Disclaimer: Hey Sorry took a while been busy with life and all that hope you enjoy, it not that big but been working on my other story which will be out shortly .I do not know N'Sync, Backstreet boys, and the main character is fictional. The entire story is fictional. It even takes place in an entirely different universe I don't know if any of the guys are gay and really don't care. That being said enjoy.

Kevin instinctively reached down to touch the man lying at his feet . He had to know if he was real or not. He thought to himself. `how can he be here he is just a dream. This is just to strange to be true' Kevin jarred himself loose of his own mulling when unexpectedly he touched flesh sure that this man was not real. He pulled his finger back to notice blood on them for that matter he noticed a lot of blood everywhere. The man of his nightly dreams was bleeding to death before him. He couldn't allow him to die not until he found out what was truly going on .

"Here guys, some towels" Chris said throwing towels into the room. Kevin picked them up and gently applied pressure to the wound trying not to dislodge the arrow he knew if he did he could do more damage then good.

"The driver is on the radio now he is radioing to the local 911 an ambulance will meet up with us."

"Where exactly are we anyway Chris"

"Somewhere outside Chicago I think Howie"

"What are we going to tell people , we can't exactly tell the truth , the cops will never believe how he got here" Lance stated

"How did it happen anyway"

"It was totally cool, the door glowed and turned like a water , you know like on that show star gate and then the next thing we know two arrows and then he came flying out."

"Obviously whoever he was running from wanted him dead" Nick said " these arrow are quite deadly , he stood examining them.

" We will need to get rid of them and quickly cover the holes, two less things to explain."

"That easy enough Hun but how do we explain him and the big arrow in his shoulder"

"Simple enough Chris we stopped a while back we just say he snuck on board and we just found him that way it gives us time till he wakes up to figure out a more plausible story" Kevin calmly stated .

" Well that does sound plausible at least as far as were concerned although I'm sure he will have to answer a lot of question" Lance added "How the bleeding Kevin"

"Pretty bad if they don't get here soon I don't think he will make it"

"Where are they?" Justin was getting nervous and pacing as he watched his big bother look so pale as he struggled to slow down the bleeding"

"Its ok baby I hear them now, listen its ok."

They all stopped they could here the ambulance sirens approaching and feel the bus slowing. Chris ran ahead to talk to the bus driver and to stress that he keep his mouth shut and just agree with whatever was said. Lance and Howie ran to show the EMT's the way. Justin sat hunched next to Kevin tying to help him but not really knowing what to do, nick just stood dutifully over him rubbing his boyfriends shoulders .

"Its going to be ok just really he looks like a strong guy"

"You think" Justin said as he looked up with wide sad eyes. Nick just nodded and squeezed his shoulders tighter.

"Ok what happened" , one of the EMT asked as he sat down on the other side and began checking for vital signs. He began opening his emergency kit, "Bruce pulse if thready and week, we need to load and roll you think we can get the stretcher up here" he hollered to his partner .

"Not likely too narrow, we will have to carry him up front and load him outside I will bring the stretcher around. Maybe these guys can help you move him forward. All the while the first EMT had attached oxygen mask to Jodi and began applied bandaged to the arrow trying to stabilize it and applied pressure at the same time.

"So what happen here"

Lance spoke up quickly " Not sure sir , we stopped a while back, he must have snuck on. We never noticed him when we got back on. A little while a go we heard a noise and he kind of fell on the floor that is when we called you guys."

"So you guys have no idea who he is?"

"Nope sir" Justin added " Is he going to be ok, he not going to die is he ?"

"Not if I have anything to say about it."

"Yo Dave I got the stretcher locked lets get rolling. Bruce said as he headed back towards them.

"You think you too can give us a hand" he said looking at Nick and Kevin.

"Yeah no problem" Nick replied for both of them.

Carefully all four of them lifted the unknown man forward to the stretcher normally they would have placing him on his back but considering where the wound was that would not be possible. Dave kept checking his breathing and vital signs making sure he was still ok and tried to hook him to a portable monitor. Kevin climbed into the ambulance with them .

"I'm going with them tell the other to meet me, at .." he looked the the EMT "Good Sam it's the closet" meanwhile Nick could here more siren "Great the police, lucky us"

With that the EMT pulled the doors closed and they were off Nick turned to wake back to the bus as the police sirens got closer and louder.


"Here Justin shove this other poster up quickly the cops are coming." Chris yelled Both he and Justin were trying to quickly cover the holes with some posters they had . Lance was playing mediator and slowing down anyone that might want to get back there namely the police.

"You think he is going to be ok Chris "

" Not sure just but the ambulance got here pretty quick, don't lose hope"

They had finished and were heading up front and saw Nick standing with Lance talking to some officers.

"Where's Kevin?" Chris asked .

"He went to the hospital with the guy in case he could answer any questions. Well as much as we know." Nick quickly replied. "Well how about you tell us what exactly happened here apparently the individual in question was seriously injured. We got a report that we was hit with an arrow"

"We really don't know anything , he just appeared" Justin said nervously catching himself,

The detectives were becoming suspicious about what was going on the guys were acting strange like they were hiding something. The detective was sure that this young one was the key. He was too nervous, he would spill his guts under a little pressure.

"Why don't you tell us what happen then" pausing to elicit Justin's name "Justin sir"

"Alright Justin what is going on?" Justin was nervous he was never any good at lying Kevin and nick could always tell he was sure the officer would know as well."

" Umm well we were in the back room when we heard some noise like someone falling and then we turned to se this guy stumbled into the lounge. We were panicked cause we thought some fan had snuck into the bus. But he kind of of just fell and lay there, that's when we noticed the arrow in his back and then we called you." The other officer looked doubtful and made his way to the scene to look for clues Lance and Howie followed behind him to see what he was doing.

"You two wait here don't want the crime scene disturbed until the Forensics get here."

"Crime scene?" Lance asked.

"Where or not the crime committed here there is important clued we may need stay there and don't interfere."

Lance was pissed but he stayed where the officer told him. He merely sat down in one of the chairs which gave him a good view of the hall and the back room. Hopefully the officer wouldn't examine the wall too much. Howie went back to Justin and the others .

"So no-one knows where the guy came from." each of the guys looked around at each other before responding



"Not one"

"Nope we did stop a while back and grab a bite to eat, that's the only way he could have slipped on the bus. He must have done it while we were eating must have hid in one of the bunks." Howie supplied. It was at this time that they could see other lights approaching the front of the bus. They stopped and watched a series of man come aboard the bus and head down to the second detective.

" I want whatever you can give me here boys I want to know how this happened."

"Yes Sir." one of the techs said and went to work. The second detective turned around and came back up front."

`What was that about he thought he had caught the blonde boy in the chair watching him and watching the room , hmmm he knows something that he's not saying, he was worried I was going to find something which I did"

"Forensics have secured the area Frank lets get to the hospital and see how the victim is doing if your done with the statements."

"Yeah the boys apparently don't know much . They stopped apparently and that is when the victim came aboard must have hid in one of the bunks."

"Ok then we will be in touch boys . Please make your self available. For questions."

With that the officers left the scene

"So Frank what do think? You think a wound like that would bleed an awful lot?"

"Hell yeah , would have too?"

"Ok then why isn't there any blood in the hall or around the bunks." Frank looked at his partner

"I think we need to talk to the guy at the hospital. And get his version of the story. Those boys know something more then their telling."