Tests of Friendship, Chapter Six:



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Chapter six:

John drove me to the hospital quickly, and lead me into the reception area of the emergency room.  He filled the nurse in on what happened, and she lead me through to a side room.  After about half an hour of waiting, a doctor came in.

"Hello Mr Williams, I’m Doctor Hecht.  Your friend told me you had what appeared to be a seizure?"

"So I’m told, I can’t really remember much about it." I responded.   The doctor just nodded.

"Do you ever recall having something similar to this before."

"The other morning, in the shower, and a few months ago, while watching TV.  I just put it down to tiredness and lapse on concentration at the time."

"It is possible you may be suffering from a form of epilepsy, although don’t get too worried yet though.  There are a few limited tests that can be performed.   We need to ask some questions first though."

"Fire ahead." I responded, anxiously.

"How did you feel before you had the seizure?"

"Fine, I remember watching the concert, and then nothing, until I woke up on the floor." The doctor nodded, making a few notes.

"Any unusual symptoms, heart burn, chest pain etc.?"

"No, I was feeling fine."

"Any drugs or alcohol before hand?"

"I had a glass of wine at dinner, but nothing other than that."

"How did you feel after the attack?"

"Fine, I remember being a bit disoriented at first, not remembering where I was, but beyond that, nothing major."

"Any previous head injuries?"

"Yes, I had a bad fall the other day, I suffered a slight concussion, and was in hospital over night.  I slipped on the wet bathroom floor." The doctor just nodded again.

"Is there any history of epilepsy in the family?"

"I believe my grandfather on my mother’s side suffered from epilepsy, but beyond that, I’m not certain."

"Ok, what we’ll do is perform a few blood tests to see if it can be attributed to anything else, and then we’ll get back to you with the results."  The doctor said, walking out.  After a couple of minutes a nurse walked in and drew some blood samples.  She left without saying much, and John and me just sat in silence for a few minutes.

"Don’t worry Simon, everything will be ok, you’ll see."  He said comfortingly, I smiled at him, hoping Justin would arrive soon.  I was still a bit apprehensive towards John, despite how nice he was being towards me.  I wanted Justin right now to help comfort me, though.  I wasn’t completely certain what epilepsy would spell for me, but whatever it was, it couldn’t be the best of news.  After another 20 minutes or so Justin came running into the room, pulling me into a tight embrace.

"I was so worried about you, when you collapsed in the audience, what happened?"   He said, the verge of tears.

"It appears as though I had an epileptic seizure.  The doctors are performing some tests, and the results should be back in a few days." I replied.


"It looks that way.  I’ve had a vague idea for the past year of so.  I tried to pass it off, since it never usually develops this late in life." I replied, attempting to remain calm, but not with much success.

"Don’t worry, I’ll be here, I’m not going to leave you."   Justin said, comforting me slightly, that was one of the things I was afraid of.   The doctor came in after a few more minutes.

"Mr Williams.  Your blood tests have gone down to the lab, they will work on them over the night.  What I want to do now though, while we are waiting for those results in to try and determine what induced the seizures."

"I’ve already thought of that one.  Every time it’s happened there’s always been flashing lights, whether on TV or at the concert last night, the lights were at a different rate from before, which might explain why I was ok before.  I’ve got a 100Hz TV now too, so that’s why I’ve not had any seizures from TV since I brought a new one."  I replied, the doctor just nodded.

"It looks as though you may be suffering from photosensitive epilepsy.  It’s far rarer than people actually think, only about 3-5% of epilepsy is actually photosensitive.  It’s less the one in four thousand under twenty.  While we’re waiting for the results from the blood tests, we can perform an EEG, electroencephalogram.   This might give us a slightly better idea.  It involves putting electrical contacts across your brain, while exposing you to certain conditions, in your case flashing lights, and analysing the results.  Epilepsy has several tell-tale signs, although it’s not conclusive."

"Fair enough, when do you want to start?"

"Right now.  We’ll take you down to the neurology department, one of your friends can come if you like, but I’d prefer if only one came."  I looked over to John, and thanked him, giving him a slight hug, before Justin came with us to the neurology department upstairs.  We went up the elevator and through a twist of corridors until we came across a door saying electroencephalography.  We entered the room, and the doctor sat me down in the chair.  He placed a cap with several contacts on over my head, and made sure they all had contact with my head.  He walked over to the console at the back of the room, and motioned for Justin to stand with him.

