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The bus pulled into the Hilton in Baton Rogue about 10pm Chas and Lance awoke sleepily to the sound of Johnny's voice

"Ok guys, we're here, let's all go get a good sleep so that the 8am sound check isn't a total bitch, Chas, Lance could I see you to for sec?"

"Sure what's up?" Lance inquired

"Guys, I know that your love life is none of my business, but want to reiterate how important it si whatever is going on between you two, stay just that, between you two, K?"

"Yes Johnny, I get it. Remember, we had this same discussion with me last guy and when J and Jc came, so I think that I realize how important our use of discretion is"

"Good you two get a good nights sleep, your room has two queens, beds that is. Try to make them both look like they were used" At this lat remark he smiled and walked away

"Well that was pretty painless, I though that I would belike move to separate hotel so I couldn't take advantage of innocent little you" Chas grabbed his ass which caused Lance to jump.

"Frisky huh? Well remember what johnny said we have to get a good nights sleep"

"This well be better than good It'll be great"

"Down boy, down, I'm so beat, I'll have to wait, sorry"

Chas stuck out his bottom lip "Oh well I'll just go se if Just and Jc want me to room with them"

"No way you're my bitch" Lance grinned

"Good to hear"

They settled into their room, each drifting quickly off to sleep in the others arms..Lances dream returned this time, The man was towering over him

"So you think that you can move on and just leave me behind? NO!!!! you're my bitch!!!!! He slapped Lance repeatedly across the face

"you can never be rid of me, I'm a part of you I'm in you"

Lance awoke with a start he was screaming and coved in sweat

"Honey, what's wrong, what happed? A bad dream?

"Well no shit Sherlock, just go back to sleep"

"Excuse me for caring, goodnight"

Chas was back to sleep quickly, but Lance was to so lucky, he tossed and turned for most of the night, he wished it would all just go away, he wished he had the guts to tell Chas the truth, but he knew that if he did he would lose him , and who would blame for leaving he was so fucked up why would anyone stay with him ? No, this was a thing that he had to deal with on his own. He let the tears flow for awhile then he turned them off and tried to banish the demons of his past and allow himself to sleep, it did come to him eventually.

Chas awoke the next morning to the sound of the shower running

'That's a change, he is up and alive before me?"

Chas went to surprise him in the shower. When he opened the door he found him sobbing with his body under the warm stream of water

"You ok?" Chas asked ?

"Yeah ,just let shower in peace please just a little homesick K?

"Sure if you want to talk just let me know"

Chas left the room shaking his head he closed the door and head for the pool. When he got back Lance had already left for the sound check, he left a note saying that Chas was welcomed to join them and that they had planed on going clubbing after the show. Chas changed and caught a cab to the venue when he arrived he say the guys rehearsing on the stage, he whistled at them forcing a smile from the otherwise somber look on Lance's face Chas made his way to the dressing room backstage and waited for Lance. As he walked through the door Chas gave him a hug and asked if he was feeling any better since this morning

Lance stiffened as Chas hugged him "Yeah just fine, sorry that you had to see me like that"

"No prob, I love you and am always there if you need to talk, hey I am good for more than just sex"

"Yeah you have a nice car too"

They both laughed at this

"I really do love you too" Lance replied with a rather serious tone in his voice "Even if I do act a little cold at times I do love you, more than anyone I have ever met"

"Aww, that's to sweet how did I get lucky enough to find you, your sweet ,smart funny famous cute and hung like a horse all in one package"

"Yep I know, well the screaming tennis are going to want a show tonight so I guess that I should go back out there and a least try to look half as good as Justin"

"Oh you don't have to try, you look better just standing still than he does anytime"

"See that's why I love you, you always know what to say"

The show went off with out a hitch, as they always did, they went out to one of the local club, which was crawling with lots of blonde groupies who were all over which ever of the guys would show the least bit of interest in them, which was usually Joey. It was about a hour into the night and Lace was already on his third or four coke and Jack. When Chris finally was able to pry Joey off of a girl who could not have been a day over 16 and convince the rest of the guys that they should call it a night, Lance was not able to make to the limo without Chas' help. By the time that they got to the hotel Chas was passed out, it took Chris and Chas both to get him on to the service elevator and into there room. Chas took off his shoes and jacket and tucked him into the bed, thinking about what was most likely to come he placed a trash can next to Laces side of the bed, Chas took off his own clothes and took a long hot shower, clubs always made him feel like he need to be disinfected. After he had washed away all of the dirt and grime of the nasty ass people who had been hitting on him all night he put on some clean boxers and a t-shirt and joined his man in bed, who was still out like a light. He was off to sleep quickly but not for long.

Lance awoke screaming, crying for it to stop, his jerking awoke Chas from his blissful slumber, he grabbed Lance to try and get him to realize that it was just a dream. When Lance finally came to his senses he broke down into a mess a tears and sobs.

