Tests of Friendship, Chapter Nine:



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Chapter Nine:

Chris opened the door looking perfectly sober, "What’s wrong JC?"

"You were supposed to be looking after them, not letting them get drunk!" JC shouted at Chris, "They were just in bed kissing each other. Simon’s run off. You better hope I calm down when I get back!" he shouted, storming off down the corridor. He entered the stair well and looked in both directions. He decided to try going upstairs, but there were only the roof and maintenance levels above. He opened the door on the roof access and looked around.

I had run up the stairs and walked out onto the roof. I was standing at the edge, before sitting on the railing, my feet dangling over the other side, with nothing below for several tens of stories. I turned my head slightly when I heard the door open, and saw JC standing in the doorway looking for me. The only light available was the moonlight from above, and one small halogen light above the doorway. As he looked around he saw me sitting on the railings and slowly walked towards me.

"Simon, don’t do anything stupid here." He said comfortingly.

"I have no intention of doing anything stupid. I just wanted some fresh air. I know you’re afraid of heights Josh, so don’t come any closer to the edge, it’s a long way down." I said, as I looked directly below. "It could be good fun bungee jumping off here you know, towards the Paris streets below." I said, laughing slightly.

"I separated them. They’re both sleeping. I think Chris had something to do with it, he’s perfectly sober, he probably forced a few drinks down them, and encouraged them. He was probably hoping to break you two up, and Nick and me."

"Probably. It hurt though. I had just told you what I’d gone through, and how Justin helped me. Then I find he had just abandoned me."

"Just come away from the edge. You’re not safe there."

"Right now I couldn’t give a damn if I fell. What have I got to live for, the only thing left in my life, which holds any importance to me was Justin, and he’s left me. You know what I said earlier, I meant it. I have no intention of jumping though. I’m just going to sit here for a while. If I fall I fall, so what, I’ll be dead, I couldn’t care less."

"Don’t talk like that Si, at least come and sit over here."

"You know, if I hadn’t have run I would have ended up hurting someone back there. I couldn’t have stayed. I have a really bad temper, it’s got me into trouble before. I’m fine then all of a sudden I just crack, I go mad. I actually felt like killing Nick then, and I might have actually have done it."

"Come on, let’s just get you away from the edge." JC said again. "We can talk about it all later." I noticed he was walking closer and closer to the railings, which I considered relatively brave, or stupid, considering the height of the building, and the wet conditions of the roof. He ended up standing about two feet from the edge, and looking upwards, avoiding every chance of looking down. I decided to get off the edge, since I had no desire to worry him. As I swung my legs over however, I must have slipped on a wet patch and fell backwards. I grappled with my arms in an attempt to grab hold of the rail as my legs fell from under me. My hand caught onto the side of the building as JC ran to the edge. He lay down and leant over the edge, as he reached his arm out to grab mine. He pulled me up with his arm, while I used my other arm to push my up off the wall. I climbed over the edge and rolled onto my back next to JC. He sat up and helped me onto my feet. I was slightly shocked, and scared stiff, but I tried to make light of the situation.

"That was a new experience for me, falling off the side of a building. Quite invigorating." I said light heartily, trying to ignore the seriousness of the situation.

"You nearly died there, it’s nothing light hearted. Now come on, let’s get you back inside. You can sleep in my room tonight, you probably don’t feel like sleeping with Justin. We’ll sort everything out tomorrow, let’s just get some sleep." JC said worriedly, ignoring the fact he just came to the very edge of the building. We walked into his room and I went to lay on the sofa , but he insisted I had the bed. I started to try and argue, but gave up, knowing JC would probably be just as stubborn as me. I stripped down to my boxers and just collapsed on the bed., while JC did the same, trying to fit on the sofa.

"Josh, this is stupid. If you don’t mind, you can share the bed with me. You just saved my life, took me into your own room, and then I make you sleep on the sofa? Get into the bed." I said sternly.

"Are you sure you won’t mind?"

"Of course I’m sure, now just do it!" I said, smiling slightly. He smiled back and climbed into the other side of the bed. We slept with our backs turned to each other, and it wasn’t long before we were both fast asleep.

Both our dreams were plagued with the images of our boyfriends kissing each other, and me slipping of the edge of the building. I kept seeing myself falling to the ground, smashing into the ground. I was tossing and turning all night. JC tried to soothe me in my sleep, and it worked to a degree, as I calmed down. He took the covers off me, due to the fact I was soaked in sweat, before returning to sleep himself. His night wasn’t too much better on the whole, but he slept more peacefully than I. We both woke quite early the following morning considering, almost 7am. JC was up first, and was just coming out the bathroom as I crawled out of bed.