"Ok Mr. Williams, if you could just relax for a few minutes, try not to think about anything, just lie back on the couch and relax."  I tried to do as the doctor said, and just lay back.  I couldn’t hear what the doctor was saying from the other room, and wasn’t looking over at him, or Justin.  After a few minutes the doctor spoke up again. "Ok, that’s fine.  What I want you to do is just breath deeply for the next few minutes if you can please."

"Ok." I called back.  I started to take deep breaths, while still trying to remain relaxed.  After only a minute the doctor called to say that was enough.

"Ok Mr. Williams, what we’re going  to do next is flash some lights at you.   I want you to look at the lights, and try to concentrate on them." I nodded and looked at the light.  It started flashing, it’s rate changing slightly.   Suddenly at just above three pulses a second it turned off.

"You see how the pattern here is irregular with the flashing light?"  The doctor asked Justin, looking at the print out. "In a normal person this will just pulse with the pulses of the light.  This is an indicator towards epilepsy, but EEG patterns are inherited, even if the person doesn’t have epilepsy, but a close family member does, both can have an identical EEG, but only one has epilepsy.  The seizures just about rule that out in this case though."

"Ok Mr. Williams, that’s enough really, you’ve been in for about 45 minutes.  If you would like to come round." He asked.  I had no idea so much time had passed, and walked into the room where the doctor and Justin were sitting.   He held my hand as I sat down next to the doctor.

"Well, as I said, these results aren’t conclusive, but they do give some very clear indicators.  If the blood tests are clear, we might perform an MRI.  If we look at your results we see a lot of spike and wave patterns.  This is commonly associated with epilepsy, especially before or after a seizure.  However, they can be inherited from family members who suffered epilepsy, when you don’t actually have it.   Here is where we exposed you to the flashing light.  As you can see, the pattern from your visual cortex is highly irregular.  In a normal person, the pattern you would expect to see would be a the same rate of the flashing light."

"So this indicates I have epilepsy then?"

"It does point that way.  There are medications however which can stop the seizures, which if the right drug is found, can be very effective.  It is a process of experimentation to find the right drug or combination of drugs."

"But, I can’t drive now, can I?"

"No, across Europe, you can’t drive unless you have been free of an epileptic fit for at least a year.  I don’t know what the grounds are across the rest of the world, but I would expect they would be pretty similar.  Having a fit while driving could cause loss of life."

"Perfectly understandable.  What about alcohol?"

"You shouldn’t really drink much, especially if we put you on any medication.   Alcohol won’t help to stop the seizures, and if on medication, could make them worse.  Do you drink much?"

"About two units a day, usually at night."

"Well, we can stop that, it won’t help your condition.  All I can suggest now is that you go back home, and come back tomorrow to see the results of the blood tests.  Depending on what we find there, we might perform an MRI scan.  Don’t worry though, millions of people suffer from epilepsy, and most in the developed world live perfectly normal lives."  The doctor said, smiling slightly.  I took his card and walked out with Justin.  We walked over to the parked limo and climbed in, driving off.

"Don’t worry Si, you’ll be ok, I’m here for you."

"Thanks for your support Justin, but this condition has just ruined my life.  I can’t drive, I can’t fly, I can’t drink, I can’t watch your shows in case of the flashing lights.  Doesn’t leave me with much does it?" I said angrily, not directed at him, but rather the condition I had been afflicted with.   Justin looked sad, thinking I was mad with him.  I reached over and pulled him into a hug. "I’m not mad at you Just, I love you, I can’t get mad at you.   I’m mad at me, for getting this bloody disease.  I know I couldn’t have ever done anything about it, but it’s a difficult thing to take in.  I just keep thinking why me.  I’m gay, I’m red/green colour blind, and now I’m epileptic.  I truly am one in a million.  The gay thing’s not that bad, I’m with you, the red green colour blindness thing isn’t that bad, but the epilepsy, that’s a different matter."

"You’ll get through, don’t worry.  You’ve got lots of friends to support you."

