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A U T H O R ' S B A B B L I N G

Okay, I know there are a lot of BACKSTREET BOYS story out there and most of them are centered on people having with crushes either BRIAN LITTREL, NICK CARTER or KEVIN RICHARDSON. I try to make this a little bit different from the usual with the celebrities themselves falling for the fictional character.

I admit that I am not a BACKSTREET BOYS fan although some of their songs really caught my attention. But I am, indeed, a very big fan of BRIAN LITTREL and KEVIN RICHARDSON, but since it was BRIAN LITTREL who had a heart problem, I think it was best to center this story around him. No, I don't think that he is gay, but it would certainly be interesting if he is.

D I S C L A I M E R :

I would like to remind you that this is just a part of the imagination of the author and none of these events ever happen. Any similarity between events in the story and situations in somebody else's life is purely and absolutely coincidental, accidental or, just simply, impossible. This story doesn't state anything about BRIAN LITTREL'S sexuality or choice of lifestyle, implicitly or explicitly. Remember this is just a composition based totally on the imagination of the author.

This story contains a homosexual premise and has homosexual undertones. If you are a minor, you know the rules. Please don't read this and find something more suitable for you age. But if you reach the age of majority, you can come back. If you're a bigot who just wandered here by mistake, you are allowed to stay. I would like to request you, however, to please keep an open mind.

Please enjoy!!!

Jonathan Andrew Ybanez

T E N   T H I N G S

X	See a rainbow at dawn
X	Taste the first snowflake of winter
X	Go to Disney World
	Flash someone from a car
X	See the dawn
	Be a star
X	Touch a snake
X	Make someone smile
	Talk to God
	Kiss my soulmate


C h a p t e r 8

After a rather tedious, exhausting, tight and excruciating four-hour flight from Florida, we finally reached my port of entry, the Canadian metropolis of Toronto, around 5:00PM local time. I haven't traveled in economy class for a very, very long time since the boys and I usually fly in the first class section. So, it was quite understandable my air travel to Canada was not terribly comfortable for me. I had gotten so accustomed to the spacious and relaxed seating arrangement of the business class that I had became so agoraphobic as well as claustrophobic of what I experience in coach.

Upon our arrival at the Airport in Toronto, I immediately went over to the Canadian Immigration to have my Greencard checked. Being an American Citizen, the Canadian Authorities were pretty lenient with me and let me pass through without too much trouble. Tevyn didn't have too much problems either. He is Canadian, after all.

After breezing through the proper authorities with nothing to declare, Tevyn and I had a transfer of airplanes. This time, the flight wasn't so crowded since there weren't many passengers heading to Prince Edward Island. In about three hours or so, we were able to reach Charlottetown Airport.

We had arrived in Charlottetown late evening already, something like 10:00PM. Tired and sleepy, we hurried to retrieve our baggage from the airport carousel. After recovering our things, Tevyn and I immediately got to the Arrival Terminal and searched for our escort. There, an elderly British butler and a young uniformed chauffeur welcomed us.

The butler was dressed in a dark colored suit. His features were distinguished. His eyes were deep set and were steely gray. His face wasn't exactly old but his hair was starting to his age. He was quite tall and lanky. He rather reminds of Peter O'Toole. He was a stark contrast with the chauffer, who looked no older than 22 years old. He was around 5'6" and medium build. The young guy had a somewhat open friendly, if not handsome, face.

"Good evening, Master Tevyn." The butler greeted us with a low bow. "I do hope that your journey was a smooth and enjoyable one"

"Good evening, sir." The young chauffeur followed the butler.

"Good evening, Giles. Good evening, Joseph." He said to the butler and to the chauffeur. He explained as he started walking towards the exit. "Our flight was very smooth but left us rather a bit tired. The long trip has given us quite a bit of jetlag. I think it would be best if we go home now. We definitely need a good night's sleep. And tomorrow we are going to be busy."

"Of course, Master Tevyn." Giles nodded. Taking a snooty look at me, the butler proceeded to ask. "And your companion, sir? May we know who he is?"

"Giles, Joseph let me introduce Bryan, Bryan Littrel. He is a very close friend of mine from Florida." He turned around and introduced me to the duo. "As I had informed you earlier from Toronto, Brian will be residing with us during his stay on the island. Tomorrow, he is going to accompany me to Cavendish for a few days.

"Brian, this is Giles Atkinson." Tevyn, then turned to me as he said. "He has been our butler and a trusted companion and close friend since we moved to the island some ten or fifteen years ago. And this is Joseph O'Connors, the family chauffeur."

"Good evening, Mr. Atkinson and Mr. O'Connor." I extended my hand. "I am very pleased to meet you."

