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This story is dedicated to the only person that ever broke my heart. You know who you are and you know the lie you live every day. Fear will and has destroyed everything we were, everything we hoped to be. Forgiveness is an act of love and love dies.



BY: RogueWolf/FireAngel

Time stood still Love goes on forever The memory is burned in our hearts forever Time stood still The moment is gone forever But I will love you till Time stands still in our hearts forever Time Stood Still

Sometime later, Justin slowly became aware of his surrounding. They had moved from the shower and onto the bed. They lay there in the moment, Greg collapsing on top of Justin, enraptured in the afterglow. Greg raised up on his elbows and kissed him tenderly.

Justin broke the kiss and breathed deeply, "That was fucking unbelievable."

"I didn't know it could be like that." Greg stammered, trying to catch his breath.

Justin squeezed him tighter and whispered, "I think its only like that when its with the right person."

Greg kissed him again and started to move off Justin who pleaded, "Not yet. Let's stay like this for a while."

Greg smiled in understanding. They didn't speak; words wouldn't be enough to convey the emotions that raged through them. Greg said softly, "I wish this moment would last forever."

Justin nodded in agreement and said, "Maybe it can."

Greg chuckled silently to himself. It was a happy thought but he didn't find it realistic. He was completely happy lying there next to Justin but dark thoughts occupied his mind. Somehow they stayed like that as they fell asleep, wrapped together. Joined by a hope and a prayer for the future.

The ringing of the phone startled Greg and he awoke with a start. Untangling himself from Justin's clutches, he picked it up and said, "Hello."

"Are you guys ever going to stop fucking and come back over here?" Britney asked pleasantly.

"What time is it?" Greg asked as Justin began kissing the small of his back.

"Daytime." Britney said slowly like you would to a child.

He wasn't concentrating on the conversation. He was too busy enjoying the sensation of Justin's mouth on his backside. "We'll be over soon. I promise."

"No we won't." Justin yelled out before returning to licking every inch of Greg's back.

Not waiting to hear a reply, he hung up the phone and rolled over, stating, "That was Britney."

"Fuck her." Justin said between kisses. "I'm busy."

"I know you are. And trust me when I say it feels wonderful." Greg insisted through clenched teeth. "But I'm getting hungry."

Justin rubbed himself on Greg's leg saying, "I've got just the thing for a growing boy to eat."

Greg reached down and said, "As good as this is to eat, I need something a bit more solid."

"It won't take much to get this as solid as you need." Justin replied.

Greg didn't reply so he gave up. Standing up, he felt his chest. "I love sex but sometimes it's so messy."

Greg stood up next to him. "But it's always worth it." He pinched Justin's nipple playfully and ran towards the shower. Laughing, Justin followed him where they proceeded to be very thorough in cleaning each other off.

After dressing, they lazily walked down the beach holding hands. For a few minutes they were silent till Justin nudged Greg and said, "I don't see any people down there."

Shielding his eyes with his hand, Greg said, "I think you're right." Looking at his watch he added, "When she called two hours ago it sounded like the party was in full swing."

"That's strange." Justin mused. "When we're here there's always a party happening."

As they drew closer, they saw Britney standing on the beach with two men. The two men were dressed in suits and Justin started swearing loudly.

"What's wrong? Who are they?" Greg asked, letting go of Justin's hand.

"They're from the record company." Justin explained, grabbing his hand again. "Something must be very wrong if they're bothering us on vacation."

Justin said quietly as they approached the two men, "The tall one is my agent, Jeff Conrad. The other one is my record companies publicist, his name is Peter something or other."

Greg nodded and held on tighter to Justin's hand.

Britney rolled her eyes and said haughtily, "I told you he was just down the beach."

"Hi Justin." Jeff replied curtly. "Hello." Peter stated simply. Neither one looked happy to see him walking down the beach holding hands with some guy.

"What's up?" Justin demanded, more than a bit irritated at their demeanor.

"We need to speak privately to both of you." Jeff stated, glaring at Greg. "Send your boy toy back to where ever it was you found him."

"Wait a fucking minute." Greg exploded angrily.

Justin grabbed his arm and pulled him till they were facing one another, "Could you give me a minute please?"

The anger draining from his face, Greg nodded and stalked away over to the boulders where they had spent the first night talking.

Justin squared himself in front of the two men and crossed his arms saying, "Let's get one thing straight. Don't you ever insult him again, you hear me? And second, what the fuck are you doing here anyway? We have a few days left on vacation."

Jeff answered just as coldly, "What the fuck were you doing yesterday at that restaurant?"

"What?" Justin somewhat taken aback by the question.

