Time Will Pass You By

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CHAPTER 4 - "You're a superstar, yes that's what you are, you know it."

I woke up in my hotel room and immediately felt that damn-awful pounding in my head. It make me want to scream. I reached for the bedside table with my eyes still closed and felt around for my watch, knocking over my wallet and change with it. I looked down at the watch and realised it was almost twelve-thirty. I was supposed to be at the photo-shoot by one. I grabbed some clothes and quickly threw them on. I decided that they'd just have to work extra hard at hair and makeup. I ran down the hall, into the elevator and asked reception to book me a limo immediately. I waited in the bright, clean and modern lounge and lit a cigarette to calm me down. I contemplated the fact that I had only until tomorrow morning to see the guys once more before it would be three weeks until we could get the recording of "Adrift" finished, because of my US tour and the fact that I had to go back to the UK at some point. I stubbed out my cigarette and walked to the main entrance. A gorgeous white limo pulled up and I stepped in.

The photo shoot went fabulously. There were some classy black and white photos taken, some fun action photos and some sexy, sultry photos. I'd never looked better than in these photographs. I was feeling quite pleased with myself. As vain as I was, photo shoots were so much fun. Besides, as a child, I hadn't ever really been very attractive, I'd had to grow into it. I had a quote which I often used with people who scoffed at my vanity, "Vain people aren't at fault, they just realize how attractive they really are" - Besides, in this day and age, surely people would be better off all appreciating their looks rather than criticizing themselves?

I got a limo back to the hotel and walked up to my room. The red "messages" light on my hotel phone was flashing so I dialed the message service and heard the familiar voice of Lance on the other end,

"Hey Jonathan, this is Lance. We know we've only got until tomorrow to see you again so we wondered if you would like to come over to our Hotel and we could discuss some ideas for the recording of the song and stuff. We're staying in the Radisson just a few blocks from you, well, you'll know where it is. We have the whole of the 8th floor, it's a penthouse so you'll need to pick up a key from the front desk, because the elevator won't stop on the 8th floor unless you have the key for it. The people on front desk will ask for a password, it's "Shocked" - I thought it was appropriate. Well, bye!" With that, the message service clicked off and I placed the handset back down. I decided that I had better get changed so I picked out a nice pair of beige trousers and a dark green short-sleeved shirt and studied myself in the mirror. I decided that I looked okay, and I was only going to a hotel room so that would do. I picked up my black leather jacket which I loved (Inspired, once again, by Madonna herself. Take a look at her "True Blue" album cover)

When I arrived at the Radisson I looked around at the rather expensive looking lobby and walked up to the girl on the check-in desk who was smiling rather happily

"Hi!" I exclaimed, breezily, "Could I possibly have the elevator key for floor eight?"

"Certainly sir," she stated, "Could I have the password please?"

Feeling in rather a good mood, I started to sing "Shocked" and her eyes lit up

"I knew I recognized you!" she smiled, "You're Jonathan aren't you? I love your music!"

I thanked her for her comments, agreed to sign a piece of paper for her and took the elevator key. She explained that once inside the elevator there would be a slot for the key next to the 8th floor elevator button, all I had to do was slot it in and press the button for the 8th floor. Thanking her again, I made my way to the four elevators grouped together and pressed the call button. I heard the soft whirring of mechanics and soon the doors opened. The elevator was empty, and I slotted in the card and pressed for the 8th floor. It wasn't long before the doors opened again and I was immediately struck as I was greeted by a beautiful entrance plaza - the marble floors were complimented by soft, beige lighting and in the middle of the plaza was a large fountain and a set of stairs leading to what I believed was a set of bedrooms. I made my way to another set of doors and opened them to see a large, spacious lounge area with a beautiful view of the city of Seattle. Lance, Justin and JC were sat on a large couch watching MTV, and Chris and Joey were raiding the not-so-mini Minibar. Chris looked decidedly tipsy. I made my presence known by shouting a cheery "Hi" and suddenly all eyes were on me. Justin jumped up and led me into the lounge area.

"This is a gorgeous suite," I said, "I mean, I'm only in business class. I'll have to have words with my manager"

"It is rather nice, isn't it?" laughed Justin, "even just for the MTV"

"I love MTV" I responded, "Especially anytime I get to see Madonna"

"Oh no, not another Madonna lover," quipped JC, "Joey believes Madonna is the most attractive female on earth..."

