Tests of Friendship, Chapter Two:



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Well, here’s chapter two. As you read this chapter three should be well on its way. I hope you enjoyed the last segment, and if you didn’t, why are you reading the second!

Now for the legal stuff. If you are under 18 years of age, or whatever age is applicable for your country of residence to read material involving homosexual relationships, then leave now. This story isn’t a quicky, and will involve an evolution of a relationship between the characters. There may be sex in this issue, I’ve not decided yet, we’ll have to see how it goes. This story is in no means applying anything about the sexuality of the members of ‘N Sync of The Backstreet Boys. It is a complete work of fiction. The author intends no similarities to real people or events, and apologises for any similarities to any real life events. As before, feel free to contact me at trekster2@hotmail.com

"Ok guys, see you later. We’ll be heading off ourselves as soon as the limos get back here." Lance said. I acknowledged him before walking off back to the elevator. We got to the car in silence and I drove off. Justin sat up front with me, JC in the back.

"Chris has calmed down a bit, but he still hasn’t apologised yet." JC said from the back after about a minute of silence. A nodded as I continued driving. JC reached forwards and poked Justin’s arm, trying to encourage him to speak. I was curious, but never said anything. "Justin has something to tell you Simon." I noticed out the corner of my eye Justin blushing slightly, and by now my curiosity was very heavily sparked.

"Well, what is it Justin, what have you got to tell me?" I asked, now driving down the motorway towards Sheffield at just under 90mph.

"Aren’t you going a bit fast?" Justin asked, trying to move away from the subject.

"No, they don’t pull you over till you do 90. Now, what do you want to tell me?"

"I don’t want to tell you anything, he thinks I should tell you something." Justin said, pointing to JC, who just had a smile on his face.

"Well, come on then Justin, just tell me whatever you wanted to tell me?"

"Ok let’s try and spit it out quickly. I think I fancy you, and I want to get to know you better. Infact, I think I’m falling for you." I almost lost control of the car as I stared at Justin, I quickly looked back at the road when I heard a horn blaring behind me.

"You fancy me. I wasn’t ready for that, couldn’t you have warned me!. I feel honoured, course I would like to get to know you better, I like you to." I was still in mild shock from Justin’s words, not certain what to do. "You’re leaving the country in 3 days though, it doesn’t really give me much chance to get to know you."

"I’ve thought about that, and since you’re on holiday and all, and don’t have anything to do, you could come with us on our tour. We’re heading to Germany next, then France before returning to the US."

"Come with you? This is a lot to take in, that one of my idols for the past couple of years at least just told me he things he’s falling for me, and wants you to go tag along on the tour. I don’t think Chris would be over the moon about that? Do you?"

"Chris is unimportant. The BSB have no problem with it, and none of the others do either. Just say yes."

"Why not, course I will go with you." Justin just leaned over and hugged me tightly, almost making me careen of the road. I managed to keep control though, while JC was grinning like a Cheshire cat in the back. The rest of the journey was accompanied only by the radio, which I turned up slightly, only to find ‘Tearin’ Up My Heart’ on. Both Justin and JC sung along to there parts as I sped down the motorway towards the Sheffield junction. As we approached I spoke up, "Do you know what hotel you’re staying at?"

"We’re to go straight to the arena. Do you know the way?"

"Yep, I’ve been here a few times before." I said, coming off the motorway and following the signs for the Crucible arena. It took about 20 minutes of travelling through the morning traffic until we pulled up outside. A line of fans were already queuing up outside the arena for tonight’s performance, and they saw the guys through the windows of the Bentley. They ran over to the car screaming as I locked the doors. They were crowding round the car as I blared the horn and slowly edged forwards to the secure parking area. The security people ran to the side of the car and kept the fans at bay while I drove through. The gates were quickly closed behind me. We stayed in the car for about half an hour until the two limos drove up, suffering the same problems that we did. We got out the car as the two limos parked up. They eight guys piled out the two cars and walked over to us. I kept my distance, not wanting to aggravate the tense situation further.

"Hey, Simon, we’ve got to rehearse now, but you can sit in the seating area and watch if you like?’" JC spoke up.

"Yeah sure. Can you two come over here for a minute." I said, JC and Justin walked over. "Talk this thing through with the other guys. If they don’t mind, I’ll go back to Nottingham and get some clothes packed. I can’t go around in these for the whole time." I said smiling.

