Thou Shalt Not...
By Billy Burrew

What you are about to read is a fictionalized story not meant to imply anything about the sexuality of any member of the Backstreet Boys. The premise of the story, however, is taken from an actual set of postings from clubs and websites on the worldwide web. This story has graphic elements in it that may not be suitable to people under the age of 18. If you are under 18 or if gay content bothers, offends, or is illegal for you to read, please leave now. Otherwise, please get comfortable, relax, and allow this story to suspend your disbelief.

And Now...Chapter One Of Thou Shalt Not...

N.A.U. Target Analysis

Target Name: Brian Littrell

Target Description
Age: 25
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 145 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue

Pertinent Target Information
-Widely recognized, highly publicized individual
-Protected by bodyguards
-Residences in both Orlando, Florida and Lexington, Kentucky
-Travels extensively
-Known to be intelligent and resourceful in times of crisis
-Prior cardiac problems and cardio-corrective surgery

Crimes Against NAU
-False religion profiteer
-Target has repeatedly used his "God" as a means to make money
-Target has used his cardiac surgery and supposed faith in "God" to induce pity from fans and prospective fans to profit himself and his career.

N.A.U. Sentence For Criminal Activities

Suggested Means To Carry Out Penalty
-Nitrogen Narcosis
-"Accidental" overdose of Cardiac medications
-Fright-induced fatal cardiac arrest

The printout continued on for several pages as the Watcher leafed through the folder of his latest targets. He looked at the enclosed pictures as well as the other pertinent information that had been gathered for him and smiled slightly at the idea of any N.A.U. Watcher not knowing this man by sight anywhere in the world, let alone here in their home state of Orlando, Florida.

The Backstreet Boys were famous globally and Brian Littrell's face, as well as those of his four other bandmates were plastered everywhere thinkable. The Watcher then shook his head and then began to pour through the file, reading every word about his latest target and immediately committing it all to memory. Brian Littrell, religious profiteer and sworn enemy of the vast membership of the NAU, would do well to pray to his God, because his days were definitely numbered.

Brian smiled as he pushed past Nick, using an easy fake to the basket to draw Nick out of position, then he drove forward past Nick and made the lay up. Nick groaned as he watched the ball hit nothing but net on its way down. Nick, despite his huge size advantage, was having no luck defensively against his shorter but much quicker friend.Nick grabbed the ball and headed to the top of the key, eager to finish this last game and then hit the shower. A few minutes later, Brian pulled up and drained the winning shot, thus sending both boys to the shower room.

As Brian stepped into the deserted shower room, he smiled as he looked at Nick's naked body under the spray. Nick had spent the whole winter getting into better shape and it had really paid off. Nick had lost a lot of his baby fat and gained a good bit of muscle from his training. Being naturally smaller and skinny, Brian never had to worry about looking chubby, but was really impressed at the way Nick had taken control of his body and molded it to his ideal.

Brian walked forward and put his arms around Nick, rubbing his back and letting his cock push its way into Nick's asscheeks. Nick leaned back into Brian's embrace and sighed. Nick and Brian had been intimate since Nick had come out to Brian as being bisexual just a year after the two young men had met. Brian and Nick had subsequently explored the gamut of their sexual urges and feelings with each other before deciding to "just be close friends".

Brian leaned into Nick's ear and whispered his thoughts on Nick's dieting and working out to him, complementing him on his new hot body and success. Nick grinned widely and placed a wet kiss on Brian's mouth, letting his tongue play with Brian's tongue as his hands reached back and grabbed a hold of Brian's asscheeks and pulled them in closer, causing Brian's now hardening dick to stab deeper into Nick's ass, the head slowly penetrating Nick's sphincter. Nick moaned as Brian grabbed Nick's hands off his ass and pushed them forward against the shower wall. Nick felt Brian's hand closing around the back of his neck, pushing it and forward and down, causing Nick's torso to bend forward as Brian then spread Nick's legs, being careful not to dislodge his prick from Nick's ass.

Nick moaned as he spread his legs and slid down to Brian's height and then felt Brian's dick quickly begin to push further forward, filling him up entirely. Brian smiled at Nick's moan and then thrust his hips forward, slamming the entire length of his dick up his friend's ass, his balls coming to rest against Nick's ass. Nick yelped at Brian's sudden thrust into his ass, a thrust that slammed Brian's cock up against Nick's sensitive prostate, causing the young blond to see stars and his already hard dick to begin to drool pre-cum. Brian began to saw in and out of Nick's ass, his constant steady thrusts eliciting moans and grunts out of Nick, who in turn would use his ass muscles to massage Brian's cock. Brian moaned as he felt Nick's ass tighten down on his dick, milking it for his cum.