"I know.  My life is just one big catastrophe after another.  I don’t think anything’s ever gone right for me.  My parents died when I was young.   I was going to have a younger brother, I’ve never told you this, I don’t like to think about it myself much, but my mum had a miscarriage during pregnancy, and he was still born.  That devastated my parents, then they died two weeks later in a train crash.  What a great life I have.  I’m not one to believe in fate, but this really is getting excessive."

"You were going to have a brother?  I’m sorry, I never knew anything about it."

"That was the idea, I never told you."

"At least you’re still alive, you’ve got a good life to live with me!" Justin said, smiling slightly.

"Yep, one of the few good things that’s ever happened to me.  The business and you are the only two things that have ever gone right for me.  I had a bad time at school towards the end of it, people knowing I was gay.  I contemplated suicide far too many times, but I managed to get through, I knew it would devastate my parents."

"You had a bad time of it?"

"That’s one way to put it.  It was a living hell for the past two years of school.  When I went to University, I left it all behind."

"Did you have any friends left at school?"

"Some, people I never considered to be my closest friends stuck by me all the way.   One of my closest friend stayed my friend, but he was uncomfortable about it, he moved away from me, but we still stayed friends.  I lost a lot of friends through it all though."

"I never told anyone about me being gay.  My mom doesn’t know, no one did until I told the guys the other day." Justin said, as we pulled up at the hotel.   We walked out the car and into the hotel, avoiding he fans by going through the back entrance.  As soon as the lift doors opened JC came running out of his room over to us.

"What happened, are you ok, we were worried about you?!" JC said quickly as he ran upto us.

"Don’t worry, I’ll live." I replied, walking into my room.  JC looked towards Justin, noticing the depression in my voice.  As I closed the door behind me Justin pulled JC over to him.

"He’s got epilepsy, and is very upset by it.  We’ve got to go back to the hospital tomorrow to get some test results back, and then the doctor is going to make some decisions on how to proceed from there."

"That must have been a shock.  He’ll be alright though. You better go and see him, I’ll tell the others you’re back." JC said, as Justin came into the room.  He sat on the edge of the bed next to me, and pulled me into a tight hug.   I returned the embrace weakly.  My mind was awash with thoughts on what I was going to do.  I lost complete control of my emotions as tears started running down my face.  I pushed Justin away and told him he should go and get ready for bed, but he wouldn’t leave me.  He just held me in his arms until I fell asleep.  He undressed me and lay me down on the bed, pulling the covers over me.  He himself then went and got ready.  Laying down next to me, he put his arm round me, pressing himself up against me.  He fell asleep himself after a few minutes.

"Simon, just go away.  I don’t want to have anything to do with you.   You’re some kind of freak with a brain disorder, I don’t want to have you around with us anymore.  I should have listened to Chris at the start."

"NO, please, you can’t leave me now, you said you would support me!"   I shouted at him as he was pushing me out the room. "Don’t do this to me, I can’t get through this without you!"

"I don’t want to be weighed down by someone like you."  Justin replied, kicking me out the room and slamming the door.  I collapsed outside the room crying, until JC ran out his room to see what was wrong.

"Justin kicked me out." I said between sobs.

"Thank God, he finally realised it would be better to get rid of you.  Now get the fuck out of here before I call security and get you removed!" JC said angrily at me. I just stood up and walked towards the lift, stepping in, and headed for the roof.   I stepped out and walked over to the edge of the building.  Looking over, I jumped, falling down the 30 stories to the ground.

I jumped up in bed soaked in sweat.  Justin woke up too, and tried to comfort me as tears ran down my face, "Don’t worry, whatever it was, it was just a nightmare.   Do you want to talk about it?"

"You left me and kicked me out.  You called me a freak with a brain disorder." I said, letting the tears die down.

"I’ve already told you, I won’t leave you!  Now, go and get yourself a shower and dry off.  You’re soaked in sweat."  I smiled at Justin and got out the bed, walking over to the shower.  I took off my boxers and stepped in.   Justin walked over to the door of the shower and walked in, still in his boxers. "I didn’t want you to be alone."  Justin said, pulling that irresistible smile.  We kissed while the water ran over our bodies, until we stopped before we got a bit carried away.  I exited the shower and, pulling Justin with me.   I dried myself off, as did Justin.  We both changed into a fresh pair of boxers and lay back down on the bed, and held onto Justin.  We both fell asleep pretty quickly.