"Sleep well?" I asked.

"Not that bad. You didn’t though, you were having some bad nightmares. I tried to soothe you a little, but it didn’t help much."

"Thanks. I bet you wish you’d let me sleep on the floor so you could have had a better nights sleep."

"No, not at all. You’re my friend, I’m your friend, that’s what friends are for. You owe me big time though, after saving your life and all." He said smiling slightly. I chuckled a little, as I recalled the incident the night before. It was far too closer a call for me liking, it was stupid of me to sit on the railings. Then again, for a while, my mind was considering pushing off, and just ending it all, too much hurt, too much pain. It was only when JC walked onto the roof that I changed my mind. I knew I couldn’t do anything to hurt him, or anyone really. Justin did wrong, but I couldn’t even begin to imagine what he would have felt like if I’d pushed myself off because of him. JC told me how distraught he was after I ran over only a few days ago.

"What should we do about this mess. Shall we go and have a talk with our respective others, or would it be better to bring them both in here and talk it out with all four of us. Then we can talk to Chris, Howie and AJ and see what they’ve got to say about letting them get in a state like that, they’re far to young to drink the amount they’d had, hell, even I’ve never drunk that much, and I’m not shy to an occasional drink, well, I can’t drink now. Oh shit, I didn’t take my medication last night. Remind me to take it this morning. I’d forget my head if it wasn’t screwed on."

"Well, a lot happened, I’m not surprised you forgot. Here, slip these on, they should fit you. You can give ‘em back when you get some of your own clothes from your room."

"Thanks Josh, you’ve been good to me. This sounds familiar, but I don’t know what I’d have done without you."

"I don’t want to think that, you’d probably have taken the express way to the ground floor last night." I just acknowledged him, wanting to put my actions last night behind me. I knew that if I hadn’t have run though, I would have ended up doing something that would have landed me in jail. I had a shower and put on the clothes JC gave me. They weren’t a perfect fit , but they were better than nothing. When I came out the bathroom, we each went out to get Nick and Justin. I walked to the door, knocked once and opened, since it was not locked. Justin was lying down on the bed, snoring quietly. I walked over to him and shook him gently, then a little harder until he opened his eyes.

"What, where am I? I’ve got a splitting head ache, what time is it?"

"Just get up and get some clothes on Justin, and I’m not surprised you’ve got a head ache." I said sharply to him.

"What’s up with you this morning?"

"You, now just get the bloody hell ready now. You can have a shower later, just get some clothes on and come down to JC’s room." I said, walking out. A similar situation occurred between Nick and JC. I waited outside Justin’s room, and he walked out a few minutes later. We waited for JC and Nick, before heading back into JC’s room. We all took a seat, so we were facing each other.

"Do you two remember what happened last night?"

"No not really, why?" Justin spoke up, "I know I’ve got a hang over this morning. You’re not grumpy because I got a little drunk are you? I can’t really remember though."

"I’m not surprised, in fact, I was amazed you could even stand up. What about you Nick?"

"Same as Justin, why, what happened?"

"When you two came back to the hotel last night, we walked into you’re room," JC said, looking at Nick, "and found you both shirtless on the bed making out, and trying to get each others belts off, but you were too drunk to undo the clasps with the looks of things." Nick and Justin both looked a bit shocked, and then went embarrassed, not looking at each other, staring at the floor.

"Well, are you going to say anything in your defence?" I asked out of interest. After a few seconds I received no reply. "When I saw you two I stormed out the room and ran up onto the roof. JC might be better telling you what happened next, while you two think of something to say."

"Well, after I’d sorted you two out and ‘talked’ to Chris, I went looking for Si. I found him sitting on the rails on the edge. I thought he was going to jump or something. I tried to get him away from the edge, but as he was climbing down he slipped and fell. I ran to the edge and grabbed onto him, and pulled him back over the side."

"Then we just went back to Josh’s room and I stayed there the night. Have anything to say yet?" I asked, receiving no reply from the two downcast heads. "I know you were both drunk, I hope I know that both of you love your respective partners, but what you did last night hurt both of us a lot. It was inexcusable, and obviously represented the fact that you two must have liked each other. I can understand that, you’re both very handsome guys. Now, I’m fed up with talking, so you two say something about what happened last night, even if you can’t remember" Another silence followed for a few seconds before Nick spoke up.

