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This story is dedicated to the only person that ever broke my heart. You know who you are and you know the lie you live every day. Fear will and has destroyed everything we were, everything we hoped to be. Forgiveness is an act of love and love dies.



BY: RogueWolf/FireAngel

We made a fire on the beach that night And watched the seagulls circle In the morning light Maybe there are some things We aren't meant to understand Anyway Time stood still As we made love through the night together The memory is locked in our hearts forever Seems just like yesterday That time stood still

Justin Timberlake waited impatiently outside Greg Winter's bungalow four hours later. The sun was shining bright and was hinting at what was in store for later that day. Justin had changed from what he had been wearing the night before. He now was dressed in a pair of tan cargo shorts with a white tanktop. His shorts hugged his lean frame nicely leaving just enough to the imagination on what lay underneath. His tanktop was loose and his light brown curls were hidden under a black hat topped off with a pair of dark sunglasses to shield his eyes from the sun.

In front of him was a typical room-service cart with two covered trays on it. There were a variety of drinks, water, juice, and two tall Bloody Marys. Glancing at his watch for the hundredth time, he shrugged his shoulders and knocked on the door loudly. After a few moments with no answer, he knocked again a bit harder. Finally he gave up and tried the door. Shaking his head when he found it unlocked; he opened the door and pushed the cart inside. Thinking it must be nice to not worry about unlocked doors or screaming fans breaking in.

Looking around the simple room, he had to laugh. Greg was as bad as he was with tidying up after himself. Clothes lay everywhere, on the chairs, the floor, and even the edge of the bed where Greg lay sleeping. He stared at the sleeping figure with a stupid grin on his face. Some time during the night, Greg had tossed off all the covers and was lying there just under the white sheet. His could make out most of Greg's upper body, the smooth skin slightly pink after all the sun of the last few days. Wishing the sheet were down lower, he chuckled as Greg rubbed his cheek in his sleep. His blonde hair had fallen over one eye and he looked so peaceful and content that Justin almost regretted waking him. Giving himself a few moments to ogle the sleeping man, he tried to memorize every detail, every inch of the man's body. One hand was resting on his stomach, the other right next to his cheek. Just watching his chest rise and fall with every breath, he had to stop himself from raping him as he slept. He looked down and grinned wickedly as he noticed that Greg must have been having a really good dream. Knelling down he rested his elbows on the bed next to Greg's body. Brushing the hair from his face, he began whispering softly.

"Wakey, wakey, time for eggs and bakey."

Greg moaned in the back of his throat and shifted in his sleep. Rubbing his hand across his nose, he sighed. Justin could barely contain himself when he started snoring softly.

"Greg. Wake up. I've got breakfast." Justin urged a bit louder.

Greg's head turned towards Justin but he continued to snore. Justin could no longer stop himself; he leaned over and gently kissed him. He continued to kiss him till he felt Greg respond, his lips pressing back.

"Wake up."

Greg's eyes fluttered open and he grinned when he saw Justin's face smiling down on him. "Good morning."

"Get up sleepy head. We have lots to do today." Justin said excitedly, trying to rouse the groggy man.

Squinting his blue eyes to shield them from the bright light, Greg looked around the room with a yawn. "What time is it?"

"It's like after seven already. Get up, I brought gifts." Justin motioned towards the cart across the room.

"Are you crazy?"


Greg stretched his lean frame and complained, "I didn't get to sleep till after three."

"Yeah but we have things to do." Justin stated again slowly like you would a child as he stood up and walked over to the cart. Taking off one of the covers, he grabbed a fresh piece of pineapple. Greg had to smile as he walked slowly over to the bed, the piece of fruit dangling from his mouth. But when he leaned over and pressed the pineapple to his lips, Greg moaned as Justin kissed him roughly. The juices of the fruit dripping down his neck in the process.

"Mm, that's good." Greg said through a mouthful of pineapple. "What else do you have over there?"

"Pineapple, strawberries, and some kind of orange fruit plus some grapes." Justin informed him as he sampled the ripe strawberries. "But you don't get any more till you get your ass out of bed."

"Okay." Greg stated, giving in. He looked and blushed. "Ah. Do you mind turning your head for a second?"

