Disclaimer: I do not know N'Sync, Backstreet boys, and the main character is fictional. The entire story is fictional. It even takes place in an entirely different universe I don't know if any of the guys are gay and really don't care. Hope you enjoy the story,just something I was thinking about. I wanted to give it a shot and see how it flies. Feedback to Rhythm@freeandsingle.com

Heavy breathing can be heard, lots of movement within the halls of a large stone castle. The young man running is running for his life. His pursuers are not far behind he can hear the armor and commotion coming from all different direction. His pursuers think he is trapped running on panic with no direction. They can tell he is leading himself into a dead end where hey will easily capture him. What they are unaware of is he knows exactly where he is going. Well to be exact he is being drawn there by a force, pulling him in that direction.

`Jodi, get a hold of your self breathe, and focus I know it's here just a little further' the man think to himself. He does just that and focuses his eyes turning an eerie golden color, small strings of light eminate from them and snake their way through the halls leading him to his goal.

`Just a little further I can't stop now they are getting close I can feel it'

"Captain where is he?"

"He's heading towards the dungeon, he is trapped my Lord he has no where to go!"

"No where to go! YOU FOOL! Do you realize what he is, If he has escaped I will have you made into a Eunuch." The green eyed man grabbed the guard to make his threat known . The guard looked wide eyed at the thought of losing that which he considered he whole manhood.

"Yes my lord."

"Men to the dungeon capture the renegade , DO NOT let him escape!"

With that the guards began there charge forward towards the desolate dungeon. Their prey was closing in in on, his destination. Jodi could feel it his head started to pound, his soul is being pulled stronger. There was something different about this time. Unlike the others this doorway was unique he never felt a pull this greatly before something was different. He was unsure of opening this particular door. But he knew he could not stay here which was greater the fear of the unknown or the fear of what he knew was behind him. He stumbled down the stairs into the dark dreary entrance way, before him stood five doorways out. Any door would have worked but he was drawn to the second from the left. He could hear feet behind him he made for the door power charging energy ebbing from his eyes in eerie golden waves. He is so close

"Aurum Vitae" came a booming deep voice from behind him.

Jodi could feel the power behind him. Things slowed down around him everything within his perception was moving slowly he turned and twisted allowing the waves to rock over his body obliterating his goal. The door was shattered into million pieces into the next room. Things returned to normal as he landed on the floor unscathed facing what use to be a large oak door. The guards were in shock they have never seen anyone move so quickly before. He had become a blur.

"He is a Devil" cried on of the guards

"Silence all of you he is no devil, the green eyed man spoke. He is salvation he is power incarnate. Jodi there is no escape now your gateway has been destroyed accept you fate and come to me. This long chase is over."

Jodi turned with spite in his eyes, "Never you monster you will never capture me I will never help you ."

"You can not run forever eventually you will tire and I will have you. With you and the Gate I will open every door way to hell and will run the multiverse."

Jodi turned to the guards " Do you not see him for what he is , he is not your Lord , but some twisted visage, you Lord lost his soul to that creature. Do you not see it" the guards turned to their Lord and were becoming nervous.


The guards began to withdraw. When the Lord took the Captain by the throat " if one of you men gives into this whelps power I will kill you . Can you not see he is trying to charm you."

The guards then turned to Jodi with new resolve with bows and swords drawn. What they had not noticed is Jodi had slowly crawled close to doorway and had gotten up on his haunches ready to strike the power with him was welling being this close to the gateway.

"Where are you going my little pup the door has been destroyed there is no gateway for you to open, you are trapped I have won"

"You don't suffer from overconfidence or anything do you?" Jodi stood and faced the gate looking back over his shoulder. " you are an idiot, I don't need a physical door to access a portal I merely need the structure of a doorway. With that he turned power flowing the archway which until some time ago was a door unto one of the dungeons, began to ripple like a wall of water. Without further waiting he leaped through the gateway he had opened. His shoulder burned, he felt tiny ripples behind him. He started sealing the gate behind him to prevent anything else from entering he was being pulled faster he could feel an exit a head. He was being pulled with greater force.


The band known as BSB was relaxing in the lounge of their tour bus, they were just staring this leg of their tour, but it still felt like they were at it for months . Lance sat reading a book, Justin and Nick were battling it out on the video gaming system Howie was listening to CD's , Chris their manager was in the front working on paper work. All seemed still except for Kevin he was pacing within the small room walking back and forth, he felt agitated and anxious something was coming he could feel it .

"Hey watch it Kevin!" Justin cried "you' re going to make me lose"

"Sorry little bro."

"Don't blame Kevin cause you suck at this game sweetie" Nick said kissing his boyfriend on the cheek.

"I do not suck... well I do" he blushed and Nick just grinned.

" Kevin what's wrong man you seem stressed" Howie replied removing his earphones. Lance just peered over the cover of his book his green eyes taking in his best friends actions.

"Yeah big bro what's up" Justin looked a little concerned his older brother never acted this way before."

"Its nothing well I don't now something is coming I can sense it."

"Your probably stressed you have been doing quite a lot lately Kevin just relax" Nick spoke

"Kevin didn't reply he just faced the small door to the rest of the bus he was transfixed on what was there well more like what wasn't there namely the door just a wall of energy remained. Something was moving there, two something's to be precise. Small distortions coming closer to the edge everyone else turned and watched Lance dropped his book and stared at the site before him mesmerized at what was going on. Just then the wall seems to pull at the sides of the two object as they shot into this world .

"Look out" Howie grabbed Kevin and knocked him to the floor he was now facing the wall while lying on his belly, good thing too cause at that exact time two large steel arrows made there way and embedded into the back wall of the lounge, everyone else had hands over their heads covering themselves. Justin was screaming and Nick had instinctively covered him with his own body protecting him. Only Kevin saw the large object moving towards the wall much larger and much fatter it looked almost human, wait it was human all of a sudden the wall ripped in two and Jodi fell upon the floor face to face with Kevin shocked and startled. The wall disappeared and closed. Chris could be heard running down the hall screaming

"Is everyone ok! what's going on! Lance honey are you ok?" Jodi was not prepared for this

"We are all right Chris"

That voice no, Jodi looked up and screamed " NOOOO" before he passed out from the pain in his shoulder blade.

"What the fuck" Chris cried as he rushed to he boyfriend and surveyed the room the two arrows in the wall and the strange man lying unconscious on the floor.

"What happened did this fan sneak on the bus and attack you guys? what the fuck? Arrows? this guys some kind of nut ? Are you ok James? let me see." Chris was talking a mile a minute and Lance pushed him away,

"Dam it Chris I'm ok calm down. breathe sweetie breathe."

" I don't think he attacked us."

Chris turned to Justin who was kneeling by his brother and the limp stranger's body. " Well how do you now that?" Chris said, "you are too trusting Justin!"

"No I'm not, if you would look you would notice that he could not have shot the arrows.

" Why is that..." they all stood in shock as they saw what Justin saw " Cause he has an arrow embedded in his shoulder ."

"We need to get him some help get the bus to stop at the next hospital."

"Yeah Chris get me some towels we should apply pressure to stop the bleeding.". Chris ran out into the small bathroom grabbed some towels and through them in the room quickly turning around to talk to the driver.

"Is this what you meant Kevin when you said something was coming `

"Yeah I guess. He seems so familiar to me"