"Good evening, Mr. Littrel, welcome to Charlottetown." Joseph said as he took my hand and shook it warmly. "I hope that your stay will be a most pleasurable one."

On the other hand, Giles just looked at my hand coldly and ignored me. "We are going to Cavendish, Sir?" Giles said, raising his eyebrows. "With your friend? But,..."

"Yes, Giles. I will be visiting my father there." He interrupted the butler. "Why? Is anything wrong with that?"

"Nothing, Sir." He bowed his head. "Except, I don't think your father would ever approve of this. He would just turn..."

"He would do what, Giles?" Tevyn narrowed his eyes.

"Well, usually, your,... usually your visit to your father is a,... very private one." He stared at floor uncomfortably and stammered in a jumble of words. "You usually go there to the, uhm,... to see him in ah, uhmm... in Cavendish alone, sir."

"Tevyn, I think I'll just stay here in Charlottetown for a few days or so." I suggested, watching the tension grow between Giles and Tevyn. "I mean, I don't want to disturb your reunion with your father. This is, after all, a family thing,... something just between the two of you."

"That's crap, Bryan! That's pure crap! There would be no trouble at all, there would be..." He stopped talking all of a sudden and glanced back at Giles and Joseph. With the look on their faces, it seems that they were eavesdropping on our conversation. "Giles, Joseph, could you excuse us for a minute? If you don't mind, Brian and I have to talk about something important."

"Of course, Master Tevyn." Giles replied, without any emotions. "I will call on Maria to prepare for tonight's dinner. What would you prefer to have for tonight's supper."

"Uhm, nothing fancy, just the usual, I guess." Tevyn shrugged. "Brian and I are suffering from jetlag so I wouldn't suggest on having a heavy supper. We have to sleep early. And besides, we need to leave early tomorrow morning."

"Of course, Sir." Giles obliged with a polite bow. "Whatever you wish, Master Tevyn."

"And, oh, Joseph." He called the chauffeur. "Why don't you get the car? Brian and I would like to reach home as soon as possible. We are quite exhausted from our long flight."

"Of course, Sir." Joseph nodded and walked away to the parking lot.

"Wow, I never thought that you would be this loaded." I gushed in awe. "The chauffeur and the butler! I bet you have a really, really big mansion!"

"Oh, it's nothing. The butler and the chauffeur are just the remaining legacies from an old dying family line." He shrugged, indifferently. "Brian, go with me to Cavendish... please?"

"But, Tevyn, I don't want to cause any rift between you and your family."

"Believe me, Bryan." He assured me. "You wouldn't be any trouble."

"What about him?" I pointed out.


"The crabby old butler!" I said, with my eyes widening. "He scares the living daylights out of me! And, quite frankly, I don't think he likes too much."

"Giles is just overreacting, as usual. Don't worry about him. He's just very over protective." He giggled. Then trailing off, he looked away from me, saying. "It's just that..."

"It's just what?" I carefully looked at him.

"Awww,.. it nothing really." He bit his lip then he reverted back to the original subject of the conversation. "You know I need you there with me, for moral support. Please, it would certainly mean a lot to me if you go to Cavendish." He gave me that really irresistible set of green puppy dog eyes. Begging, he said with a naughty pout. "Bryan, just say yes, please?"

"Do you know that I really hate the way you manipulate me?" I rolled my eyes upward. Then I grinned. "But I hate myself even more for letting you play me like a plush toy."

"That's a yes, right? Thank you! Thank you, thank you Bryan! I could kiss you,..." He grinned with such radiance. Laughing, he said. "But I won't"

"That's a relief." I joke back. "I wouldn't want to get any kind of virus from you!"

He, then, proceeded to smack me on my forehead. "Hey!" I whined loudly

"You deserved it!" He laughed. "Now, stop acting like a baby."

A few moments later, a very well maintained, vintage, black Rolls Royce eased along the curve and Giles stepped out from the front seat of the car and opened the doors for us. Joseph took our bags and placed them in the trunk. "Will this be all, sir?"

"Yes, thank you Joseph, that will be all." Tevyn said as he got into the car. "Thank you very much."

"Wow, this is a really, really, REALLY nice car!" I exclaimed as I gazed at the Rolls. "Don't tell me this is still a legacy of an old family line!"

"Get in the car, Brian, and don't worry. I will give you a chance to look at the car when we get home." Tevyn just smiled a crooked grin at me. "There, you can gawk at it all you want. I'll give you the whole evening to stare at it, if you want to." 

"Shut up!"

After we got into the car, Tevyn instructed the chauffeur. "Please take us home, I would like to have some rest as soon as possible."

