Hello all! This is a brief interlude from `The Fragile' for a little slash fun! A one-time story with no plot and just sex! Enjoy!  Rachel(rel24@drexel.edu)

Disclaimer: I don't know *Nsync. I don't know if they are gay. I don't even know if they've even seen the movie `Three Kings'. All I know is that this is fiction and it deals with homosexual themes and there's lots of sex in it. So if you can't deal with that or are not allowed to deal with that...GET OUT!

Three Kings

    Chris stretched lazily as he managed to rouse himself from the comfort of the couch. The phone was incessantly ringing and Joey wasn't making a move to answer it.

    "Ya know. You could move your lazy ass once in a great while." Chris said as he picked up the phone.

    "Nah. I like watching your lazy ass move."

     Chris blushed and turned away from Joey.

    "Hello Lance."

    "How'd ya know it was me?"

    "'Cause you're the only person who'd be bothering me and Joey when we're having alone time."

    Lance blushed slightly as he wandered around his hotel room. "Sorry Chris. I just wanted to know what you guys were doing."

    "Well at the moment Joey is getting ready to blow..."

    "Enough!" Lance laughed. "I won't interrupt anymore."

    Joey looked up from the couch. "I'm about to blow you?" Chris waved his hand and returned to his conversation with Lance.

    "I'm just fucking with you Lance. We're going to watch a movie. Why? You wanna join us?"

    Lance sighed heavily, hating to intrude on Chris and Joey's alone time. He hated the fact that he was the only unattached member of `Nsync. He always tagged along or interrupted alone time.

    "Can I?"

    "Hold on. Let me ask the Caped Crusader."

    Joey sat up in anger. "I told you not to call me that Shrimp."

     Chris leaned over and planted a kiss on Joey's forehead. Joey smiled and laid back down, happy with that apology.

    "Can Lance come over and watch the movie with us?"

    Joey nodded. "Of course he can. Where's the other two at?"

    "Hey where are Just and JC at?"

    Lance shrugged then almost laughed when he realized Chris couldn't see him.

    "I think Justin's with Brit. And my wild guess with JC is either sleeping or at Manda's. Or sleeping at Manda's."

     Chris chuckled. "I'm going to pick number three. Sleeping at Manda's. What do I win if I'm right?"


     Chris groaned. "I've had you. I want a cookie instead."

    Joey rolled over on the couch and hugged a pillow to his chest. It always bothered him when Chris or Lance mentioned the brief relationship they had together a few years back. He hated to be reminded of the fact that Chris and Lance had slept together.

    "Okay. I'll give you a cookie instead."

    "Just got your pale ass over here Scoop. The movie's starting in two minutes and we aren't rewinding if you miss anything."

    "On my way Cowboy."

    Lance hung up the phone and grabbed a T-shirt. The great thing about staying in and watching a movie was that he could get away with wearing a T-shirt and boxers. Hell, Joey and Chris wouldn't care.

    Chris walked back over to the couch and sat down next to Joey. He rubbed his back gently.

    "What's the matter?"

    Joey shook his head and rolled back over. "Nothing. I'm fine." Chris knew what it was without asking. It was Lance.

    "Hey. Remember that thing we talked about last week?"

    Joey looked at him for a moment, trying to remember what he was talking about. Finally it dawned on him.

    "The thing with Lance?"

     Chris nodded. "How about tonight?"

    Joey smiled at him. "Yeah. Tonight sounds good to me." He pulled Chris down for a kiss. Joey wasn't sure if Chris' plan would work, but he was willing to try if it meant he could get over this jealousy he had towards Lance.

    Lance sat on the opposite couch from Joey and Chris completely engrossed in the movie or so it seemed. He had seen `Three Kings' before and while it was a really good movie, it didn't hold his attention like it had the first time.

    He couldn't help but take peeks at the happy couple sitting across from him. He held no jealousy or ill-will towards Joey for winning Chris.

     Well winning wasn't the right word. Lance hadn't put up a fight at all. He knew that he and Chris were not great together. They were better friends then lovers. Sometimes he thought that Joey was a little worried about him though.

    "Lance? Are you watching the movie?"

    Lance jumped slightly at the sound of Joey's voice. "Umm...yeah. Sort of. I've seen it before."