"It's all over the place Justin." Peter stated, reciting from the story. "Justin Timberlake of the boy band Nsync was seen in a tropical paradise in the company of an unknown male. After causing a small riot, the two sped away in a Jeep nearly causing several accidents. Justin, who is supposed to be on vacation with girlfriend Britney Spears, was seen consorting all over the island with this unknown male. Sources close to Miss Spears swears she knows nothing of Justin's whereabouts nor condones his actions."

Britney yelled, "Sources close to Miss Spears my ass. That's why you are here, because of some bullshit gossip column?"

"What's the big deal?" Justin asked.

"The big deal is. We made this entire publicity campaign about the two of you." Jeff stated motioning to the two singers. "Going on vacation, presenting you two as a couple. Then a few days later, you're seen in a restaurant where you cause a riot with one of your—friends."

"Of Jesus." Justin shouted, throwing his hands in the air. "So fucking what. Me and my friend." Justin emphasized the word friend. "Were having a nice quiet lunch in a public restaurant. What's the fucking deal? Lot's of people eat in restaurants with friends."

"You two never learn do you." Jeff exploded. "People already think you're gay Justin. That's the whole reason we drummed up this relationship between the two of you in the first god damn place."

Britney chimed in, trying to calm Justin down; "He's here with me now. Let's take some pictures, release to one of the gossip mags. Problem solved. In two days no one will remember Justin and his friend eating in some restaurant."

"This party of yours." Jeff said, waving his hand around the now empty beach. "How many people saw you here?" Looking at Britney he asked, "How many people saw you with that guy? How many people saw Justin with...him?" He spat out, motioning towards Greg.

"We didn't even use our real names." Britney defended their actions. "We've been doing this for years Jeff."

"Doesn't matter." Peter interjected. "Both of you are constantly in the public eye now. People know that he's on the island and it won't take long for all these people to start putting two and two together. Sooner or later one of them will come up with four."

"This is bullshit." Justin yelled out in frustration.

"Justin." Jeff said quietly, trying to reason with the singer. "You understood going into this that you had to keep certain appetites hidden. You agreed to keep your lifestyle secret."

"Nobody saw anything." Justin declared. "I'm always careful in public. You know that Jeff."

"Doesn't matter." Jeff said sadly. "Rumors can destroy careers faster than the truth. And after all, how do you know that he won't run to the papers the minute you leave?"

"He wouldn't do." Justin stated adamantly.

"You don't know that." Jeff replied. "I've seen it happen a million times before. Once the thrill of fucking Justin Timberlake is gone, they start seeing dollar signs and before you know it, they're booked on Jerry Springer telling the world how they spent a wild weekend with Justin Timberlake."

"Not Greg."

"Both of you must return home with us immediately." Jeff stated.

"No." Justin refused.

"You must." Jeff argued. "This comes from the top. We have to nip this in the bud pronto."

"You don't understand." Justin said as tears formed in his blue eyes.

Jeff rolled his eyes, "Justin. You can find a new piece of ass in Orlando. Do you want to throw away your career for a boy you picked up on beach?"

Britney put her arm around Justin and said quietly, "I think he's more than a piece of ass Jeff."


Justin almost whispered, "He's not just a piece of ass."

"What are you saying Justin?" Peter asked.

"I...like him." Justin choked out.

Studying him for a moment, Jeff noticed something he had never seen in all the dealings he had with Justin. He saw indecision and fear where normally he saw confidence. His eyes widened as he saw the truth.


"He's special to me Jeff." Justin declared through his tears that freely fell. "He's smart and funny. He makes me feel like no one ever has. I think I might be falling in love with him."

"Do you think he's worth losing everything for?" Jeff asked, his eyes filled with concern and understanding. But he had a job to do even when he didn't like it. He was not happy at the course he had to pursue.

"I don't know." He replied honestly. "But I would love to find out?"

Jeff rubbed his eyes. "This is all I need. Justin, if he means that much to you. We might be able to work something out later on down the road. But for now. You two must come back with us. We have to control these rumors. We've already booked a few public appearances for you two."

"I'm on vacation." Justin said with a note of finality.

"And you'll stay on vacation." Jeff explained. "But you'll just be in a different hotel and you'll stay by each others side."

Justin shook his head and said adamantly, "I'm not going. You talk to them Brit."

He stormed off leaving them watching his retreating form. Britney sighed loudly and said, "Jeff, I think he's serious. I don't think he'll leave till Greg does."

Jeff watch Justin approach Greg and said compassionately, "I understand. I would hate to have to hide everything I am from everyone. But he understood that going in. He agreed to it and he can't back out now. There is too much riding on his popularity."

"Jeff." Britney argued. "You haven't seen them together. They make a great couple."

"And to millions of record buyers. So do you two. If it's meant to be, this—boy will understand." Jeff said sadly as he watched Justin almost fall into Greg's waiting arms.