Brian began to pick up the pace and the force of his thrusts, grabbing Nick's hair and pulling his head back and turning it so to place a passionate kiss on Nick's lips Nick moaned as he felt Brian begin to slam into him, knowing his release was soon to cum. Nick gasped as he felt Brian roughly grab his hair and pull his head back for a kiss. This was the first time that Brian had been so rough and physical in his lovemaking and it was quite a turn on. Nick responded in kind by leaning forward and gripping Brian's balls from between his legs. Nick grabbed hold of Brian's sac and held onto his nuts, rolling them in his hand and lightly squeezing each one. This was too much for Brian as he pulled out of Nick's ass and spun Nick around to face him, pushing him down his knees. Nick looked at Brian in shock as Brian forced him down on his knees and then began to jerk off on his face.

Almost immediately, Nick heard Brian's breath catch as his orgasm overtook him. Nick leaned forward and inhaled Brian's cock, grabbing his wrists and forcing them behind his back. Brian moaned as he felt himself shoot off into Nick's mouth. Nick greedily gulped down all of Brian's cum and then kept going, wanting to see how long Brian could hold out as he sucked his now hypersensitive cockhead. Brian gasped as Nick continued to suckle and tongue his now oversensitive cock. Brian tried to pull out, but found his wrists firmly held in place by Nick's strong hands. Brian groaned as he felt his body wracked with overwhelming sensations and his legs begin to give way. Nick felt Brian's body begin to give out and he pushed Brian back against the shower wall, never letting Brian's dick out of his mouth as he continued to suck. Brian's moans got louder and louder as he fought against Nick's hands, which held him fast. Brian's last thought before he lost consciousness was how strong Nick had gotten and how he loved it when they got together.

Brian opened his eyes a few moments later as he felt Nick's tongue rubbing against his asshole. Brian moaned and wiggled slightly, pushing backwards against Nick's face, forcing the tongue deeper inside of him. Brian was laying on his back on the bench beside his locker at the empty gym. Nick smiled as he felt Brian respond to his expert rimming. Nick pulled up and placed his arms under Brian's legs, lifting them to his chest as he placed himself into position to mount his friend.

"Are you OK? You had me a little worried there when you passed out in the shower."

"I am fine now...that was a little too much for me to handle just then and I guess I just shut down. I want you in me now, though, I want it rough too...I want you to slam it inside me and just fuck me senseless."

Nick's eyes widened and he immediately acceded to his friend's wishes, thrusting his unlubricated dick the whole way into Brian's ass. Brian gasped at the violent dry entry and kissed Nick savagely, biting his lips and then moving onto his neck. Nick began to slam into Brian, taking full strokes and then pulling out the whole way before slamming in home again. Brian's gasps began to turn into long low moans as Nick began to slam-fuck Brian's ass with a breathless abandon. Nick groaned at the tightness of his friend's hole, as he felt the walls of Brian's ass squeeze and massage his prick as he plunged in and out.

Nick held off as long as he could then slammed in as far as he could go and stayed there as his dick shot its load. Brian felt Nick cum in his ass and began to cum again as well, shooting his sticky load in between their chests and tummies. Brian leaned forward and kissed Nick roughly on the lips, capturing his tongue between his teeth and keeping Nick prisoner as they came down from their sex rush.

"Nick...", Brian moaned as he let go of the kiss, "That was so awesome. Why did we ever stop being a couple."

Nick pulled away from Brian, getting off him and using his underwear to wipe up the mess of semen on his chest and stomach, "We broke up because we both needed to have girlfriends, to be seen as two straight guys and not one gay couple. We broke up because we didn't care enough about each other to try and make it work...we broke up because we were cowards."

Brian looked up in awe and shock at Nick as he unexpectedly released his burden of sadness and regret into the open, and right into Brian's arms. "I'm sorry Nick...I..."

Nick shook his head and pulled on his underwear and t-shirt, "Forget about it...what's past is past."

Brian looked down at his body and began to cry, to weep for what could have been between himself and Nick...squashed because of a lot of reasons that weren't really reasons at all...just sad excuses.

"Bri...", Nick said, now regretting having said what he had said, "I....didn't mean that...I just...I...just...I love you Brian. I love you so much."

Brian looked up at Nick with tears in his eyes, "I always loved you. I never should have let anyone talk me into denying that one fact...I love you."

Nick grabbed Brian's face and kissed his passionately on the lips, his anger and frustration gone now, replaced with a renewed love for his friend, his lover. Whatever may come of them from this, they knew now that their love had grown and would continue to grow stronger with time.

Mike Ellison's cheeks were covered with tears and his nose was a runny mess as he looked at his latest piece of fan fiction writing on the monitor in front of him. He was always amazed that his own writing would effect and overwhelm him. and that simple fact always left him unprepared during the sad and emotional parts of the stories that he wrote. Mike had been reading and writing fan fiction stories about the Backstreet Boys as well as a few of the other boy bands for quite some time now and had been letting this new story build up in his head. Mike was now in the process of putting it down on paper, or in this case html, before releasing it to his public.

