Note: I needed to take a short break from the sugary sweetness of Just To Be With You, and this is the result. I'm not sure if it sucks or not, but it's up to you to decide.

Pairing: JC/Justin (as if I'd write anything else)

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: Don't know, don't own, don't imply. Blah.

Tell Me

They were the best of friends. They were hugging and smiling at each other, occasionally finishing each other's sentences or complementing the other's voice. They were the best of friends. At least as long as there was a camera or a reporter around.

But there wasn't anyone around at the moment, they were alone in the hotel room they shared. They often shared rooms. It was like in class, where the two top pupils usually chose to sit next to each other although they hated their rival for competing with them for the number one spot. The seating arrangement wasn't a matter of affection, but a matter of control. And so was Justin's and JC's rooming arrangement. Because sharing rooms meant not having to wonder on which song JC was currently working on or what Justin would do next to keep the attention focused on his relationship with Britney.

"I hate you." It hadn't been more than a whisper, too quiet for JC to hear, so Justin repeated it, louder this time, and more determined.

The brunette didn't show any reaction, and it annoyed Justin. He got up from where he had been leaning against the headboard of his bed and walked over to the table, standing directly in front of JC, glaring down at the bent head. "I hate you."

The pen scribbling words only JC could read didn't pause, the brunette didn't look up.

"Didn't you hear me? I said I hate you."

Calm blue orbs stared up at the younger man. "I heard you, Timberlake. Now, why don't you call your so-called girlfriend to make up the next rumor that will get the magazines to put your face on the covers?"

Justin leaned down, two pairs of blue eyes, on the same level now, locking. "Why? Am I distracting you?"

The older man accepted the challenge, staring right back, gaze never wavering, refusing to be the first to blink or look away. "How long do you think you can keep your eyes open without blinking?"

"Exactly one second longer than you."

"You really believe that?" Blue ice burning into blue ice.


"Even if I do... that?" Suddenly, the blue was coming closer, filling Justin's whole vision, never breaking their gaze until lips met lips. Both of their eyes drifted shut at the same time, lips moving instinctively, tongues exploring foreign mouths, but bodies separated by the table between them. It wasn't until his need of air became overwhelming that Justin pulled back, panting heavily, once again locking eyes with the older man in front of him.

"What was that?"

The brunette's lips curled into a dry smile. "Don't tell me you've never kissed before. I think I remember seeing a nice scene of you and Britney kissing on the MTV news a while ago."

"At least I've never been kissed by someone who hates me just as much as I hate him."

Shrugging, JC picked up his pen and turned back to his notebook, seemingly not caring about the man who was standing a few feet away, glaring at the top of his head.


JC was good, and Justin hated him for it. He hated the way JC was able to thrust his hips in perfect harmony to the music, he hated the way JC's smooth voice was filled with emotion when singing This I Promise You and he hated the way JC could make the fans scream with just one wink; hated it because it sent shivers down his spine, forced the memory of a kiss back in his mind, made him look forward to spending the night in the same room as JC.

But most of all, he hated it because it made him doubt his hate for the brunette man.

The sound of the running water stopped and Justin forced his eyes back on the book in his lap, reading the same sentence for about the fifteenth time in the twenty minutes JC had spent showering, convinced that he would have been able to recite it by heart now. But he read it anyway, trying to stay focused on the letters when the door to the bathroom opened. Justin's eyes seemed to have a mind of their own.

Before he could stop himself, he peered over the edge of his book, his gaze travelling over the brunette's tanned legs, over the towel that covered his waist, taking in the smooth chest where a few droplets of water still lingered, then higher, higher, until Justin's gaze had reached JC's blue orbs which where staring directly back at him, holding an amused twinkle.

"See something you like?"

Justin blushed, biting his lower lip, eyes once again focused on that damn sentence he was suddenly tired of. He didn't have to look up to know that JC was approaching him, the heat of the brunette's body, still damp from the shower, told him all he needed to know. He did look up however when JC straddled his thighs, getting comfortable on Justin's outstretched legs

"Does that turn you on, Justin?" The reaction of the younger man when JC sensually ground against him was answer enough. Barely able to suppress a moan, Justin dropped the book, his head rolling back, landing on the headboard with a thud.

"Never mind." Even though he couldn't see it, Justin knew that a smirk was covering JC's face as the brunette slowly moved his hips in a circular motion, still sitting on his lap and causing their erections to rub against each other.

"Do you want me to fuck you, Justin?"

Justin. The blonde's eyes flew open, settling on the brunette who was stroking his sides. Justin. He couldn't even remember the last time JC had called him 'Justin' in private, he was so used to being called 'Timberlake' by JC that he hadn't realized how much he had missed hearing his first name from the older man. "I..."