     "Why didn't you tell us Lance? We could have watched something different."

    "Don't worry about it. I like this movie."

     Chris nudged Joey in the side. Joey nodded and stood up. "Hey Lance. Give me your hand."

    Lance looked at him for a moment. He reached up and took Joey's hand. Joey hauled him up and pulled him over to the other couch.

    "You look lonely. Join us."

    Lance looked at him strangely but settled down on the other end of the couch. Chris rolled his eyes and pulled Lance down towards the two of them.

     "No. He said join us Lance. Not sit on the other end of the couch."

     "What are you guys doing?" Lance asked in complete confusion.

    Joey cupped Lance's face in his hands. "Join us." There was no mistaking what Joey meant.

     His eyes flicked over to Chris who just gave him that sideways grin he always got when he was horny. Lance slowly smiled back. With a quiet growl, Lance pushed Joey backwards and began to kiss him passionately. He could feel Chris climb off the couch and shut off the movie. A moment later he returned.

    "I locked the door. No unwanted guests tonight."

     He grabbed Lance's head and pulled it away from Joey's lips. Chris kissed him roughly as Joey began to nibble lightly on his neck. Chris reached around Lance and began to pull Joey's shirt off.

    Joey's hands met up with Chris' and helped him get the shirt off. Chris smiled through his kiss with Lance and looked at Joey.

    Joey was grinning at him happily before moving back to Lance's neck. Lance, on the other hand, had been reduced to a moaning pile of Jell-O.

    Lance's mind was racing and his body could barely keep up. He had thought about what it would be like to be with Chris and Joey, but he had never thought it would happen.

    "Let's move to the bedroom." Joey said gently pushing Chris and Lance off him.

    The three men somehow made it to the bedroom, stripping their clothing off along the way.

    Joey pushed Chris on the bed and climbed on top of him, pinning his arms above his head. He straddled his chest and leaned over to kiss Chris.

     Lance climbed on the bed as well unsure of what to do next. He had never been in this situation before.

    Joey turned to look at him. "I got him pinned down. Go to town Lance." He smiled and returned to kissing his boyfriend.

    Lance paused for a fraction of a second before taking Joey's advice. He reached down and grabbed Chris' hard cock. He could hear Chris moan through his kiss with Joey.

    Lance had forgotten he much he enjoyed feeling Chris' hardness in his hands. It had been a long time.

    He leaned over and took Chris into his mouth. Chris jumped slightly underneath Joey, who just grinned as he kissed him, knowing what Lance was doing behind him.

     Lance wasn't going to let Joey just kiss Chris. He reached around Joey's body and grasped his hard cock with his free hand and began to slowly jerk him off as he blew Chris.

    Joey's body stiffened slightly when he felt Lance's hand on his cock. He opened his eyes and saw Chris staring up at him as well. Both of their faces mirrored the shock that Lance had gotten into this so quickly.

    Chris' eyes were wide as he flashed back to the past when Lance used to do this to him all the time. Lance's mouth was most definitely the most talented part of his body.

    Chris began to squirm underneath Joey, making Joey even more aware of the fact that Lance's hand was on his cock.

    Joey lifted his head up. "Lance stop." He gasped out trying to hold on.

    Lance pulled off of Chris' cock and stopped moving his hand on Joey's. He sat up and crawled to face the two of them.

    Joey leaned over and began to kiss Lance. He climbed off of Chris and wrapped his arms around Lance, pulling him close. Chris grinned and got out of bed. He began to rummage through his bag looking for the condoms and lube he kept there. He wanted Lance's ass.

    Slipping the condom on, Chris nudged Joey slightly so he would roll over and pull Lance on top of him.

    Joey knew what his boyfriend wanted and he was happy to oblige. He rolled over bringing Lance with him so Joey was pinned underneath Lance and Lance's ass was ready for Chris.

    As Joey and Lance kissed each other, grinding their hard cocks together between their bodies, Chris leaned over and began to rim Lance's ass.

    Lance let out a loud gasp when he felt Chris' tongue against his hole. He lifted his head slightly and pressed his ass back against Chris' mouth.

    "You want it James?" Chris asked him opening the lube and pouring it down Lance's crack.

