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This story is dedicated to the only person that ever broke my heart. You know who you are and you know the lie you live every day. Fear will and has destroyed everything we were, everything we hoped to be. Forgiveness is an act of love and love dies.



BY: RogueWolf/FireAngel

I thought I'd seen love before But what you shown me That was something more Love found two strangers walking on the shore We threw our watches in the sea I looked at you You looked at me And time stood still Time stood still As we made love through the night together The memory is locked in our hearts forever Time stood still

Greg looked down at Justin as he sat there with his head covered. For a moment he stood there, silently. He was unsure of what he should do or if Justin would accept any comfort. But as he approached, Justin raised his head and he saw he wasn't crying but laughing almost hysterically. He wasn't sure how to act. For a second, he thought the singer might have lost his mind and wasn't sure if he should laugh along with him or let him have his nervous breakdown in peace.

It wasn't long before Justin grabbed his hand and shouted, "Damn that was fun. I haven't been that scared since Britney caused a riot in the Orlando mall a few years ago and we had to hide in a closet for three hours."

"Fun!" Greg exclaimed, still trying to wrap his mind around anyone having fun almost getting stripped by rabid teenagers. "Are you fucking kidding me?" His eyes wide with amazement.

"That used to happen all the time back in the beginning." Justin explained, pulling Greg down beside him. "You know before the expensive hotel suites and bodyguards. His words were jumbled together as he took deep breaths between sentences. Looking queerly at Greg, he added, "Told you I was famous world-wide."

Greg started laughing, a look of relief on his angular face, "I had no fucking idea it would get that bad."

Smirking, Justin hit him on the back of the head, "That's for starting all this shit and for ruining my clothes. I loved that hat."

Greg smiled and countered; "At least I went for help and got you out of that mess."

Justin leaned over and kissed him deeply before saying, "That was for getting the security guards."

Greg looked around quickly and warned, "People might see."

"Afraid to be seen kissing a fag?" Justin teased.

"Fuck no." Greg snorted. "But I am afraid people will see me and mistake me for one of your rabid fans."

"Dick." Justin retorted, smacking him hard in the shoulder.

"Ouch. That really hurt." Greg complained, rubbing his shoulder gingerly.

"That was for saying I sing for the BackStreet Boys or as we lovingly call them, BackDoor Boys." Justin explained as he stood up. "Come on. Britney will be up by now and probably searching the island for me. Calling around everywhere giving vague descriptions. Basically making a nuisance out of herself."

Greg grinned as they got back in the Jeep. It didn't take long for the trip back to Justin's bungalow. As soon as Justin opened the door, a half-naked blonde flew into his arms, kissing him noisily on the cheek while cursing him out in between.

Seeing the state Justin's clothes were in, she glared at him as she crossed her arms across her breasts asking, "What the fuck did you do now?"

"Good morning to you too." Justin answered cheerily, his face innocent.

"Don't give me that good morning shit." Britney yelled. "What the fuck happened?"

Giving her a sexy smile, she shifted her glare to a blushing Greg, "What are you blushing for?"

Greg turned his head and motioned with one hand. The motion of crossing her arms had caused one of her breasts to fall out of the skimpy negligee she wore. Looking down, she shrugged and casually covered herself saying, "You act like you never saw a tit before and don't try to change the subject. What happened to Curly?" She demanded again, her eyes going back to Justin.

"Don't look at me. I've got to piss." Justin said with a smile and darted into the bathroom, locking the door behind him.

Greg gave a weak smile and turned to leave the room. Britney grabbed him and threw him on the couch. As he righted himself, she threatening, "You better tell me what happened or so help me god I'll show you more than my tits."

He couldn't help but laugh at her. Standing in front of him was Britney Spears, one of the hottest pop stars in the world, half-naked in front of a complete stranger threatening him with a strip show. No one would believe him. It just didn't happen. But he managed to answer with a straight face, "If you think that will help jog my memory of the days events. You go right ahead and strip for me."