Justin woke me up the following morning at about 8am.  I got dressed, and we walked into the breakfast room.  All the guys stood up and asked how I was.  I told them I was fine, and that I would tell them all about it after I went to the hospital today.  They were all concerned about me, which I found touching, even Chris.   At about 10am, Justin called for a car to be brought round to the side of the hotel.  He dragged me downstairs and we hopped into the Mercedes A-class that they brought round.  He drove to the hospital, getting lost a little on the way.  He didn’t like German driving much, and I must say I couldn’t blame him.  We saw two fender benders [i'm told that's what you americans use to describe a traffic bump!] on the way.

We entered the hospital and walked over to the reception desk.  Dr. Hecht was in the main area and saw us walk in.  He quickly walked over to us and showed us to a side room. "Nice to see you again Mr. Williams.  We’ve got the results of the blood test, and initial results show that you have no other conditions which could have caused your collapse.  You had a about one unit of alcohol in your blood, which isn’t too bad.  An odd glass of wine is acceptable now and then.  What we need to do now is carry out an MRI to see if there are any physical problems with the brain itself.   This may alter our decisions on the medication we'll issue.  You’re travelling will make it harder to treat possibly, since you won’t be seeing the same doctor.  Normally you’ll be having one month check-ups.  We can let you carry all your medical notes however, to enable other doctors to have full knowledge of your treatment."

"Ok, Doctor.  Let’s get this MRI over with." I replied.  The doctor showed me back to the neurology department, before leading me into the large room.   The MRI scanner was a large, menacing looking device.  I was laid on the table, and my head secured to prevent it from moving.  A few nurses were present, and retreated back into the scanning room.  The bed moved into the scanner, and after several minutes of very loud noise and motion of the scanners, the tray moved back out and the doctor returned and let me up.  He led me into the control room.

"Ok Mr. Williams, the scan shows several interesting results.  The computer is currently generating a 3D virtual image of your brain.  It’s some of the latest technology in computer imaging.  That should allow us an easier picture, but you can see the basics here.  Your visual cortex has some slight scarring, nothing major, from a previous injury.  That was probably cause by your slip the other day.  It’s not much to worry about though, it will heal with time. This darker patch however is actual damaged tissue.  This probably represents the cause of your photosensitive epilepsy.  Unfortunately, it causes a general seizure, rather than localised."

"Fair enough.  What is the next step?"

"Due to these results, I’ve already made a decision on what would be the best medication for your condition.  I’ve put you on Tiagabine. It is a case of experimentation however.  It might not work, or may even make matters worse.   There are some known possible side effects, including depression and headaches.   It is a very successful medication however in terms of stopping the seizures."

"Ok, when do I start the medication?"

"I’ll issue you a prescription now, which will be enough for about two months.   You will take one tablet a day.  At first, you may experience some slight side effects, but they should subside after a few days.  If they don’t subside, seek some medical attention in about a months time.  As soon as you settle down for a while, you should register yourself, and have routine checkups."  I just nodded as the doctor proceeded out the room, Justin following behind.  He gave me the prescription, along with the rest of the information that they had gathered, to make it easier for the other doctors.  I thanked him for his help, picked up the medication and we drove back to the hotel.

"Don’t worry Si, we’re all here to support you and help you get through this."

"I know, it’s hard for it to sink in though.  The doctor said I might suffer some depression, so keep an eye out on me!"

"Don’t worry, I will."  Justin said, smiling as he pulled into the hotel’s car park.  We headed back up the elevator and found all the guys still in the breakfast/conference room.  I told them everything that had happened.   They all said they would support me, and Chris actually seemed upset for me, which I almost found amusing, after his previous behavior.  Obviously, he was starting to adjust.  The doctor had told Justin what to do if I ever had a seizure, and not to worry too much.

"Well, sorry to interrupt the moment, but we do have a plane to catch in about an hour.  We already cancelled the earlier one." Kevin said. "We’ve packed your stuff for you, so we better get going and check in.  We don’t want to be late!" We all headed out, picking up our suitcases and heading down into the limo.  The fans crowded us, taking photos.  Before I knew what was happening, I was falling towards the ground.  Justin caught me and carried me into the limo, trying not to arouse any suspicions.  He sat me down into the seat and just waited.

