The Prep meets the Pop Star-6

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The ride to New Orleans was quiet to say the least. After Lance had his talk with the guys he excused himself and dozed off in his bunk. He slept surprisingly well considering all of the thoughts that were running through his head, about his mom and Chas and therapy. He awoke when the bus pulled into the parking lot of the Bourbon Orleans. He and Chas went to there room and changed to go meet Lance's mom for dinner at Emeril's.

The limo was waiting when the boys got down stairs. The Plan was to meet Diane at the restaurant at 7pm. Things did not go as planed. When they got the restaurant his mom was not there. This caused no small degree of panic in Lance, he swore that she had been killed or kidnaped.. Chas assured him that she was probably just running late, she got lost or something. She was at the restaurant at ten after 7 and explained that she was given bad directions. So Lance stopped hyperventilating and the three of them settled into the private room that they had and ordered some wine.

After a glass of vino had settled everyone's nerves The twenty questions thing started

"So Chas are you in school anywhere?" Diane asked

"I plan to go to NYU in the fall"

"And do you plan o studding?"

"Music theory and composition"

"How nice is that what you want to do for a living?"

"No ma'am, I have a family business to take care of after college"

"That's nice, what is it, a little shop or something"

At this point Lance, who was already flush with embarrassment at his mothers rude behavior shot her the most awful go-to-hell look. Chas just smiled at him and responded to her question.

"No, Ms. Bass It is a multi-national corporation that manufactures gears for conveyor systems, don't worry I'm not gold digging your son."

She was obviously put in her place. She just smiled and nodded at the two of them.

"So how did you two meet?" she asked in a attempt to shift the emphasis away from her rudeness

"Well we were in a mens a room.." She cut Lance off in mid sentence

"Do I want to hear this?"

"What he means to say Ms. Bass is.."

"Please call me Diane, anyway continue"

"Well Diane, it was after a concert and myself and some friends had passes and were a little lost back stage. I was looking for a mens room when he appeared and led the way. It was love at first sight, it took awhile for us be comfortable with each other but here I am"

"That's sweet you seem very nice. I'm sorry about being so hateful earlier, I just want to make sure that you love him for who he is not just for the fact that he is in *NSYNC "

"I understand and I don't blame you. Now if you two will excuse me I need to use to use the restroom before our food gets here."

"Well mom what do you think?"

"I think he's great, very polite and not a shallow groupie either."

"I know he's so great huh"

"I think so too honey, I'm glad to see you moving on after Brian, have you spoken to him? He called me wanting your cell number, but I wasn't comfortable giving it to him, with the drug stuff and all"

"Thanks mom, about that..."

"I'm back" Chas sat down

"Glad your back I was just about to talk to mom"

"Oh ok, well would you like some privacy?"

"No, please stay, you're the one who got me to comes to terms with this and the one who will have to get me though this"

"Honey, what's wrong?" she asked

"Mom, you know how I said that drugs are what broke Brian and I up was drugs well that is a not the entire truth"

"What happened?" a look of worry swept over her face

"He was violent with me mom, he liked to hit. The last straw was when he drugged and he and Kevin took turns raping me."

"WHAT!!! Why didn't you tell me. You let me go rave about him and how great he was and that whole time he was hurting my baby!!! I'll kill him, the bastard is so dead."

"Diane, calm down I've thought about that very thing it would just make matters worse" Chas was trying to calm her down

"I know but it would damn sure make the world a better place"

"Mom, I'm ok now. Chas is going to get me some help"

"How? Won't the press find out. That would be very disastrous.

"Diane I know of a excellent therapist back home who has agreed to video secessions with Lance till the tour is done then if it was acceptable to Lance he could stay with me till he was well enough to change to one in Orlando."

"Chas I think that would be great. All I want is for my baby to be able to live a normal life and get past all of this.." At this point Lance was in tears

"Mom Thank you, I wasn't sure how you would take this, that's way I waited so long to tell you, and the rest of the group for that matter. I could not have dealt with this if you all had blamed me or not believed me"

Diane hugged her son tight "Honey, remember that no matter what happens I always love you and will help you however I can with whatever you need"

"Well Y'all I think that we had better order before they throw us out, I want steak, thick and bloody " Chas commented

"Chas I think I'm with you" Lance added "Except for the bloody part I like well done"

"Well while you two contribute to your future in cardiac arrest I want the sword fish"

The rest of dinner was wonderful Chas was able to find out about the rest of Lance's family. His father was Local insurance agent and his older sister was a housewife how married the local bankers son. Chas talked a little about his family, trying to come off as snobby. Diane said his mother sounded like a very great person and she was glad that his parents were so excepting of his lifestyle. They talked about Chas' proposed move to NYC and he said that if it was necessary he would start in the spring semester to stay home with Lance through his therapy. The Three of them finished there meal . Chas gave Diane his cell number and Pat's. as well.

"Diane it was great to meet you, I'll make sure that Lance calls very often to let you know how he is doing, oh and call my mom sometime, you two would hit it off very well."

