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Joey's eyes widened as he watched his two friends "go at it", as it were. He couldn't help but wonder where a stopwatch was. He knew how much of a joker Chris was, and it was nothing new for him to take a smarmy comment literally- but... Joey was almost sure he saw tongue. Not that he was watching that closely.

Of course not.

Joey averted his eyes briefly to see what his other two bandmates thought of the situation. He almost laughed at the look on Lance's face- the younger man looked as if he was about to pass out. No doubt it was the first time the naïve Southerner had seen two men kiss up close. And of course, Justin would be shocked by the liplock between his two best...

'Hmm, now that's certainly interesting,' Joey thought, raising an eyebrow as he looked at the youngest member. 'Justin looks like Christmas.'

It was true, in a way. Justin's eyes were lighting up in alternating shades of red and green. Both emotions confused Joey. Why would Justin be mad of all things, JC and Chris were just goofing around... And then there was the jealousy. Joey supposed that made the anger more understandable, but really, why would Justin be jealous of Chris? Or was he jealous of JC?

Either way, Joey knew he had to break it up before smoke started to pour out of the blond man's ears. He cleared his throat loudly, then walked over to JC and Chris.

"Um, guys?" He started, but Chris was already giggling into the kiss, and he pushed JC away.

"What did you do that for?" Chris asked, wiping a hand over his lips.

"Me?" JC gasped. "You started it!"

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

"Nuh-Uh!" Chris said, shaking his head forcefully. "Lance started it... he told me to."

"Yeah!" JC agreed. "It's all Lance's fault."

"We should get the meanie," Chris said.

"Yes we should," JC agreed. "Right after I sterilize my lips."

"Exactly. HEY!" Chris stammered.

Lance giggled.

"Oh! You think that's funny do you?" Chris said menacingly, advancing on Lance. Lance yelped and backed up, his eyes scanning wildly for an escape.

"You gonna kiss him too?" Justin snapped. Chris looked up and his eyebrows furrowed.

"Do you think I should?" he asked finally, then glanced back at Lance. He wiggled his eyebrows and Lance snorked, his laughter cutting off.

"I-uh-I," Lance tried to say.

"Lance, relax, I'm not gonna make a move on you," Chris sighed. "And what exactly is your problem Justin?"

'You kissed him and not me,' Justin thought, but he couldn't say it. 'Not... Jesus. What if JC likes Chris? What if JC's gay too? It's not like he pushed Chris back- Chris ended the kiss...'

"Curly?"  Chris said, concern evident in his voice.

Justin's mind swirled wildly. Every thought he had vied for importance. Finally he just sat down hard, on the floor, his head in his hands.

'Shit,' Chris thought. 'What did I do?' "Justin?" he said worriedly, collapsing to his knees next to the younger man. JC, Lance, and Joey followed him and they surrounded Justin.

"I'm fine," Justin assured them all. "Just thinking."

"That's a first," Joey teased, but an elbow to his ribs shut him up.

"What's up J?" JC asked.

Justin ignored him and turned to Chris. "They won't mind," he said. "They don't care, obviously. Can I?"

"Can you what?" Lance asked, but Chris knew what Justin was talking about, and he simply nodded.

"Will you?" Justin asked, calmly looking up at Chris. Chris smiled weakly.

"Sure," he said.

Justin smiled back.

"Okay, so what are we missing here?" JC asked.

"I'm gay," Justin said.

"Me too," Chris said. "I'm gay."

"Aww," Joey said, "That's so cute!" Four heads turned to look at him oddly. "Well it is!" Joey insisted. "They make a cute couple!"

Justin shook his head quickly. "No! I mean no, we're not like... together," he said.

"Oh," Joey said, blushing. "My mistake."

"So... um... Joey obviously thinks I'm cute..." Chris trailed off, the unasked question aimed at JC and Lance.

"Ick," JC said. "Now I really need to go wash my lips. God knows where yours have been. Blech. But, nah, other than that, it's cool with me."

"Just don't be like, bringing random guys home with you when you're sharing a room with me," Lance said. "I mean- I guess it's okay. I'm not sure."

"It's Okay," Justin told Lance. "If you need a little time to adjust or whatever, that's cool."

Lance looked relieved. "Thanks," he said. "Itís just a little bit of a shock, I mean..." Lance trailed off and they sat in silence for a few minutes.

"Anyone for lunch?" Joey asked eventually.

"Sounds good," they all agreed and left, Justin and Chris following slowly.

"Well," Chris said. "That went well."

"Very well," Justin agreed. "Almost an anti-climax, that was."

"Not everything can be fire and brimstone," Chris said, and Justin nodded as they headed towards the lunch that had been laid out for them and the crew.