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Beginning Of The Past

"I'll see you tomorrow night then." Scott says.

"Sure, babe." Drew says. After placing a light kiss on Scott's cheek, he turns and walks towards the hospital.

"You sure you don't want me to pick you up after work tomorrow morning?" Scott calls out to Drew.

"I'll be alright. Tony'll gimme a lift. You're so exhausted from work, you need all the sleep you can get. We're still seeing each other at dinner, so don't be a child."

"'K, whatever you say, babe. But you know, I'm already missing you."

"Me too. Now be a nice Wolfie, go home and catch some sleep." Drew smiles and again heads for the hospital to start his night shift. Scott smiles and goes for his car. Drew is a sweet guy. Drew can easily be a guy's, or a girl's, dream lover - outgoing, caring, sincere and adorable. His smile and his dimples simply make people drool over him. Scott feels so lucky meeting Drew. But somehow, there seems an invisible boundary between them. Is that Martha? He cannot be sure. Making Drew happy is the first thing in his mind now.

Drew is searching around the car park for Tony. He knows Tony usually does some cleaning before the night's briefing starts. He wants to tell his co-worker about his new boyfriend. Suddenly, someone calls out from behind him.

"Hey, Drew!" Drew turns and sees Eric, who is supposed to be on another shift.

"'Sup?" Drew greets the other guy.

"Seems we'll working together tonight. Tony called in sick and I was summoned to drive for you guys. So, where's Jeff?" Eric asks.

"Jeff's on leave tonight. They send a new guy for us to train. Some guy named Wechsler, I believe. We'll see when captain introduces him later on."

"'K." With that said, Drew and Eric walks to the briefing room where they will start the night. Then out of the blue, Eric asks, "Drew, are you gay?"

"Huh?" Drew asks in surprise.

"I asked if you're gay or not." Eric repeats.

"Not exactly. I'm bisexual."

"I see... So that guy out there is your boyfriend, right?"

"Yeah. He's cute, isn't he?" Drew says feeling proud of Scott. He does not care whoever has seen their display of affection for each other. He just wants to tell the whole world about his boyfriend. Of course, he has already told his brother Nick.

"I wish I'd known earlier. Maybe I should ask the captain to change to your team." Eric says sourly.

"Why so?"

"I feel more at ease working with other gay or bi guys. Many straight people only pretend to be understanding or accepting. In fact, they believe your only thought is to try to get into their pants."

"Yeah, that's very true." Drew falls into some thoughts. Suddenly, he is awake what Eric is saying. "You're telling me what I think you're telling me, aren't you?"

"Guess I'm."

"No way, bud! I've never thought you're..." Drew stops at mid-sentence when he realizes how he is acting. "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to..."

"It's alright, you're just surprised. You think the captain will say yes? I mean, about changing to your team. Is Tony cool with you guys being gay or bi?"

"Tony? It'll be impossible for him to be not cool about it. He's bisexual himself."

"No wonders the captain team you guys up together."

"Naw, I think that's only a coincidence. The captain does know about me and Tony." Drew asks out of curiosity, "Your team ain't so bad that you really wanna get rid of them, are they?"

"I guess they're not that bad." Eric continues in almost a whisper, "I just wanna get to know you better."

Drew blushes, "But I..."

"Don't say it, please. I used to think I'd just admire you from afar and never dreamt that you'd be interested in guys. But when I saw you kissed your boyfriend out there, I knew I had to talk to you. Now I know you have a boyfriend that you're obviously deeply in love with, my chance ain't high at all. But I want you to know, I really wanna get closer to you even if it only means friendship."

"Eric, that's so sweet. But don't you think you oughtta get out and meet more people? There's someone out there for you. You're such a nice guy and I'm sure there'll be guys out there to cherish you, someone worthy for your attention. Besides, don't you think we know too little about each other for you to be saying this."

"If there's someone else for me out there, I don't know, Drew. I really want to be the one who shares your sadness and makes you laugh. You just never notice I've been spending the past two years watching you, studying your every move, memorizing your likes and dislikes. Drew, I know you better than you could imagine."

Drew is truly taken aback. He never dreams there will be another guy showing his deep affection towards him like this. He is moved. If he had not met Scott first, Eric could have easily won his heart. He slowly turns and looks Eric in the eyes and says "You have me overwhelmed and I don't know what to say.."

"I know it's too late now that you've got yourself someone you like, and you're going to stay with him. I respect that. But still, I'll be here if you need me and I'm not asking anything from you but your friendship.." Eric pauses a moment before continuing, "So, we're buddies?"

"You surely are my bud. Ready for some newbie-training tonight?"

