A Tale of Two Boybands: Then 4



This is yet another story about those hunky boys of the Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync written by a straight woman. Therefore, please excuse my writings if they appear to be a bit screwed due to my lack of knowledge. This story is a work of fiction and is purely written for the sole purpose of entertainment and enjoyment. This story does not imply anything about the sexuality of the person(s) involved. And if you're underage teenie or do not wish to read about male/male sexual relationships, this is now the time to shut your lap-top. Proceed with your own risk. Enough with the warnings, now on with the story.

***Author's Note:

Big thanks to JM, yeah, you know who I'm talking about. I encourage anyone to check out his lovely series, "Brian and Justin". It is because of JM that I was able to complete this installment and have it posted. So, check out his story if you haven't already as if there is still someone lurking in Nifty land who hasn't already read his story.



After that night, the two groups separated their ways, vow to never meet again. So long as they could help it, their paths would never meet again. Justin eventually forgot what had happened to him that night. Unfortunately for Brian, he was forever haunted by that night. No one in his group spoke to him for months, not even his cousin, Kevin. Everyone was disgusted by him and didn't want to associate with him. The feeling of being lonely was becoming all too familiar.

Kevin, unlike the others, remained in contact with the guys from `N Sync via JC. JC and he would talk to each other every other night, sending their cellular phone bills to astronomically rates. They grew closer and closer together sharing so much of one another, yet it was just a friendship. However, the friendship did not last for long. One chilly night in 1998, JC frantically called Kevin to meet him at a local bar. He needed to talk to someone and since Justin was home with his mother and family, JC had no one to turn to but Kevin.

Kevin immediately got ready as if it was an event even though he knew better not to get his hopes up high. Yet, he dressed up in his classic Armani suit. He slicked his hair backward and splashed on his favorite cologne. He left the hotel and flagged down a cab to take him to the bar. In the back of the bar, he was able to locate JC. JC was already somewhat drunk when Kevin finally arrived. However, he was still sober enough to know his surroundings.

"What's wrong?" Kevin asked. "Look at you, you're a mess."

"No, I'm not." JC said. "I am not drunk."

"Do you want to talk about it?"

"Nikki and I have parted ways." JC said, sitting back down. "She had been cheating on me all along with some freak from some LFO band. All while I was on tour."

"I'm sorry." Kevin said.

"Don't be." JC said. "I know you're happy."

"What is that supposed to mean?" Kevin asked.

"I know you want me, so why don't you come and get me?"

JC got up on the table and started to shake his body, removing his belt seductively. As much as Kevin wanted to see this private strip tease, he knew that he couldn't take advantage of JC. He was drunk. Kevin grabbed JC's hand and pulled him back down. He then carried JC outside and flagged down a cab for them both. As soon as he hit the seat of the cab, JC fell asleep.

"Where to, sir?" The cab driver asked.

Kevin leaned forward and handed him a card on which the hotel address was printed. When the cab arrived at the front of the hotel, Kevin turned to JC to wake him up when he was met with JC's crystal blue eyes. He was now sobered up. He walked out of the car himself as Kevin followed him. It was late at night and all of Orlando appeared to be sleeping tonight as the streets were completely empty. Normally a sighting of two of the hottest men in the world wound instigate a streaming mob of fans. Not the case tonight.

"You're awake." Kevin said.

"I told you I was not drunk."

"But at the bar-" Kevin stopped himself. "Did you mean what you mean at the bar? How long have you known that I like you more than just a friend?"

"When Nikki called me earlier today to break up with me, I was actually very relieved. I was upset because she cheated on me with a one time friend of mine. Besides the cheating factor, I was okay. I was okay until I realized that I was relieved to be single again because I could possibly start something with you."


"Yes, you, Kevin Richardson. I don't know what this will lead us if anything at all, but every time I'm with you, I feel like I can let loose and be myself. I don't feel like I have to be in control all the time. I don't feel like I have to take care of everything. I like feeling safe and taken care of when I'm with you." JC said. "Kevin, I've never been with a man ever, but I'm willing to give this a try."

"I would love to, too."

"But I can't promise you anything. I want to take it slow. Even with a woman, I've always

taken things slowly. It took me nearly two years of seeing Nikki on the Mickey Mouse Club everyday in order for me to ask her out."

"Slow is good." Kevin said, before taking JC's hand in his and leading him inside the hotel.

And slow they took. It took JC nearly two months before kissing a man for the first time, a man of his choice. A man he was starting to fall in love with. And this man was Kevin Richardson of the Backstreet Boys. They kept their relationship to themselves. They didn't want anyone else in their business. Besides, with the budding rivalry between the two groups being played out in the media, it was best to just call each other every chance they had and meet clandestinely. They would indulge themselves in classic homemade dinner they grew up loving. They would read books together and then engage in deep penetrating discussions. Intellectually, they were compatible and physically they were attracted to each other. The fact that this forbidden love affair must remain surreptitious drew the two lovers closer and closer together.

