Unconditional Love

Chapter 5

This just in ....

The members of N'SYNC decided today to announce they wish to put an end to the rumors about their sexuality.

Chris Kirkpatrick spoke for the entire group proclaiming they all are heterosexuals.

In further news the following story is completely made up by someone who needs his head examined (oh wait, I am seeing a shrink so that takes care of having my head examined).

I recommend several stories (see previous chapters).

I would like to thank Cam for thinking my story was good enough to post on his site :


Friday October 20, 2000

"Are we there yet?" JC says in his best 10 year old voice.

"Just about, what hotel are you guys staying at?" I asked.

"Wake up Lance and ask him, you need to remember that he is the only responsible acting member of N'SYNC."

"We have no reservations, we are not suppose to be here until the morning." James said with a yawn and a stretch.

"I was planning on staying close to the airport until I can find an apartment or house, we could all stay in the same place if that is OK with you."

"That would be fine with us, what is the name of the hotel so I can call and tell Justin." James said as he rolled and looked at me with those eyes.

"I think JC needs to call, I think you are still half asleep."

"Well you are the one that wore me out last night."

"Shhh, don't talk like that in front of the kids." James' phone started to ring.

I quickly picked up that it was Justin and Trevor. They had to be close cause they told James they had just crossed into Illinois on the same road we were on. Justin and Britney had already decided to stay at the same hotel and were calling to tell us. JC called Chris and let him know where we were staying and that we would pick them up in the morning. We heard a car horn blow as Trev and Justin whizzed by (Justin mooned us this time). We got to the hotel and checked in by one o'clock. James and I shared a room (imagine that), as did Justin and Trevor, JC and Jason. That left Britney the odd woman out. It dawned on me that we all had our significant others except for Britney. I started to wonder what her story was. James and I was lying on the bed chatting about the night before. I decided to ask him about Britney.

"James what's the scoop on Britney?"

"What do you mean?"

"Is she seeing anyone, what's her story."

"Jilted by an ex-lover, is all she'll say, I have known her for a few years and to my knowledge she has never been on a real date."

"Do you think she is in love with Justin?"

"At one point I would have said yes she was in love, but now I would say she loves him."

"Oh, do you think it would hurt if I played matchmaker with her?"

"No, who do you have in mind?"

"How about my nephew Marshall?"

"I don't know, he is awful young."

"Young in years but he is one of the most mature kids I know."

"How will you get them together?"

"Give me a minute to figure that out."

"Don't think to hard, I can see some smoke coming from your ears."

"Your being a smart ass again."

"Guilty as charged."

"OK, I got it, this hotel allows small pets. So all I have to do is call and ask him to bring Pixie here. Since he dropped out of college he really has nothing to do."

"Do you really think he will come all this way to bring your dog to you?"

"Yes, I'll promise to pay him for his troubles."

I called Marshall and he agreed to bring Pixie to me on Sunday. I was excited on two accounts; my little girl was coming home and I would hopefully make some people very happy. I called Bruce and let him know I was in town. We agreed to meet on Monday morning. He gave me my work schedule for the next few months (it was a great schedule) I would be working four 12 hour days in a row, then four days off. He said with that schedule I would be able to go house hunting. He also warned me that come late February I would be working more. I can live with that. We decided to go out for dinner that night. We found a great little Italian restaurant in the loop (I believe it was Gene and Ginnities or something like that, it was really great). Afterwards we went for a stroll along the Magnificent Mile. We went back to the hotel and decided to get together in James' and my room to watch a movie. I lazily flipped threw the channels until I came across the Breakfast Club.

"This is one of my favorites." I said.

"That is because you are the only one old enough to have seen it in a theater." Trevor added.

"Hey watch the old age jokes, I maybe older, but I'm better looking." I said as I continued to flip the channels.

"STOP" JC and Justin said in unison.

I looked at the screen to the beginning of the movie Hoosiers. "OK, I love this movie. There's this really cute extra in it." I said.

"So you even scope out the extras, we'll need to warn the stage hands when Mark is around." James stated.

