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Justin smiled as he watched Chris dance around giddily. It was so amusing to watch Chris- Justin probably would do it even if it didn't turn him on.

 It was a bit unnerving though- as if Chris didn't remember that today was *the* day. The day that he and Chris had set aside for their coming out party. Coming out to the other guys party at least.

 Then again, it was easily possible that Chris didn't remember.  Chris never had the memory that Justin had- it was one of the things that he teased the older man about.

 Justin leaned back onto his muscular arms as he felt his own heartbeat increase over what he and Chris were going to do that night. It was one thing to say it late at night, and sure Chris had taken pretty well- but Chris had his own reasons. Justin, of course, hadn't *known* that Chris was gay as well... He'd never have dreamed that such a thing could be possible. Chris had never given off any... vibes... or anything.

 Not that Justin would have exactly known what to look for. He wasn't the world's expert on gayity. Hell, he wasn't even sure if gayity was a word, although he sincerely doubted it. He'd heard of so-called Gaydar, but whatever it was, he was sure he didn't have it.

 No matter what psychic abilities Justin did or didn't have, that train of thought served its purpose; getting Justin's mind off of the impending revelation, if only for a few minutes. Now he was free to once again gaze at Chris in barely checked desire.
 He felt guilty about it, sure, but he couldn't help it. There was just something intriguing about the petit man, physically Justin's opposite in nearly every way, and yet mentally they seemed on the same plane. Justin was often too old for his age, while Chris had a terminal case of adolescence. It seemed as if the older man would never come down from his perpetual sugar high. He was just way too chipper some of the time- especially times like right then, during the middle of a much needed break in rehearsal.

 "Dammit Chris will you stop it?" JC suddenly sighed, shaking his head. Chris had been leaning over the other man's shoulder in an attempt to read the song JC was currently working on. JC rolled his eyes and shoved the older man good-naturedly.

 Justin waited for his friend to make a goofy grin and tease JC about his sappy (or possibly randomly sexual) lyrics. He was astounded, along with the others, when Chris instead scowled and shoved back, twice as hard.

 "Hey!" JC exclaimed, grabbing for the staved paper as it flew off of the table. "Jesus Christ, Chris! What was that for?"

 "JC watch your language," Lance started to say but he was cut off.

 "You're always in my face!" Chris snapped at JC.

 "Excuse me?" JC asked in bewilderment. "You were the one looking over my shoulder!"

 "Well pardon me!" Chris replied sarcastically. "I wouldn't want to disrupt the genius that is JC Chasez!" With those words Chris turned and stomped out of the room, pushing past Wade who was reentering.

 "Ouch," Wade said, rubbing his shoulder gingerly. He looked back at Chris, and then out to the four other Nsync members who were watching with varying expressions of shock on their faces.

 "Um- did I miss something?"

 "I'll go get him," Justin said, jumping up and pushing past Wade.

 "Ouch," Wade said, spinning towards the other shoulder. "No, really, I'm fine," he called after Justin. "No need to worry about me."


 Justin wandered the halls of the arena for a few minutes before finally finding a bathroom. He didn't know why, but he instinctively went inside.

 Chris was sitting on the floor, aimlessly tapping a random pattern with his feet.

 "Um, hey," Justin said gingerly. "Are you okay?"

 "Did I screw up his song?" Chris asked, not looking up.

 "Um, I don't think so," Justin hedged. "Besides, you know JC- he's got a million of them anyway."

 "Yeah." Chris snickered, the flicker of a smile crossing his face.

 "I see a smile!" Justin said victoriously.

 "Yeah," Chris said. "God, what was I upset about again?"

 "Um- not much as far as I could tell," Justin admitted.

 Chris giggled. "So I just like flipped out for no reason."

 "Pretty much," Justin said. "Are you worried about- well... tonight?" Justin asked, then immediately wished she could take back the words.

 "Oh lord," Chris sighed. "I forgot about that."

 "Oh... um, well if you'd like to put it off," Justin offered.

 "No," Chris insisted. "I need to tell tonight or we'll just keep putting it off indefinitely.  Unless you want to-"

 "No, no," Justin agreed. "I just wanted to make sure you were comfortable."

 "I guess we should go back then," Chris said, changing the subject. "Before Wade gets pissy."

 "Yeah," Justin agreed. "Time to get off that floor."

 "God knows where its been," Chris joked.

 "I'm sure whatever diseases you gave it won't last that long," Justin reassured, gripping the older man's hand and pulling him up.


 "Well look who's back!" Joey said when Justin and Chris reentered the room.

 "You okay?" JC asked. Chris nodded.

 "Sorry," they both said at the same time, then grinned at one another.

 "Wonderful," Lance said. "Now- kiss and make up."

 Justin grinned, while he, Joey, Chris, and JC rolled their eyes at Lance.

 "But- but he has cooties!" JC insisted in a teasing tone.
 Justin snorted a laugh, as Joey gave himself a quick cootie shot.

 "I'll show you cooties," Chris growled, a smile on his face as he grabbed JC by the shirt and firmly planted his lips on JC's.

 Justin's eyes widened and his jaw dropped as he waited for the kiss to end.

 And waited.