"Lance, now I want the truth, what's wrong? This is not homesick ness"

"I can't tell you you'll hate me if I do"

"Lance that is the most ridiculous thing I have heard in my life, I could never hate you, now what's up?"

"Ok do you know about how BSB and us all used to tour together for awhile when we were first getting started and all?"

"Yeah kinda anyway"

"Well Brian and I eventually came to like one another we were together for awhile"

"And by the sound of your dram this ways not always the most loving relationship?"

"You could stay that"

"Do the guys know about this?"

"I told them that we broke up because he was using"

"And I take it that is not the real reason?"


"Care to elaborate?"

"Not really but I need to get some of this out in the open so here goes. He was abusive he like to hit not slap or knock around, think Mike Tyson here ok. I let that go on for almost a year then one night we were out at a club and he must have put something in my drink because when I woke up next he had me tied down and he and his cousin took turns rapping me, That was when I got wise I knew that I had to leave before I was not alive to do so. I told the guys that he was a dope head and that I broke it off so if he showed up to keep him away. It did not work at first but after I threatened to go to the rest of his group with the fact that he had raped me he left me alone,"

"Wow, I don't know what to say, I'm sorry"

"So this is the part where you freak out and leave in time to make that trip to Europe right?"

"HELL NO!!!! You don't get off that easy, you have some serious shit to work through and we need to get through this together"

"Why, why would you sit here and tolerate my craziness?"

"Lance, I know that this sounds trite but I love you, have since I first saw you"

"Chas, I feel the same way, but don't you deserve better than my shit?"

"No, I love you that's all that I care about, I want you to get the help that you need, which means that the guys will have to know what's up, not necessarily all of the gory details but the do need the truth"

"Your right but even after the guys know how would we hide the fact that I'm in therapy and especially the cause from the press?"

"We'll do the new net counseling that I heard about I'll set it up with the guy that dad's company uses I think that will be the most practical solution while your on the road anyway"

"Cool. Chas, thank you"

"For what?"

"For being here at this moment in time"

"That's what I'm here for right?"

"Yeah I hope so anyway"

"Don't worry Lance I plan on being with you for a long while. Now I think that we have had enough drama for one night, come here" he wrapped Lance in his arms and stroked his disheveled mop of hair till he was peacefully off in dream land.

Chas however allowed his mind to run for the most of the night, thinking of how he was going to Lance better. The though of having Mr, Lutterel eliminated crossed his mind on more than one occasion, but he decided that would only complicate matters more than they were already. He did Love this man, when Lance had made his confession the thought of leaving him had never once crossed his mind. When his finally hit the pillow he was out like a light.

The next morning he awoke feeling surprisingly well rested for the little sleep that he had received the night before. Lance was dozing still in his arms, he didn't move more that a mm all night. Chas tried to get up with out disturbing his peaceful slumber, to no avail the second his arm moved he shot up with a dazed look on his face.

"Hey sleepy, have a nice nap?"

"Best in a long while, Thanks for being there last night Chas"

"No prob, and don't worry I'll take care of it all. Now lets go shower, we leave in 30 min for the big easy"

"I told you that my mother wants to meet us for dinner tonight right?"


"Well, I think you should know that she was very fond of Brain and thinks that I was a fool to leave him, so be prepared to face a very cold welcome."

"I'm sure she'll love me, everyone Loves Chas"

"I hope so, for both of our sakes"

"Lance have you told her any part of what he did to you?"

"Hell no, she likes him more than she likes me, no way am I going to try to make her understand what he did to me, hell she would probably find someway to make it my fault anyway"

"Lance I can't believe that to be true, any mother would want to kill that sorry sack of shit for what he did to you, and I know that yours is no exception. She can't be for you to have been through all of the stuff that you have and still be such a great guy"

"Thanks Chas, now lets get to that shower, if we hurry we can have some fun"

"Down boy"

The boys Finally finished their shower and made it to the bus just as it was leaving. Chas was on his phone working out all of the details of Lances therapy when Justin and Jc interrupted him

"Chas, can we talk?" Jc asked

"Sure guys what's up"

"Lance told us about all of the Brian stuff, I never did buy that line but whenever either of us would bring it up he would clam up so we just let it drop after awhile. We knew that something was up but he was so closed of to the rest of us that none of us dared to ask any kind of personal questions for fear of one of his outburst. Anyway what we are trying to say is thank you for giving us our James back"

"Your welcome Jc..."

Before he could get another word out he was interrupted Justin

"And all of this therapy stuff, it's just great. If we had to have the label do any of this things could get a little complicated so thanks for everything, and not just us Chris and Joe are so happy, Joey briefly mentioned killing Brain but has clammed down a lot, so I think that is now a mute point, as nice as it would be it would solve nothing."

Both boys gave him a big hug and a pat on the back.

"Guys I love him and will do whatever needs to be done to get him through this ."

"We know you do Chas" Justin replied

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