Disclaimer: This story is completely fictional. There is no implication on the true sexuality of the celebrities, dead or alive, mentioned.


<< Somewhere out there >>

He lies awake, alone, on his bed staring up to the ceiling. He is physically there, but his mind - as usual for almost every single night - is some place else.

He remembers clearly all the good and bad times he had with the man he loved so dearly. He loves him just as much now, maybe even more. He would give everything he has, just to guarantee the happiness of his love. But for some reasons he cannot understand, they are not together any more. What is left, is only the precious memories.

He and his man used to lie under the starry sky, mindlessly chatting about each and every thing. His love would hold his hand - nothing special, just holding hands. Yet he felt contented. Warmth washed over him, feeling like he has found his eternal resting place. The strength and the love of his man was the shield to protect him from all harm. Not that he was weak, he simply felt safe being loved by this man of his.

He has hold other men's hands. But those did not feel right. He wonders now, after these years, how did this man ruin him for other men? And yet, he is sure he wants this particular man more than any other. This one is truly the one and only for him.

<< Another place, same time >>

For him, it is just another night cruising the bars. Not really there to find a hot body for the night, but to search for a previously escaped prey. He is attractive, which he knows well. No, he is not arrogant, he just knows how much he himself worthes.

Friends, close or otherwise, have asked, "Why don't you find someone to settle down? Is that you have your eyes on someone you can't get, or simply that you enjoy 'Changing Partners' too much?"

It never fails to bring a bitter grin on his boyish handsome face hearing that. He did enjoy such kind of lifestyle - until he met his predator. Of course he remembers. It was a hot summer night in one of these bars. He was caught by the eyes looking at him from a distance, sparkles firing off that pair of eyes. As if drawn by magnets, he soon found himself moving towards the object of his attention - like a moth attracted by fire. Then, the mating ritual began - him being devoured like what he did to others.

When the hunter becomes the hunted, he then realized how much he has longed for such a turn of role - to be lustfully desired and conquered. But it takes someone special to do that. And now, after that one seemingly ordinary night encounter, his fate is doomed. He cannot feel complete unless surrendering himself. He has met several potential ones after that night, but none is the fated one.

<< Same time, in another bedroom >>

Waking up with a start, he finds himself sweating heavily. The dream - more precisely the nightmare - has been vivid yet surreal.

He goes to the bathroom to relieve his bladder. He looks into the mirror in the bathroom and stare at his own face. He looks terrible. Frankly he is a goodlooking guy by any common standard - some may consider him dreamingly handsome. He will however - and will only - try to look his best for his love. Now that his love is gone, he just does not care how he looks.

Staring at the face in the mirror, he remembers the old times. Unconsciously, his right hand traces the shape of his lips recalling the sweet lips of his love kissing his own. His left hand tenderly rubs his chest through the loose white tee he is wearing, lightly pinches the quarter-size nipples. Letting out a quiet moan, he drops the other hand from his lips to his waist and lifts up the tee. Both hands simultaneously rubs and caress the flat abdominal muscles, lingering on each of the defined muscle, tracing the outline - the way his love did during their previous love-making sessions. In his lonely mind, it is his love coming back, kissing his abs, sucking on his nipples, hands rubbing on the bulge in his boxer shorts.

Waves of sexual sensation shoot through his spine. Quivering hard, he supports his weight with both hands on the sink while his legs are giving in to the intense orgasm he is experiencing. It is like all the times with his love. Though imagining his lover can never be as good as having the person physically there, but this is something he has to put up to. He has just made a mess in his boxer, but he does not care. He just takes it off and dump it into the laundry basket. Now that he is physically tired after the long-needed release of sexual tension, he sincerely hopes he can get back to sleep - with the nightmare of losing his love behind his mind.

End of Prologue

Author's note: Guys out there who're waiting for part 3 of this story (I hope at least there will be a few), I apologize for the delay. I'm working on it. It runs longer than I originally intended to. However I feel it's the best to elaborate more about Drew and his date. After all, he's one of the main character.

As you may have figured out by now, English is not my native language and I spend quite alot of time on correcting spelling mistakes, typing errors and grammatic faults. Please bear with me for slow posting, any mistake I've missed and those badly written dialogues.

Oh yeah, there will surely be sex scenes. Yet this story will mainly be my pathetic fantasy of romance concerning some of the celebrities that I believe are hot. I'm not good at writing such erotic scenes but I'll try my best - that is, another thing to apologize in advance.

I have the storyline laid down already, but it can always be changed if there're some good suggestions. The only reason for writing this short prologue, is to make it more interesting. I hope adding some previews to the characters and creating some mysteries will get you more interested.

I want to thank you Lady Poetess - the author of the excellent series The Gentlemen's Club. If you are looking for some good reading material, this is a series that you can't afford to miss. In fact, it is this series which inspire me to write a fantasy of celebrities where they're gay/bi-sexual and where they're ordinary people doing ordinary jobs.

Anyways, give me some response if you like the story. Thanks for reading and being patient with me.

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