"Oh fuck. Another smartass." She declared to the ceiling. "That's all I need. Another miniature Justin running around trying to be funny."

"Hey wait a minute." Greg stated with a pout. "What makes you think I'm smaller than Justin?"

Britney looked at him and said, "Remember hon. I've seen what you got."

Greg blushed again but retorted, "The water was cold. Shrinkage."

"You call it shrinkage, I call it tiny."

As Britney paced back and forth in front of him, he wondered if it was his curse to blush every time he got around the fiery blonde. Mumbling intelligibly to herself, Justin opened the door and promptly shut it again. Arriving just in time to prevent him from locking it, he gave up and walked into the living room. Giving Greg a look that begged him for help, he walked into the bedroom to face her wrath. As she shut the door, she winked at Greg who started laughing.

Turning to face him, she demanded again, "You better tell me what happened. I've been worried sick about you. No one here has seen you all day and you left without telling me. No note or nothing. I haven't been able to eat all day. I've been imagining all the horrible things that could have happened to you. Did you know celebrities get kidnapped over here and then get sold into slavery where they have to let dirty old men fuck them day and night?"

"Jesus Christ Brit." Justin said rolling his eyes. "You really need to get a boyfriend or at least get a hobby. A dog, a fish, something."

"Justin Randal Timberlake." She screamed, thoroughly enjoying herself. "I give you to the count of three to tell me or I'll kick your ass."

"Not till you settle you." Justin countered, patting the bed beside him. "Now sit down and shut up."

"Okay." She said suddenly smiling. Jumping on the bed beside him, she crossed her legs and rested her elbows on her knees. "Shoot Luke."
"Okay." Justin said, grinning despite himself. "Greg and I went for a tour of the island."

"Really. That's sweet." Britney cooed. "Did you hold hands? Did you feed each other fruit?"

Justin shook his head and declared, "Sometimes I worry about your mental state."

Waving her hand, Britney asked, "What'd you do?"

"First we went Bungee jumping. Then after that we went Jet Skiing."

"Didn't management order you to stop all that dangerous shit?" She reminded with a smile.

"Yes they did and you won't tell them either or I'll tell them about your drunken fuck fest in Las Vegas last month." Justin stated, mimicking her seating position.

Britney didn't respond but sat there with a dreamy expression on her face as she remembered that night. Her biggest problem about that night was she could not remember all the guys that shared her room that night. Shaking her head, she grinned and said, "Okay fine. I won't tell them. Why the ripped the clothes? Some dirty sex game you two played?"





"Yeast infected cum bubble."

"The meds cleared that up remember." She said laughing.

Laying back on the bed, he confided, "I told him who I was."

"How did he take it?" She asked excitedly. "Did he want an autograph in some dirty down there place? Is he a fan? Does he have all your records?"

"What do you think?" Justin asked, sitting back up. "If he didn't recognize me or you for that matter. Do you really think he is a fan?"

"He didn't recognize me?" Britney asked, her voice rising a few octaves. "Even after I told him my real name?"

"Focus." Justin said, grabbing her hands. "This is about me right now. My ripped clothes remember?"

Shaking her head, she said, "Okay."

"Anyway. My celebrity turned out to be a fairly funny joke between us. Anyway, after we bungee jumped, he leaned in to kiss and I kind of pulled away and freaked out a bit."

"No you didn't. You fucking idiot." She declared, smacking him on the arm.

"Yes I did. Needless to say he took it as I was embarrassed to be seen with him in public and he got really mad. Demanded that I take him back to the bungalow. He didn't talk to me for fifteen minutes."

"Can you blame him?" She asked. "Even I would have freaked out about that."

"You've freaked out for stupider shit." Justin said with a laugh. "But the only explanation that made sense to me was the truth."

"Obviously he's okay with it now."