"Ok then, head off now and sort things out, but be sure to get back for the concert. Here’s some tickets for you and backstage passes." Justin said, handing me the two passes. I nodded and walked back to my car. I drove off, passing through the gates without too much difficulty this time, as they could see no one else was in the car. I sped off quickly to get my stuff ready and make arrangements for my absence.

Justin and JC walked into the backstage area of the arena with the rest of the guys and took a seat in the wardrobe department. "Guys, I’ve invited Simon to come along on tour with us. Well, it was JC’s idea actually. I really like him, and he feels the same and we want a chance to get to know each other better." Justin said to the rest of ‘N Sync and the BSB.

"Sure, if it makes you happy. I just don’t want to see anybody get hurt." Kevin spoke up. The BSB guys and ‘N Sync were all good friends in reality, and got on very well. Kevin was as surprised as anyone else when Justin and JC both came out, but it didn’t bother him.  He was pretty surprised when one of the BSB came out ot him, but he took it in his stride, accepting him for who he was.   He probably wasn't that surprised though. Everyone else except Howie and Chris agreed, who just kept quiet. They knew they were outvoted in the matter, and would have to live with it, unless they could figure out a way to break us up.

JC was sitting in silence, happy that he had managed to persuade Justin to ask me, but he was upset that he couldn’t pull off such a trick for himself. He wanted to be with someone, but he never found anyone. He fancied Brian from the Backstreet Boys, and Nick, but he daren’t ask either of them if they were gay. He didn’t want to freak any of them out that he actually fancied them. They might accept his homosexuality, but to have someone openly say they are attracted to you might push it a bit too far. He just sat recidedly in the comfortable sofa. "Well guys, let’s get ready for this concert. We’ve got sound checks to do first, then a run through with the band of all the songs. If we don’t mess around that gives us time of until 5:30, when we come back for costumes and makeup, so let’s get moving." Kevin spoke up, everyone standing up and walking out for sound checks.


I was driving down the motorway not really concentrating on the road. I was wrapped up in thought with how my life was transforming into something I could barely even have believed. If someone had told me this would be happening last week, I would have never had believed them. Suddenly I screamed onto he breaks as I saw the traffic jam ahead of me.   The car screeched to a halt as it appraoched the waiting car infront.  It came to a stop, just tapping the bumper of the car in front, not causing any damage thankfully.   Suddenly I jumped with the sound of my phone ringing throughout the cabin.  I pulled it out my pocket and answered:

"Hey Si, it’s Justin. Just calling to see where you are?"

"Stuck in a traffic jam. I was so wrapped up in thought I almost crashed. You really take a guys mind of things Justin." I said laughing slightly.  I was thankful I was a good driver (well I thinkso), and even more thankful Bentley built there cars well.

"God, are you alright?" Justin said, with a clear worry in his voice.

"I’m fine, don’t worry about me. How are your rehearsals going?"

"Fine, we’ve got the act pretty well brushed up. I’ll see you later then, don’t be too long." We said our byes and put the phone in the passenger seat. I worked my way through the traffic, but it took me almost two hours to do a 40 minutes journey normally. I pulled up into my house, fetching the keys out my pocket. I walked inside and pulled out my business travel case, pulling out the three suits and four shirts and selection of ties. I always had a case prepared for business. I piled in a couple of weeks clothes and managed some how to get the case shut. I carried it down to the car and placed it in the boot. I reclined in the seat and made a couple of phone calls, telling people I would be out the country. I enabled roaming on my phone, and put the GSM1900 phone in the case in case I ended up heading off to America. I told my next door neighbour, a good friend who made the word noisy seem like someone who minded there own business, to look over the house while I was gone and drove back off too Sheffield. I was annoyed traffic had now switched directions, causing the journey to take over an hour. By the time I pulled round into the arena, the crowd of fans had almost trebled. I had some trouble getting let in, since the guards had changed. They had to page Justin to allow my car into the secure parking area. By now it was approaching 3:30, and the guys were just walking off stage. I headed over in their general directions.

"Hi Just. Sorry it took me so long. Traffic was appalling. You guys got a break now?"

"Yep. We’re going to get something to eat before coming back for 5:30 and doing the make up and costume stuff. Recommend anywhere?"