"I can’t remember a thing about last night, but I don’t think I could have drank that much, I don’t feel that bad this morning. I don’t think I would sleep with Justin anyway, I can’t believe I would betray you Josh, and you Si like that." Nick said, still looking down at the floor, fidgeting his hands.

"Same here, I can’t believe I would do something like that. I don’t think I would drink that much anyway, my Mom doesn’t like me drinking, and I never drink too much, I don’t like getting drunk."

"Well, the fact of the matter remains that you did. I’m going to talk to Chris and Joey about this and find out what they have to say about letting you get like you did. You know I’m not one to hold grudges for very long."

"It will take a while for both of us to get over this though, and I doubt we will forget it." JC added. "Well, you two go back to your rooms and get ready. Us two are going to have a little talk to Chris, Joey and AJ about your getting drunk." Nick and Justin both stood up and walked out the room, not looking at each other and keeping their heads cast down. I looked over at JC, who was pretty expressionless. "Well, let’s go and have a word with the others and see what they have to say about this." Exiting the room, we walked down the corridor and walked to Chris’s door. I went to knock but JC put his hand up as he leaned against the door and listened to what was being said.

"Well, if that stunt last night doesn’t break them up, nothing will. John and Brian are back together despite the recording you did, Justin went running after Simon after I told him to get back to England where someone might want him. Hopefully this morning JC and Nick will have broke up, and Justin and Simon." We heard coming from inside, sounding like Chris. I looked at JC, who had pure fury in his eyes. He burst in the room, not bothering to knock, ran over to Chris and started throttling him. He was too surprised to put up any form of defence, while Howie tried to shrink away in the corner. I walked over to him.

"I insist, take a seat, it looks like we’re in for a very interesting chat." I said, while forcing him back down into the chair. JC threw Chris back down as his temper came under slight control. "We overheard a little of your conversation outside gentlemen. I think we need to talk." I said, taking a seat next to JC on the sofa.

"What the fuck did you do to them last night!!!" JC shouted at Chris, not putting any self control onto his anger.

"Nothing, honest, we just gave them a little to drink, honest."

"A little to drink doesn’t do that. They hadn’t had too much to drink, both of them are too sensible to get drunk out there minds, and they were both walking." I replied.

"Just tell him Chris." Howie said, looking downwards, but I don’t think it was because he was ashamed of his actions.

"We brought some pills of a guy at the club and laced there drinks. He said it would make them way out and all. With the alcohol and being two gay guys, we hoped they’d have sex with each other, and you’d find out."

"You laced their drinks with drugs brought from a guy at the club. YOU COULD HAVE BLOODY WELL KILLED THEM. What were you trying to do, put them in a coma or something. You had no idea what you were giving to them. I expect you must have been drunk yourself to do something so fuckin’ well stupid as that. Did you want them dead, I’m sure that would have broken off the relationship you bloody idiot."

"Well, er.. I didn’t think about that, I was just acting for the good of Justin." Chris stuttered out, seemingly afraid of his own safety.

"And you Howie, I take it you made the recording between Brian and John to try and split them up. Did you ever think that the recording might have been believed, it could have severely damaged Brian’s career, did you think of that?" JC said to Howie. He received no answer, and Howie never looked up from the ground.

"The others are going to find out about all this, hopefully from you, but we’ll tell them everything if we have too. And what’s this about you telling Simon to leave us alone?" JC said angrily.

"When Chris found me wondering around the city, he told me I wasn’t wanted, and that Justin hated me and all. I wasn’t in a very fit state to be honest, after lashing out at him, and the rest of the stuff. He told me my presence wasn’t wanted any more and to clear off. He escorted me to the train station and virtually threw me onto the train. Joey looked reluctant, but I wasn’t thinking straight and left."

"I’m going to kill you, I’m going to bloody well kill ya." JC said jumping out of his seat and running over to Chris. He started hitting him in the face, jaw, chest etc. for all he was worth. Chris fell out of the chair onto his knees as he accepted the punches, not putting up any defence. I, for some reason, went to his rescue and pulled JC back off Chris. When he’d calmed down a little I let him go. I would have loved him to continue, but I knew it wasn’t right, JC would have ended up killing Chris the way he was going. We both walked out the room together, leaving Howie and Chris. We each went to see our partners.

I walked into Justin’s room and sat on the bed, waiting for him to come out the shower. I didn’t feel like joining him really, despite the fact I knew it wasn’t really his fault for last night. I couldn’t believe Chris would have done something as stupid as lacing Justin’s drink, someone who was supposed to be his friend. After a couple of minutes Justin walked out with a towel wrapped round his waste. He jumped slightly when he saw me sitting on the bed, but came and sat down next to me.