"What happened?  Another seizure?"  Lance asked out of concern.

"Yes, the camera flashes must have triggered it.  Hopefully the medication should stop this though.  I had a word in private with the doctor." Suddenly I opened my eyes, a bit confused for a few seconds, before I realised what happened.   Justin leant over to me, "You had a seizure, the camera flashes must have caused it."

"I can’t figure out why they started becoming far more common."

"The doctor thought it might have something to do with your fall, triggering the epilepsy to start on a stronger basis."

"And when did you learn all this?"

"While you were in the MRI, I had a conversation with him." I just nodded.   The limo pulled up at the airport.  We headed out and I avoided looking at any lights, just to be on the safe side.  We were quickly led through the airport and boarded onto the plane.  John came on a few minutes later and took a seat next to me.

"So, how are you?" He asked.

"Ok, it turns out I do have epilepsy.  I’ve been given some medication, suffered another seizure, but beyond that, absolutely perfect."

"Don’t worry about it, you’ll be ok."

"Thanks John.  I can’t believe all the support I’m getting."   He just nodded before returning to his seat a few rows back.  The flight was in near silence, just the odd word exchanged before we landed at Berlin.  The Bonn concert had had to be cancelled due to a fire at the arena where we were due to perform, so the Germany tour was being cut short slightly.  I relaxed in the chair as the plane accelerated along the run way.  It was short flight to Berlin, and it didn’t take us long to get there.  The plane has a bumpy landing, with some pretty bad turbulence below about 5000ft, which Nick really took a disliking to.  We exited into the terminal building.  The guys' helpers headed down to collect the luggage while we walked over to the limos, waiting at the front of the airport.  Barriers had been erected to keep the fans at bay, with several police helping to keep the barriers up.

The limos sped off quickly, going straight to the hotel.  After 20 minutes of driving and taking U-turns we pulled into the underground parking lot.  We headed to the lifts, taking our bags with us.  We went to the top floor (reserved especially for us) and headed to our separate rooms.  I pushed my suitcases down on the floor and collapsed on the bed.  Justin sat besides me, holding my hand, looking directly into my eyes.  I stared into his eyes and had to smile at him, as I admired his beautiful face.

"So, what do we have lined up for the rest of today?" I asked.

"Whatever you want to do."

"Don’t worry about me, I’ll tag along with you whatever you want to do."

"No way, this is your decision, and it’s up to you."

"Do you want to go out with the guys, or whatever else they want to do, or do you want to stay here.  I want you to decide, that’s my decision."

"Well, unless you make up your mind, we’ll just be sitting here all night." He said, smiling slightly.

"Evidently that’s what’s going to happen then!" I said smiling , "I’m not disabled or anything, I’ve been out with you plenty of times with no problem.  I don’t want you treating me like an invalid!"  I said smiling, gently punching Justin in the arm, and he just pouted. "Now, I don’t want to sit around here, or I’ll just sulk over my condition, so let’s just get out of here and do something to keep my mind of it."

"Ok, let’s go see what the others are doing, you wait here, I’ll go and sort everything out." Justin said, quickly running out the room and closing the door behind him.  I wondered why he didn’t want me there, and presumed he must be planning something.  I just lay back down on the bed and closed my eyes.

Justin walked out the room and knocked on JCs door.  JC walked over and pulled the door agar, "What’s up Justin?"

"Can I come in?" Justin said smiling, pushing his way into the room.

"Er.. sure." JC replied as Justin walked through the doorway.  Nick, who was sitting on the bed just said ‘hi’ before looking towards the ground.   Justin looked questioningly towards JC, but received no reply.

"I was going to ask what you wanted to do tonight.  I wanted to plan something special to help take Simon’s mind off of things." Justin said, "But it looks like you two are busy, so I’ll leave you two alone if you like?" he said uncomfortably.

"No, we were just talking.  I suppose we owe you an explanation, we’ve both been acting a bit weird lately.  That’s what we were just talking about." Nick said.