"I don’t know Sheffield that well. What do you want, English, American, French, German, Chinese, Japanese."

"Let’s try something English, nice and traditional."

"What snack, or proper meal stuff?"

"Just snack food."

"I saw the ideal place on the way over. Get in your limos. You’re going to have some fish and chips, or whatever else you want from a fish bar. You all eat fish? Well, if you don’t then they’ll have something else for you." I looked around but go no complaints, so we piled in our limos and drove off, forcing our way through the crowd. I gave the driver directions to the Harry Ramsdons I saw on the way to the arena. We parked the cars and piled out into the restaurant section. The young waitress recognised us, and almost screamed out, but managed to keep her calm. She gave us a table at the back of the restaurant. I looked through the menu and ordered myself a large cod and chips, with mushy peas. The others were uncertain exactly what to go for, but ended up choosing the same as me, except for Nick, who had a burger and fries, and was then joined by Kevin. Our food came along after about 10 minutes, and they all seemed to enjoy their food.

We headed back to the arena at about five and reached costume by apart 5:20. I went and looked out over the arena, now half full. The fans were let in, since they were causing a large problem crowding outside. I walked down from the lighting rig above the stage and waited for the guys to get ready. I was talking to some of the backstage crew, and learnt a bit more about the technicalities behind a concert such as this. It’s hard to appreciate exactly how much work goes into even a short concert. All the guys walked out in virtually identical costumes, walking down to the make up room. I smiled at Justin as he walked over. We talked for a few seconds before he was dragged off by JC into the makeup room By the time they came out it was quarter to seven and I went and took my seat in the audience after wishing them all good look. I sat for a few seconds until the lights went down and the ten guys walked out on stage, their faces hidden. I had looked over the act schedule and knew what was planned. The concert went even better than Birmingham in my opinion. Justin did some very erotic hip thrusts and suggestive movements. I smiled at him as he glanced down to me. He almost lost he balance at one point because he wasn’t paying attention to where he was putting his foot. As the Backstreet Boys performed ‘Everybody’ after shouts from the crowd, Nick stepped up onto some stage rigging at the edge, which collapsed. He fell off the stage and into the audience, about five metres to my left. He was caught by some screaming girl fans who helped him back to his feet and back up onto the stage. He took a bow to everyone and started singing again, but refraining on his additions to the dance moves. At the end of the show he had the three girls who caught him invited back stage to thank him.

A standing ovation ended the performance, and an encore was forced by the shouts of the crowd. They re-performed ‘Tearin’ Up My Heart’ as a collective effort. The exited the stage and I headed backstage, the three girls following me to the green room. I knocked on the door and opened it.
"Hey Nick, your three saviours are here." I said smiling as the ran over to him. I found it funny as Nick was having some trouble understanding what they were saying. I can never figure out how Americans sometimes have trouble understanding the varieties of the English accent, even clear ones, when us Brits can understand any American accent without any trouble. I decided to help Nick after they repeated themselves for the third time, finding his inability to understand them funny. "I think they are saying they like your new coreography Nick, falling into their laps in the middle of the show." Nick nodded and apologized for not understanding. He jumped up and lay across their laps smiling. "Well ladies, thanks for breaking my fall. But we really do have to be going. I’ll get them to take a few pictures first if you like though?" They eagerly nodded, and Nick through me a disposable camera. I took the whole 24 exposure film of pictures and handed them the camera. They got a signed poster and CD before reluctantly leaving.

"Will you be making that a permanent addition to your act Nick?" I asked with a smile.

"That is a tricky question. How can you understand what they’re saying?"

"I find it funny that you can’t. There accent was from a bit further up North, but it was still perfectly understandable." I said.

"Understandable, it was complete nonsense!" Nick said smiling. I just shock my head and sunk into the sofa.

"No, that's Irish or Scottish, in fact add Welsh in.  Well, you guys should get to your hotel, it’s getting late, unless you want to go to a night club or something? I’m going to the hotel regardless." I said standing. [sorry to you welsh, scottish or irish people out there, but your accents can be 'difficult' sometimes!]

"I’m for a night club!" AJ jumped up. ‘Doesn’t he ever run out of energy?’ I thought to myself. I’ve not seen him tired yet. "Anyone else?"