"Oh yeah. Anyway, after bungee jumping we went...no. Before that. We went Jet Skiing and afterwards we went to a restaurant to get some lunch."

"Which restaurant?" She interrupted.

"What does that matter?"

"It does."

"Whatever. Anyway." Justin continued. "He made some crack about me and I told him I was famous all over the world."

Britney giggled.

"Anyway, he stood up in the restaurant and told everyone who I was." Justin said with a laugh.

"I bet you loved that."

Shaking his head, he said, "After that. Pretty much all hell broke lose. I lost my clothes at the hands of about a billion screaming girls and before they took my shorts and left me there naked as the day I was born, Greg showed up with some security guards and they broke through the mob and I got out safely."

Britney was laughing uncontrollably by this time. Seeing him in the middle of screaming girls trying to cling to the last vestiges of his decency was hysterical to her for some reason. In between laughter, she stated, "I think I really like this Greg. He has a great sense of humor."

Rolling his blue eyes, he said, "I'm glad you approve."

They laughed for a few moments before Britney asked in a whisper, "So. Did you two do it yet?"

"I'm not going to tell you." Justin said with more than a hint of embarrassment.

"Come on." She urged. "Is he any good?"

"I won't tell you."

Britney pouted. "You always tell me. Always."

"Not this time."

"Why not this time?" She asked. "What's different about him than all the others?"

"First off. There hasn't been "all" the others. Secondly, I don't know. It just is." He shouted as he stood up.

Opening the door, he headed towards the living room before pausing. Motioning Britney to follow him, he pointed to the couch. She suppressed a giggle as she saw Greg sprawled out on the couch softly snoring.

"Damn. You must have worn him out." She accused.
"He didn't get much sleep last night." Justin said by way of explaining as he put a finger to his lips to signal her to keep her voice down.

"I knew it. You did fuck him."

Looking at her sideways, he rolled his eyes and said, "We talked all night. I only let him sleep for a few hours before I drug him out of bed at seven this morning."

"So how long did you sleep?" She pried as she looked over Greg's sleeping form approvingly.

"I didn't." Justin admitted through a yawn.

"I just knew you were going to fall for him." Britney stated boldly. Adding, "I knew he was something special when I first met him yesterday. That's why I told him our real names."

"Isn't he cute when he sleeps?" Justin asked, a dopey grin on his face.

"He's pretty cute when he's awake."

"Yeah. But look at the way he rubs his cheek in his sleep."

"Oh brother." Britney teased. "You've got it bad."

Leaning over, Justin whispered in Greg's ear, "Greg. Come on."

"Where we going?" Greg mumbled, still half asleep.

"To bed." Justin stated as he half-drug half-carried the sleeping man towards Britney's bedroom.

She tried to help him but mostly managed to get in the way. Justin laid him down gently down on the bed. Removing his sandals, he pulled a sheet over him. Lying down next to him, Justin motioned for Britney to shut the door behind her. Greg instinctively brushed his hand across Justin's cheek before drifting back asleep. As the door shut, Justin heard her giggling.

As he lay there looking at Greg sleep, his mind raced even though he was close to exhaustion. He wasn't sure how far Greg was prepared to go with this budding relationship. He could see the two of them together back in the real world. It felt right somehow. After all, since he came from a wealthy family, he understood the restrictions on Justin's life and most importantly, he understood about keeping up appearances in front of prying eyes. He also made him laugh. Going as far as making him laugh about himself and his own celebrity. In his life, he found it rare for people not to take his celebrity too seriously.

From the moment they met, he had felt a connection to the blonde. Maybe it was fate, destiny, whatever it was; it was electric between them. The beautiful thing about it, each felt it. He could see it in Greg's eyes every time he stole a glance at him. He could recognize it, he was sure it was in his eyes when he looked at Greg as well.

