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Stay The Night

"Hey there!" a low voice coming from the door.

Jason looks up and sees Jeff there, smiling brightly like a grade school kid, holding two plastic cups.

"I thought you were off." Jason asks.

"Yeah, I'm off now. It's kinda early to go home. You don't mind some company, do you?" Jeff smiles again.

"This guy really loves to smile." Jason makes a mental note himself.

"Thanks. I can really use the company since I'm stuck here tonight." Jason says thinking the night turns out much better than he's expected. Inside a hospital ward does not seem to be the most perfect place to spend with this gorgeous man, but right now Jason is willing to give his whole left leg to earn more time looking at this man's dizzling smile.

"I got us some coffee - just don't tell the doc I give you un-prescribed caffeine." Jeff speaks again.

"Do I look like someone who's going to tell on others?"

"Just to make sure... Anyways, looks like you're pretty lonely in here."

"Yeah... Thanks for reminding me that I look pathetic and stupidly alone here by myself." Jason says jokingly. He gives Jeff the once over when Jeff comes over to his bed.

Watching Jeff putting down the cups, taking off his jacket, Jason is amazed. Jeff looks good in his work clothes; but in his street clothes, he is breath-taking. Not just the turtleneck he's wearing shows off his well-built torso, but the dark-blue color brings off the blue sparkles in his eyes as well. "I can spend my whole night watching this man - maybe even my whole life." Jason thinks to himself.

"I like my coffee black, hope you do too." Jeff says offering Jason the coffee. He then sits down on the chair right next to the bed.

"Just the way I like it." Jason takes a sip from his coffee. "Tastes good."

"Can I ask you something?" Jeff asks, a bit awkwardly.


"I'm gay and find you very attractive. I totally understand that you may not be feel the same. Heck, you probably are straight. I just want to stay and chat with you. Do you mind that?" Jeff blurts out, almost rumbling, while looking down to his shoes. Moving his head up abit, he sees the shock on Jason's face.

Jason is in shock. This prefect vision of a man in front of Jason just confessed his sexuality and his attraction towards Jason. It can also mean that an opportunity for Jason, for his dream of a relationship - well at least there is mutual attraction between the two of them. However, his shock over the situation is not helping.

"I might as well leave now." Jeff says standing up, bittered. The expression on Jason's face is mistaken as rejection.

"No, no..." Jason says. Trying to get off the bed and stop Jeff from leaving, "I don't mind at all. I'm just..."

"That's alright. I'm used to it."

"No, you don't understand. I really don't mind at all. I'm gay myself."

Jeff looks at Jason puzzled. "Are you just saying that to make me feel better?"

"I really mean it. I was just shocked when you told me. Never expected you just say it." Jason sees the expression on Jeff's face changes to relief. "Now, can you sit down please? Or do I need to get off the bed to drag you back and be my company?"

Jeff sits down giving a silly smile.

"Are you attached?" Jeff asks.

"Naw. Haven't met the right guy yet. Why you ask?"

"Just wondering. I was kinda hoping you're gay too - or at least bisexual - so that I can ask you out for a date."

Jason looks at Jeff, eyes wide open.

"What? Did I just say something wrong?"

"No, you didn't. I'm starting to think whether this's a dream or not."

"What so?"

"Fact is, I'm attracted by you as well. I was wondering if i could ever see you again and might be get to know you better. Never expected I'd be asked to go out on a date with you. Things really come rather surprisingly tonight."

"I'll take that as a 'yes' for my question." Jeff shows his perfect smile again.

"Did I say 'no'?" Jason smiles too.

"Is there, or was there, anything going on between you and Drew?" Jason asks after taking another sip at his coffee.

"Getting jealous already?" Jeff jokes, "No, he's like my kid brother. He never tells me but I guess he maybe bi."

"You've known each other for a long time? I don't want to be nosy but just curious."

"His elder brother, Nick, and I used to play football together back in highschool and we dated for about two years. In fact, I've known Nick for as long as I can remember. They live down the street from my home. We went to the same schools before college. Drew pretty much tagged along when we hang out. He was a cool kid and we didn't really mind having him in our gang." Jeff starts his story...

"I started to realize I was gay at about 12 or 13. Back then I didn't have any special feelings towards Nick. But during the summer I turned 17, my feeling for him changed. I was scared, more about losing his friendship if he found out than the change of my feelings."

"Drew had always been a good listener to me. I didn't know why but I told him about my worries. He took it really well for a 14 year-old kid. He even commented on guys we saw if Nick wasn't around, just like he was saying things about girls he saw. Instantly, I grew closer to him as friends than Nick. Part of the relief of his acceptance and part of avoiding Nick so that he wouldn't find out about my feelings."

"Things took an interesting turn there. Nick felt my changing of attitude towards him and Drew. Being the more aggressive one among us three, Nick cornered me in the lockerroom after football practice one day."

"He asked me whether I've been doing anything to Drew. I was puzzled at his words and didn't know how to response. He went on about knowing I was gay and noticing how I was getting closer to Drew and drifting apart with him. On one hand, he sounded mad and jealous; and on the other hand, he worried to his guts what I was up to with Drew. He loved his brother alot."

"I started to calm him down stating that I treated Drew like my own brother as much as he did. And then I saw a tear started to roll down on Nick's face. Then he confessed he's been in love with me secretly for over two years. He was afraid that he would lose me to Drew. He continued on how much he loved me and how he always considered us as a couple. I was moved, deeply. He always looked like the tough guy on the outside but I only realized how fragile he was emotionally."

"Things worked fine for two years after our little confession in the lockerroom. We were still hanging out together with Drew, but the bond between us has actually gone stronger."

"So why did you two break up?" Jason asks.

"Like most highschool couples. We drifted apart when we went to seperate college. I came here to study and settled down. When Drew started college he chose a college in this county. Nick sent him to stay with me so I can be his elder brother in his absence. Drew and I started sharing an apartment since then. Nick and I keep in touch and are still best friends."

Both of them keep on some small talk, exchange information about each other - likes and dislikes, work and family. Both enjoying the other's companionship for the night.

"Wow, it's already three in the morning. Guess I should be going. You do need some rest." Jeff apologizes rising from the chair.

"Don't say anything like that. You've been a very good company. I really enjoy this."

"Shouldn't you be saying that after our first date?" Jeff teases.

"Be careful, I may say different." Jason winks. "It's really late now. Why don't you just take a bed in here?"

"It's okay. I can always catch a cab. Besides, it will be really weird if the doc sees me sleeping here while doing his round tomorrow morning."

"Guess you're right."

"So, it's now thursday morning. What do you say we going out for dinner on friday night and then we'll see what goes from there?" Jeff suggests.

"Sounds like a plan. I hope I'll be in good condition to walk on friday night."

"That's not a problem. I can always carry you around."

"That'll be a first date to remember." Jason says making a face at Jeff.

"Okay. I'll pick you up at your place around 7:30 then. Take care, handsome." Jeff smiles the last time for the night, turns and walks out of the ward.

Jason smiles again, contented. Slowly, he drifts off to dreamland with the image of Jeff's sweet smile.

<< Back to Drew's date, 9:10 pm Wednesday night >>

Drew opens the passenger's door to the jeep, letting his date in.

"Sorry babe, ran into some traffic on my way here. Buckle up and we'll head right for dinner. Does sushi sound good to you?" Drew asks.

End of Part 02

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