"Yeah, count me in." Howie said.

"I’ll go." Chris and Joey echoed. No one else spoke up for a couple of seconds, so AJ took the initiative.

"OK then, let’s go. We’ll leave you lot the second limo." AJ said, running out the door towards the parking area. The other guys took after him.

"Does he ever run out of energy?" I asked

"I’ve not seen him run out yet." Kevin spoke up. "Let’s get back to the hotel anyway. We’ve got tomorrow off until about 6ish, so you can do whatever you want." I helped Justin up and we walked to the car, holding each others hands for until we got outside. We walked over to my car, while the others went to the limo. We drove off, following behind the limo, since I didn’t know the way.

"So Just. What do you want to do tomorrow? We can go shopping I suppose, one of England’s bigger shopping centres, malls, if just down the road. Got a nice Bang & Olufsen shop."

"Bang & Olufson?"

"Audio visual. Some very clever gadgets. There’s a tele which where you press the remote turns to face you. I’ve always wanted one, but went for a gas plasma display instead."

"You’ve got one of those things?"

"Yep, 52 inch wide screen hung above the fire place. Great thing it is."

"Are you turning into Yoda or something?" Justin said laughing.

"Oh, I do that sometimes, it comes from my roots. I was born into a traditional Leicester family, a bit of an old fashioned habit which I can’t seem to shake. Okey’s as well."


"Slang for ice cream. My Dad got me using that one, I hate the word but I always seem to use it now." Justin just smiled and held my hand. "I don’t want to rush anything here Justin. Let’s take things nice and slow." I returned the grip on his hand.

"I know, we won’t get too deep before we’re both ready. Have you ever been in a relationship before?"

"No, you’re the first person that I actually ever came out to. Other’s knew, but I never straight said it, just never denied it. I’ve never even kissed a guy. I kissed a girl once, on the lips, but that was as far as it went then. I was only, what, 12 at the time. Never kissed anyone since."

"I’ve kissed and snogged girls before, but only for image before. I never actually felt anything. I’ve never kissed a guy though. I’ve hugged JC and the others, which I’m sure makes Chris uncomfortable now. He’ll get used to it though. He’s a good friend. I shouldn’t have lashed out at him like I did."

"If you didn’t, I might have!" I said grinning. We pulled into the hotels parking area and exited the car. We followed the guys upto our rooms, and Kevin handed us our keys. We entered the room we were sharing, equipped with one king sized bed, a massive bathroom and a nice 32" tele. We lay back on the bed and continued to hold each others hands. We slowly moved closer together until our lips touched, tentively at first, but then more forceful. I felt Justin’s tongue enter my mouth as I returned the kiss. It seemed so natural, despite the fact I only knew Justin for a few days, and have never even kissed a guy before. We stayed together for what seemed like hours before breaking off the kiss. "Wow!" was all I could manage.

"Exactly. I could get used to that. You’re a great kisser." Justin said.

"You make it sound like you’re experienced." I said with a grin.

"Oh yeah, I do this at ever tour stop you see, pick up this guy, go through this act with the rest of your guys and all. It’s quite fun." Justin said, smiling. He stopped when he saw the smile had vanished off my face though.

"I’ve got to get ready for bed." I said coldly walking into the bathroom. I knew Justin was having fun, but it had not come out exactly the way he intended. He hadn’t so much as hurt me, but rather annoyed me. I had a quick shower, brushed my teeth and walked out the bathroom in my boxers, my clothes over my arm. I lay them on the floor in a neatly folded pile, before lying on the bed next to Justin.

"I’m sorry. You know I didn’t mean it, it was a joke." I didn’t answer Justin, but turned round to face him and drew him into another deep kiss. His hands starting running over my back, pulling me closer to him. I moved down and started sucking on his neck, causing him to moan slightly. I broke off and rolled onto my back. "You have a great body you know. Do you work out?"

"That sounds like a chat up line Justin. No, I don’t religiously. I jog every morning when I get the chance. I did three miles every morning once, but it got less and less as I got more and more busy. I’ll have to try and start it up again. Not much beyond that. Anyways, you’ve not got much to be ashamed of."

"How would you know, I’ve still got all my clothes on."

"You didn’t last night, and I’ve got plenty of pictures of you on my computer. There’s a really nice monochrome one, seems quite old, with you standing shirtless. The rest of the guys have got a towel round them or something."