Justin's shirt was lifted high enough for JC to bend down and lick over the hard abs of the younger one's stomach. "Answer me, Justin. Do you want me to fuck you?"

It was a low murmur, made for porn, the brunette's breath tickling the wet skin. Justin stared down at the man, unable to avert his eyes, mouth dry. "I hate you."

"Just say it, Justin."

"Yes... I... Fuck me."

The brunette stopped abrupt, sitting up straight and letting his lips dance over Justin's before slowly pulling back, never losing eye contact. "Then I'm sorry to say that a quick fuck just isn't enough for me."

JC had gotten up and walked over to his suitcase before the words had fully registered in Justin's dazed head. Then, the blonde jumped up and followed.

"Oh no, Chasez! This is not how it works. You can't fucking turn me on and then just walk away like this. Two can play at this game!"

Roughly, he whirled the brunette around and crashed their lips together, not caring about JC's towel which had dropped on the floor in the progress. For a moment, JC's naked body went limp against his, and Justin was almost a little disappointed of having won so easily, then the brunette pushed him away, panting heavily.

"I just told you that a quick fuck isn't enough for me."

"And what if I told you that this doesn't have to be a quick fuck? What if I told you that we could do this every day, every night, for the rest of our lives? Would that be enough for you?"

JC was aware of Justin slowly creeping up to him, coming closer with each word, and the brunette backed away until he felt his back hitting the wall, his eyes focused on the blue orbs that were approaching.

"Would that be enough, JC?" A low murmur, resembling JC's own from only a few minutes ago.

The brunette licked his lips, shaking his head slowly. "No. No, Justin, that wouldn't be enough. I'm not satisfied to be one of your many sex toys."

"You don't have to be one of many, JC. You could be my only sex toy, if you want." Closer, closer... "Do you?"

Pink lips on his, a young, tight body pressing against JC's nude form. All he could do was nod dumbly, unconsciously starting to thrust against Justin.

"Good. Then this is how it's going to be."

Justin's mouth moved down his neck, tongue darting out to lick the sensitive skin, leaving a wet trail on his way to JC's left nipple. JC leaned against the wall, not trusting his legs to support his weight on their own. Justin's face came back up again, licking around JC's earlobe. "Didn't you say something about fucking me?"

JC's eyes opened immediately, staring hard at the young man. "Get out of those clothes and on the bed. Now."

Without hesitating, Justin obeyed, taking a few steps backwards, eyes never leaving the brunette, discarding his clothes before sitting down on the edge of the mattress, spreading his legs invitingly. JC joined him a moment later, standing between the younger one's thighs, a tube of lube in his hands. The younger man stretched his neck to capture the brunette's lips once again. "Fuck me, JC."

"You bet." A hand moved down his back, drawing the young body closer, then he could hear the tube being opened before a slick finger felt for his opening, slowly gliding in. With a moan, the blonde sunk back, encircling the slim waist of the standing man with his legs to lift his body partly off of the mattress. The brunette bent forward, licking around Justin's navel, taking out his finger, then plunging in again, drawing a shudder from the body beneath him.

"You like that, huh? Do you want another finger in you?"

"Yes. God, yes!"

"I can do that." Unlocking the grip of Justin's legs around him, JC stroked the inner sides of Justin's thighs before lifting them up to rest on his shoulders. Sliding back into Justin, this time with two fingers, JC wiggled around, trying to get the boy to loosen up while listening to his shuddering moans whenever he hit the younger one's prostate.

A hand gripped his arm, and he could see Justin's blue orbs staring up at him, glazed with lust. "JC, give me that lube."

Receiving what he had requested, the blonde squeezed some of the liquid on his hand, then reached around his own body for JC's cock, gliding up and down the shaft to cover it with the lube, their eyes locked the whole time. Satisfied with his work, Justin let go.

"Get the hell into me, JC."

He didn't have to ask twice. Holding Justin's hips firmly in place, JC began rocking forward, entering Justin with rhythmic thrusts. The blonde boy held his eyes shut the whole time, pleasure mixing with pain. When he felt that the other man was the whole way in, he locked his legs around the older man's shoulders and opened his eyes, wanting to see JC's expression.

The brunette gazed down at the angelic face. "How do you want it, Justin? Slow and gentle or hard and fast?"

"Hard and fast. Fuck me hard and fast, JC."

JC grinned. "Then I'll go extra slow."

And he did. Pulling back, then pushing back in agonizingly slow, ignoring the boy's whimpers and whispered pleas of protest, stroking up and down Justin's leaking shaft in the same rhythm. Justin's attempt to rock his hips against JC was useless, the brunette gripped his hips firmly, preventing every movement.