    "Please Chris. Please." Lance moaned as Chris trailed his finger down Lance's crack, working the lube in. Lance pressed his hips harder into Joey's eliciting a moan from the man on the bottom.

    Chris nudged Lance's legs apart and placed the tip of his cock against Lance's hole. Joey pulled Lance back down into another hot kiss.

     All three of them moaned loudly when Chris finally entered Lance's ass. Joey couldn't believe how incredible it felt to have Lance on top of him while Chris fucked Lance. It was like he became an extension of Lance's body, feeling every thrust along with him.

    The bed was a mass of writhing flesh. It was impossible to tell where one man ended and the other began.
Joey brought his hands up to pull Chris down. Lance moved his head aside, his lips moving to Joey's neck as Chris and Joey kissed each other.

    Chris could feel himself getting closer and closer as he pumped Lance's ass. Joey's hands were running down his back, his nails making him shiver with delight.

    Lance tightened his ass around Chris' cock with each thrust. The feelings running though his body were incredible. Joey's cock was pressed up against his own, rubbing together with each thrust Chris made, driving him insane. He didn't know how long he would be able to hang on.

    Joey pulled his head away from Chris and arched his back, letting out a shout as he came, unable to hold on any longer. The feeling of Joey's cum spurting against his cock set Lance off. He clenched his ass tightly as he came, shouting both Joey and Chris' name loudly.

    Chris slammed into Lance's ass one more time as he filled the condom with his cum. His nails dug into Lance's shoulders, pulling him up slightly as Chris threw his head back.

     With a gasp, Chris fell on top of the other two, exhausted. They lay there for an eternity it seemed, just softly kissing each other and gently caressing their sweaty bodies.

    Chris finally moved, pulling his cock out of Lance's ass. He rolled off of Lance and flopped back on the pillow. Joey smiled and kissed him softly. Lance rolled off of Joey and landed on the pillow on the other side with Joey in between him and Chris.

     Both Chris and Lance rolled on their sides, their arms resting across Joey.

    "Feel better babe?" Chris asked Joey. Lance reached up to stroke Joey's cheek softly.

    Joey nodded. "I feel much better. Thank you both."

    Lance smiled. "So now that we've all had sex together you won't be jealous of what Chris and I had anymore?"

    Joey nodded again. "How did you know?" Chris stared into Lance's eyes to see if there was any anger there at what he and Joey had just done. He only saw understanding.

    "Call it a hunch. If I had known this was all we had to do to make you feel better I would have suggested it a long time ago."

    Both Joey and Chris laughed. "If we had known you would be so receptive we would have suggested it a long time ago."

    Lance sat up and stretched. "Well I'm going to head to bed with a short stopover in the shower. Thanks for tonight guys."

     Chris and Joey looked at each other. Joey pulled Lance back down. "Stay here tonight. Please."

    Lance looked at the expressions on both of their faces. They were both pleading with him to stay with their eyes.

     He laid back down, resting his head on Joey's shoulder. His left hand reached for Chris' right hand, joining together as they rested on Joey's stomach.

    Eyes closed. All three men began to breath slower as they passed from sexual pleasure to exhaustion to deep sleep.

The Next Morning

     "Did you call everyone Josh?" Justin asked as he began to shovel cereal in his mouth.

    JC nodded sipping the hot coffee in his hands. "There was no answer in Lance's room. Probably showering. I told Chris to stop at his room and get him when he and Joey are on their way over."

    Joey, Chris, and Lance walked down the hallway towards JC's hotel room. Joey and Chris were holding hands tightly and Joey's free hand was gently resting on Lance's back as they walked.

    Before opening the door, Joey let his hand drop.

    Justin and JC looked up from their food as the other three entered.

    "Hey lazy bums. `Bout time you joined us." Justin said with a grin.

    "Sorry Just. We just didn't want to get out of bed." Joey said with a grin. The other two stifled a laugh.

    "How are Manda and Brit?" Lance asked as he poured himself some coffee.

    "Brit's good. I slept in her room last night."

    "Manda's great. I slept there last night. So what did the three of you do?"

    "Nothing special. We just stayed in and watched a movie. Just your general lazy evening." Chris said with a grin.

     Both Joey and Lance laughed, unable to keep it down this time. Justin and JC looked at them like they were crazy.

    JC shrugged. "Whatever."

The End