This story is fiction and not intended to imply anything about the sexuality of any member of the Backstreet Boys

The Storm Within // Chapter One // Rain

Nick Carter gazed out at the Seattle rain falling against the cold pavement of the highway. He looked at each drop of water that had collected together on the window in which he sat by, wishing that he himself was one of those drops which made up the bondage of water. His heavy bangs soaked up some of tears that had escaped his eyes while the others simply ran down to his soft face ending at his refined chin. The laughter coming from A.J and Kevin in the back of the bus was no help. It had been 3 days since Nick had even cracked a smile and to know that there was people in the world who where happy was devastating to him.

Countless emotions rumbling within the storm inside of Nick was the cause of his deep sadness. Above all these feelings which shook his being none was more powerful that the feeling of his extreme loneliness. Lonely for family. Lonely for home. And especially lonely for the love of another, Nick felt like a rain drop that would never reach the ground. He found himself to be selfish. How could a person who has millions of fans feel so alone? How could a person who had 4 friends who where like brothers be so depressed? All these factors touched his heart in a special way however when pertaining to the deep love that everyone needs to survive Nick Carter felt nothing but coldness.

It has been 2 years since Nick had admitted to himself that he was homosexual. He had known inside since he was young however it had taken him a long time to finally come out and realize that he was in fact attracted to men rather than woman. Nick told nobody of this secret other than Brian. After coming to the conclusion that he was gay it was all good. But now after 2 years of growing and maturing he strives for more. For years it had been all about the sex for Nick. He himself was a virgin and had never been with a guy but getting himself off was easy enough. But now he was adult. Sure sex was still important to him. But now at the age of 20 words such as "love" and "relationship" started rolling around in his head.

Being on tour and at the possible peak of success Nick found it hard to find love. Sure, There where lot of great guys out there who would want to hook up with him. But picking some stud up on tour for a one night stand was not what nick wanted now. He wanted someone that could fill his need sexually and mentally. He wanted a relationship. The only guy's he was around for more than 3 days at a time where A.J, Howie, Kevin, and Brian and he would never consider hooking up with any of them. They where like family.

So there on the cold bus on route to California he sat. Lonely. On the floor he saw a magazine open. He picked it up and gazed at the picture of Kevin and Brian smiling. "Backstreet Wedding Bells!" the title read. Nick read the article which gave loose detail on the information about Kevin and Brian's announcement that they where getting married to the woman in their life's. Everyone in the world was happy. Everyone had someone. Everyone was in love. Everyone except Nick. Nick stood up and rolled the magazine up in his hand. He then headed back to his bed. As he crawled into his bunk and closed the curtain Brian poked his head out of his own bed that was atop Nick's. "What's up Nicky?" Brian said leaning his head down causing it to turn red. Nick refused to respond and simply threw the magazine out of his bed barley missing Brain and landing in A.J's empty bunk across from his.

Brain jolted back up to his bed. He decided to leave Nick alone. He (and the rest of the Backstreet Boys) knew that Nick was going some personal problems. Only Brian had a idea what they where all about. In his bunk Nick pressed his face into his pillow hoping that none of the others would hear him cry. He continued to listen to the storm outside and tried to ignore the storm within.


"This place is amazing!" Justin yelled as he went through the giant hotel suite. He looked at himself through the large mirror in the elite bathroom. "I know. I am liking it!" JC yelled back as he stood in the bedroom. "There's a problem though." He continued. "What?" Justin said walking into the room meeting JC. "They gave us a room with separate beds." He responded with a smile. Justin grabbed a hold on JC's waist and planted a simple kiss on his lips.

It had been 3 months since JC and Justin (Of 'N Sync) had been dating and since then they had been connected at the hip. Much like they where right now. JC rubbed his clothed crotch against Justin's while kissing him all over the face. Justin let out a soft moan feeling JC's hard cock rubbing against his own. JC ran his hands up Justin's shirt and felt his strong back. As JC continued to kiss and rub him Justin looked out through the window at the hot sun. The warm California weather was a nice change from the places N' Sync had been touring.

But weather was the last thing on Justin's mind. JC released his lips from Justin and slithered to the floor until he was face to face with Justin's bulge. Justin closed his eyes savoring each moment as JC slowly pulled down his blue ski pants. With his pants around his ankles, Justin looked down and saw JC smile as he stared at the outline of Justin's dick enclosed within his blue boxer briefs. Justin moaned as JC started to lick the length of his cock through the sweaty underwear. "Looks like somebody wanted to come out and play!" JC said looking up at Justin. "What are we going to do about that?" Justin said with a worried look on his face. Without hesitation JC grabbed the boxer briefs and tugged them down to Justin's knee caps. Justin's released cock popped up hitting JC in the chin with a wet smack. A trail of jizz was left on his chin. "Does that feel better?" JC said as he rubbed Justin's inner thighs. "Oh yeah" Justin moaned. JC unzipped his khaki's and let his own rock hard member pop out of his boxers. Without warning he buried his smooth face into Justins inner thighs licking furiously at his lovers sweaty crotch. Justin could not imagine a better feeling. That was of course until JC started slowly giving him a blow job. "Ah... Ah.. Fuck Yeah" Justin yelled as his cock head reached the back of JC's throat. JC began jacking his own cock as he buried his nose into Justin's curly pubic hair. Soon Justin started to gently fuck JC's face with passion.

Wanting to pleasure his man more JC swooped up some of Justin's pre cum off his chin and lubricated one of his fingers. He reached behind Justin to his tight ass and amidst all the action he shoved the slick finger down Justin's tight hole. "OH FUCK YEAH JOSHUA!" Justin screamed in ecstasy. As JC slipped a second finger into Justin's rosebud his lover stopped face fucking him. He moaned as he let loose of his load sending 6 spurts of cum down JC's throat. After, JC licked the head of Justin's tender cock not wanting any of his juice to escape. With Justin's load now resting in his belly JC leaned back and let his own orgasm take role. Shot after shot of cum covered his shirt along with Justin's legs. Justin smiled as he pulled up his boxer briefs and pants. He walked over to the bed and let his weak knee's go as he fell into the warm pillow. JC licked the remains of Justin's load off his lips and joined his boyfriend on the bed.

They both sat enjoying the hot sun. "Not bad for a quickie." JC said spooning Justin. Justin lightly laughed and turned his head back to kiss his man. Neither of them realized the storm that was coming. A storm that would forever change there relationship. The storm within.


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