"They want me to leave tonight." Justin whispered in Greg's ear.

"I know. I heard." Greg responded softly. "I suppose it's all my fault really. If I hadn't made that scene in the restaurant yesterday we'd still be having fun."

"How were you to know?" Justin said, defending his actions. "Besides. It was fun."

Smiling weakly, Greg leaned back against the boulder as Justin declared, "I'm not going to go back with them."

"You have to." Greg said quickly, trying to find the words to explain why. "I'm leaving tomorrow anyway. It wouldn't accomplish anything but a shitload of trouble for you and for Britney. Cause if you don't go you know she won't."

"I would have one more night with you." Justin said softly, propping himself next to Greg.

"Justin you can't." Greg replied with tears in his eyes.

"Why?" Justin demanded an answer. "Tell me you don't want to spend another night with me?"

"You know I do. But I don't want to do something that hurts your career." Greg told him, "If that happens, you'll only end up resenting me in the end."

"No." Justin denied as he shook his head. "You won't hurt my career. People have been saying I'm gay for years and it hasn't hurt me yet."

Greg took a deep breath, "Justin. I don't know you that well. Let me finish please. I don't know you that well but I know you well enough to know that you were born to sing. I envy that about you. You're twenty years old and you're on top of your profession and still rising. I haven't done anything yet."


"Please let me finish." Greg raised up a hand.

"Fine." Justin said with a deep sigh. "Come with me."


"Come with me to Orlando." Justin said excitedly, like he had figured it all out.

"And do what?" Greg asked, shaking his head.

"Be with me."

"As your boy toy?" Greg asked.

"As my boyfriend, my lover." Justin replied immediately, no hesitation in his voice.

Greg looked at the ocean before saying, "I can't. Remember when I told you I wasn't sure what I was going to do with my dad's company."


"I know now. I'm not gonna sign it over to anyone. I'm going to keep it and run it myself. It's what my dad would have wanted me to do." Greg stated, looking back at Justin.

"That's wonderful." Justin said with a smile. "I was hoping you would."

"Justin, these last two days have been some of the best days of my life." Greg said, with tears welling up in his eyes. "Since my parents death, it's like I've been in a fog. Not feeling, not caring. Just existing. And somehow, someway, you managed to find me in all that shit and somehow lift it. Now I see the sun. You've made me happier that I've ever been but..."

Justin was sobbing by this time and moaned, "But. Why is there always a but?"

"Justin. That over there." Greg said pointed to the threesome watching expectantly at them. "That's your life. Records, money, fame. My life won't fit into your life. My life is in New York."

"We could make it work, make time to see each other." Justin threw out ideas, wiping away tears.

"There is one other problem." Greg said softly, pulling his last card out. Hating himself for what he was about to say.


"I understand the reason you have to keep your sexuality a secret. I do. But that won't work for me."


"For one thing." Greg answered as he ticked off items on his fingers. "People know I'm gay. I've never tried to hide it. You being around me, seen in public with me would give it all away. Second, I don't want to live my life behind closed doors in secret. Sneaking into hotel rooms, never being able to go out on a proper date. Always having to lie to everyone about the person I'm dating. I can't do it."

Justin didn't want to hear it but he understood. "I wish we could go back in time to when we were in bed together this morning." He sobbed out. "To somehow stop time and live in that one perfect moment forever."

Greg took off his watch and threw it in the ocean, saying, "I've lived my life a slave to time. I wish when I threw that watch in the ocean that time would just stand still for us. But it didn't work. Time moves on, second by second. Time can't stand still for us."

Justin faced him and stated clearly, "I love you. You know that? More than anything in my life that is one thing I know."

"Sometimes love isn't enough." Greg whispered.

Justin stammered, "We could make it enough. Somehow if we only try."

"I can't. It would be too hard. You, having to hide the fact that you love me. Between your career and my company, when would we find the time to live that secret?"

"We'd make time." Justin cried.

"Even if we did, what would we be then?" Greg mused. "What?"

"If we love each other, wouldn't that be enough?" Justin yelled.

"Not for me. I want to fall asleep in your arms every night. I want to live my life with you. I don't want you to be a perpetual guest in my life. I won't accept stolen moments with you whenever our schedules allow. And I can't ask you to give up all that you are just to make me happy."

"I'd do it." Justin said softly. "I'd give it all up to have a life with you."

Greg grabbed his hand and held them tightly against his chest. "You wouldn't be happy doing that."

"Yes I would. If it meant I was with you, I would be happy." Justin declared bravely, though he wasn't sure of the words he spoke.

"For a time. Maybe. But you would miss the excitement of performing, recording, touring. Your friends, everything that you are. And you would grow to hate me for making you give it all up." Greg said gently. "I can't live with the thought of that happening."