"I will, now take good care of my baby. Lance, tell the boys that I'm sorry that I didn't come by to say hello, but I had better get back home"

"You can't stay the night mom?"

"I would honey but a thing for church came up at the last minute, sorry maybe when you are in New York dad and can come up and spend a few days with you two"

"That would be great mom I can't wait, Love you I'll call you tomorrow to make sure that you got home ok"

"Bye honey, Love you, Bye Chas take care of him" She waved at the two of them as she got into her car

"See that wasn't so bad, now was it?"

"No, you were right Chas, thank you"

"I knew I would be, now get in the car and lets get back to the hotel, I need a swim"

The ride back to the hotel was very quiet, oddly enough. They got back to the hotel and Lance said he was going to take a shower while Chas took his swim. Chas came back to the room to find that Lance was still in the shower. Chas shed his trunks and stepped into the steamy bathroom

"Hey you how was your swim?"

"Great but not I thought I'd come up here and keep you company"

"Well that sounds very nice" Lance turned around and kissed Chas deeply on the lips

Chas looked down and laughed "it looks like we're both glad to see each other" He reached down and caressed Lance's hard cock. Lance moaned in pleasure and then dropped to his knees. His warm mouth engulfed Chas throbbing rod. His talented tongue swirled around the base of his swollen head.

"Oh yes Lance, that feels so great" he kept on sucking till Chas finally blew his hot wad down Lance's throat

"Now it's my turn"

He spun Lance around and began to tongue his warm hole. He had Chas in a total frenzy, working his tongue over and inside of his moist warmth. When he had Chas totally lost in the moment he eased his massive member into Chas' waiting warmth. Chas shook at the pleasure of being enter by him. Lance pumped him till his cock shot it's load, coating Chas in it's sticky warmth. The two boys cleaned up under the warm stream of water. They dried each other off and retired to bed.

They both slept well that night. Lance was up early, he had to get ready for the sound check at the Superdome The sound of the shower running woke Chas up. He threw on some clothes and ordered the two of then some eggs and stuff for breakfast. Lance came out of the shower all wet at shiny

"Morning, are you going to come down and watch the rehearsal today?"

"I'll be down there after lunch sometime, I need to go do a little bit of shopping"

"That sounds fun, what are you wanting?"

"I thought I'd go to Saks and see if anything caught my eye, I need a suit, I didn't get out of Ft. Worth with one."

"Cool, well what's for breakfast?"

"Eggs, scrambled with bacon and toast with O.J. and coffee"

"Sounds great, can I ask the rest of the guys to join us?"

"Sure that would be great, I'll call back and expand our order. If the rest of the group is coming over your ass needs to put some more clothes on, If Justin see you like that I'll have to fend him with a stick, I'd hate to have to mop the floor with his curly head"

"Ok, Ok I get it, but a threesome or a foursome could have been fun"

"We'll see about that, now go put some clothes on. Lance when did you want to start your secessions with Dr. Moore? I though I'd set up something for tomorrow while were on the road is that ok with you?"

"That would be great, the sooner that I can get through this, the happier I'll be"

"Your going to really like him Lance, I know he can help you deal with your feelings and make the nightmares stop"

"Thank you Chas, for of this, and especially for sticking by my crazy self"

"I'm gona call Chris and have him round up the others for breakfast"


The meal was quiet enjoyable. Justin and Jc and Chas and Lance agreed to go on double date after the show to one of the clubs on bourbon street.. Chas pulled Justin to the side to ask him a few questions.

"Justin can you break away from the rehearsal about one and meet me at Saks?"

"Sure, I guess so, why?"

"I want some help in picking out a present for Lance"

"I see, I'll be there"


"Lance, I have a car waiting for me down stairs, I'll have my cell on if you need anything, call me. Love you" Chas gave Lance a kiss as he waled out the door.

The Limo that Saks had sent over was waiting when he got to the lobby. The drive took the scenic route to the allowing Chas to admire the large, old plantation homes and the huge old magnolia trees which were in full bloom this time of the year.

When he got to the store he found the most wonderful blue Armani suit. He got it fitted and picked out a few shirts and ties to match. He had those bagged up and arranged to have the suit sent to the family apt. in NYC. He wondered over to the precious jewels salon. He was eyeing one of the new Pasha Sport watches from Cartier. He must have stood at the case for at least ten minutes before a clerk asked if she could help him make a selection. He told here that he would take two of the Pashas She told him that they were $5,500 and he told her that he would need the winding box to go with them. She had the two rung up and he instructed her have them waiting in car when he was ready to leave. At one sharp he met Justin in the café

"Hey, you want to a coffee or something?" Chas asked

"Nah, I have to be getting back soon, I don't want to tip Lance off"

"Cool, so what is a good thing that I could get him?"

"He Loves jewelry, you see that ring and that cross that he wears all the time. Why not a I.d. Bracelet, you could have it personalized"

"That's a great idea, I already bought us matching watches, that would be a nice little add on. I saw a nice one while I was buying the watches, come tell me what you think"

Justin drew only a few autograph seekers while in the store.