As he lay there next to the sleeping man, he breathed deeply, taking in the scent of Greg. For some weird reason, the natural smell of Greg mixed with a faint smell of sweat somehow intoxicated him. He yawned loudly as his body finally succumbed to the lack of sleep. Nestling closer to his new lover, he surrendered to the drowsiness and promptly fell asleep with a smile on his face and his arms wrapped around Greg tightly.

February 18th 2010

"Sounds like you were perfect for each other." Mrs. Winterborne interjected a smile on her face as she re-lived the memories with him.

"At that moment I really thought we were." Greg admitted, pouring himself another glass of Scotch. "In thirty hours I knew him, I never have felt so strongly about someone. At first I thought I latched on to him because of my parents death but I quickly realized there was so much more to what I felt than that."

"I remember Nsync." Mrs. Winterborne said with a smile. "My grand-daughter, Tina, had all their albums and posters on her walls. Even I would have recognized him. Britney Spears for that matter."

"I know." Greg said with a laugh. "I still can't believe I didn't put it together sooner."

"You were never one to follow pop culture if memory serves." She said with a soft musical laugh. "You liked your music a bit rougher than Nsync or the BackStreet Boys."

Greg leaned back in his leather chair and said, "Now if it was the lead singer of Stabbing Westward I met on the island, I would've known him right away."

Though she had no idea what Stabbing Westward was, she laughed along with him. In all the thirty years she had known him, this was the first time he ever confided so personally in her. Normally he was all business and it made her heart glad that he wasn't as cold as others thought him to be. Seeing him laugh again was wonderful, he had been too serious these last few years and she had begun to worry about his happiness.

Shifting in her seat slightly, she asked, "So you two were sleeping in Britney's bed. What happened next?"

His eyes grew wide as he thought back to that afternoon. A shy smile played across his lips as he began his narrative again.

February 14th 2001

When Greg awoke several hours later feeling refreshed; it took him a moment to get his bearings. Then he smiled when he remembered he was in Britney's bedroom. Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he looked around the room but didn't see any sign of Justin anywhere. Yawning loudly, he put his sandals on and walked over to the door and into the living room. Looking around the bungalow as he stretched, he tried to wipe the last vestiges of sleep from his eyes. The bungalow was empty but he could hear the party was in full swing outside. Smoothing down his bed-head, he walked outside into the evening sun.

Most of the partygoers he recognized from the night before but there were more than a few he hadn't seen before. Nodding to everyone politely as they called out to him, he searched through the crowd till he found Britney.

As usual, she was surrounded by a group of young men and it looked to him she was having the time of her life. Her one-piece bathing suit was partly covered by a wrap that was elaborately tied around her waist. Her shoulder length blonde hair was tied back away from her face and her eyes were hidden behind the sunglasses he had been wearing earlier that day.

As she talked to the young men, she would lightly touch them in turn. He stopped and marveled at the way a simple touch from her would bring a smile to their face. For the first time, he saw how incredibly sexy she really was. Not just a beautiful face; her personality made her one of the most attractive women he had ever seen on or off the movie screen. Silently he thanked god for bringing both of them into his life.

The entire group of men was jockeying for her attention and he had to laugh at the extent of what they would do for a smile or a touch from her.

When she saw him through the crowd, she waved and immediately walked over to him amongst the catcalls and sighs that followed her from the group of men. He waved back and when she reached him, she reached up and gave him a hug and kiss on the cheek.

"Good morning sleepy head. I thought you would sleep forever." She teased.

"Good morning to you too." Greg replied, returning the hug. His lips gently touching her cheek.

"Did you sleep well?" She asked as she maneuvered him towards the bungalow away from the noise of the party.

Stretching and yawning simultaneously, he answered as she linked her arm through his, "Oh yeah. That's the best sleep I've gotten in weeks."

She reached up and rubbed his cheek. Frowning, she stated, "You need to shave."

"I shaved last week." He complained, rubbing his face to gauge if he really needed to shave or not. "I know I at least need a shower."