"Master Tevyn." Giles called out as he shut the back door. "I had already called Maria. She told me that she had prepared your most favorite dishes. I had order nothing too fancy nor too heavy. Just something enough to fill your stomachs."

"Thank you, Giles."

The chauffeur drove away from the airport. Along the way home, Tevyn didn't speak much. It was explainable. Tevyn was way tired and began to doze off even before we were a mile away from the airport. His gentle snoring was the proverbial calm before the storm.

Then, here comes the storm....

"I am curious, Mr. Littrel. Where and how were you able to exactly meet Master Tevyn?." Giles inquired me as he cleared his throat.

"Actually, Tevyn and I meet in the hospital in Florida. He was rushed to the hospital after he had one of his leukemia attacks at Disney World." I offered my explanation. "Just as the same time, we were filming our latest music video, "Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely". The boys and I had just finishing wrapping the session up when I came across his room. We talked for while and we somehow we found some sort of connection. So I guess here I am."

"Is that all, Mr. Littrel?" The butler said chillingly. "I'm sorry but somehow, I find your story a little bit too hard to believe. Amusing and entertaining but still, unfortunately, it's absolutely unconvincing and entirely fictitious."

"What's so hard to believe in my story, Mr. Atkinson."

"Let's just say Mister Littrel, that there are a lot of storytellers in my time as well as yours. I have met most, if not all of them. And let me inform you that you, sir, are not a very special and extraordinary exception!"

"What are trying to say, Mr. Atkinson?" I replied with calm indignation. "Are you implying that I am a liar?"

"One just can't be too sure. As far as I am concerned, you are just an recent acquaintance of Master Tevyn, hence you, Mr. Littrel, really can not be trusted." He paused with a chilling look on his face. "I don't apologize for my frankness, Mr. Littrel, but for all I know, you could just be after Master Tevyn's money."

"Mister Atkinson, as far as I AM concerned, wealth is not something I am after." I stressed with an equally frosty expression pasted across my face. "I have absolutely no idea how much the Winters' asset is, and much less, care about it. And as far as I know, I have enough money to sustain myself for three lifetimes. And much more..."

"Yes, I have heard it all already Mr. Littrel." He interrupted me as he rolled his eyes, mockingly at me. "No need to bother and bore me with all the details."

"You don't believe me, do you, Mr. Atkinson."

"Oh! Was I that obvious, Mr. Littrel?" He said, dripping with sarcasm. "I wasn't aware of that. I was after all aiming to be more subtle!"

"How far do I have to go to explain to you that I am not after Tevyn's money?" I said, narrowing my eyes. The tone of my voice is now steadily rising. "Is that too hard to believe?"

"Yes, Mr. Littrel, I find that too hard to believe. I can never comprehend the reason why Master Tevyn would instantly give his trust to you." He looked at me sharply. "I have been with young Master Tevyn since they arrived here about 12 years ago and I can unquestionably declare that it takes time, in fact, a very long time to gain his trust."

"Let me see, we meet only for about three days, and I got his trust as well as his confidence and full understanding." Pausing for a minute, I mocked him with sarcasm dripping from every sentence that came out of my mouth. "Gee, I don't know Mr. Atkinson. I could be wrong in this but maybe he just doesn't trust you as much as he trust me."

As his eyes burned and flashed with bloody rage, Mr. Atkinson told me straightforwardly yet silently. "What are your ulterior motives, Mr. Littrel? I demand to know them."

"I have no hidden agenda, Mr. Atkinson, no ulterior motives, no nothing! If you don't believe me, then don't. I don't give a crap what you think!" I crossly answered the butler. "Tevyn has my loyalty and my friendship, that's all I care and ALL you need to know!"

Mr. Atkinson blushed to a deep shade of purple as he blurted out. "I DON'T GIVE A BLOODY HELL ON WHAT..."

"IN CASE, you still don't get IT, Mr. Atkinson, let me explain everything to you in very simple terms and with very little words. Read my lips carefully, old man, so you won't miss anything." I quickly interrupted the butler and slowly mouthed out the words. "I DON'T HAVE TO ANSWER TO YOU!!!"

I decided it best that I stop the discussion with the irksome butler. Oh, I am always prepared for any challenge, verbal, physical or otherwise, but, considering that I was Tevyn's guest, I think it would be in poor taste if I proceed to have a battle royale with any of his people.

I quickly faced the window and stared blankly outside, as I thought. "This is my first day and I am already fighting with the help. I just know that this is going to be one GREAT spring vacation."


- - -   t o   b e   c o n t i n u e d   - - -