"Well for your information MR. BASS, I'm the extra. They filmed this while I was in the 8th grade. It was being filmed in a town about 25 miles away from where I lived. I was tall for my age so I auditioned for a playing part (it paid more than the spectators). So for a brief moment captured for eternity on film, I was an actor."

"I still don't believe you." Trevor said and he still did not believe me even after I showed him my SAG card.

"Just sit back and relax then."

About half way through the movie I started calling the name. "Myers for the rebound, oh no they have him blocked, no way he can make that shot, he shoots, he scores, the crowd goes wild."

"That was you?" a shocked James asked.

"Yes" "But... you had long hair." James said.

"You mean he had hair." Britney said as the roomed filled with laughter.

"Well you can't grow grass on a busy street."

"Or on a dead end." Jason added, again everyone started to laugh.

"Just wait, I'll get each and every last one of you."

We finished the movie and James ushered everyone out. We both showered and climbed into bed. The day had really taken a toll on us. We laid there for awhile talking about our plans for tomorrow. We had to pick Chris, Joey, Dani, and Christina up at 10 and have everyone to a meeting with a rep from W.E.G. at 11. James said the meeting would last an hour (they were getting the schedule for the rest of the year) then they were off until Monday when they met with Oprah. We decided that we would go to the aquarium and then go back to the art museum that we went to a few weeks ago. We drifted off into a peaceful slumber not to be disturbed until early the next morning. We awoke to a ringing phone. James answered the phone as I looked at the clock, 6:45.


"No, I don't, but let me ask Mark. Mark, Jason wants to know if you would like to go for a quick run this morning?"

"Yeah, why not, is anyone else going?"

"He said he would go, is anyone else going?"

"Britney Jason and you is it. He said to be ready by 7."

Being really cool I dressed in sweats. In no time at all Jason and Britney showed up. Off we went. I led the way since I was the only one familiar with the area. We ran about a mile when we noticed a track with people running on it. After a very brief discussion we decided that it would be safer to run on the track. We made a few laps before we noticed few people staring at Britney. We all stayed together, eventually all the other runners were right behind us. It looked a lot like the scene in Forrest Gump where he is being followed as he runs across America. Britney seems a little tense so I decide to lighten the mood. "So are they real or not?" I asked in a whisper low enough for only Brittany and Jason to hear. "Yeah they are really close." Britney said. "I did not ask if they were really close, I asked if they were real?" I said as I pointed to her breast. "Yes they're real." she said as she stopped running and started to laugh. The crowd was really well behaved and was very patient while Britney signed a autographs. People asked who we were and she told some that we were her new bodyguards, a few others that we were her dancers. Then I heard the best one of all.

"Mark, I would like to introduce you to Nathan, Nathan this is Mark Hawkins he is an actor."

After that comment Britney was off to sign more autographs. Leaving me with the most flamboyant looking teenager I have ever saw. I quickly learned not to prank her again.

"So what movies have you been in?" Nathan asked.

"I was in the movie Hoosiers, but I was just an extra."

"Oh, well how do you know Britney?"

"Well I am dating a good friend of hers." I said without thinking.


"Um...well..aaa..umm I can not say."

"OK, is it that guy over there?" he said pointing to Jason.

"No, not him, he is just a good friend of a friend. He is also a dating a friend of Britney."

"Damn all the cute ones are always taken." Nathan said as Britney approached.

"Or they're gay" she added.

By this time the crowd had dispersed. Nathan asked if he could run with us. We did not object. He put 2 and 2 together and realized that what I had said and with what Britney had said that chances were that Jason and I were dating someone in N'SYNC. Jason and Britney were a few yards ahead of us. We talked about sports and such, when out of the blue he asked.

"So is it Lance or Justin that you are dating?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well I made the comment that about the cute ones being taken. Britney added that being gay."

"OK go on."

"Well you said that you were both dating good friends of hers."


"And you would not say who it was, that led me to think that it was another celebrity."

"That does not mean that it is someone in N'SYNC."

"Your right it doesn't, but in case it is I envy you."

"Let me give you some advice, be here running in the morning. I promise you'll know if you're right."

