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Lance awoke from his peaceful sleep feeling better than he had in months. The faces and the voices had not returned last night, for the first time in ages. He ran his fingers through Chas waive hair and became entranced by the steady rise and fall of Chas' chest he glanced at the clock and saw it was already 6:00am he had slept for five hours, and that was more than he had had in months. This guy was good for him and he hoped he could be the same for him..Chas stirred to life next to the Lance

"Hey" he said as Lance wiped the sleep out of the corners of his eyes

"Just enjoying the view" Lance grinned as he kissed him deeply

"Gross morning breath" Chas stuck out his tongue

"You don't hear me complaining do you?" Lance retorted

"HA! I smell like a rose, what do mean"

"Ok your right, you're perfect" Lance smiled as he said this

"Yes, I know. Do you want to join me for my swim?

"I'd love to but I'm gona go take a shower"

Chas pouted his lips in sadness"It's ok I'll just go get all wet and sparkly alone then"

"Man that does sound tempting but I need a shower"

"Ok suit yourself"

"Chas, you got some clothes that I can barrow? I was a little preoccupied at the concert and I left my bag"

"Sure the closet is full but I'm just wearing shorts and a t-shirt to the park so pick something that can get wet, I love the water rides"

"Cool. Chas, on your way out to the pool wake up Just and JC would you? They'll sleep till noon if you let them and we need to leave soon right?"

" Yep, we need to be there at like 8am and it's about a 45min drive at this time of the day"

Lance grabbed some clothes and jumped into the shower. The warm mist seemed to be cleaning away the shit that he had been luging around for the these many months since the break up. It felt as thought the steam was wafting though his mind and removing all of the hurt and pain. His brain suddenly snapped into reality when it hit that he had sent Chas to get Justin and JC. The thought quickly clicked in his head and he quickly grabbed a towel and ran to catch Chas, but too late

Chas knocked on the door and got no answer. He turned the knob and found it to be unlocked. He went in and saw no signs of life so he figured that they must still be asleep he headed towards the bigger of the two bedroom, the one with adjacent bathroom, he heard the shower running so he figured that at least one of them was. Then came the shock.

"OH! Fuck me Josh"

"Oh yes I want it oh god your so great Just"

Chas was shocked and knew he should leave before he got caught. Just as he turned to leave the door of the bathroom came open and JC and Justin were hanging on one another and just enjoying the moment they saw Chas' trying to make a frantic exit in the living room

"Chas hold up, hang on" Justin called

"Sorry guys I just came by to get you up and you are so I'll leave"

"Chas, you heard us, didn't you?"Chas nodded

"Guys it's cool, I think Lance wanted to tell you this we're kinda together"

"Great" Justin smiled

"Ok but what happens when we leave tomorrow, Chas? What then? You go back to you country club and get another and Lance has get on that god damn bus and go to the next city and get his heart broken, your all the same just another fag groupie who wants a piece of that nice ass!"

"Ok I know you care about him so I won't take that to heart and by the way I didn't fuck him last night we just fell asleep. Second we never though about what if's but we will work those out it just clicked and it was so right"

"I'm sorry I just hate to see him get attached to someone he can't have, you seem sweet Chas sorry"

"It's cool JC I'm glad that he has people that care so much about him, but he is a grown man so let him make his own choices"

"Were you guys talking about me?" Lance grinned " I see that you were properly introduced. Sorry guys it slip my mind totally."

"That's cool scoop I'm glad you too are happy" Justin patted Lance on the shoulder

"You told, I wanted to" Lance crossed his arms and pouted

"Sorry hon I thought it would help calm them down and not think that I was going to the rags with a story"


Lance kissed him on the forehead. Chas mused in his mind how 13yo girls world give there eye teeth to be in his shoes with the three hottest members of *NSYNC all in various states of undress. He grinned devilishly at the thought

"So were going to leave now and let you two be. Be at the house by seven we need to leave by quarter after, is that cool?"

"Sure, we'll be there" JC answered

when the boys were back in the house and dressed they went to the kitchen to find Joey and Chris staring at a stack of pan cakes and Pat working at omelets. Joey made whistling noises

"Looks like somebody got lucky, you have that glow Lance"

Pat smacked him on the back of the head "What? Do you think that my son is a slut? Now behave and what do you want in your omelet?

"Ham and swiss please"

"You two want anything, you must be famished" she laughed at this

"Hey you slapped Joey for that"

"Yes, but I'm your mother, now have some pan cakes"

"Cool, my mom never cooks"

"She doesn't either she just wants to impress you hunks"

"Ha ha very funny"

"I love you mom"

"I know, now be quite and eat"

The boys quickly ate all of the food before them. JC and Justin wandered into the kitchen a few minutes later, hanging on one another. They quickly tried to cover when they saw Pat.