"Now that you bring it up." She said with a smile. "You do smell a bit. But that's understandable. After all, you did sleep with Curly."

"Curly?" He asked. "Why do you call him that?"

"It's my pet name for him. You know, because of his curls." She further explained. "Plus, at times like these when no one knows who we are. We use little names to confuse them. Over time it gets to become a habit."

"I can see that. I call him Circus Boy." Greg informed her.

"Ooh. You have to tell me the story behind that one sometime." Britney said, wiggling her eyebrows suggestively.

"Is that all you think about?" He asked, grinning.

"Sex? Yes. By the way handsome. Which boy over there would you sleep with if you were me?" She asked, pointed at the group of men staring at her. She put her arm around him and lightly rested it on his hips.

He wasn't used to people showing him so much affection. His parents hugging and kissing him was one thing. He understood Justin's motivations for touching him and he kind of liked it when the singer touched him. But he wasn't so sure about Britney's constant touching. He did notice she did the same thing with Justin. Not in the seductive way she fondled all the guys at the party but in a personal almost loving way. Looking at her, he decided he could use someone feeling that way about him. Especially her. And Justin of course.

As this went through his mind, he placed his arm around her and answered her question, "That's easy. I'd sleep with Justin."

Trying to tickle him, she said, "He's not over there silly. Who?"


"I think you're spoken for." She said it so casually he had to grin.

Rubbing his chin, he replied softly, "Maybe I am at that."

"Now which one." She said with a satisfied look on her face. Maybe he hadn't said it so softly after all.

Looking over the group of men, he pointed at one and said, "The one with the white shorts on. He's got a great body and a kicking ass. Plus you can see his package through his flimsy shorts and I think you'll be more than happy with what he's packing." As an after thought he added, "I need to get me a pair of those shorts."

Laughing, she said, "I concur. White shorts it is."

"Speaking of Justin."

"Were we speaking of him?" She asked, grinning again.

"Where is he?" He asked, looking around the beach for the hundredth time.

"He said he had something to do. He was up about an hour ago. He showered and then watched you sleep for a while." She said as she turned and looked him in the eye. "That's fucking strange you know."

"What is?" He asked, he hadn't really been paying attention to her rambling.

"That he likes to watch you sleep." Waving her hand, she continued, "Anyway, after he drooled over you for a while, he suddenly jumped up and yelled at me to tell you to wait for him and he ran out the door. That was twenty minutes ago maybe." She relayed as she opened a beer.

"Tell him when he gets back I'm going to my bungalow to shower and shave." Greg asked as he rubbed his cheek against her face.

"Ouch. That hurts." She complained.

He laughed and headed down the beach towards his bungalow. He heard Britney call out and when he turned he laughed as she pointed to the man in white shorts. White shorts looked at her and she pointed at him again and then at the bungalow door. She turned and walked inside with white shorts running along behind her. He barely made it through the door before it slammed shut.

Shaking his head, he started walking again. When he reached the bungalow, he stripped down and walked into the bathroom. Looking in the mirror, he rubbed his face again. Deciding he really did need a shave, he turned the water on. He started whistling as he shaved. After all these years, his beard was finally beginning to grow more than a few straggling hairs. If it kept growing at this rate, he might have to start shaving every three days instead of once every other week. He was almost finished when he heard someone clapping behind him. It scared him enough that he cut his neck as he spun around. Trying to reach for a towel with one hand while the other tried to cover his naked body.

Blushing deeply, he wrapped the towel around his waist and groaned when he realized the intruder was only Justin.

"It seems I have the best luck in the world when it comes to you and bathrooms." Justin said casually, crossing his arms.

"I'm beginning to get a bit jealous." Greg stated as he turned around checked the cut on his neck.

"Oh really. Why is that?" Justin asked, his eyes roaming over Greg's naked back.

"You've seen me naked twice now and..." He let his voice trail off, allowing the smirk on his face to convey the rest of his meaning.