Britney Jason, and I left. I told them about Nathan's comments about who I was dating. We decided that I should bring Trevor along for a morning jog and introduce him as a Britney dancer and as my boyfriend. I knew James would flip over this but it was really no ones fault. We got back just in time to get showered and leave. We had two limos since we were picking up four more passengers. We got to the airport and Trevor, Jason and I was elected to go in and retrieve our cargo. We discussed playing a game on them but decided not to when they rushed pass us with a mob in tow. We returned to the limos to find a upset Chris, Joey, and Christina. They wanted to know who leaked it (they were ambushed at the terminal). James and I rode with Chris, Dani, Joey and Christina, leaving the rest for the other limo. We reached the meeting place with little problem. Trevor and I found a spot to wait in the lobby.

"There you are we've been looking for you." Dani said.

"We thought we would wait here until the meeting was over." Trevor explained.

"I take it that you guys have not received your 'How to Date an International Pop Star' manual. When ever the guys have a group meeting everyone that is with them attends. They like to have input from everyone. You even get to vote, when they can not make a decision. So come on." she explained.

As we entered the room there was few people that we did not recognize (I assumed they were with WEG). Dani told Jason he slipped up on his training of me. We all took seats around a large conference table.

"I see we have a few new faces here with us today. So I guess we can start with introductions. I am Johnny Wright and this here is Melinda." the guy in the suit said.

"Manager and PR manager" James whispered in my ear.

"This is my boyfriend Mark Hawkins."

"And this is my boyfriend Trevor." Justin announced.

"Let me be the first to welcome you to the family but as a matter of formality you will need to sign nondisclosure agreements." Melinda said.

"That's OK with me." Trevor said.

"In front of you guys are copies of your schedules for the rest of the year. For the most part after this week you are on your own. We scheduled nothing for any of you the week of Thanksgiving and Christmas."

"Thanks Johnny, wow this will be the first time since we started that we will have the holidays off." Joey exclaimed.

"You guys deserve it. I believe that each of you have an equal number of appearances." Melinda said.

"Mark, Trevor you can come with me while Melinda discusses the schedule with them." Johnny said.

We went to a side office where Johnny explained to us the nondisclosure agreements. They were pretty simple, we were not allowed to discuss with anyone anything we heard of, about or from N'SYNC. We entered the room as Melinda was finishing up. Johnny informed everyone that a full security detail would be there for the week but after that they would only have security when at an appearance. He wished everyone good luck and that he would see them sometime after the new year. Melinda would be with them for this week and would join back up with James at The Roseland Ballroom after Christmas. We discussed a few more tidbits before we left. Melinda loaded her luggage into the limo and off we went. Chris decided it was time to visit the drive-thru window at a Taco Bell. It was funny watching the teenage girls reaction as Chris, Joey, and Lance stood in the moon roof to get the food.

We ate on the way back to the hotel. It was early afternoon when we got to our hotel. James and I went driving around. I was trying to find where everything was located. As I drove by the track we went running on I told James about Nathan. He was not upset and he liked the idea of me introducing Trevor as one of Britney's dancers and as my boyfriend. We drove for a couple hours in all directions. We went back to the hotel and decided to take a nap. We both stripped to our undies and slid under the blankets. I crawled up behind James and draped my arm over his chest. I started licking the back side of his ear. I heard a low moan escape from him.

"I thought you wanted to take a nap" he said as he rolled to face me.

"I do but Marky was wanting to know if Poofoo could come out to play."

"I think he could be talked into an appearance." I ran my hand down his side, lightly brushing my fingertips along his hips.

I put my hand on his ass and pull his crotch closer to mine. I gently kissed him on the lips. James reached for my boxer briefs and started to pull them down. I raised my hips up so he could slide them down. He started kissing his way down along the line from chin to the promised land. He flicked each nipple with his tongue. Then he reached my belly button (which happens to be one of my most ticklish body parts). I started squirming and laughing so hard I thought I was going to pee myself. He reached my Dick and looked up at me with those eyes (did I mention he had sexy eyes). He did it again, he slid his tongue under my foreskin. Wow, I thought my eyes would pop out. Damn this boy was good. He licked the underneath of my Dick. When he got to my balls he licked each then sucked on each. I was feeling good, this was the longest I had ever lasted. He suddenly stopped and looked up at me. He worked his way back up to my face and kissed me.