By the end of 1998, they had become intimate. Their first time was near perfection. JC had only been with Nikki therefore he did not have much experience to compare to. Kevin, on the other hand, had been with both women and men and still, there was no doubt in his mind that JC was his best lover.

"Slow is always good." JC reminded Kevin as they kissed.

They were happy to be lying in a hotel room, together. It seemed like months since JC had the opportunity to enjoy Kevin's slow kisses, but he was satisfied knowing that he could linger with them the whole night. And while JC enjoyed the kisses, Kevin continued his hand movements by removing the rest of JC's clothes. Their clothes were drapped on all ends of the room while only their under-garments had made it to the king-sized bed that they laid on. Kevin didn't care where the clothing landed as long as he landed on top of JC to show him what he had kept waiting for him.

"Mmm... right there." JC hummed while Kevin fondled his erect penis.

Kevin lost himself in JC while dragging his kisses from JC's thick lips to the nape of his smooth neck. He brushed a hand over JC's chest, feeling the small hairs around him. He groaned softly while sucking on a particular spot of JC's neck. JC merely spread his legs for Kevin to slip between while feeling Kevin's thin fingers prod and grope his penis. He exhaled softly while running his own hands from the top of Kevin's shoulders down to his firm ass.

The pleasure was perfect for each of them. The bed rocked a little while Kevin adjusted himself to be fully between JC's strong legs. His kisses had found their way to JC's chest while his hands locked onto JC's hips. JC wrapped his arms around Kevin's head and held him to his chest. His groans filled the room. He didn't bother to silence them like other nights. He let them loose into the air like a lion after finding its prey.

"Take me... ooh Kevin, make love to me.." JC requested while unwrapping his arms from Kevin.

Kevin followed his lover's instructions and lifted his body. His penis was dripping with the precum that had devloped during their making out. JC's body was covered with sweat, making his passage slippery for Kevin. Kevin stared down into JC's light blue eyes. They called to him as he slipped inside of JC. The parting of JC's lips to release a painful groan hurt Kevin, but he continued to enter his lover. He did not wish to stop their passion. He felt that soon, JC would enjoy the pleasure of making love with him.

JC was able to relax himself as Kevin touched him. He felt calm in Kevin's arms. He opened his eyes to look up into Kevin's. JC saw love and affection as they made love. JC could feel the bed shaking harder as Kevin increased his pace. He slid his hands down Kevin's sweaty back. He listened to Kevin's husky moans calling him. JC smiled and then, with all his strength, leaned up and kissed Kevin's cheek. Kevin felt the kiss and looked downward. He smiled back at JC and leaned down to begin a slow, but erotic kiss with JC.

The bed began to creak even harder as Kevin and JC's tongue entwined. JC's hands ravaged Kevin's body, grabbing for any piece of flesh they could grasp. Kevin groaned in their kiss as he felt himself drawing nearer to climax. He broke the kiss to release a loud grunt. He looked down at JC's curled lips. He listened as JC repeatedly called his name. His mind smiled while his body concentrated on continuing to pleasure himself and JC.

"Oh Kevin!" JC groaned out ersoundly while climaxing between their grinding bodies.

Kevin panted heavily while allowing his lover to ejaculate on both of their bodies. He closed his eyes tightly when feeling JC's ass muscles clamp down on his strong penis. He slowed his thrusts. He wrapped his arms tightly around JC's body and lifted him. His lips shivered as his body finally released its semen into JC's body. His body convulsed while cumming. He could feel JC placing small kisses on the top of his head while his warm seed slid deep into JC.

"Ah, baby... oh Josh..." Kevin exhaled out as his penis became limp.

"Mmmm... I love you Kevin." JC whispered, sliding down Kevin's body.

"I love you too," Kevin replied while laying down with his lover.

"Like I said, slow is always good." JC smiled as he hugged Kevin.

Things were moving along for the members of the Backstreet Boys. 1999 was the year of the Backstreet Boys as they prepared to launch their sophomore album. Despite their problems early in their career, they had grown to become one as a group. Maybe a little too close one might say. Ironically after ostracizing Brian for being gay, it turned out that AJ and Nick were gay. Now that three members of the group had come out, Howie soon began to question his own sexuality, testing the waters as he put it. After several tests, Howie failed miserably. He was not gay, maybe bi, but definitely not gay. He was now being left out by everyone else.

"What an irony", Brian thought to himself.