"I'm sure I could come up with a solution to that problem." Justin said, rubbing his chin thoughtfully.

Greg laughed and threw the towel at Justin before disappearing around the corner of the bathroom. After a few moments, Justin heard the water running and assumed Greg was taking a shower. Sneaking up as quiet as possible, he peered around the corner of the bathroom hoping to catch another glimpse of Greg. But as he poked his head out, Greg stood there grinning, holding a bucket of water in his hands. Justin managed to swear before Greg dumped the entire bucket of water on his head. He didn't even have the decency to fill it with warm water, it was ice cold and Justin stood there shocked.

Finally, he stated blandly, "You're a fucking dick." And with that he started to move. Greg laughed and jumped into the shower with Justin two steps behind.

"You can't come in here." Greg shouted out. "You still have your clothes on."

"It's not like I'm not already wet." Justin rationalized, as he rubbed the water from his hair.

He entered the shower slowly and stood in front of Greg, his lips curled in a grin. Pushing Greg against the shower wall, he grabbed the blonde's hands. Putting them over his head, he pinned Greg against the wall. Greg stopped laughing and just watched Justin curiously. The three-headed shower was spilling warm water on both of them. After the bath of cold water, the warm water felt good on Justin's body. His clothes were stuck to his skin, the water making the fabric almost transparent. Looking down, Greg smiled wickedly. Pressing his body tight against Greg's naked form, Justin returned the grin, his filled with lust. Both were breathing heavy as Justin leaned in and pressed his lips against Greg's. Surrendering to the kiss, Greg opened his mouth and allowed him full access.

Their bodies began grinding together as they kissed. Greg moaned and broke the kiss, ordering, "Get out of those clothes now."

Smiling devilishly, Justin stepped back and let his eyes wander over Greg's naked body. He saw Greg's arousal and saw his blue eyes glazed over as he approached him like a wild animal. Slowly, methodically moving in for the kill.

Justin leaned against the wall and waited on the mercy of his lover to free him. Greg stared into his eyes and his hand caressed the firm stomach while the other hand touched his cheek. Grabbing his shirt, Greg almost ripped it off him in his haste. Throwing the shirt on the floor, he started kissing Justin's chest.

Justin shivered as Greg moved to his neck then slowly, seductively moved to his mouth. That kiss made his knees go weak. The pure unbridled lust he felt threatened to overload his senses. When Greg broke the kiss he immediately started working his way down. First licking and sucking on Justin's nipples, he continued his journey down Justin's body. Justin had his head thrown back and his fists wrapped up in Greg's blonde hair.

Fumbling with the buttons on Justin's shorts, Greg reached inside where he began stimulating Justin's most private parts. Kissing him everywhere, Greg started slowly pulling down the shorts. Justin moaned in expectation as the shorts dropped to the floor. Greg moved down and roughly bit Justin's thigh causing him to lose his balance as his body jerked in pleasure. Greg looked up and their eyes met. He saw something in those eyes that he had never seen before and it scared him. His heart was pounding and he was slightly light-headed. His stomach clenched and a sick feeling of realization of love swept through him. For a moment he fought those feelings. But the longer he gazed into those honest blue eyes; fear melted away and in its place was a burning desire to please. To share in the knowledge of ultimate pleasure.

As they stared at one another, Justin was dealing with his own fears and excitement. The last thing he wanted to happen was to fall in love. But as the wave of love from Greg's eyes washed over him, it swallowed up all his petty fears and doubt. With a growl, Greg attacked him and for a time he lost himself. First in pleasure than with release.

To Be Continued

Most of you might remember this story when it was first posted early in 2002. After re-working some of it and finally editing it, Angel and I decided to re-post it along with the revisions and extra scenes. Please contact us at Wolfflyer26@Yahoo.com or Fireangel197502@Yahoo.com for any comments or questions.

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