"James would you, ummm..., would you make love to me."

"Are you ready for that, I am prepared to wait as long as you are."

"Yes I am sure, never been this sure about anything in my life."

"I don't have any condoms." "What room is Justin in."

"511, why?"

"Well with those two fucking like rabbits they better have some."

"Be right back." I quickly slid into my pants and out the door I went. I knocked on there door and Trevor answered.

His nervousness and the fact he hid behind the door led me to believe that they were getting their groove on.

"Trev can I borrow a few umm..."



"Sure, wait here."

I heard him tell Justin, who shouted "Way to go Mark".

He returned with about a half dozen. I quickly returned to the room. I crawled back into the bed to find James asleep. So much for hot monkey sex. I woke all stiff and sore, we had slept the entire evening and most of the night. I got up and drank my usual two cups of Java and was knocking on Trev's door by seven. We went running with Dani and Jason. We arrived at the track to find Nathan already there. He bought the story that Dani and Jason were a couple and that Trevor and I were together (and that Dani, Jason, and Trevor were dancers for Britney). He seemed like a cool kid so we let him run with us. We finished our run and headed back to the hotel. I entered my room to find a note on the bed. Markydoodle, Wash your stinky body and meet for breakfast in Joey's room. Love, Poofoo I quickly showered and headed to Joey's room. I was the last to arrive, which meant I had little to eat.

"Thanks for saving me something to eat." I told James as I picked up the last piece of bacon.

"We ordered you some more, we figured you would need it after last night." Justin said.

"Yeah, I'm famished. Especially since we didn't eat last night."

"You didn't stop to eat, damn Lance you don't have that good of stamina when we dance." Chris stated.

"What, all we did was sleep." blushing James said.

"Sure that's all you did, that's why Mark was knocking on our door borrowing some rather personal items." Trevor said.

"James we can't lie to them anymore, guys there is no polite way to put this. Girls you should probably cover your ears. We fucked like rabbits all night long." I said.

"Yeah, like he said all night long." James added.

"No you didn't" JC said.

"Yeah we did." James and I said in unison.

"Well if you did, why isn't one of you walking funny." Jason said.

"Oh busted." Joey added.

"OK you got us, all we did we sleep." James said.

"Yeah we didn't even do any sight seeing like we planned to." I stated.

"So what is everyone's plans for today?" Christina asked.

"Sleep" escaped from JC's lips.

"Shopping" came from Justin and Trevor at the same time.

"My nephew will be arriving shortly with my dog, so I will spend the afternoon with him." I said.

"I'm with Mark." James announced.

"Surprise, surprise" quipped Britney.

"By the way, Britney you are with us to." James said.

"Oh I am, am I." Britney asked.

"Yeah that away when Mark's dog gets here there will be a pair of bitches." Jason said while laughing.

"You'll pay for that one MISTER" she said as she launched a pillow at him.

"Christina and I want to see the art museum, so you know where Chris and Joey will be." Dani said.

"Please mommy not the museum." Chris said in an excellent 4 year old voice.

"I have to meet with the producer from Oprah" Melinda said.

"Why don't we all get together for dinner tonight, say we meet in my room at six." Britney inquired.

We all agreed to hook up that night. The last night of freedom for me and Trevor. James and I went to our room and watched some TV. Shortly after one Marshall arrived.

"Where is Pixie?" I asked.

"Mark, I hate to tell you this. She was hit by a car right after you called the other night."

"NOOOOOO....." I cried.

I started to sob uncontrollably. James took me in his arms and held me. Marshall joined in the embrace. I felt like I had lost the last part of my mom. Britney came by and wondered what was happening. Marshall told her about Pixie. James and I were sitting on the side of the bed. He just kept rubbing my back. Britney sat next to me and let me rest my head on her shoulder. I was quite a mess the rest of the afternoon. At around six we went to Brit's room. Everyone offered me their condolences. They agreed to stay in that night. But what were we going to do about dinner. I suggested having pizza delivered. That was quickly shot down. We all were arguing over what to eat.