"Well, she is..." spoke Joey, "Did you even see the "Beautiful Stranger" video?"

"She is okay but I always know when it is," said an incoherent Chris, "Did I have much to many drink?"

"Oh dear..." I laughed, "Somebody just lost all knowledge of the use of English grammar..."

"I know," laughed Lance, coming to the point of hysterics, "he's so drunk"

With that I had the perfect opportunity to let my evil, sarcastic side come out, "Oh no, wait, he's American, sorry, I forgot."

Four well aimed pillows flew at me.

"Sorry, Mr. 'I'm from England therefore I am superior'," mocked Justin, "I didn't realize."

"I didn't realize that someone like you could use a word like superior" I replied, which was inevitably met with an icy glare.

I sat down and watched MTV with Justin, Lance and JC. I loved MTV. There was something about popular culture that intrigued me. Maybe, that's why I had become a star myself. I loved exploring culture. Even when I had been in school, I had wanted to take a popular culture degree at University, but logic won out and instead I had started to take an 'English Literature with Latin' course. My parents had always wanted me to do a 'serious' job. When I finally got the opportunity to record my demo tape and send it off, they hadn't been best pleased. Even now, while I can be selling thousands of copies a day of singles or albums, they still look down upon what I chose for a career. Every day I had to pinch myself - leading this life - how did it happen? Was I lucky in that I managed to get signed to Maverick? Was I lucky in that people actually wanted to buy my records, no matter how challenging I might get? Was I lucky in that people didn't care that I was bisexual? Sometimes, I wished I had taken the popular culture course, just so that I could answer those questions. I began to think more deeply when my thoughts were interrupted by a raucous amout of laughter from Joey.

"Chris just spilt drink," he roared, "look at him"

I turned round to be greeted with the image of Chris sitting on the floor with an empty bottle of some alcoholic substance in his hand and his face dripping with that same substance. It was a very very *very* comical image and one which was met by me with hysterical laughter.

"Please," laughed JC, "It is so not that funny"

"Oh it is," I replied, still laughing uncontrollably, "Look at him, he looks about two years old!"

Suddenly, Lance stood up, stretched, and stared right down at me with his piercing green eyes, "We need to get the song sorted out," he stated, "Shall we discuss some ideas?"

"Oh fuck the song, we can do it another time," I replied, making a mental note of Lance's face as I used the word 'fuck', "Let's go out for a meal or something. That would be more fun. Especially with Chris drunk."

"Yeah, come on Scoop," agreed Justin, "Let's have some fun!"

Then it struck me. I *had* to finish the song. Freddie would not be a happy man if I didn't get most of it done in the next few weeks, and working on it now would get me in the clear. I always missed deadlines, and Freddie always had to cover up for me. This time, I wanted to take responsibility, I wanted to show that I could be responsible when it was needed.

"Actually guys, on second thought, we really should work on the song," I stated, bringing myself out of my thoughts and into reality. Their faces looked very disappointed. Then I had a brainwave. If I went into the studio with just one guy, I could get enough done, "In fact guys, only one of you needs come into the studio with me. The others can go out." That was met by sighs of relief.

"I'll go," spoke Joey, quite out of the blue, "I suppose I'm usually the one that always goes out. I should be the one to do some work this time."

"Naw man," replied a concerned Justin, "You love clubbing. I'll go."

JC snorted and caustically remarked, "Please, do we want our duet to progress our not?" Justin shot him a icy glare.

"No, it's okay," said Joey, stepping in on a developing fight, "I'll go. I'm fine with it. Don't you guys worry about it. Go out, have fun!"

CHAPTER 5 - "When you can't find the music... just get down and boogie"

The studio was very quiet. Pieces of paper with rough lyrics were laid down all over the place and I had to search for a few minutes before I found the master tape. Popping it into a player, I took off my jacket and sat down in front of the mixing desk. I pulled out my cigarettes and lit one, offering one to Joey. He smiled and turned it down with a polite gesture.

"Sorry I dragged you here," I apologized to Joey, "But I need to get this done before I fly out tomorrow. It's so difficult to please my manager. I must admit, I'm not very good with deadlines."

