Disclaimer: This story is completely fictional. There is no implication on the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned.

The Accident

Lying in the living room of his own apartment, Jason laughs to himself. At the age of 27, he is quite successful in his career, not bad looking with a nice body, nice personality, but yet alone.

Tonight, Jason feels pathetic. Trying to replace the broken light bulb in the bathroom while standing on the stall, he slipped and fell off, bumped his head on the wall and twisted his left ankle. When he came around from the dizziness from hitting the wall, he thought he would be okay as the bleeding on his forehead wasn't too bad. But as he made it back in the living room, the swelling in his ankle hurt too much for him to go anyway further.

And now, after calling 911 and dragging himself to open the door, Jason awaits for the ambulance.

"Maybe the paramedic guys would be cute." a silent chuckle from Jason. Yeah, he has been gay for as long as he can remember. The years of clubbing and wasting himself on one night stands have passed. Now he wants a relationship. Ideally, a relationship that can last into his elder years. If not, at least memories that he can recall for the rest of his life, like a great novel.

Sound of footsteps comes down from the hallway through the open door. Two paramedics come thru the door with a wheelchair.

"Are you Mr Behr?", the first guy asks.

"Yup, that's me"

"How's your ankle? Hurting bad?" says the second guy while kneeling down to check Jason's ankle.

"If he's not hurting bad, wouldn't he have called for us? Stop asking stupid questions and get to work" says the first guy playfully. Obvious to the world that these two are good friends and have been working together for a long time.

Jason gets a better look at the first guy and find him incredibly cute. And that little dimple makes him thinks he's just seen angel. Name tag on his uniform says "Andrew J. Lachey".

"It looks kinda bad. Seems more than just a twist to me." The second guy looks up after his inspection on Jason's ankle. There is geniue concern in his beautiful blue eyes.

"Okay, let's put him on the wheelchair and get going. Better have him in doc's care quick. Besides, our shift is almost over." Jason notices the wink in this Andrew's eye when he says that.

"Anything you say, D." agreed the second guy.

"Okay, Sugar, on the count of 3. 1.. 2.. 3!"

They lift Jason off the floor together and put him on the wheelchair. They do it so effortlessly like Jason is light as a feather. Seems like both of them are physically fit. Jason can feel firm and toned muscles under their uniforms.

"Wow! Could this really be my lucky day? They're so good-looking. Too bad, I will only be seeing them on the ride to the hospital." Jason can only see "Jeffrey" on the second guy's name tag.

It is not until they are down to the streets that Jason realizes what that Andrew called Jeffrey back in his apartment. "Sugar... Could there be anything going on between the two of them?"

"Snap out of it, you idiot! Even if they aren't an item, there's got nothing to do with you. They may be cute, but it doesn't mean either of them will be gay and much less falling for you. You're just a pathetic lonely guy who twists your ankle while try to replace a light bulb." Although Jason is trying hard to convincing himself to think otherwise, he cannot help but notice how gorgeous this Jeffrey looks. Andrew is cute like a ken doll but Jeffrey is an head-turning male specimen and more attractive towards Jason.

After putting Jason onto the back of the embulance, Andrew moves to the front of the vehicle leaving Jason alone with Jeffrey.

"Let's get going, Tony." Andrew says. Jason hears something like a whisper from Andrew "He's a hottie." He wonders if that is only his own wishful thinking. Jeffrey seems to have heard the remark and blushes a little when Jason looks in his direction.

"It won't take long to get there and you're just going to be fine." Jeffrey offers.

"Thanks. Sorry for causing you guys any trouble. I'm just too clumsy sometimes. Mmm... Jeffrey." Jason looks at Jeffrey's name tag again and sees "B. Timmons".

"Call me Jeff, please. That really is no trouble at all. This is our last call before end of tonight's shift. Isn't it, ANDREW?"

"You know I hate it when you call me like that!" Andrew's voice coming from the front seats.

Jeff nods his to Andrew's direction and says "My best bud here prefers others to call him 'Drew'. I'm actually rather lucky to be still alive for calling him 'Andrew'." He emphasizes with a wink.

"Am I just imaginating things here? This hot guy seems to be explaining their relation to me so I don't get the wrong idea. And what's that wink for? Is he flirting with me? No it can't be..." Jason wonders.

Another deep masculine voice from the front seats says "Guys, we seem to have a little traffic here. Maybe it'll take us another 15 to 20 minutes to get to the hospital."

"That's alright, Tony. Just drive safe." Jeff responds.

"No, that's not alright, man! I need time to get ready for my date!" Drew restorts.

"It's only six thirty now and your date is at nine. Don't whine like a child or I'll tell your bro to spank you." Jeff jokes.

"Nick won't listen to you, Jeff. Besides, we don't do kinky stuff like spanking since we're not you." Drew teases.

Jason just sits there, and listens to these two teasing each other. It does bring a smile to his face after his little accident in the bathroom.

"These two looks like good friends to hangout with." Jason thinks. He takes the time to study more of Jeff's beautiful face. Brown hair cut short, blue twinkling eyes. Jeff's smile is sweet and soothing - well, at least Jason forgets the pain from his ankle when he sees the smile on Jeff's face. And he smiles so oftenly.

"Maybe the mighty one sends this angel to cheer me up." Jason thinks. However suddenly, he has this emptiness inside. What happens to him now after seeing this dream man? Jeff's going to return to his seperate life after dropping him off at the hospital. This thought scares Jason. They have not even spoken more than five sentences to each other, and yet Jason's mind is already clinging onto Jeff like a moth to a fire.

Jeff gives Jason another warm smile looking at his way, "Sorry, it this bugs you. But Drew is always acting like a child and I need to take care of him when his bro is not around."

Just then, Tony's voice comes in again. "Okay, we're finally here. Let's get the business over with."

Once off the ambulance, Drew whisper to Jeff, "Man, I need to run first. Can you handle this by yourself? Oh, yes. Can I have the keys to your jeep for tonight? Tony said it's okay to give you a ride home?"

"Can I say 'No' to you, buddy? Just be careful with my jeep. I can't afford to have it damaged."

"You have my word, man. See you at home then." With Drew runs off with Jeff's keys.

"We, argh..., share an apartment." Jeff states matter-of-factly while pushing Jason's wheelchair to the doctors. Jason can't help but wonders Jeff's intention to make things so clear to him. After all, he's just another "accident" in their everyday life.

"The swelling is bad but I can see no serious damage. X-ray has been taken, nothing is broken. However, I still suggest you to stay a night here until the swelling subsides tomorrow. But of course it is not a must, if you have something urgent to attend to." The doctor says.

"Nope. I don't think I'm going anywhere with my ankle swells like a oversize softball." Jason says.

"Good." Doc says. Turning to Jeff at the corner of the examination room, he says, "Timmons, you mind helping this softball over here to check in?"

"Not a problem, doc." Jeff offers.

It is only quarter past eight. The ward is strangely quiet - no as Jason will have imagined. He himself seems to be the only one in this ward. He recalls the events in the past two hours in his mind. He still cannot make out the reason why Jeff seems to explaining everything between him and Drew. It is almost as if Jeff wants Jason to know that they are not involved romanticly. But why does Jeff care so much about what Jason thinks of them. Can it be that Jeff finds Jason attractive like Jason thinks of him?

End of Part 01

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