Justin peered at his midsection and started laughing. "At least one of you got up when I said too."

Greg's face turned even deeper red as he replied, "Fuck you."

Making sure he was still covered, he sat on the edge of the bed. Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he looked at the cart and asked, "Do you happen to have any coffee on the magical buffet on wheels?"

Smacking his forehead, Justin exclaimed, "That's what I forgot. I'm not usually a breakfast kind of guy. I forgot what normal people drink in the morning."

Smiling, Greg motioned Justin closer. When he leaned in, Greg smacked him lightly on the back of the head. "Maybe if I hit you, you'll remember in the future I must have coffee in the morning."

Smiling deeply, Justin asked, "So we have a future?"

Shaking his head, Greg declared to the ceiling, "It's not fair. I'm not awake yet."

Standing up, he walked calmly towards the bathroom giving Justin a full view of his naked ass. Justin stared and watched the naked man walk into the bathroom. Peering over his shoulder, Greg gave him a wide smile and explained, "That's for at least bringing me breakfast."

"Wow. I wonder what I'll get if I bring coffee next time." Justin said with a whistle.

"If there is a next time." Greg replied before slamming the door.

The moment the door shut, Justin rushed to the phone and called room service. When Greg reappeared from the bathroom wearing only a towel, there was a steaming pot of coffee waiting for him. His hair was wet and dripping down his chest but when he smelled the coffee, he grinned broadly. He grabbed the cup Justin offered and sighed contentedly.

"Now I'm better." Greg stated dreamily as he sat down next to Justin on the edge of the bed.

In between bites, Greg pestered Justin as to what he had planned for the day's activities. No matter what question he asked or how he asked it, Justin would only grin and tell him he had to wait and find out.

Greg poured himself another cup of coffee as Justin yawned loudly. "Damn boy. Did you even go to bed?"

"Someone else was using it." Justin stated as he rolled his eyes. "So since I didn't have a bed to sleep in, I thought up all the cool shit we could do today."

"What about all your friends at the bungalow? Won't they miss you?" Greg asked as he stood up to find some clothes.

"I don't know most of them. Just people Britney and I invited back to have some beers a few days ago. They stayed, invited more people. Pretty much we're all a friend of a friend if you get what I mean." Justin explained as he watched Greg's every movement, like he was burning the image of the man into his brain.

Grabbing a white T-shirt, Greg threw it at him from across the room and grabbed a pair of black shorts. Justin held up the T-shirt and continued, "Most of the people there won't even miss me. You're not wearing those are you?"

"What?" Greg replied as he struggled to put on a pair of red boxer briefs under his towel. Giving up, he turned his back to Justin and dropped the towel. Justin watched in disappointment as the red Tommy's covered the almost perfect ass way to quickly.

Sighing loudly, he repeated the question, "You aren't going to wear black on a day like today are you?"

"Yeah. Why not?"

"Hey silly." Justin teased as he walked over to Greg's suitcase. "It's going to get very hot today. You should wear something tan or a lighter color."

Greg stepped back as Justin dug through his suitcase, clothes flying everywhere as he searched. Smiling at his enthusiasm, Greg walked over to the bed and grabbed the shirt he had thrown at Justin.

Ripping the shirt from his hands, Justin stated as he pushed the clothes into his hands, "Wear these."

Greg looked at the pair of tan cargo shorts and white tanktop Justin had chosen for him. "We're going to look like some kind of perverted brothers or something. I'm glad I don't have a cap to wear or we'd look like twins."

"Of course I would be the cute one." Justin said arrogantly.

"And that would make me the..." Greg started to say but Justin finished the sentence, "The smart one silly. Now get dressed. We're late."

Greg pulled the shorts on and for the first time noticed just how much weight he had lost since his parents accident. The shorts rode low on his hips, drawing attention to his flat stomach. "Wow, these are a bit loose."

"But they look good." Justin said with an encouraging smile. "Hurry up."

Slipping on the white tanktop, Greg slipped into a pair of sandals. "All right. You happy now? We look ridiculous."

"When it gets a billion degrees today you'll thank me." Justin grabbed his arm and forced him to his feet.

"All right Circus Boy, lead on." Greg stated grandly, giving him a mock bow that brought a smile to Justin's face.