"It's okay," he responded, messing a little with the mixer, "I don't mind. Geez Jonathan, how do you produce your records? It's so difficult! How do you know what all these buttons do?"

I had to laugh, "Number one: I have no idea what they do, like most producers. Number two: I co-produce, and I still don't have much input then and number three: It isn't all that difficult!"

Joey nodded at my answer, seemingly accepting it. He grabbed another chair and slowly pulled it towards mine. He slowly lowered his head and rested it on the mixing desk, sighing as he did so. He looked so innocent just lying there. It was obvious he was very tired, hell, this whole business was tiring. But there was something about Joey when he was lying there, it was so, well, beautiful. I'd never admitted it to myself before, but I found myself thinking about how much I was attracted to him. In the short time I had known him, I was becoming more and more attached to him, almost besotted in some schoolgirl crush. It wasn't like me at all to feel that way, I'd always been very good at blocking out emotions, even when I was in a relationship, let alone when I wasn't in one. But there was something more to Joey than how he looked, he had a sort of ethereal quality about him. Realising I was letting my mind think too much (Something I had guarded against since I was a child) I pulled myself away from my thoughts and patted Joey on the back, in a move which suggested that we'd better get moving. Joey sat up and picked up a piece of paper with a set of lyrics on them.

"I'm obsessed about obsession, I'm thinking about thinking... what's this Jonathan?" he asked, studying the lyric sheet.

"It's a song which is slowly developing for my new album. I want to enter some new territory. I want my next album to be a little more cathartic rather than something I just knocked up. Although I put a lot of work into my first album, it still feels rushed." With that I stood up, snatching the sheet away. I studied some of the lyrics and smiled, for anyone to read these would help them learn a little more about me, which is something I didn't really want. There were many songs on that sheet about how my mind works, and about how I get hurt in love (even though I hadn't actually experienced that, since I shut myself off from the emotion in a relationship, it was a fear of being hurt that made me do it, I supposed) I decided to lighten the stuffy mood that was developing, "So, what's 'N Sync's plans for the next year then?"

"Oh please, don't," he laughed, "I don't want to think about it."

Feeling slightly disappointed about his lack of communication, I went about sorting out some mixing for the song.

CHAPTER 6 - "A message from heaven, a signal from hell..."

A few hours had passed and both myself and Joey were extremely tired. We'd managed to get a lot done, and become a little closer in the process. I'd learned a little more about him, and he'd learned a miniscule amount about me, although I padded it out a little, making him believe I'd said more than I really had. Thinking about this, I gathered up a few more lyric sheets and folded them into my pockets. I handed one song to Joey, entitled "If You Believe In Me", along with a cassette.

"What's this?" he questioned, taking it from my hands, slightly unsure.

"It's for you. I want the group to have it... it's a song I wrote. It won't fit on my next album, but I think it's more in the style of 'N Sync. The chords and musical annotation are all written down, and there's a demo tape of it too. Take it and decide." With that I flashed him a smile, meaning I truly wanted him to have it, "Besides," I added, "I'd like to see my name in the credits of an 'N Sync album!"

"Thank you so much!" he enthused, "That's so nice. I'm sure we'll love it! I like the lyrics... If you believe in me, you trust in me, I'll give you it back. If you love me true, and hold me close to you

I'll be yours forever."

"See what I mean," I laughed, "It's not a groundbreaking song, but it's a good album track. It's got a nice rhyme, the track is quite smooth and soothing..."

Joey smiled, stood up, and waded past a multitude of wires and connectors hanging out from a side wall. I saw him get his left arm caught in one but warning him was too late, he'd taken another stride and found his left arm didn't want to walk with him. He tripped up and tore out a few cables with him, leaving him dazed on the floor. I immediately ran over to him to help him up. He shook his head, preferring to lie on the floor. I stroked his arm, trying to make him feel better, and he stared at me intently. I flashed him a sympathetic smile, and continued stroking his arm, softly.

Sometimes in life, things can't be explained. Sometimes, there will be a connection between two people which was never expected and which was never intended. This was one of those times. Joey lifted his head to mine, and, without a sound, pressed his lips against mine. His soft lips softly rubbed against mine, causing me to respond by opening my mouth a little wider and taking his tongue in, massaging it slowly with mine. Finally, I broke the kiss.

"What happens now?"

Joey lowered me down, and kissed me again...


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