"I’m sorry for what I did last night, I don’t remember it, and I can’t believe I would be so stupid. I love you, I really do. I don’t want to loose you Simon." He said, crying slightly. I pulled him into a hug and rocked him slightly, wiping the tears from his eyes.

"It wasn’t your fault Justin, we’ve had a word with Howie and Chris. It turns out they drugged you with some stuff they brought from a guy at the club. He had no thoughts for the possible consequences, but we’ve sorted the situation out. I’m sure the rest of the guys will have something to say, or do, to them later, when they tell everyone what they’ve been up to. It wasn’t your fault, you were as high as a kite, drunk and horny, and two people in the same situation, it’s bound to happen. I forgive you, just try and forget about it." I said, giving Justin a kiss on his forehead. "Now, go and finished getting ready!" I said in mock authority, ushering him up. He smiled slightly, but inside he couldn’t believe that Chris would do anything like that to him. As Justin walked into the bathroom I contemplated the situation. I was in shock that Chris would go to such lengths to try and break us up, and I was still upset over the fact that Nick and Justin tried to sleep with each other. Then there was the fact I almost fell off the side of a 24 story building and added a nice red colouring to the pavement below. The only complete stability I had now was the friendship held with JC. Like all things however, I would get over it eventually.

I jumped when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up to see Justin standing in front of me, fully dressed, looking as immaculate and handsome as ever. I smiled slightly before standing up out the chair. "Well, what have we got lined up today? You’re concert is, what, Saturday night, two days away? Today is when we would originally have been going Paris yes?"

"Yep. We’ve got a few appointments for some Saturday TV programs tomrrow, and some interview for something or else this morning. I can’t remember what for. We’ve got a chat lined up on Yahoo this evening. Because of the time difference, we’re just answering the questions in advance over the phone, that’s at about six or so I think. We’ve got the rest of the day free again." Justin said laughing slightly

"Great. We can go shopping later or something, before or after the interview, depending on the time. We’ve not actually done any shopping in Paris yet."

"No, we haven’t. That’ll be nice." Justin replied, a bit of discomfort still remaining in the air.

"Look Justin, don’t worry about it. I’ve said I don’t hold grudges, you didn’t actually do anything with each other, just kissed. Seriously, it doesn’t matter. I still love you, I’ll always love you." I said, with a genuine smile on my face. I pulled Justin into a hug as a few tears ran down his face.

"I nearly killed you though, I can’t forget about it, I can’t believe I’d do anything which could hurt you. I just want to go and kill Chris."

"We’ve already taken care of that, now let’s go and get some breakfast, and see how Brian enjoyed his night out with John." I said, as we walked out into the corridor and walked down to Kevin’s room, where we heard a few voices coming from. After a couple of knocks, Kevin shouted us in, and we found most of the guys, excluding Chris and Howie already sitting and eating breakfast.

Things went in a similar situation between Nick and JC, Nick as distraught over Chris and Howie’s actions as Justin. Fortunately, most things had been worked out to a satisfactory solution, and they were still together. I looked around and found no signs of Brian and John though.

"Where’s Brian?" I asked as I sat down at the breakfast table.

"No one knows, we assume he still out with John. We’re going to give him a call on his mobile later." I just nodded as we sat down on the sofa next to JC and Nick. I sat at the arm, forcing Justin to sit next to Nick. Both of them avoided looking at each other, and all the guys could feel the tension in the air. When Chris and Howie walked in the room, everyone detected our glaring at them. They both sat down on a couple of chairs near the door, and glanced uncomfortably at us. AJ and Joey both seemed to have no idea of what was going on, which was good really. I didn’t want to think any of the others had anything to do with setting up Justin and Nick.

"Chris and Howie have something to tell you guys." JC spoke up, as he motioned for them to speak. After several moments of silence, he continued. "Obviously they’re not going to tell you, so maybe I’ll just have to fill you in on what happened."

"No, we’ll tell them." Howie said, looking only at the floor. He proceeded to tell the whole tale of what happened, from the recording to the drugging. The expressions on the other guys faces said it all, and then the screaming, and the few punches thrown by everyone. After ten or fifteen minutes, everyone had calmed down enough and sat back down. Chris had a black eye, courtesy of Joey of all people, while Howie had a bleeding nose, courtesy of a well aimed punch from Kevin. AJ was just completely stunned. All I could think is that I was glad Brian didn’t hear it, or I would have feared for Howie’s safety.