"Y'all can act normal I'm used to it"

"Cool, Thanks Mrs. Mouhouland, I mean Pat"

"Thanks for remembering, and you should always be yourselves, no matter who's around"

"I wish it was that easy, but unfortunately most of society is not as cool as you, especially not the 13yo girls who drive our record sales, they seem to need to think that we are all shagable or they go into a tail spin" JC commented

"True, and that's a shame that that's the case, your you should be able to love each other just like other people"

"Chas can we trade parents? My mom is not nearly that cool, and the house is a plus to" JC laughed

"Just wait till you see my car"

"Is that what were taking to six flags?' Lance asked

"No we won't all fit we'll have to take the Range Rover, sorry, but I though that you and I could go out after we get rid of these guys" Chas winked at the blond

"Forget them take me now, oops was that out loud"

"Hey guys the car is out front we had better get going" Chas announced

They all piled into the large SUV and were off to the park. Chris and Joey discussed how many times that the other would puke. Justin and JC made out in the back seat. Chas and Lance talked up front.

"Lance how is this going to work mean you have to go back on the road tomorrow and...." he was interrupted"

"Chas, I was thinking about that, and why don't you come with us, if you want?"

"Oh my god of course," he leaned over and kissed Lance

"How would Y'all feel if Chas joined us on tour for the summer" Lance addressed the group

"Cool with us" Chris answered for the rest of the group "But what about management?"

"Fuck management, what did we fight for if we can't have our freedom, hell Joey had a bimbo on the bus for a week, so if I want me new boy friend to come on tour with, me then damn it I will!" Justin and JC applauded from the back seat

"Boy friend?" Chas smiled at this

"Bravo you tell 'um" Justin joked

The park was fun for all, especially Chas and Lance who just talked and walked and held one another. They decided that they would meet up with his mom in New Orleans and he could meet her, she knew about Lance and was cool with it, but she was also upset that Lance had broken it off with his ex, whom she liked very much.

At about 11:30 the guys left and had to stop at the gate and sign autographs for some fans that had gathered there. Chas dropped the others off at the hotel and then he and Lance went back to his place. Chas excused himself to his office where had to make a few phone calls. Lance somehow found his way to the second floor theater room. He found Pat watching Steel Magnolias and crying(it was the part where they unplug Shelby)

"You ok?" Lance went over to her on the couch and gave her a hug

"Sure, I love this movie it just makes me cry, to out live your children, that would be awful"

"Yes it would I can't even imagine"

"So how was the park, did you have fun?"

"Yeah it was great, Pat, can I ask you something?"

"Sure, ask away"

"How would you feel if Chas came on tour with us this summer?"

"I think it would be great, he really cares about you, you know that right?"

"I'd like to think so, yes"

"He does, deeply and he doesn't do that often, fact he feel different about you than the others that he has been with there is a connection there, I can see it by the way he looks at you when you aren't looking"

"I feel the same about him, we just seem to work, somehow. It's hard to explain"

"I know you do, but listen to this" she grabbed his chin and pulled his face square to her's "If you ever hurt him, physically or emotionally I will have to kill you" she said this with a very straight face "I don't mean hurt, maim I mean kill, and they won't find the body I have enough means to make sure of that, just so I'm clear"

"Yes ma'am I understand and I have been down that road and would never send anyone down it on purpose, ever"

"Good now go find your boyfriend, I'm sure he's done with his stuff by now, think he wanted to go shopping tonight, but I'll let him tell you"

"Sounds nice but malls are the pits for us, you know"

"Sure just go talk to him"

Chas was on the phone in his office when Lance tapped on the door. He beckoned him in a quickly finished the call.

"Bye dad, thanks for being cool, I'm sure mom will love the rest, and hey you'll have the house all to your self.... No dad I'm sure that you won't starve, Pizza hut will make sure of that. Love you too have fun, bye" he hung up the phone "Dad is cool with the tour idea, so I don't have to pay of it yea!, he said mom might not be though, he'd talk to her though"

"Too late I already did and she is fine with the idea"

"That's great he hugged him, so you need some clothes?, well we have Neiman Marcus all to our selves tonight from 7-9, cool?"

"Do you know how long it has been since I could shop in peace? Like years, thank you so much"

"Your welcome, but it'll cost you, you have to come swimming with me, want to see you all wet" he grinned

"Don't have to ask me twice"

The boys enjoyed their swim, Lance looked even better shirtless. He has the most well defined torso, very broad shoulders and a smooth chest with dime sized nipples. As he moved through the water the muscles in his back formed beautifully over his solid shoulder blades. After the swim the boys changed into some dry clothes. Lance seemed very open with his body. He simply took off his trunks in front of Chas once they were in the room

"Dreams really do come true" he thought to himself(read chapter 2)

