be watching. He quickly let go of the boy's hand.

"Sit down with me." Howie said to Justin.

Justin hesitantly sat down at end of the couch, as far away from Howie as possible.

"Don't worry. I won't bite. You can sit closer to me." Howie assured the boy. "I'm Chris' friend. I won't hurt you."

Justin nodded before timidly moving closer to Howie. They met in the middle of the couch as Brian spied some more. Howie reached for the side of the couch to retrieve a briefcase. He grabbed the handle and pulled himself back on the couch to meet with the most piercingly beautiful deep blue eyes. Howie gulped as he dropped the briefcase onto the floor. The briefcase popped open and several pens rolled out of it and under the loveseat across the coffee table. Justin quickly got on all fours. He crawled his way toward the couch, reaching under the couch with his long arms while his ass was in the air. With each movement, Justin's buttocks would squeeze together. His legs opened and closed as he moved closer to his target. And if you looked even closer, you could see the jiggling movement inside his pajama bottoms. Howie had to loosen his tie around his neck. With a notebook he had retrieved from his briefcase, he cooled himself. Watching the young Adonis on all four was painfully erotic for Howie to handle. He knew if he didn't leave soon, he would be dead as Brian would pound on him relentlessly. He got on his feet and headed toward the door when Justin's raspy voiced stopped him in his tracks.

"I found one. But I can't quite reach it." He said. "Can you hand me the mini bat behind the couch?"

"The bat?" Howie asked, looking at the kinky sex toy in his hand that he guessed could be mistaken for a mini bat.

"Yeah. I don't know why Brian keeps a mini bat when he can just get the real thing." Justin said, giggling a little to himself.

"Here, Justin." Howie said, sliding the kinky sex toy between Justin's spread legs. "Um…Howie, you can remove your hand from between my legs now."

"Oh. I'm sorry. My mind was elsewhere." Howie quickly apologized, retracting his arm only to brush across Justin's hanging cock between his legs. He touched him. Howie Dorough touched the world's hottest teen sex symbol. Howie Dorough touched Justin's Timberlake's cock.

"Found it!" Justin jumped up, victoriously. "There you go, Howie." Justin smiled, bouncing back on the couch.

He sat Indian style on the couch as he waited for Howie to return to his seat. This time, it was Howie's turn to sit as far away as he could, which baffled Justin.

"You don't like me?" Justin asked with that irresistible full pout. "Because out of all the Backstreet Boys, I like you the most. You're such a sweet guy. You know."

"You don't like Brian?"

At the mentioning of his boyfriend's name, Justin slumped into his seat. Howie inched closer to Justin. He pulled the boy closer to him, rubbing his back slightly to soothe him.

"It's okay. Take it from me, Brian is a jerk." Howie whispered.

Brian punched a third and a fourth hole in his wall. Howie was supposed to get Justin back to him, but now it was quite apparent that he wanted the boy for himself. Hell, he even touched him, down there between his legs, too.

Calm down, Brian. Just watch and see. You can kill Howie later.

"Sometimes he can be a jerk." Howie quickly corrected himself. He rested the boy back on the couch. He pulled out his notebook and set it on the coffee table before them. He opened the notebook to a blank page and drew a table of two columns and countless rows. He labeled one column as Brian and the other as JC. Justin scooted forward, watching Howie curiously.

"I know it's unfair for you." Howie paused for a dramatic effect before continuing, "You are in a very tough position. Are you going to stay with the one who loves you? Or are you going back to the one you loved?" Howie recited the hit love song. "Wasn't he the one who made you cry?" Howie asked, pointing to JC's name with the tip of his pen. "Now, I'm as close to being mutual as anyone here. I won't take sides. Know that despite my being a part of the Backstreet Boys I'm also Chris' friend."

"Okay." Justin nodded.

"The left column is Brian. And the right column is JC. We'll go through this together. We'll make a list of pros and cons for each potential lover."


"We'll start with Brian. He's 5'8, which means that he has a small dick."

Another punch in the wall. How could that help his cause? Brian thought out loud.