"JC, please!"

The brunette shook his head and leaned down to give the squirming man a deep, lingering kiss.

Justin was panting, trying desperately to get more of JC inside. "I. Want you to. Fuck me. Just. The way you. Do your thrusts. At. The end. Of. Pop. JC. God... Please!"


"Why not?" Justin was close to tears, not able to endure the painfully slow pace any longer.

"Because you call me JC. I don't want you to call me JC."

"Then what? I don't care, I'll call you everything."

"Call me Josh."

"Okay. Fuck me, Josh. Hard. Just the way you fuck the air in Pop."

This time, JC obeyed, pulling out almost the whole way, then forcefully thrusting forward, meeting Justin's now freed hips. Both cried out simultaneously, and for a moment, JC let go of Justin's cock, then grabbed it again, pumping it in time with his hard, steady thrusts, knowing that neither of them would be able to take much more.

Their eyes locked again, blue burning in blue, each mirroring the emotions of the other, moans and incoherent words escaping their lips. Three hard thrusts and Justin's orgasm hit him full-force, the young body shuddering, shouting JC's name. The sound, along with the muscles clenching around his cock, was all it took to take JC over the edge. With a shout of his own, containing God and the name of the young blonde, JC collapsed on top of Justin, gasping for air, their hearts beating furiously.

Slowly, almost hesitantly, JC pulled his spent cock out of the tight opening, rolling off of Justin and dropping down on the bed next to him.

They were both silent for a few minutes, catching their breath. "Wow." Justin finally exclaimed, quiet and slightly in awe.

"Yeah." JC agreed, throwing an arm over the younger man's stomach to pull him closer.

Smiling, Justin snuggled up to him.

"You know that you're gonna be sore tomorrow, don't you?"

"I don't care, Josh. How about we do this again soon. Now, for example?"

"How about we don't? At least not right now."

"Five minutes?"

"Sounds good."


"Justin? Josh! Get up, you have exactly twenty minutes till departure."

Lance had just lifted his hand to knock for the fourth time when the door was opened roughly, revealing a bleary eyed Justin, wrapped up in only a thin blanket. He opened his eyes wide enough to glare at Lance. "My boyfriend and I have all the time in the world to get up. We don't have to be at the venue until this evening, and as we didn't exactly get a lot of sleep last night, we have to make up for it now."

Taking in Justin's appearance, Lance backed down, raising his hands in surrender. "Whoa, you and Josh! Who would have thought."

From behind, arms wrapped around Justin's waist, and the blonde boy leaned his head against his boyfriend's cheek. "Come back to bed, baby." JC ordered, giving Lance a tired look. "Morning, Poofu."

"Uh... Morning, Josh."

Twisting his head to give the brunette a kiss, Justin nodded. "I'll be right back, Josh." Turning back, he smiled at Lance. "Bye, Lance, you can wake us up in about three hours. Oh, and Lance? Don't call him Josh."

With that, the blonde closed the door, leaving the Mississippian standing in the hallway to stare at the wood, slowly shaking his head in disbelief.

"Lance? Whatcha doing? You okay?" The voice, belonging to Joey, jerked the blonde out of his thoughts, and with a smile starting to form on his lips, Lance nodded.

"You know what, Joe? I think I am. And, here's a piece of advice: Unless you want to have Justin pissed at you, you'd better not call JC Josh."


"Never mind. Oh, and we'll stay here for another four hours. Justin and JC had a slightly rough night."

"Yeah, I heard some strange noises coming from their room. They didn't kill each other, did they?"

"They're fine. I think it's safe to say that they finally worked out their problems."

Chris joined them, looking around. "Where are Justin and Josh?"

Lance grinned, summarizing the earlier conversation. "They are sleeping because they had a rough night, we'll stay here for another three or four hours, they worked out their problems, and you'd better not call JC Josh."

"They finally got together?"

"What?" Looking back and forth between a grinning Chris and a smiling Lance, Joey's face twisted in shock. "You mean, together as in a couple? And the noises I heard, Justin shouting 'Josh' and vice versa... Oh God, I'd rather not think about it." He sunk back against the wall.

Patting the Italian's shoulder comfortingly, Chris retired to his room, yelling a good night over his shoulder.

"What do you think about a No-sex-on-the-bus rule?"

The corners of Joey's mouth twitched. "Sounds good. I love those two, but the last thing I need are images of my practical brothers having sex."

"Okay, then the rule is settled. And now I'm going back to bed."

"Sleep well, Poofu."

"You too. And, just in case they're going at it again: There should be ear plugs in the bathroom."