Chas followed dropping his trunks the two boys towled off once they were dry Chas wen to the dressior to get a clean pair of boxers. Before he had them on Lance grabbed his chin and pulled his face around for a kiss. He kissed Chas deeply, working his tongue around Chas' own, messaging it and intertwining the two. Chas fell into the kiss. He droped the boxers and, he and Lance fell back onto the bed. Lance worked his mouth off of Chas', down his neck. He softly nibbled on Chas' ear. He worked his way down his neck to the adams apple. He ran his tongue over it up to the cleft in his chin and back down. He feathered kiss down his torso, running his tongue around his navel then traveling lower. Chas' breath caught as Lance swirled his tongue around the base of his cock and raked his tongue up the shaft and finally just when Chas' thought that he would explode Lance engulfed his throbbing member. Lance steadily moved up and down on his cock, working him into a frenzy. Chas was near the point of ecstacy when he pushed Chas off him onto his back. Chas quickly had his lips wrapped around Lance's substantial member. He worked his tongue over the rock hard shaft. He two boys moved into the 69 position each happily devouring the other's dick. Lance tongue washed Chas' balls and worked his way down to his waiting hole he rimmed the rose colored flesh outer and worked his to the bright red center. He ran his tongue into the wonderful moistness of him, eliciting a loud moan of pleasure from Chas. Lance continued this till Chas was totally lost in utter enjoyment. Chas managed to pant out "Fuck me Lance, please" That was all of the urging that Lance needed. He rolled Chas off of him and positioned him on his knees. He slowly entered him, allowing Chas to accommodate his substance. He slowly attained a rhythm that was comfortable for the both of them. As they both got closer the tempo quickened. Chas came first, spraying his chest, Lance soon followed emptying all of himself into Chas' warm hole.

The two boys showered together. Making out the hole time. They finally got themselves clean and some dry clothes on. They went into the kitchen to get them selves a snack and found that Pat was working spaghetti for dinner

"How are you twp doing, hungry?" She had one of the cat that ate the canary grins on her face "Dinner should be ready in about 30min, you two look very hungry"

Lance turned a brilliant shade of red "Yes ma'am I am anyway"

"Me too" Chas volunteered

Dinner was wonderful. Pat was a very good cook, when she put her mind to it. The boys finished out and even did the dishes together. Lance and Chas got ready to leave for the store. The boys look very good, all dressed to the nines. The shopping was very nice, they didn't have to worry about fans or the trash rags having a photographer that would have seen them together. They were very cute as a couple, very warm and fuzzy with each other. Lance selected several pieces of Prada and Armani when they were ready to check out Lance tried to pay but simply was not allowed, they items were added to Chas' account.

"I think I can afford it the album has sold like 2,000,000 copies"

"I know I want to"

"ok, I won't complain"

they drove back to Chas', he let Lance drive the car, he was nervous, he said it cost more than his house. But after awhile Lance got over it and enjoyed the feel of the raw power that it commanded when you accelerated. He was worse than Chas, he loved to be able to pin you to the back of the seat. They arrived home after many fingers and obscene jesters of the other drives on I-30. Pat was already in her sleep clothes and robe when they got there

"Did you two have fun?. How was the drive, he didn't kill you I see Lance that's good. I'd hate to have to explain that to the press how my son killed the cutest pop-star on the planet."

"He is a worse driver than I am mom, so there"

"I find that hard to believe, but if you sat so. Chas, I got you packed all of your favorites, I figured that you to would want to go to bed early since the rest of the group will be her at 7am and for other reasons" she winked at the last comment, causing both boys to blush

"Thanks mom, don't know what I'll do with out you for the trip, I'll be lost"

"OH I'M SO SURE, you'll love it, and besides you'll have better company, right Lance?"

"Oh yes ma'am I'll take care of him"

"good now I'm going to bed, old people have to have rest to be up at ungodly hours like we need to be tomorrow, nite boys"

"Nite mom"

"nite Pat, sleep well"

"Well should we hit the hay, I'm sleepy it's after 11pm"

"Me too, but not that sleepy" Chas winked at him

"Me either" Lance smiled

The boys had beautiful sex that night, Lance bottomed for Chas, totally completing the bond that the two boys had formed in the short time that they had been together. They fell asleep Lance's head on Chas' chest the gentle rise and fall drifting him to slumber quite quickly. His dream was not present when they were together, something that the few groupies he had could never have done, there was something very special about this

They awoke at 6 to shower and get ready. When they were dressed Pat informed them that a Johnny person had called and said that they were on the way to be ready they were already behind. Pat had fruit and juice waiting for them. The had a quick conversation over the breakfast. Chas promised to call very frequently and Lance reassured her that he would behave, no wild sex romps in central park. The intercom went off and Joey's voice came through

"Fools open this gate, we're late"

"K we're out front come on"

they loaded the two suit cases into the bus. Pat hugged Chas' goodbye, she started to tear up

"Now don't start that mom, you'll get me started"

"I won't now get your ass on that bus, go on, I need to talk to Lance"

"Ok love you I call you tonight"

"Lance, you remember what I said?"

"Yes, and I love him and would never hurt him, ever, I promise"

"I know and he loves you and I hope that you are both very happy, for a very long time, If you ever need to talk to anyone just call me I'm a good listener"

"Thanks Pat, I will" with that he hugged her and got on the bus

Chas waved as they pulled out of the circular drive and out to gate, it rolled open and they drove through. As they did Chas felt a very warm feeling rush over him. He was with a great guy go on a little adventure. He felt warm and free. He snuggled into Lance's chest. He nuzzled his head into the nape of his neck and drifted off to sleep.


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