"Which means it won't be as painful when he fucks you."

Justin nodded in agreement. Brian returned to his seat, catching a glimpse of the limp B-rok in his pants. They just don't know what potential you have. Brian assured his significant other.

"Then again, Brian is very horny and he can get out of hand sometimes."

"Sometimes." Justin wasn't convinced. There were too many incidents during which Brian was out of hand.

"Now that we got the important stuff out of the way, we can focus on other things." Howie said. "Remember when you were abducted and forced into the limo?"


"Well, that was Brian in the limo waiting to take you away from your group."

Okay, this is ridiculous.

"And then we bound you and left you in an abandoned building defenseless." Howie recalled. "Another negative point for Brian. And let's not forget about Billy Riley when he tried to rape you. Oh, no, sir. We can't forget that. Two more negative points for Brian."

You idiot! Calm down. Maybe he'll find a way to get out of this.

"But he did save you though." Howie reminded the teary-eyed youth sitting next to him. "I mean if it were AJ or someone else, your rape would have had a hooting audience. That's for sure."


"SSh…I'm not done yet. But JC did save you from the speeding car. Even abandoned Kevin in the process." Howie said, drawing a positive sign under JC's column. "But he did slap you across the face before all your friends when you returned with Brian. And he locked you up in your room. And then he pinned you down to force-fed you. And ouch. The pain he inflicted on your privates. Yep. Another negative point for JC. And of course, the ultimate strike against JC. JC raped you. Let's not ever forget that. You begged him to stop. But will he listen? No. He ripped your clothes off and raped you mercilessly. And then after you decided to give yourself to him, he decided that you were nothing to him but a mere piece of property…much like the wifebeater you're wearing right now. Just a piece of clothing. And he gave you away to Brian. But the night Brian brought you home, he wanted to fuck you even when you were definitely not ready. Not to mention the countless times thereafter that he tried to fuck you."

"Howie, please." Justin ripped the pen out of Howie's hand. "Leave. I need to take a shower."

"Okay. Was I of any help?"

"Yes. Yes. You made me realize that I'm nothing but a piece of property to JC and a mere sex toy to Brian. Thank you, Howie." Justin was on crawling on the floor once, again, towards the bathroom.

"Any time, Justin. Any time."

Howie said his good-byes. Satisfied with his accomplishments, he returned to the estate to inform his friend of the good news. Instead of being greeted warmly, he found a very angry Brian waiting with a bat in hand.

"What?" Howie asked, quizzically.

"What? What?! I'm going to need a miracle to correct the damage you've caused tonight." Brian shrieked, swinging his bat in the air crazily. "You made my boyfriend cry."

"Um..newsflash, Brian. Justin cries all the time." Howie reminded him.

"And a small dick?!" Brian stomped his feet even more. "You think B-rok is small, just wait and see when B-rok is fully aroused."

"Okay. I know that was a bit out of hand. I'm sorry." Howie apologized repeatedly. "Justin's probably crying his eyes out right now. It's your time to comfort the boy. It's all up to you now, Brian."

With a nice ensemble of studio equipment and a record player supporting him, Brian was ready to win Justin's heart. He lit up the entire premise of the guest home with lights he had found in the basement. He hollered for Justin's attention using a blow horn. When he sensed no movement within the small house, Brian resorted to plan B to get Justin's attention. He knew of Justin's obsession with basketball like who didn't. He had collected a large bucket full of basketball and proceeded to launch them at the door one after another. His strategy was successful. He warranted Justin's attention all right. Freshly out of the shower, Justin had graced himself in a nice white cotton robe to answer the door when a basketball torpedoed its way towards him, colliding with him in the most painfully excruciating part of his body.

A sudden anguish scream halted Brian's assault at the door. He rushed over to find Justin on the ground, cradling his injured member. Tears raced down his face as he bit his lips to prevent any more cries from escaping. Justin had long considered having JC ripped him open to be the most painful event in his life, but now he was ready to take back his words. Hands down. This was definitely the most painful moment in his life. He felt as if a bullet had struck him in his left testicle only to ricochet to his right testicle and back to his cock and ripping through his already inflamed cock from the repeated abuse.