"I remember that one, I was really uncomfortable with it. I never liked shirtless photoshoots, and I was the only one who didn’t get a towel round him or anything."

"Well, let’s see how comfortable you are now. Go and get ready for bed, and we can talk then." I said,, ushering him to the bathroom. He walked out after a couple of minutes completely naked. I almost fell out the bed when I saw him. My jaw jsut about fell to the floor. He walked over to his suit case and put a fresh pair of boxers on and climbed in the bed next to me. I had just about managed to recover from my initial shock. "I wasn’t expecting that." I said smiling, "nice, but unexpected."

"I thought it might surprise you." Justin said with an evil grin. "It’s all you’re getting for now at least."

"I know. I think you have a better body than me, it looks far nicer in the flesh than on 72dpi pictures."

"Just shut up and hold me." Justin said rolling into my arms. I put my arms round him, as he did me, and shared a long intimate kiss. We probed every part of each others mouths. If anything it was even better than our first kiss. We broke apart and lay there in silence, staring at each other as we gently fell asleep in each others arms.

I woke up at about 7:30 the following morning, with Justin still fast asleep in my arms. I just lay there, considering exactly how lucky I must be, to be sharing a bed with Justin Timberlake. After fifteen minutes of lying there, I wriggled out of his arms and sat watching him from the bureau desk in the corner of the room. At about 8:30 Justin finally woke up and saw me sitting opposite him. "How long have you been watching me?"

"Since about half seven. You know you look beautiful when you sleep."

"Does that mean I’m ugly when I’m awake?" Justin said smiling.

"Yep, sure does." I replied, dodging the cushion that was heading towards my head. I grabbed it and jumped on top of him in bed, hitting him with the cushion. He flew his arms up in defence and attempted to retaliate. I wasn’t prepared for his strength and I was flung off him, I fell out the bed, hitting my head on the dresser. I tried to get up, but as I got to my feet I dizzy, stumbling over and falling on the floor. My vision was slightly blurred, but I could make out Justin leaning over me. I couldn’t quite speak, so I just raised my hand up and tried to wave him off. He helped me up and over to the bed, as I rubbed the back of my head where I fell.

"I’m so sorry, I didn’t realise how close to the edge of the bed we were." Justin said, tears welling up in his eyes. I wiped his face with the back of my hand, removing the tears.

"It was an accident, don’t worry about it Just. I should have been more careful. Now let’s go and ge ready." I said standing up. My head hurt like hell, and I was still a bit dizzy, but I didn’t let it show. I walked over to my suitcase and pulled out a pack of paracetamol, taking two. I walked into the bathroom where Justin was brushing his teeth. I went to the adjacent sink and joined him. I realised he was using my toothbrush, so I picked his up. We both finished at the same time and started work on our hair. I just stuck it under the shower and then ran a brush through it, in a style not that dissimilar to JC’s, before applying a small amount of gel. I sat watching Justin spend a good 15 minutes preparing his hair though, smiling at how meticulous he was. We both walked out the bathroom together and changed. I put on a fresh pain of jeans and a blue Hilfiger sweatshirt. Justin wore a baby blue North Carolina top and a pair of dark blue jeans. I burst out laughing when he pulled on a baseball cap after spending so long preparing his hair. After a couple of seconds he figured out what I found so amusing and smiled. He put on a pair of dark shades, which normally would have made him stand out in Britain, but it was actually a very sunny day, well for Britain anyway, you Americans would probably consider it over cast :). It wasn’t warm, but it was defintely bright. We walked out our room and knocked on Kevin’s door. We told him we were going shopping and walked downstairs. As soon as we entered the lobby we were confronted by a mob of fans. At first they didn’t recognize Justin, but the baby blue NC sweatshirt helped to give it away. We made a run for it straight through a cap in the middle of the crowd made by the security people. We made it to my car and hopped in, locking the doors and driving off quickly before th fans had a chance to get over to us. As we drove by Justin motioned for me to stop. He put his winow down and did a few autographs, finally being forced to actually step out the car for a few photos. After about 30 odd autographs and 15 photos he stepped back in the car and we drove off unhindered.

"That was a bit brave wasn’t it?"

"They’re the ones who pay my wages."