"What the hell possessed you to do that Chris. You’re supposed to be Justin and JC’s friend, not their enemy. Can’t you see how happy they are?" Lance said in his deep voice.

"I thought I was helping him. I didn’t think he needed to be dragging Simon around with him all the time."

"Guys, look, it’s sorted out, and I don’t think anyone will be doing anything like this again, will you Chris, Howie?" Both of them shook their heads, still looking down at the floor, clearly ashamed of their actions after looking back on them. The rest of breakfast was finished in complete silence, Chris and Howie not looking towards anyone, staring only at there food.

"Well, we’ve got an interview to do, so we better get moving." Kevin said, sitting up from the table and ushering everyone back to there rooms. I gave Justin a quick kiss as he went to stand up, causing him to grab hold of my hand as we walked back to the room. We finished tiding up the room, and Justin went and brushed his teeth again, and then had another go at his hair. We walked back outside after ten minutes, Joey and AJ both ready outside.

"Simon, look, I’m sorry about what happened last night. I had no idea what Howie and Chris were up to. I’d have never let them go ahead if we’d known what they were doing." AJ said, looking at me.

"Don’t worry about it AJ, it’s all done and over with, let’s just try and put it behind us, I’m sure you want to look your best for the interview."

"Hey, I always look good." He replied grinning.

"Yeah, you just keep telling yourself that and you might eventually believe it." Nick said as he walked out his room with JC. "Any signs of Brian yet?" I shook my head, as everyone waited patiently for Kevin to come and tell everyone where Brian had got to. As if on queue Kevin walked into the hallway.

"I just called Brian’s mobile, but it says it’s turned off or out of range. He knows we’ve got an interview to do, I can’t believe he’d just disappear on purpose, I feel a bit worried about him."

"Brian’s a big boy Kevin, don’t worry about him. He’s probably just having a good time with John." AJ said, as Howie walked out.

"It’s not like him to just disappear though. I’ll try his mobile again." Kevin said as he dialled the number on the phone. "Brian, where are you, call me back quickly, we’ve got an interview to goto." Kevin said, pressing the end button. "It was engaged, I was put through to his voicemail. At least we know he’s there" Kevin said, as his phone beeped, telling him he had voicemail. I smiled slightly as I realised Brian must have called Kevin at the same time Kevin called him. After a few seconds the phone started ringing. Kevin talked for a couple of minutes before hanging up again.

"Ok, he stayed the night at a small country hotel. He’s driving back into Paris now and’s going to meet us at the studio where they’re doing the interview, so we’re going to get off now." Kevin said in authority, pressing the lift call button, making the doors open. The nine of us split up into two lifts and headed for the ground floor. The lobby was clear and fans were surprisingly non-existent. The limousines drove off down to the studio, pulling up outside the small studio building. As we exited the limo, we Brian just pulling up in a hired car.


Two days later:

I was sitting in the front row of the auditorium, a few minutes before the start of the concert. Bringing on a feeling of deja-vous John was again sitting to my left. We small talked for ten or fifteen minutes until the concert started. Despite the fact they’d had a week break, the performance was equally up to scratch, there dance moves executed perfectly, every note on key. The end of the concert was met with a ten minute standing ovation, forcing two encores. I had to stop clapping after a while because it was actually starting to hurt. As the audience started to depart, John and myself walked towards the backstage entrance, being forced to produce backstage passes, something JC decided to do after the previous problems of not being allowed through. We searched around for a minute until we found them all getting changed back into there regular clothes in the single large dressing room. I knocked on the open door before waiting for them to get ready. After a couple of minutes they gradually started emerging from the dressing room. After a fwe congratulations on there performance, a member of the crew came round and told them that a group of competition winners were waiting to see them. After a couple of groans they all walked round to the green room and took a seat, John and myself staying out the way towards the back. Four young, exciteable girls and one slightly older guy were brought into the room, and they just talked for the next half hour or so about life basically. I forget the exact details, but the fans had a great time, and spoke surprisingly excellent English for 13 year olds really.

Eventually we got to go back to the hotel and get some well needed sleep. All the guys were completely exhausted. The ride to the hotel was quiet, and everyone made there way up to the rooms, including John, whom it turned out Brian had asked to stay with him for the time being. I must say, I was curious about what happened during there time together, but it wasn’t my position to pry. I was sure I would find out the situation eventually. Only three or four days left in France now though until it was time to the guys to return to America, and my situation was still uncertain, as far as I was concerned anyway. Shortly after my head hit the pillow, Justin and myself were both sleeping peacefully, the moonlight staring through the slight crack in the curtains.

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