Brian apologized relentlessly before helping Justin up. He half-carried the much heavier boy back to the country home. As soon as they reached inside the home, Justin collapsed on the floor, crying out loud.

Howie rushed from the kitchen to find Justin on the floor. His eyes drifted from Justin on the floor to the fear-stricken Brian hovering above him. One look into Brian's eyes and Howie rushed to his friend's aid.

"What happened?" Howie asked, helping Brian carry Justin up the stairs.

"I accidentally threw a ball at him." Brian answered. "It hit him in the groin."

"Jesus, Brian!" Howie responded, shaking his head in disbelief.

The two Backstreet Boys managed to get Justin to Brian's upstairs bedroom. With their combined strength, they kicked open the door. They lay Justin on Brian's bed. Brian tended his boyfriend while Howie rested on the chair in the corner of the room. Brian leaned over his boyfriend, lifting his head slightly off the cushioned pillow. He returned him to the resting position and then untied his robe. Brian cringed in pain as he saw the damage he idiotically caused. Justin's cock was inflamed and burning red as well as the area of his groin.

"Call mommy and tell her I love her." Justin cried, painfully.

"Baby. You're not going to die." Brian assured him.

"Try slamming a fuckin' basketball at your groin and see if you're dying." Justin responded, irritably.

"Baby, I'm so sorry." Brian apologized once again.

Brian leaned over Justin to try to kiss away his tears, but Justin only pushed him away. He tried to massage his injured member, but Justin only kicked his leg in Brian's direction. Turning away, he enlisted Howie's help.

"Howie, please get me some pain relieving medication." Brian asked.

Howie rushed to the bathroom. He opened the medicine cabinet and scoured through it for something, anything that might help alleviate the pain Justin was going through. The crying in the bedroom just intensified his search. At last, he found a tube of Bengay.

"Bengay?" Brian took the tube from Howie.

"That's exactly what I'll be after this ordeal is over." Justin mumbled.

"Baby, you don't become gay and then return to being straight again. It just doesn't work that way." Brian informed his young, naïve boyfriend.

"Just watch me, Brian." Justin snapped back. "If this is some sick way of you getting your hands on me, I swear-"

"Shit. Howie, the tube is empty." Brian tossed the empty tube in Howie's direction.

"Oh, God!" Justin wailed.

"Get me another tube from the market." Brian told Howie.

"But I have no means of transportation." Howie responded.

"I don't care. Walk if you have to. Just get me another lube, I mean tube."

Brian slapped his face a few times before returning to tend his boyfriend. Justin, enduring so much pain, had burned the pillows with his tears. His hands in a tight fist, clenched onto the sheets.

"Justin, Howie's going to the market to get another tube of Bengay." Brian informed his boyfriend.

"It hurts too much."

"I know. Let me see if there's anything else."

Without waiting for Justin's response, Brian rushed downstairs, scouring through cabinet after cabinet for anything that could ease Justin's pain. His search led him to the refrigerator, where perhaps he could cook up a remedy of some sort. The only thing he found was an empty refrigerator and a freezer full of ice.

Ice. Ice can numb the pain. Brian, you're a genius.

He returned to his upstairs bedroom to find Justin surprisingly still on his back with his body full exposed.

"I found something to make you feel better. Will you let me?"

"I don't care." Justin cried out. "Just make the pain go away, please."

With Justin's approval, Brian kneeled at the foot of the bed. He scooped up an ice cube and tossed it in his mouth, swirling it around in his mouth. His head perked up to catch a glimpse of the painful expression still painted on Justin's face before dipping his head between Justin's spread legs to kiss gently the tender organ. Justin squealed underneath as Brian touched him, but soon relaxed as Brian, an ice cube adhered to his tongue, swirled the ice cube all over Justin's exposed privates. Within a couple of ice cubes, Brian noticed Justin had calmed down and the swelling redness of his genitals had slowly subsided.

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