"Yeah, I didn’t like doing anything behind your back anyway, so we might as well tell you everything." JC said, sitting down on the bed next to Nick. "I expect you’ve already got a good idea of what’s going on, but you probably don’t have the whole story."

"Well, I’m eagerly awaiting." Justin said, closing the door.

"Well, you already know I’m gay, so you have probably suspected something’s been going on between me and Nick for a while now?" JC asked, and Justin just nodded.

"Well, Brian gave me that talk and came out to me, and then to you lot when someone gave that call to the radio station. I told Brian that i wasn't gay, and then I denied it to the rest of you.  I wasn’t completely lying though.  I’m not gay, I’m bi.  I just didn’t feel like coming out though, not after Chris’s reaction.   That’s why I ran off.  I managed to cover myself up, thanks to Brian.   I really wanted to tell him, and I tried, but I couldn’t get it to come off my tongue." Justin just nodded, knowing exactly how Nick felt, he always wanted to tell JC, but could never muster up the courage to do so.

"So how did you two get together?"

"Well, you know that day you went swimming at the hotel, and you knocked on Nick’s door.  I was in his room, which I guess you guessed.  I was getting bored, and Nick was the only person at the hotel so I went for some company.  Nick was sleeping, and was just wearing his boxers, and I just stared at him for a while, and he kinda noticed this, and asked me if I were attracted to him." JC finished.

"And when JC said yes, I said I liked him too.  We sat down and just talked, until you came to the door and knocked.  That was about five or ten minutes later." Nick said. "We don’t want any of the other guys to know though.   We want to tell them, but they’ve had enough to deal with, with Simon and you, Brian and John, and now us two.  We think it could cause some major problems."

"Ok, I’ve got no problem with it.  I would be rather hypocritical if I did!" Justin said. "But let’s get back to the topic of what I came in for.   What can we do to take Simon’s mind of things, and just let him have a good time, without any flashing lights." Justin said seriously.

Justin walked back into the room about 15 minutes later and told me to get ready to go out, and to dress smartly.  I pulled out the suit I packed and put on a white shirt and tie.  I freshened myself up and walked outside to where Justin was waiting.

"Boy, you look hot dressed like that!" he said seductively, smiling.

"You don’t look to bad yourself." I said to Justin, who was wearing a plain black suit, with a black shirt, the top button opened.  We went into the lift and headed downstairs.

"The rest of the guys are on there way." Justin said, as he sat me in the limo.   He sat down next to me and pulled the door shut.

"What’s going on?" I asked curiously, as the limo pulled off.

"We’re going out somewhere.  It’s a surprise!" Justin said.

"I don’t like surprises much, so it better be good!" I said.  Justin just grinned at me.  I went to look out the window to see where we were going, but Justin reached out and put his hands over my eyes, to stop me looking.  After about ten minutes of driving Justin opened the door and led me out, still covering my eyes.   A few people looked at us, but no one said anything.  As we walked inside a building, Justin moved his hands and let me see where I was going.  He walked over to the desk at the end of the corridor.

"Hello, I have a reservation for tonight."

"Very good sir, what name is it under?"


"Ah yes sir, a non-smoking table for two.  Would you like to follow me." The man said, motioning through the doors.  He opened them and as we walked through I was confronted by a large, very very expensive restaurant, with low level lighting.   We were shown to a secluded table away from the main hub of the restaurant.  I noticed out the corner of my eye a recognizable face.

"That’s ex-Chancellor Cole, the last German chancellor." I said, motioning towards the party at one of the tables nearby.  Justin just nodded.  As we sat down, we were handed two very expensive looking menus.  I flicked through a few pages, "Now I know this place is expensive, there are no prices in the menu!" I said.

"Only the best for you." Justin said, as he was reading through.  I flicked through the pages trying to make a decision on what to have.  I finally decided on a crab soufflé as a starter, and lobster on a bed of seaweed served with an accompanying salad garnish.  Justin had a slightly more conservative prawn cocktail starter and then Cajun chicken with a garnish and vegetables.  I wanted to order a bottle of wine, but Justin made me settle for a single glass.  After flicking through the wine list, I settled on a ’69 Chardonnay (no pun intended, i only just noticed that proof reading:).  The food was absolutely delicious, and we just talked about life over the meal.  Justin had never really asked that much about my past, and life in Britain, while I asked him about what’s it like to tour the world like he does, and life in America.  We finished at about 10pm, and the waiter came back and handed us the dessert and wine menus again.

