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Friday Night

Waking up with a start, Jeff finds himself sweating heavily. His dream - more precisely the nightmare - has been vivid yet surreal.

Standing in the doorway to his room, there was Drew in boxer shorts.

"Are you alright, bro? You were yelling and screaming in your dream." Drew asks with concern. Moving closer, sitting on the edge of Jeff's bed, he can see the beans of sweat on Jeff's exposed upper torso.

"I had a nightmare and I just can't understand it." Jeff says confusedly.

"Wanna talk about it?"

"It's the same nightmare I used to have. But this time, it's not Rio who I see. It's Jason."

"That's simple, bro. You're just afraid you'll lose Jason like losing R.J."

"I guess I am. But look at it. We haven't even started our first date and I'm already having this kind of dream." exclaimed, a frustrated Jeff.

"I may not be experienced, but I do know the passing away of R.J. have a huge bad effect on you. It's not going to be easy to let someone else in your life again. So, when you start to try opening up to a person, you're scared the same thing happens all over again. That's why you're having this nightmare."

"Geez, Sprout, since when you get so good with rationalizing things?" Jeff smiles weakly. Obviously, what Drew just said helps clearing up his confusion.

"I've got you as my mentor, bro."

"Frankly, I'm scared, D."

"I'm sure you must be. Maybe you should call Nick sometimes. He's, after all, better with this emotional stuff than I am."

"Maybe I should. Sorry for waking you up."

"It's nothing, man. You better clean up a bit otherwise you and your stinky sweaty body will mess up the sheets badly. I don't wanna deal with that while I'm doing laundry. Will you be okay? I think I'll need some more sleep for work."

"I'll be alright. Thanks again, Sprout." Jeff responds.

It's friday afternoon, right after lunchtime. Monica walks down the office to the other end of her department. She announces, rising her voice an octave, "Jason, come to see me in my office in 15 minutes."

Exactly fifteen minutes later, Jason is knocking on Monica's office door.

"Come in!" she almost yells.

"Did I do something wrong with the project about the upcoming Expo?" Jason asks somewhat sheepishly the moment he walks in the door. Monica is a close friend, so she will not be speaking to him like this if nothing is wrong.

"Come sit down. And lock the door." she speaks without looking up from her desk. Jason sits down in front of her feeling slightly uneasy. She keeps working on her work for a good five minutes before looking up to him and gives a devilish grin.

"What?! I haven't done anything wrong, have I?" Jason asks skeptically.

"Well, yes and no. No, you haven't done anything foolish, professionally. Yes, you haven't told me everything about what happened on wednesday night - the night you got this swollen ankle so you couldn't come to work yesterday. As a close friend, I hate not knowing what's up in your pervert mind. Since you're having this goofy smile on your face this whole morning, something must've happened. Otherwise, you must've hit your head worse than the doc thought and I'd call the ambulance to take you in for a cat-scan. I have to know, and I have to know now."

Monica can be very hard to tame, if her curiosity gets the better of her. Jason is almost glad that she has asked. The excitement of meeting Jeff is filling up his chest to a bursting point. Now, he has got himself a listener - not just any listener but a very willing one - to let off the building nervousness. Maybe he will be able to survive till he sees Jeff again tonight. That is what happens - Jason telling Monica every little details - of course, skipping all the dialogues.

"Seems to me falling off the toilet stall ain't too bad for you, is it? I'm so excited for you. When was the last time you had a proper date with a decent guy who actually wants more than just getting into your pants?"

"Thanks for reminding me that my lack of guys to ask me out." Jason puts on an expression of being hurt.

"Come on! You know I don't mean that. Anyway, you'd better get more time to prepare yourself for your date. I'll give you an early off today - say at 4. Would there be enough time for you?" Monica questions.

"Mon, he's picking me up at 7:30. I've got enough time to get home, take a leisure bath, get changed and catch the news at 7 before he'll be there. I don't need to take off early." Jason starts to wonder if this is a good idea to tell Monica about his date. Who knows what she is going to suggest next? Buy a tux for the date?

"There'll be no argument from you, my dear. You need more time to get thru the traffic. Besides, it's friday afternoon. Who's doing any real work on friday afternoon anyway?" Monica pauses a little, then adds "Finally, I'm your boss around here. I say you're leaving at 4 today and I'll be really pissed if I still see your sorry face in the office after 4."

"'K. I don't want to argue with you, BOSS." Jason grins.

"Now, get outta my office and work your arse off till 4. And work your arse on that guy tonight too. You realize you've got a nice tight butt there, don't you?"

"Now, it's sexual harassment and I can sue you for this." Jason shots back jokingly while getting out of her office.

Sound of the doorbell catches Jason off guard. He looks at the clock and sees it is only five past seven. He just comes out of his shower and is deciding what to wear for the night. Jeff will not be there for another 25 minutes, so he wonders who it will be on the other side of the door. He casually wraps a large towel around his waist and goes to answer the door.

"Jeff, you're early." Jason exclaims when he sees it is actually Jeff there.

"I've been waiting in my car for awhile and wonders if it'll be okay for me to wait for you here." Jeff blushes a little, like a child caught with his hand in the candy jar. He motions to the towel around Jason's waist and says, "Or, do you want me to go back down and wait till you to get ready?"