"I suppose, it msut get a bit annoying some times though, begin followed around all the time."

"Sometimes, but it’s the cost of being in ‘N Sync, and of course being the most handsome by far increases my popularity. I wonder what woulld happen if I came out as gay, there would be some very sad fans out there, even though they knew they would probably never even get a chance to talk to me for more than a few seconds." Jutin said, grinning slightly.

"It could be political disaster. Stephen Gately got a surprisingly good response though. If anything he’s had more support than ever, from both sides of the fence. I had a chance to catch some tele this morning, and checked out a few newsgroups."

"I take it you’re good at computers?"

"Good, I’m an absolute genius in them. I can program in C, C++, Delphi, Java, Perl, ASL. I’m fully fluent in the operation of Linux and Unix, as well as virtually every other main stream operating system, including that little thing called MS Windows. I know everything about them in terms of hardware and software. If I wanted to I could hack, but I don’t want to. I did hack into Mercedes once to alter the conditions of my contract, and they still haven’t figured it out yet." I said, grinning slightly. It was quite funny, I reduced the unit cost of each vehicle by 4000, and no one ever even realised.

"You’ll have to redesign our website for us, it’s terrible last time I looked."

"It still is." I said smiling. Admittedly, the official ‘N Sync web site wasn’t that bad, but there were better amature ones out there. The side frame really wasn’t very good, and then there was the main page, and that top frame....

"Anyway, we’re here." I said as I pulled into a parking space at Meadowhall. We got out the car and walked through the multi-storey carpark. We went up the escalator and walked into the large shopping centre. We wondered round a bit and had immense fun messing with the teles and audio equipment, so much so we got threatened of being thrown out the store. We walked into a music store and Justin went searching for an ‘N Sync CD. It turned out there wasn’t one on the store, which made him pout for the next ten minutes. We sat down at the food court and had a MacDonalds, not having brought much. By now it was already past 12, and we were empty handed.

"You know what."


"I just want to lean over this table and kiss you right now." Justin said, smiling.

"I’m sure that would be lovely, but have you not noticed that there are lots of people around here? Those glasses make you stand out even more than you would normally you know, and so does the cap. If you just walked around normally, you would probably be noticed less. Your acent doesn’t help either. They see a guy trying to hide his face, who speaks with an American accent and you’ve really got them hooked." I was trying to distract from Justin’s point, as it would be virtually impossible for him to do anything in a crowded shopping area. Justin just quickly finished his hamburger and grabbed my hand. He dragged me into the bathroom and pressed his lips against mine. At first I resisted, not wanting to get caught, but I returned the kiss after a couple of seconds. We were interrupted by the sound of a toilet flushing in one of the cubicles. We broke apart and walked out the bathroom. We headed over to an ice cream stall and had a couple of large chocolate cones and walked towards another record store. This time Justin found the CD he was looking for, the latest ‘N Sync album. He took it to the counter and handed it to the young girl working there.

"I didn’t know we had any of these in, must have just arrived today. I tried to get to the concert last night, did you make it?" The girl spoke, no looking up as she put the CD into a bag and took the money out of Justin’s hand.

"Yeah, I was at the concert. It was great, that Justin guy was especially brilliant."

"Oh, I see. Yeah, he’s really cute." the girl said, thinking that the customer must have been gay.

"Well maybe you would like an autograph then?" The girl finally looked up at Justin, but didn’t recognise him behind the glasses.

"How do you have his autograph, and why would you want to give it to me?" Justin took his glasses and cap off and the girl almost screamed. Justin put his hand over her mouth to stifle her scream. He pulled the cover off the CD and signed it for the girl, getting her name off her badge, before giving her a quick kiss on the cheek. He collected his CD and walked out the store. I just shock my head, smiling.

"You enjoyed that didn’t you?" I asked, almost laughing

"Yep, good fun." Justin said, smiling himself. "You know, there must be another bathroom round here somewhere. I could really do with some more kissing." Justin said, whispering in my ear.

"Don’t you ever think about anything else?"

"Yep, about how lucky you are to have me." Justin said with a straight face. I swiped the cap and glasses off them and put them on myself, quickly running ogg. Justin asked for it and I shouted out,' look there’s Justin Timberlake from ‘N Sync' near a group of young teenage girls and he was instantly bombarded by ten screaming fans. I stood back and waved to him, with a smile on my face. I could tell by the look on his face he was thinking on how to get back on me. After about ten minutes he dismissed the fans and walked over to me, putting his hat and glasses back on.