The story was the classic dilemma, famous boy loves famous boy. Both have to hide it for appearances' sake and pretend to be straight. Until they get caught and they have to commit to each other and come out, or continue to deny what they have and get caught up in a mess of lies and deceit. Mike grabbed the box of tissues from the end of his desk and groaned as he realized that it was empty. Mike got up and walked into the bathroom, bending down to grab some toilet paper, then groaning again as he realized that he was also out of it as well. Shaking his head, Mike looked over and saw the laundry basket in the corner of the bathroom and shrugged, they were gonna get washed anyways. Mike picked up an undershirt and blew his nose, clearing his sinuses, then wiping his eyes clean. Mike then tossed the t-shirt back into the basket and headed back to his desk.

Mike finished the last few details of spell checking and proofreading his new story and then sent it off to the various publicly read fan fiction archives and storyboards that he read and wrote at. He then converted the file to html and uploaded it to his website, creating a link from the main splash page. Mike then surfed over to his yahoo site and began to sit down and read some of his email, singling out the spam that he got on a daily basis from who knows where and deleting it, then beginning to read the rest. Tonight he had received two messages from his parents as well as one from his sister. Those he saved to read til last. Mike clicked on one of the ones with the unfamiliar address and smiled as he read the fan letter praising his last Backstreet fic piece. He read it a few times and smiled, then responded back politely, thanking them for reading his story and encouraging them to check out his latest story as well. Mike sent his reply and moved on to the next email.

As Mike opened the message, he noted the weird email addressee and then shrugged as he then began reading further down. Mike's face lost all color as he read the entire message, his right hand began to shake as he held it suspended over the mouse.

From: <none>
Sent: Monday, February 09, 2005 6:05 AM

Subject: Cease and Desist

Hello Mike-

We are writing you to facilitate a cease and desist of all your writing of gay fan fiction, positive or negative. We are very cognizant of the fact that the bible teaches that homosexuality is a crime against God. It is our right and duty to remove materials with such content from the internet in the best interests of the public in general. We have noticed your "work" is very prominent and popular on the internet and we wish you to remove it from all locations on the worldwide web immediately, or we will be forced to do so ourselves.

Currently the New Age Union is launching a massive cleansing campaign against upstart artists and deviants like yourself, whose vulgarity and sickness has now been thrust into the public arena via the internet and other modes of communication.

You are not a lone figure of this campaign, we have set our sites on others as well, one in particular may be of interest to you. We are instigating a massive strike against Brian Littrell of the Backstreet Boys, who has been deemed a religious profiteer.

The N.A.U. is sworn to smite the righteous and Brian Littrell, who has used "faith" and "God" as a means to turn a profit, will face a quick and terrible judgement.

Before entertaining any thoughts that your screen name on yahoo is providing you with anonymity from our organization, let met assure you that is just wishful thinking (Micheal Ellison). We know where you reside (312 Ocala Way, Orlando, Fl) and where you work (TSI Arts). We are a fair organization and we are willing to let you live your life happily, providing you do exactly as we say now.

You will cease and desist your website and pull down all other electronic copies of your stories or we will be forced to remove them ourselves in addition to taking drastic steps to assure that you will write no further stories.

This is not a joke. If you go to the police with this e-mail, you will be signing your own death warrant. We have people working in the police departments in every city in the United States and Canada. We would know immediately and begin to set your termination in motion, and you would be dead before you reached your home.

Do as we ask and you will be left unharmed.
Do otherwise and die.



Mike read the message over and over again, each time blanching further. Hours later, after printing out two copies of the message, he pulled down his website, putting up an "under construction" site and then logged off the internet and powered down his computer. Mike folded up the letter and stuck it in his wallet and then made his way to bed, spending the night jumping at the slightest sound and fighting the fear that he was indeed being targeted for extermination.

Brian Littrell walked into the Jive offices at 8:50 am, a full ten minutes early for the emergency "hush-hush" meeting that had been called by some exec's at Jive. Brian sat down in the meeting room where the secretary had suggested he wait and smoothed out the wrinkles on the thighs of his pants. Brian wondered why he was called in by himself, thinking it strange that none of the other guys were with him.

Brian drummed his fingers nervously against the wooden tabletop and moments later the doors opened up and Brian looked up as two men dressed in suits sat down across from him, directing a third man, dressed in a short sleeve shirt and tie to sit beside him.

Brian smiled as the quiet man as he sat down nervously beside him.

"Brian. I am Steve Caldwell, I am the Director of Security and Artist Safety for Jive Records. This is my brother, James Caldwell, he is the Assistant Director for Artist Safety. We handle all the safety issues for all the artists here at Jive."

"Pleased to meet you Steve...James. Thanks for doing such a good job so far too!", Brian said smiling.