"You funny." Justin stated dryly. "Now lets go."

They left the bungalow, Justin a bundle of energy and Greg only slightly less. Justin had rented a yellow Jeep and as they climbed inside, Justin handed him a pair of identical sunglasses like the ones he wore. "Don't even say it."

Greg smiled and put them on as Justin tore from the driveway and headed in a direction Greg hadn't gone before. The luscious jungle sped past as Justin tested the limits of his driving abilities. Holding on tightly to the bar in front of him, Greg grinned like a madman. Glancing over at him, Justin floored the Jeep. Trying to frighten the man sitting next to him. The road was narrow and frequently made sharp turns for no apparent reasons. The Jeep went on two wheels several times till finally screeching to a halt in front of building whose sign read `Jungle Jim's Bungee Jumping'.

Grinning like a maniac, Justin asked as they climbed from the Jeep, "Ever jumped off a tall platform with only a small rope tied to your ankle to keep you from bashing your head into the ground?"

"Nope but there is always a first time for everything." Greg shot back eagerly, eyeing up the towering structure ahead.

"Let's do it freak." Justin yelled and started running with Greg hot on his heels.

After signing a waiver that absolved Jungle Jim from any and all injuries, they climbed up the shakiest scaffolding Greg had ever seen. While Jungle Jim busied himself with hooking Greg into the harness, they argued about who would take the first plunge. Justin finally relented when Greg said the virgin should go first. Greg smiled and checked his ankle one last time before walking to the edge of the platform. Looking down, he asked Jungle Jim, "How high are we?"

"One hundred and ninety-seven feet." Jungle Jim answered in a spooky voice. "But don't let that bother you. We haven't lost anyone in days."

"Days huh." Greg said and turned till he was facing Justin's face. Justin began taunting him, "Gregy getting scared? Gregy a chicken?"

"Nope. Gregy just wanted to do this." Greg shouted out as he jumped off the platform backwards.

"You crazy mother fucker." Justin yelled as he rushed to the edge to watch Greg fall through the air. Shaking his head in disbelief, he watched as Greg began the yo-yo effect. Twisting and turning in the air, the bungee caused Grey to flip and bounce around like a ragdoll. The whole time the blonde could be heard screaming and laughing loudly. Finally, his feet rested on the ground and he waited for them to unhook him from the harness. The moment he was free, he started jumping around and yelling up to Justin about what a rush it was. He waited impatiently for the bungee to be hauled back to the top and for Justin to be hooked in. For a few minutes, he stared at the top of the platform above him. He almost thought Justin had chickened out when with a yell, he flew out from the platform, his arms spread wide. As he fell to the ground, Greg watched as he started turning and flipping around like a pro. The onlookers could hear the brunet laughing as he waited for the yo-yo effect to stop. A few moments later, after Justin was released from his harness, Greg rushed over to him and they both started yelling back and forth at each other in their excitement.

"That was fucking awesome." Greg shouted as he clapped Justin on the back. "How the hell did you get so much distance from the platform?"

"I ran across the top and jumped as far as I could." Justin explained and then added, "I can't believe you jumped off backwards. It took me several times to get enough balls to do that."

"Who said I wasn't scared?" Greg stated slyly with a smile. "But you got to love adrenaline. Where did you learn to do all that flipping and shit?"

"My friends and I do that all the time." Justin explained as they headed towards the bar area. "But that is the highest I've ever jumped. Man Lance will not believe me."

"Whoa." Exclaimed Greg, his face flushed from the jump. "That's almost better than sex."

"I wouldn't go that far." Justin said with a sly grin. "How about a beer?"

Looking at his watch, Greg said, "It's like eight-thirty."

"It really offsets the adrenaline." Justin argued.

Walking up to the bartender, Justin ordered two Red Stripes. When the bartender opened them, he said, "That was great jump you two did. These are on me."

"Thank you." Justin replied as he fished for some bills from his pockets. "Here's something for the trouble."

Grinning broadly, the bartender said quickly, "If you need anything while you're here, you just ask."


Grabbing the beers, he led Greg towards a table that was shaded by some trees from the sun. Sitting down, he handed one of the beers to Greg, looking at him in a teasing way. "You know you want too."