"What was that for?"

"You’re not that good Justin Randall Timberlake." I said smiling at him. "Now, come on and let’s head back. It’s almost two. We can go for a swim or catch a movie?"

"Sure, we can have a swim in the hotel pool. Some of the others will probably join us. We’ll still have plenty of time to catch a movie. We don’t have to leave until 6, and we’ll be staying tomorrow night up at Edinburgh, before flying off to Germany straight after tomorrow’s concert. You will be coming with us?"

"I’ll have to think about that one. Ok, I’ve thought, yep." We stepped back into the car and put the two bags of clothes we brought into the boot, and loaded the ‘N Sync CD into the changer. We got back in the car and Justin started put the CD on random. ‘Sailing’ came out over the speakers as we drove back to the hotel. I pulled into the parking lot and we walked upto our rooms, undisturbed by any fans, who had now dispersed, believing ‘N Sync had moved to the next stop. We looked down the corridor and heard voices coming from inside Nick’s room. It was unclear exactly who was talking. Nick was clearly identifiable, but another voice I couldn’t place, it seemed muffled. I shrugged it off and walked back to my room.

Justin followed me in as I stripped down and put my swimming shorts on. I kept my back to Justin though, turning round in circles. Justin got changed himself and we collected a couple of towels from the rack. We walked out and I decided to knock on Nick’s door. He pulled it open and stuck his head out. "Hey Nick, we were just going swimming, and we wondered if you wanted to join us?"

"Yeah sure, alone with a couple of gays eyeing me up." Nick said with a grin. I playfully punched him on the arm.

"You seem to be the one eyeing me up right now Nick." I said with a smile, noticing how his eyes had roamed up and down my body several times. He blushed and got slightly nervous.

"I might come down later, I’m a bit busy now."

"Who’s in there with you?"

"No one, I’m just watching some TV, and I’ve got to phone my mom." I just nodded, knowing he was lying, but let it drop. I walked down towards the rear elevator which lead directly to the indoor pool and sauna area. We climbed in and headed down. The elevator stopped on the way and a young girl walked in with her luggage, checking out the hotel. Justin pulled the towel over his head, and the girl giggled. She hadn’t seen Justin’s face or didn’t know who he was. We got out the elevator and walked out into the swimming pool.

"What was wrong with Nick and where were the other guys?" I asked as we walked over to the pool side. The area was deserted, and we had the pool to ourselves.

"They probably went a club or something. Nick was a bit weird, did you believe him?"

"No, something was definitely up. He was acting really weird, as if he had someone in there who wasn’t supposed to be. Do you think something was wrong?"

"I wouldn’t have thought so. He blushed a bit when I said he was checking me out though, do you think he might be gay?"

"Maybe, you’ve seen how close him and Brian are. They always deny it though. Don’t confront him or anything, you know what it was like for me. If he is gay or bi, he can’t be having a very nice time of it." Justin said. I just nodded and agreed with him, walking to the far end. I challenged Justin to a race and counted down, diving in the pool at the count of zero. We swam four laps and I marginally beat Justin, but only by a second at most. He jumped on top of me and pushed me under. I was caught off guard and offered little resistance. We fought for about two minutes until someone came up behind Justin and started tickling him. Unbeknownst to either of us JC and Nick had headed down to the pool area and jumped in next to us. JC caught Justin off guard and he was laughing feverously. Nick swam up behind me and tried to grab me, but I was expecting him. I quickly dove underneath the water and pulled him under by his legs. Nick tried to get out, but I had a good grip. After a few seconds I let him go and pulled myself up on the side.

"How was your mum?"

"What do you mean?" Nick asked confused, "Oh yeah, she’s fine, only just got up." Nick said, correcting his error.

"Good. Where were you JC, I didn’t see or hear you upstairs." I called over to JC, who was still fighting with Justin. JC was coming out on top though, as Justin was becoming exhausted, only just finishing the four lap race. He finally shouted for mercy and JC stopped.

"Oh, I was just lying down on my room. Nick stopped by on his way down and asked if I wanted to go." JC said unconvincingly.


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