"Those're all the updates for now. Let's start the night." says the captain at the end of the nightly briefing. Turning to Drew and Eric, captain Bruman adds, "Close and Lachey, I want you two to take care of Wechsler here tonight. Lachey, Wechsler will be in the hands of yours. I expect you, Sabato and Timmon will train him well for the real world. And Wechsler, take an easy start tonight, 'K?"

"Yes, captain." Wechsler, the new guy answers. When captain Bruman turns and gets out of the meeting room, Drew and Eric come over to the new guy.

"So, Wechsler, ready for the night?" Eric asks.

"Guess I am. I'm all excited. Please call me Nick." Wechsler replies.

"How about Nicky, if you don't mind? By the way, call me Drew. I hate people calling me 'Andrew'." Drew says.

"Sure, Nicky is fine. That's how my elder brothers call me." Nicky says.

"It's Eric here, Nicky. I'll go get the car. Drew, you mind telling Nicky the area and routes we serve? I'll see you two in the car park." Eric goes to the office for the keys and the other starts for the car park.

"Welcome to the team, Nicky. Eric is actually on another team. Since Tony's sick tonite, he's standing in. And Jeff's off tonite. Maybe when Tony and Jeff come back, we should go for a drink and get to know the others better." Drew suggests smiling.

"Sure, that'll be nice." Nicky responds enthusiastically.

<< Back to Jeff and Jason >>

"Of course, I'd like to hear about your past. It'd be a good way to know you better, isn't it?" Jason says.

Jeff inhales the night air, holds still for two seconds. "'K. It's about 7 years ago when I was about to finish college..."

<< In the past... >>

Jeff was feeling bored. He was so bored that hitting some clubs seemed a good idea to him. He never likes those clubs - loud music, smell of alcohol and cigarettes and preying stares from all the meat-hunters. Worst thing was, he could not dance. Okay, maybe some slow romantic steps, but never that kind of dance in a club.

And yet Jeff was in this club feeling stupid. Many people were stealing glances at him. He knew he could be attractive to some, but he also knew people were interested because he was somehow a new face. Some even tried talking to him and bought him drinks. But they all turned away once they realized he was not going to pick them up.

It had been over an hour, Jeff was more bored than he was before coming into the club. He decided to leave. Just the moment he turned towards the door, a guy rushed to him and grabbed his arm. A surprised Jeff turned and saw a guy with messy dirty blond hair was holding onto his bicep. The guy was cute - at least in Jeff's eyes - but he wondered what was going on. Just when he was about to ask, the guy yelled over the music to someone pushing through the crowd coming towards them, "I've told you I'm with someone tonite. Fuck off and stop bugging me. Even if you pay me a fortune, I'm not going to fuck you again, you sick bastard!" Without a second's delay, the blond guy dragged Jeff out of the club. The blond kept on walking, with Jeff in toll, for two blocks before stopping.

"You alright?" Jeff asked, sympathetically.

"Yeah, I'm ok. Sorry for getting you into this." The blond looked even better in the weak street lights. A slender but tight built, wearing a tight fade blue jeans and a plain t-shirt, this guy was attractive. Besides, this little escapade did put some interesting ingredient into Jeff's night out.

Jeff smiled, offering "You need to go somewhere? Maybe we can get some coffee, and you can tell me your story? Oh gosh, I'm so bored tonite, I just wanna find some company to hangout with. I'm pathetic, ain't I?"

The guy stared at Jeff's face for nearly a half minute before saying "You really just want to talk? You have no idea what I am, don't you?"

Jeff was confused. "No, I've no idea what you're talking about. You're not some space alien, are you?"

"I'm a rent-boy. I get paid for sex. A whore." The blond sighed. "You won't want to hangout with me. Others will think you're also a rent-boy." He then turned and walked away. But Jeff grabbed his arm.

"Hey, don't go yet. I don't see anything wrong with that." Jeff said, sincerely. The blond looked back at Jeff, seeing the sincerity in Jeff's eyes. He sighed again.

"You sure you don't mind being seen with a rent-boy?"

"That's your job. You're earning a living with hard-work. I respect people doing hard-work."

"'K. I can use someone to talk to as well. It's been awhile I've got someone willing to talk to me as a human being." a bittered grin showed on the blond's face. "By the way, name's River here. My friends & siblings called me Rio back home."

"I'm Jeff."

"Thanks for being a friend, Jeff - even if it maybe just for a nite." River said. "You have any nickname?"

"You won't want to call me by my nick." Jeff smiled. Both guys started to walk down the street to an all-night cafe in the neighborhood.

"How come?"

"Don't you think calling a stranger 'Sugar' is kinda cheesy?" Jeff laughed. River laughed with him. This was the first time Jeff saw River laughed. River was an angel when he laughed. Suddenly Jeff knew he was in love with this guy he just met.

End of Part 05

To be continued...