Giving in, Greg stated, "Well, I would hate to see it go to waste."

"It wouldn't have. I'd have drank it." Justin assured him, downing half his beer in a single gulp.

"Yeah I know but you have to drive and your driving sucks when you're sober. I'd hate to see you driving all fucked up." Greg said shaking his head at the horror of that thought.

"Hey I'm a good driver." Justin defended himself. "Especially when I'm drunk, I actually concentrate on shit."

"I still don't want to see it Circus Boy." Greg replied dryly. "So what's next on the program?"

"You won't let Circus Boy die will you?" Justin accused.

"Never. That's what you get for not bringing coffee this morning." Greg countered with a grin.

Rubbing his chin thoughtfully, Justin added, "That's one mistake I'll never make again. I still wonder what I'd have gotten if I had brought some."

Greg leaned towards Justin as if to kiss him. A look of fear crossed Justin's features and he pulled away quickly. Greg's face was a mixture of confusion and anger. He was more than a bit hurt by Justin's reaction.

"Don't do that in public." Justin demanded softly.

"Excuse me?" Greg shot back, his voice rising slightly.

Justin looked around nervously and answered quietly, "I don't want anyone to see..."

Before he could finish, Greg interrupted him; "You don't want people to see you with me."

"Well, yeah." Justin stated as he tried to explain but Greg would not let him finish.

Throwing his beer into the trash, Greg stood up and said, "I think its about time for me to head home."

"Greg, let me explain." Justin pleaded with a hint of urgency in his soft voice as he watched Greg storm off towards the Jeep, his face a mask of emotions that Justin couldn't read. Sighing loudly, Justin threw his beer into the trash and followed Greg's retreating form. Greg slammed the Jeep door and waited with his arms crossed. Justin climbed inside and started the Jeep. Pulling out on the road, Justin continued to try to explain but Greg would only tell him to shut up and drive. After a few miles, Justin pulled over and pleaded, "Jesus Christ Greg, will you let me explain?"

Taking a deep breath, Greg looked over at him and studied his face for a moment. Seeing the concern and the hurt look in his eyes he suddenly wondered why he was so mad. It wasn't like they were a couple and they did have lots of fun together. For a moment, they sat there quietly, staring into mirroring blue irises. One filled with expectation, the other with confusion and self-doubt. Both intent, both hanging on the balance of lust and fear that each felt.

"Okay, I'm listening." Greg answered, breaking away from Justin's penetrating stare.

Justin barely contained a smile when Greg broke his stare. "Greg, I'm not embarrassed to be seen with you in public. I promise I'm not."

Greg didn't say anything but turned to look again at Justin. Who was busy looking everywhere but at the man sitting beside him. He could almost see the wheels turning in Justin's head as he struggled with his emotions.

"Greg, you don't know me do you? Who I am?" Justin stated rather than asked.

"No I don't. I thought that was the whole reason we went out today. To get to know each other."

"That's not what I mean." Justin exclaimed, trying to find a way to describe what was happening in his life. Looking at him, he asked, "Remember I told you I was in a band?"


"One of the reason's why I was attracted to you in the first place was because you had no idea who I was or who Britney is for that matter." Justin said slowly. "Have you ever heard of Britney Spears?"

Greg's blue eyes widened and his face turned red. Putting his head in his hands, he groaned loudly. "I can't believe I didn't put it together. That's why she lied to me at first. She said her name was Courtney." He continued mumbling, more to himself than at Justin.

Laughing with a look of relief on his face, Justin said, "Everyone at that party last night. They think we're two rich kids having fun on Daddy's dime. They don't really know who we are either."

"You're from the BackStreet Boys right?" Greg asked innocently.

Rolling his eyes at the insult, Justin corrected him, "No. I'm from the band Nsync."

Looking at Justin from the corner of his eye, Greg shrugged, "You're all interchangeable anyway."

"Fuck you smartass." Justin said, tapping Greg's shoulder lightly, playfully. "I really thought you knew at first."

"I had no idea." Greg replied honestly. "You just never expect to meet celebrities much less spend any amount of time with them."

"That's one of the reasons I got scared today." Justin said quietly. "I have to be careful. There are people who make it their life mission to catch me doing something like that. I have to be careful at all times. I hope you can understand that."