"Wow, this is nice not having to be absconded by fans, even the people who have asked for autographs have wanted them for their kid, I guess that most of clientele here is a little "mature" to be fans"

They made their way to the jewelry. Chas and Justin picked out a beautiful platinum bracelet, one with small link pattern and not too wide of a name plate. Chas arranged for the back to be engraved with a simple treble clef on the top and CM-LB FOREVER on the bottom. Justin said he had to get back and that he was sure that Lance would love the gifts

Chas did a little sightseeing before he joined the guys at the arena. He handed Lance the little back bag containing the watch.

"What's this?"

"Open it "

"You know that you don't have to buy me stuff"

"I know, I want to buy you stuff"

"Well you get no objections from me"

"Well then what are you waiting on"

Lance pulled the bright red box out of the bag, he opened it and his eyes got as big as saucers

"Oh Chas, it's wonderful. Cartier, I must be special"

"You are. I got one to match, and a double winding box that we can keep them in"

"It's beautiful, thank you"

" Your welcome. Now get up on the stage so I can watch you. Are we still on for a date tonight, I found a great little bar on bourbon st, I think that the four of us can go and create very little scene."

"Sure, I think that will be great. Are you going to be here for the show?"

"I don't know can you get me Joey's autograph? I think the red hair is so hot."

"I think that I can arrange that, and even get you some great seats"

"Well then you twisted my arm, I 'll be here. I'll even do you on better I have a car waiting for Us and J and JC waiting around back after the show."

"Your too good to me"

"No I'm not you deserve the world, all I can do is strive toward that goal"

"Aww, I 'm touched" Lance kissed him lightly on the lips "Now sit your ass down and prepare to be amazed"

"Yes sir"

The show was awesome as usual.. Lance looked so hot in one of the sleeveless tops that he had to wear. His arms were so well defined and just plain manly. He made eye contact with Chas several times during the show. When it was over Chas met the boys around back Joey and Chris said they would be out late and not to worry. Lance put on some black pants and a blood red top Justin and JC were in olive Prada. Chas had a matching Armani black pants and stretch T-shirt. Chas had arranged for the driver to have the bracelet in the car with him. He planed to give it Lance tonight after they ate.

When they got to the restaurant it was and quiet and un crowded. They sat themselves and no one seemed to be paying any attention to them, it was great!. The waiter brought out a basket of hush puppies and gave them menus.

"I bet the crawfish are good here" Lance commented "They usually are at places like this"

"I think that sounds great honey, I'll have the crawfish stew with dirty rice"

"I think I'll get a burger, I'm not much of seafood person" Justin said

"Well I want oysters on the half -shell, I am a seafood person" JC added

"I think that what I want too" Lance added"

"How can you two eat those slimy, chewy, things?" Chas asked

"The secret is not to chew, just put the tabasco on and swallow" Lance offered

"Well Lance I got news for you, till that crap is out of your system you don't get any"

"Same for you Jc" they both looked at each other

"They're worth it" came their reply in unison. Justin and Chas just looked at each other and shook their heads.

The meal was a disaster. Lance and Jc ate about two dozen oysters. Both boys were now gabbing their gut, cramped over doubled, apparently the oysters were not as fresh as promoted. They had to leave restaurant so that the boys could go back to the hotel and puke. You have not lived till you have had to hold someone's head while they puke, that is how Chas spent most of an evening that was supposed to have been a fun and romantic. He got Lance all showed and cleaned up put some of his own silk pj's on him. He was tucking him in when he remembered about the bracelet.

"Oh honey, before you go to sleep, I have another little surprise"

"If it is in anyway connected to shellfish I don't want it, ever"

"No, I hope you like it" He gave him the small gold box

Lance opened the box. He pulled out the well polished piece. He inspected it, admiring the clef. He turned it over and slowly ran his fingers over the inscription, as though he was trying to read it with his fingers. He closed his eyes. Tears were forming at the corners. He finally collapsed into Chas' chest in sobs.

"What is it honey, did I do something wrong?"

"No, Chas not at all, it's just, just" Lance could seem to compose his thoughts

"What's wrong them?"

"It's so beautiful, your so beautiful. I mean who else would put up with my shit, all my issues, holding my head while I puke. I don't deserve someone as great as you. Why are you with me Chas, you could do so much better than a pop star who will be out of fashion in a couple of years, a guy who let himself be used up by a abusive prick because he was too nice to stand up to him. Why are you wasting your time trying to fix the unfixable Chas, why?"

"Lance when I look at you I Don't see any of that. I see a kind, gentle person who's only fault seems to be to love people who are too weak to allow themselves to be loved. I love you James Lance Bass, you are not going to get rid of me, not now, not ever. I don't think of you as broken Lance. I think you are the most spectacular person on this planet.

"I guess I'll need one of these if my therapy doesn't work out. Don't you have to wear these in the psyche ward?"

"Well Lets get some sleep, you have your first secession in the morning."

"Good night Chas, I love you"

"I love you two Lance, nite"

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