Brian was on the internet one night in late January of 1999. Like he always had done, he wanted to know what others think of them, especially their fans. He came across the Entertainment Asylum. They had been nominated for best group and best album. Unfortunately, they lost. They had lost to their kid brothers, `N Sync. Further along the list of winners, Justin Timberlake was named not only the Hottest Male, but also the Sexiest Newcomer, beating stiff competition from the likes of Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ryan Phillippe, and Freddie Prinze, Jr. Brian smiled to himself.

"I could have told them that," he thought.

He continued to surf the internet and mid way through the night, he realized that for every Backstreet Boys site he checked, he checked a Justin Timberlake site. From these sites, he learned that the objection of his desire had been linked to a little unknown singer by the name of Britney something rather.

"Brian, stop kidding yourself. You know you were never meant to be. He would have gotten picked up by some lucky lady sooner or later, but why can't it be later so I can have one more chance?"

Brian turned off his laptop and returned to his boyfriend. He was waiting patiently for Brian to wrap up his business. He was a perfect boyfriend. Who would had thought that little (well, not so little) Nicky Carter would make a perfect boyfriend to some lucky guy someday. He was so obedient- so easy to control.

It was January 28th, 1999, and Nick had decided to give himself to Brian on his 19th birthday. It was a present planned months in advance. Nick wanted nothing more than to lose his virginity by the time he turned 19, even if it was with Brian. Somehow, he got the impression that good guys end up last. Brian, having been alone for so long, was more than willing to be Nick's first. It wasn't just sex. He actually loved Nick. He always loved Nick, he just never thought he loved him the way he was loving him now. Perhaps, he loved Nick because he was so close to Justin's age- only a year separated the two. Nick's innocence reminded Brian of Justin's. Both boys were beautiful in their respective ways. As he lay on the bed next to Nick, fantasies of making love to Justin soon transcended into reality as he made love to Nick, or as Nick referred to it, fucking.

"Mmm... a little harder Brian..." Nick requested as Brian fucked him softly on the bed.

Brian lifted himself and then slipped back into Nick with his own thoughts controlling his actions. He felt Nick's fingers digging into his back as he forced himself into Nick's tight hole. Brian felt the physical pleasure of taking Nick's virginity, but the mental and emotional pleasure was dead. He only did as his friend requested and sought out to receive some form of pleasure from it.

"A little harder..." Nick asked softly, sliding his tongue over Brian's neck.

Brian kissed the top of Nick's head and did as ordered. He twisted his thick penis into Nick quickly. He held the headboard while pulling Nick's legs up higher. Nick groaned passionately. He held onto Brian with all of his might with one hand while masturbating with the other. He enjoyed the sweaty pleasure of being with Brian. He loved him deeply and experiencing his first time with Brian was more than pleasure for him. It was emotional satisfaction.

"Oh Nick... I'm going to be there soon..." Brian informed his friend.

Nick ran his hand quickly up and down his dick. He felt Brian brushed his hair back and then kiss him. Nick parted his lips fully and allowed Brian's slippery tongue to pleasure him. Nick could feel that Brian was an expert kisser. The way his lips moved in a slow fashion, but his tongue thrashed with passion caused Nick's penis to drip like a cherry. It was a fantasy come true for Nick as he clenched his passage tightly around Brian's cock. He listened as Brian screamed out in pure animal passion. The loud panting drew Nick closer to his own orgasm.

"Come on Brian, yeah... I'm almost there.." Nick huffed out.

Brian pet Nick's sweaty hair and then drew his lips back for a kiss. He pressed his lips firmly on top of Nick's. He could hear muffled moans coming from Nick. He held tightly to the headboard while grinding his penis into Nick's tight entrance. Soon he felt Nick's warm cum fly onto his stomach. He pulled his lips off of Nick's to listen to his passionate cries.

"Oh Brian! Oh, I love you Brian!" Nick yelled while ejaculating.

Brian smiled and continued to shove his penis in and out of Nick. Within minutes of Nick's orgasm, Brian's followed. The bed jumped as Brian moved quicker while cumming. Nick clamped his legs around Brian's waist. He held onto Brian, refusing to let Brian leave him after the orgasm ended. Brian kissed the top of Nick's head with his thoughts of Justin still lingering. He wanted to tell Nick how he truly felt, but he refused to ruin Nick's moment of pleasure.

"Happy brithday Nick." Brian managed to whisper while hugging Nick.

***There you have it...the another installment of "A Tale of Two Boy Bands". As many of you might know, this is the same story as "Entwined" only under a different name. I embrace the readers of "Entwined" and welcome the new readers. I'd love to hear comments and feedbacks and please no hate mail. This is not a teenybopper site and I don't expect to read them either. ThanksJ