Giggling loudly, Greg managed a reply, "It makes sense."

"What's so fucking funny?" Justin demanded.

By this time, Greg was laughing uncontrollably. After a few minutes, he managed to croak out, "All the girls that are in love with you all over this world and I get to wake up to you this morning dangling fruit all over me."

Justin started giggling but still ordered, "Shut up."

"No." Greg argued. "It's fucking hilarious. Justin Timberlake from Nsync is trying to get into my pants." Greg sang loudly.

Justin mimicked Greg in a small child's voice; "Justin Timberlake is trying to get into my pants."

Looking at the sexy singer next to him, Greg said slyly, "He's doing a good job of it too."

His eyes went wide and smile broke out across his face. Leaning over he kissed the laughing blonde hard on the mouth. Greg purred in his throat and returned the kiss hungrily.

Breaking off the kiss, he started the Jeep and sped down the road. Looking over at the still laughing blonde, he mouthed, "I'm doing a good job of it."

Greg nodded his head and suggestively grabbed his crotch. Justin stared at him with longing in his blue eyes and said, "So my plan is working after all is it."

"Yeah, I believe so." Greg admitted. "If you play your cards right that is."

Smiling, Justin continued driving while humming softly to himself. Greg interrupted by saying, "But promise me one thing."

"You name it. Anything." Justin declared, taking his eyes off the road.

"For one thing. Watch the road." Greg said hysterically as Justin yanked the wheel hard to avoid running off the road. "Secondly, all you have to do is explain things to me so this won't happen again. I'm not an asshole but I have know what's going on you know."

"I know. I promise no more secrets."

For a while they enjoyed the scenery and the silence of each other's company. The harsh summer sun was beating down on them as the wind rippled through their hair. Greg settled himself back into the seat comfortably and stole glances at Justin when he thought the brunet wasn't looking. As for Justin, he loved the fact that someone was flirting with him. He knew it was honest with no ulterior motives behind it. For the first time since he started in Nsync, he was sure someone liked him for the man he was not the public image he portrayed as the lead singer of a boy band.

Suddenly he exclaimed, "You can't let Brit know you didn't recognize her. She'll be devastated, especially after she told you her real name."

"I wonder why she told the truth anyway." Greg mused outloud.

"Who knows?" Justin stated. "Maybe she saw something in you she liked and trusted."

Greg's blue eyes looked at the singer and asked seriously, "Did she see me skinny dipping the other day?"

Justin's face turned red giving him the answer, "Yeah. She actually saw you before I did."

"That bitch." Greg said good-naturedly.

"She told me there was this hot guy swimming naked in the ocean. After we watched you for an hour or so, the whole time arguing back and forth if you were gay or not." Justin admitted.

"Lucky for you huh." Greg teased as he softly caressed Justin's cheek.

"Yep. I was going crazy trying to figure out a way for us to meet. Then like an angel from heaven, you fell in my lap all by yourself."

"You really are a freak."

"And then some."

They drove for a few more miles, getting more into the populated areas of the island but staying on the private side of the resort. The whole time Greg begging him for details on their next adventure. No matter what he said, Justin refused to give him any hints. Driving through the hotel area, they finally stopped on the edge of the pier. Smiling, Justin got out and headed towards the dock.

"Time for jet skis."

They played in the ocean for a few hours. Justin was good on the Jet Skis but he was an amateur compared to Greg who had learned to ride at an early age and spent every summer on some lake or another. Greg taught him many tricks and by the end of their session, they had splashed each other, raced and even tried knocking one another off the powerful machines by ramming into each other. By the time the sun reached it's peak, the heat was unbearable and both were more than hungry. After returning the Jet Skis, they found a nice outdoor restaurant right down the beach.

As the waiter sat them underneath the shade of an umbrella, one the many hawkers holding a camera approached them saying, "How `bout a picture to remember your time on the island?"

Greg looked at Justin who said, "Why not."

Pulling their chairs next to one another, they causally draped their arms around each other, both grinning broadly. Just as the man snapped the picture, Justin grabbed Greg's upper thigh under the table. Greg's face was a mixture of surprise and lust and he started to blush.

Justin only laughed as the man informed them, "It will be ready in one hour. Just go to this address to pick it up."