"Guys and gals can I have the floor for a minute?" Christina asked.

"My dad said the only way a woman should have the floor is on her back." Joey said as Dani smacked him on his head.

"I have a great suggestion. Why don't we all order our favorite carry out and then we have to trade with someone." Christina proudly said.

"Sounds great." Justin said.

So there we were waiting to call one after the other placing 12 different calls. We had ordered from just about any style of restaurant you could imagine. What was even funnier than that was watching the delivery guys waiting in line as everyone paid for his or her food. I ate someone's Chinese food, it was really good. Melinda finally arrived.

"Guys I am really sorry about being so late, we started talking and just couldn't stop. This is Camillion Petro, he will be producing the show for Oprah."

We all introduced ourselves. My gaydar was not giving me a definite answer on him. He was good looking man about my age. He went over the schedule for the week. The show would be recorded live on Friday in front of an audience. Each of the four acts would get to sing an original song, plus a traditional Christmas carol. Plus telling stories of past Christmas. They were encouraged to pack the audience with any friends and family that could make it.

"Camillion, I know I am not part of the show but I have one small question, you said four acts. I count only three acts here. So who's the fourth act?" I asked.

"First off call me Cam, secondly it's a secret." Cam said.

We talked some more. Cam left to go back into the city and each couple went their rooms. Marshall and Britney stayed together most of the evening and left to go to the Starbucks down the street. James and I took a shower together and took turns drying each other off.

"I think we need to finish what we started yesterday." I said.

"I agree."

I crawled onto the bed and was lying on my back. James crawled up my body and started kissing me while he tweaked my nipples. He started kissing down my chest, then down my stomach, then through my pubes, then down the length of my shaft, then he sucked on my balls. He lifted my legs over his shoulders and slid a pillow under the small of my back. Then I felt the most incredible feeling. I thought I was going to cum right then and there. My whole body started to convulse. He licked my rosebud. It was pure heaven. He licked it for a few minutes then started to probe it. Damn it was great. What came next was even more intensifying. He climbed back up my body and kissed me.

"Are you ready?" he whispered.


He positioned the head at my entrance and lifted my legs onto his shoulders. He pushed in a little and I grimaced from the pain. James leaned down and told me he loved me and everything would be great in a minute. Just like magic it happened. The pain subsided and I felt him slide all the way in. He held still for a few minutes while I got accustomed to him. Then he started pistoning in and out of my ass. He managed to hit my prostate on both his in and out strokes. He leaned forward and started to suck on my neck. I knew I would have a hickey.

"I'm not going to last much longer."

"Me neither."

I felt my body start to tense and my ass clamp on his cock. I could tell he was ready to explode. I shuddered as I exploded onto my chest. At the same time I felt James pumping the condom full of his seed. He fell onto my chest with his heart pounding like a jack hammer against my chest. We laid there for an hour or so not saying a word.

"I love you" he whispered.

"I love you more, you are my life."

"We should clean up and get to bed, we both have a full day ahead of us."

We took our second shower that night and went to bed. We both got up early the next morning and got ready and met everyone downstairs for breakfast. Trevor and I went to work and the guys took Marshall with them to the studios. We arrived at the store and met up with Bruce and a few other managers. My job that day was to help interview employees for the next new store that we were going to open. So I left with Bruce to go to a local hotel to do the interviews. Bruce would be doing the actual interviews and I would be taking the applications and helping answer any questions the applicants would have. People started arriving and filing out he applications. I had my head down when someone asked me if this was where we were hiring photo technicians.

"Yes" I said as looked up and saw Nathan standing there.

"Hi Nathan, what are you doing here?"

"Need a new job."

"OK, well this is the correct place to find a job." I said as I handed him the application.

My mind started going in fast gear. If he was hired he could easily blow our cover story. Especially when he saw Trevor working there. Damn I move to the big city just to be reminded that it is still a small world. What could the rest of the day bring me is all I could think of.