A Tale of Two Boybands Returns

Hello, again, to everyone here at Nifty Land. It looks like Aphrodite took a wrong path and got lost, again. But now I'm back and I don't intend on leaving until I finish what I started. Unforeseen circumstances arose, thus preventing me from any productive output. And for that, I apologize to everyone. My intentions were never to leave anyone hanging. So, mark your calendar.  March 21st, 2001, one year after the birth of "A Tale of Two Boybands" and in commemorating 'Nsync's recording breaking 'No Strings Attached', I shall return.  Expect an outpour of chapters soon for "A Tale of Two Boybands" in the coming weeks as well as new works by yours truly. In the meantime, please visit my website at  http://www.friendsnlovers.cjb.net/ for a special viewing of "A Tale of Two Boybands" as well as an entertaining look into Aphrodite's  inner labyrinth aka Aphrodite's mind. Also, please, vote for "I Want You Back" on the TRL countdown on Wednesday, March 21st.  You'll need to manually type in "I Want You Back" along with 'Nsync in the space provided.  Lastly, do email me. I miss everyone at nifty very much.