"Thanks for tonight Justin, I’ve really enjoyed it." I said to him, as I read through.

"You’ll just have to repay me in the future." Justin said smiling slightly.   I punched him lightly in the arm, before returning to the menu.  I decided to have a chocolate soufflé, which would be ready in about 10 minutes a soon as the chef had finished cooking it.  Justin just had some ice cream.  By the time we had finished eating and talking, and Justin paid the bill, not even letting me glance at the figures, it was already 11pm.  Justin called the limo to pick us up and we walked out to the foyer area.  It was raining outside, and a few people were running up and down the streets trying to get into the dry.  Our limo pulled up after five minutes and we walked out and quickly hoped in.  The limo drove off, and Justin sat very close next to me.  He leaned over and we engaged in a deep, long kiss, something we hadn’t done for a while.  We must have been together for about ten minutes, because we broke when the driver came round to open the door.  He didn’t see us, and helped us both out the limo.  Virtually no fans were outside, and the few that were, didn’t notice us, occupied with keeping themselves dry.  As the lift doors opened on our floor, JC was standing on the other side, grinning wildly.  Justin just smiled and gave him a thumbs up.  We went back to our room, while JC returned to Nick’s.   I looked at Justin, and he just said later, as he pulled me into the room.  I took my jacket and tie off and took the medication I was prescribed out the travel bag.   Justin came and sat next to me, putting his arm around me.

I read through the literature, paying specific attention to the side effects.   Dizziness, headache, drowsiness, tremor, nervousness, depression and in extreme cases even confusion, abnormal thinking and difficulty concentrating.  I grimaced at the list and checked the dosage, of one pill every night.  I took one of the tablets out the bottle and swallowed it quickly.  I took my trousers off, which by now were starting to itch.  I could never wear pure wool trousers very long.  I took my shirt off and hung it up along with the rest of the suit.  Justin was just lying on the bed, smiling happily.  I ran over and jumped on top of him, kissing him violently.  He rolled over so that he was on top, forcing his tongue into my mouth.   I returned the kiss, and ran my hands over his body.  I undid his shirt and pulled it off before working on his belt.  I fumbled a bit with my hands, trying to undo the clasp.  Eventually I managed to get it undone, and unbutton his trousers, pushing them down his legs.  Justin kicked them off and we continued kissing each other.  I could feel his hard-on rubbing against mine of we kissed, wearing only our boxers.  Justin left my lips and started sucking on my neck.  I let go a quiet moan of pleasure, but I was trying to be careful, with the other guys only behind the thin walls.  Justin left my neck and moved on to my nipples, slowly sucking on them.   It was taking everything I had not to come there and then.

Justin moved further down, caressing my navel with his tongue, which made my laugh, since it tickled.  With his hands, he pulled my boxers down, and pushed them onto the floor, before moving down further and licking the head of my penis.  I had my jaw clenched shut to stop me from screaming, and walking half of the hotel up.  He continued toying with me before engulfing my cock in his mouth.  I had never felt anything quite like it, the sensations bombarding me all at once.  After I few seconds I tried to warn Justin, but I couldn’t form the words as I came into his mouth for what seemed like an eternity, my cum flowing down his throat.  I didn’t think it was humanly possible to produce that much cum.  Justin withdrew as I started to go soft and lay down at my side, grinning. "That was incredible.  I thought you said you never did that before?" I said, still catching my breath.

"I hadn’t, was I any good?" Justin said, grinning slightly.

"Hell yes, but then again, I suppose I’ll have to go and try out some other guys to put a comparison on it." I said laughing slightly. Justin punched me in the arm, still grinning.

"You taste nice, you know?"

"Glad you liked it.  Now, I’m afraid I’m a bit too tired to return the favour after that, so you’ll have to wait until the next appropriate time comes up."

"Don’t worry, I came just by your moans and groans." Justin said, still grinning.  I collapsed on the bed, Justin laying next to me.  He put his arm round me, as did I, and we both fell asleep holding each other.

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