This is when Jason comes to sense that he has nothing on his body. He steps aside from the doorway and says, "That's okay. Come on in and get yourself comfortable." He feels blood rushing to his cheeks. Having your date to see you practically naked except for a towel is pretty embarrassing even though you are in good shape and have nothing to be ashame of. He shows Jeff into the living room and runs for his bedroom, yelling out "I'll be ready in a minute."

Although it is only a very brief moment, Jeff does not fail to see the well formed chest and nicely developed abdominal muscles on Jason. How the towel scratches across Jason's butt when he turns is also caught in Jeff's eyes. That guy is nothing but sexy in Jeff's opinion. He knows Jason is in good shape from the experience of lifting him up to the wheel-chair, but he has not realized Jason's body is so finely built.

Jeff looks around the living room. Nothing too special, but it has the air of a home. The apartment he shares with Drew is nice and cozy, though it lacks the sense of belonging for him. Right this moment, he knows in his heart that he is already falling for Jason - for no apparent reason. Hell, he's feeling more at home in Jason's apartment than in the one he has been living in for the past 6 years. Call it love-at-first-sight - some may not believe such kind of thing actually happens, but it is not new to Jeff. However the rational side of his mind is telling him this is not a good thing. At least, not at the beginning when he cannot be sure if his feelings are reciprocated.

About 5 minutes later Jason comes out from his bedroom, ready to go. To Jeff, the sight before his eyes is breath-taking. Jason is wearing a causal white shirt which clings to the smooth contour of his torso, with a hint of semi-transparency. The pair of pants on him is not tight but also does a very good job of showing the curve of his butt.

"Are you okay?" Jason asks with concern.

"Oh, sorry. I must've been staring. You look gorgeous." Jeff cannot help by blushes a little.

"Thanks. Think you're ready for dinner?" Jason smiles.

"Sure. Let's go."

Dinner finishes at around 9. The weather is nice. Both Jason and Jeff are having a good time mostly chatting about nothing special, or telling each other jokes and sharing interesting experiences from work and.

"Where's next stop, Mr. Timmons?" Jason asks the moment they step out of the restaurant. When Jeff looks at Jason's eyes under the light from street lamps, he sees sparkles. An idea comes up.

"You're not going to play Cinderella on me tonight, are you?" Jeff teases.

"No, I won't, my prince."

"That's great. I'll show you my secret palace. Come on, let's go take my wagon." Jeff suggests excitedly.

Once they are in Jeff's car, Jeff drives them heading out of town towards the mountains. After about half an hour, he stops the jeep at small clearing overlooking the city.

"So, here's your secret hiding place?" Jason asks.

"Kinda. I like the view here. Calms me down." Jeff opens the door and gets off the car. He turns and says "Come on, let's sit on the hood and enjoy the view." Jason follows suit.

"It's beautiful here, isn't it?" Jeff turns asking Jason while leaning against the windshield.

"It surely is. Thanks for bringing me here. I love it here."

"Really? I'm so glad that you like it." Jeff smiles his dazzling smile again. The spot is an escape for him and Jason seems like the guy who he can comfortably share this little paradise of his together.

"Jeff, I've got something to tell you." Jason says looking up in the night sky.

"You can tell me anything you want to. I'm all ears for you."

"I just wanna say that, getting to know you is somewhat like a dream to me. I don't wanna screw this up. I..." Jason sighs.

"You've done nothing wrong. I like you a lot and that's why I asked you out. I do believe we can build a good relationship from here." The sincerity Jeff's voice is so apparent that Jason can easily feel it.

"That's something I'd love to try but at the same time, very afraid of. You see, I've never had a relationship which lasted for more than two weeks." Jason sighs again. He continues, "When I was younger, I was a club-hopper. I've never counted but it won't be a lie if I say I used to bed at least 2 to 3 different guys in an average week. Some are repeat & some are fresh faces. Yeah I outgrew that phrase and decided to find a nice guy and settle down. It's been 4 years since then. But I don't know what to in a relationship. When you asked me out, I was all excited. Now the excitement has died down and I'm scared shitless knowing nothing to do to start a relationship with a man I'm falling for." He is shaking slightly.

Jeff moves closer putting his arm around Jason's shoulder and pulls him in for a light hug. He lets his hand stay and gently rubbing Jason's upper arm to comfort him. Somehow, he feels better after this revelation of Jason's. After all, he's not the only one who is frightened to start.

"Thanks. Now that you know my past, you still feel like trying a relationship with me?" Jason asks. Bitterness is clear in his voice.

"Like you said, it's in the past. Although it's not something I'd be even if chances given, I don't consider being young and wild is wrong or sinful. I just know that you're a decent, and sexy, guy who'd like to settle down, like I do. I'm willing to try if you are."


"No, thank you. I truly appreciate you telling me this." Jeff smiles again. "You know, I was kinda afraid that you would say something like 'Jeff, sorry but I'm seeing another guy', or maybe 'Actually, I'm married to a woman'. I can't bear the thought of you being with a woman." Jason chuckles.

"You sure know how to make me laugh. I like sense of humor in a man."

"If it makes you feel better, you're not the only one who's afraid to begin."

"You mean you're scared as well?"

"Same as, if not more than, how you feel. Wanna hear my story?" Jeff asks.

End of Part 04. To be continued...

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