"This isn't fair." Justin whined.

"Justin, I learned long ago that life is seldom fair."

"So that's it?" Justin spat as he pulled his hands away from Greg's grip. "It's over. Just walk away and pretend that I don't love you or that you don't love me?"

"No. I won't pretend I don't love you. In another time some other where, maybe everything would be different. But this is here." Greg stated sadly as he waved his hand around the beach. "This is now. Now is the only time we have to use."

"Fuck that." Justin spat angrily. "Fuck you and fuck that. You're just scared of it all. Your scared of me."


"No." Justin stated evenly. "We'll do it your way. We'll just go and act like none of this happened."

"I'll miss you." Greg said softly, giving up.

Justin turned around and stated over his shoulder, "See ya Greg."

Greg watched him storm towards the bungalow and the people who were waiting patiently for his return. As Justin walked away, Greg whispered softly, "I love you Circus Boy."

February 18th 2010

The room was silent as Greg finished his tale. Mrs. Winterborne sat there in shock, tears streaming down her wizened cheeks. She had always known about Greg's sexuality but never fathomed the pain he had locked away for so long. All her motherly instincts told her to rush over and hold him, comfort him, take away the pain she saw in his eyes. But she knew he wouldn't appreciate it.

So instead, she wiped her eyes with her kerchief and asked, "So what happened after that?"

Greg sniffled and replied softly, "I returned to New York the next day. Took over my fathers company. Justin continued having success singing with Nsync and then later he enjoyed a solo career. A few weeks after I returned, Justin called and apologized for how we left it on that beach. I think Britney had something to do with that more than anything else did. He said he understood my reasons and that he still loved me. We tried to stay in touch but with his busy schedule and me burying myself in work. It was hard. After a while, the calls just stopped. It was easier not to talk."

Greg stood up and grabbed the picture. Walking over to the table underneath the picture of his parents, he placed the picture on it. Turning around, he continued, "Britney and I still keep in touch when she comes to New York. We have dinner, catch up on our lives. But now that she has kids, she doesn't make it here very often."

"Did Justin ever find someone else?" She asked him, curious about such a sad tale.

"After he came out, he had several highly publicized affairs but they didn't last long. I don't know about now. He's pretty much faded from the spotlight." Greg answered, pouring another shot of Scotch in his glass.

She approached the table and looked at the picture. It was a picture of Greg and Justin sitting at a table, their arms around each other with the ocean in the background. Greg had a shocked look on his face and Justin was grinning from ear to ear. Justin had inscribed on it.

Happy Birthday and best wishes

Love always,

Circus Boy

"He went back for it while you were sleeping." She said sadly.

"He must have. All these years later and he finally sends me a copy." Greg said, looking at the picture fondly. "But he was gorgeous wasn't he?"

"So were you." She said with a smile. "I've never seen you look so happy before. No wonder you've stayed single all these years."

He smiled weakly and admitted, "That fucker stole my heart. I guess I never really found it again. I guess I figured, why settle for anyone else? Besides, I don't think I have a heart to give anymore."

"You shouldn't say that." She chided him. "You care about people more than anyone I've ever met. You have so much love to give inside you if you'd only remember how."

He turned and stared out the window. She shook her head and said, "You should call him. Who knows, maybe it's the right time."

"I don't know how to get in touch with him. Besides, I'm sure he's found someone by now." Greg rationalized.

"You mean just like you have." She said in a motherly tone. "He sent this picture to you for a reason. Call him Gregory."

"Thank you for letting me talk to you Mary. See you on Monday." Greg offered, not turning around to let her see the tears in his eyes.

"Happy birthday Gregory."

"Thank you. Have a great weekend." He said as he faced her, showing him a weak smile.

After she left the room, he took one last look at the picture. With regret in his heart, he shut the lights off and walked down the hall. As he waited for the elevator, he looked at his watch. Wondering why Justin had waited so long to contact him, after all these years why now. And he wondered how he knew it was his birthday.

The elevator dinged, the doors opening smoothly. His eyes grew wide and he stammered out, "Circus Boy."

"Happy Birthday." Justin said shyly.

"What are you..."

Justin shook his head and reached for Greg's arm. After a moment, he took off Greg's watch from his wrist. Throwing on the floor, he stomped on it till it shattered in hundreds of little pieces. Looking into Greg's eyes, he whispered, "Time can finally stand still for us."

Greg's face lit up and he leaned in and kissed Justin passionately. They melted into each other's arms and became one finally.

The End

Most of you might remember this story when it was first posted early in 2002. After re-working some of it and finally editing it, Angel and I decided to re-post it along with the revisions and extra scenes. Please contact us at Wolfflyer26@Yahoo.com or Fireangel197502@Yahoo.com for any comments or questions.

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