Steve nodded and then frowned, "One of the reasons we asked you here today was to meet the man beside you. This is Micheal Ellison, he is a graphic artist here in Orlando."

Brian turned to Mike and held out his hand, flinching slightly as it was gripped in a cold, nervous handshake, "Good to meet you Mike."

"Brian", Steve continued, "Mike is also a very prominent fan fiction author. He writes gay fan fiction about you and the guys."

Brian's eyes narrowed as he turned back to face Mike again, " what? If he wanted to meet me he could have been like all the rest of our fans and tried to get meet and greet passes."

Mike cringed at the seething anger and hostility that had seeped into Brian's voice, and was about to apologize and walk out when Steve stood up and spoke again.

"Actually, Mike came to me directly with some information that has caused me considerable discomfort. A few days ago, Mike received a death threat via email from a known terrorist organization. It demanded that he remove his fan fiction from the also contained some references to similar threats that we have received about you."

Brian's eyes widened as he realized the gravity of the situation. "Waitaminute...did you say that I was receiving death threats?"

"Yes. Normally we get a few every month or so that turn out to be hoaxes perpetrated by kids, idiots, or yokels. These ones, the ones that you and Mike have received are genuine and we have people investigating them. However, until we can ascertain and negate the threat we are unsure as to what to do with the two of you."

Brian looked over at Mike who sat shaking, his face white as alabaster, with tears falling from his face, and grabbed hold of his hand.

"It'll be OK, man!", Brian said in an attempt to calm down the young man. Brian might as well have been trying to teach his dog to speak Swahili for all the good it did. "It WILL be OK, won't it?", Brian asked Steve nervously, "WON'T IT?!?!"

"It's hard to say, Brian.", Steve replied quietly, "Jive has to look into this very carefully and very inconspicuously. We can't just go to the police, for as the notes say, this organization seems to have roots in the police and would find out and then we'd be forcing their hand...and they'd be coming after you two with all they've got."

"What about the Federal Government?", Brian said nervously, slamming the palm of his hand down on the table, "It's their job to take care of crazy shit like this."

Steve shrugged his shoulders and then replied, "Two words Brian....Waco, Texas."

Brian's eyes widened then and he stood there, shaking with fury. "So what am I gonna do? And what about him", Brian said as he pointed to Mike, "He's not even in the public eye like I am and these nutjobs are gunning to kill him."

Brian watched as Mike's eyes rolled into the back of his head and he pitched forward, slamming hard against the wooden tabletop. "Sorry...I didn't mean it to sound like that Mike.", Brian said as he leaned over to see how Mike was doing.

"Brian.", Steve said quietly, "I'm not gonna bullshit you, man...this is some seriously scary shit. I've never seen anything like this before...and I am really worried about you this time...these people mean business."

"So...what am I gonna do?", Brian asked incredulously.

"I think the best idea is for you and Mike to take some time off from work. You're done with touring and you won't be needed til you start working on the new album sometime in July. You can drop out of sight and stay gone til then, and that should give us plenty enough time to investigate and put an end to this or to negotiate a peace with them."

"NEGOTIATE A PEACE?!?!?", Brian screamed, "NO! I don't even know what the hell I did that they wanna kill me over, but I'll be damned if I let some crazy terrorists tell me what I can and cannot do...this is INSANE! If we can't stop them, then you can arm me up for bear and let them come...I'll take some out with me."

Steve looked at Brian and shook his head, "You know you're really cute when you act all tough and bad like that, but no...all stupid heroics aside, we'll set you two up in a high security house with a team of security to make sure you stay alive and then bring you back either when we've nabbed these guys or when we need to get you together with the other guys to record the album."

"Jesus Christ!", Brian stated then sat down and put his head in his hands.

Mike looked up, his eyes red and tear stained eyes and sighed, had the situation been less grave, he would have been thrilled at the prospect of spending a few months alone with Brian Littrell, now the idea seemed a lot less glamorous.

"I am just so scared....What the hell is going on...why me...?"

"Mike...we don't know the answers to that just yet...but I promise you that we'll figure this out and keep you safe."

Brian looked over at Mike, shocked by the look of despair on the face of the young man, " heard him...we are gonna get through this....together. Come on man....let's go get our stuff and go where they'll never find us."

Steve coughed and shook his head, "Umm.....we'll just get you both some new stuff, we can't risk you going back to your of this moment, you guys are officially going under cover. that was chapter 1. Tell me what you think so far. Like I said in the disclaimer, this story, believe it or not, is taken from an actual death threat that was posted on one of the yahoo clubs I am a member of. I thought it might make for a good story idea with a little tinkering...but the premise is basically untouched from the yahoo club message and the N.A.U. web link that was part of the message. (personally, I think its a a world where a carpenter's son can become the king of the Jews, anything is possible.)

-Billy B

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