Justin took the card and moved his chair back till he was sitting across from Greg. Grabbing the menu to hide his red face, Greg scanned the menu.

"In this heat, I suggest something light." Justin advised. "Eating too much will tire you out and zap all your energy. And we still have a full day ahead of us."

Greg stuck his tongue out at the younger man and said, "I was gonna get the seafood salad anyway but thanks Circus Boy."

Justin rolled his eyes and stated somewhat sarcastically, "Sure you were."

Greg made a face just as Justin took a drink of water. Liquid shot out of his nose causing the singer to choke and sputter at the same time. Declaring, "That's not funny."

Replying through giggles, Greg admonished, "Sure it is. I had no idea you were so talented. Coughing and choking at the same time. Not to mention the whole liquid coming from your nose bit. I'm impressed."
"I am an entertainer after all. I am world famous." Justin said smugly, wiping his face with his napkin.

"World wide huh?" Greg asked mischievously.


Greg looked around the restaurant at all the families having their mid-afternoon snack. Noticing many teenage girls sitting around the tables, he got an idea. Standing up, he grinned madly and shouted out, "Excuse me ladies and gentleman."

Justin murmured for him to sit down and shut up as he tried to hide behind his rather small menu.

"I want to welcome you all here today and to inform you that we have a celebrity with us today."

"Don't you dare asshole." Justin warned, his face flushed with disbelief.

Grabbing the cap off his curly head, Greg announced loudly, "I give you Justin Timberlake. Lead singer of the BackStreet Boys."

At first, most of the people turned away and went back to their meals. But one young girl in the back of the restaurant walked closer and stared at Justin for a second before she let out an ear splitting scream. In a matter of moments, the table they sat at was completely surrounded but dozens of screaming girls.

Greg was surprised; he had no idea that girls would go crazy over one man. Especially when he had spent time with Justin and realized he was nothing to go crazy over. Well except for the fact he was sexy as hell and one of the best kissers. But he was Justin. Normal crazy Justin.

Justin was smiling at the girls but as they grew in numbers, he started getting nervous as they jostled him more and more. Word had spread quickly down the beach that Justin was at the restaurant and dozens of rabid fans poured into dining area. Each wanting autographs and pictures with the famous singer. Someone had already stolen his hat and his tanktop was ripped halfway off his body. He had that deer in the headlight look as he tried to plead with the crowd to settle down.

Every few minutes, Justin would glare at Greg who had quickly been dismissed as a no-body and forced into the background. As the crowd grew, Greg realized it was quickly getting out of hand. Not wanting anything drastic to happen to Justin, he started developing a plan even as he ran to the front of the hotel. After explaining the situation to the Concierge, he returned to the restaurant five minutes later with fifteen burly security guards.

Wisely, Greg waited by the Jeep as the guards braved the crowd of teenagers. It took a few more minutes to break through to Justin and a few more to escort him to the Jeep. Where he jumped inside but not before giving Greg a look filled with anger mixed with fear. Greg barely had time to jump in before Justin floored the yellow vehicle directly into oncoming traffic. Fumbling for his seatbelt, Greg prayed silently as Justin weaved in and out of traffic. The entire time frantically looking into the rearview mirror to spy any signs of pursuit.

By now, Greg was feeling guilty for causing such a scene and almost putting Justin in a deadly situation. Sitting there quietly, he was amazed at how crazy they were and how they had almost stripped the singer naked. Taking deep breaths as Justin flew down the road, he cursed himself for his stupidity. After their rocky start at Jungle Jim's, he went and did it again.

After they drove down the road towards the private side of the island, Justin concentrated on his driving. After a few miles, he slammed on the brakes and pulled to the side of the road. Jumping out of the vehicle, he collapsed against the side of the Jeep and buried his face in his hands, his shoulders heaving up and down. Thinking he was crying, Greg took off his seatbelt and approached him cautiously. He was now scared.

To Be Continued


Most of you might remember this story when it was first posted early in 2002. After re-working some of it and finally editing it, Angel and I decided to re-post it along with the revisions and extra scenes. Please contact us at Wolfflyer26@Yahoo.com or Fireangel197502@Yahoo.com for any comments or questions.

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