Watch the hair... and everything else part 2


Just hoping you liked my first installment. Dan is such a hottie. I love the whole band =)

Disclaimer: I don't know O-Town, I'm not impying that they are gay in anyway... well the YM magazine... but that doesn't mean anything hehe...

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By the time they reached for the hotel, everyone was out of the car. Except Jacob. A mean trick to play, but they just left him there sleeping. He seemed tired too, so bothering someone who looked so peaceful, wasn't anyone's style.

"Excuse me sir?" the attendant said. "I need to park this car."

It was getting dark but not to dark, and Jacob slowly arose. He blinked a few times and noticed he was all alone.

"Fuckers. we must be here." Jacob grunted, and proceeded to leave. He was sleepy but he knew what was going on.

Jacob saw that all the things were gone, and that it must of been in their hotel rooms. He got up and went to the front desk.

"I'm part of the group called O-Town. What room are we in?"

"O-Town...hmm..." as the girl flipped through the computer. "we have the whole 25th floor reserved for you and your group Mr. Underwood."

"Thank you ma'am."

"No, thank you." the girl said

Jacob headed for the elevator, and hit button that said 25.

"Those guys are going to get a piece of my mind..." Jacob thought.

He got off the 25th floor, and heard commotion in one of the rooms.

"I dreeeaaam....dream..drrreeeam about, aboot, abaout....a girl.....mix..." Trevor said, as he praticed for "Liquid Dreams." He heard a knock.

"Who is it?"

"It's me Jacob."

"Yeah, come in"

Erik layed in bed, as emotions of regret filled his mind.

what the hell was i thinkng, you stupid bitch.

Erik clenched his blankets.

i need someone to talk to...

He then remembered about Ashley giving the whole Bull Shit speech.

I'll talk to him... as Erik got up and walked over to Ashley's room. He opened the door to see if Ashley was still awake.

By Erik's chance, he was still awake.

thank god.

He was getting ready for bed. Erik stood in back of Ashley, unaware that he was going to get the scare of his life. Ashley wore nothing but shorts when he slept so it was going to be a cool night. Erik slowly crept up behind him and started to wrap his arms around his waist. He rested his chin on Ashley's shoulder.

"baby..." he said, and started to kiss Ashley's shoulder.

Erik shook his head, and awoke from daydreaming. He licked his lips as he could almost taste Ashley in his mouth. He wiped his lips, before Ashley could notice.

Ashley turned around, and jumped to his surprise.

"Erik, you scared me dude." Ashley said, dropping his drawers and changing in his night sleepwear.

The sight of Ashley's ass, made Erik drool a bit. Ashley then pulled up his sleepwear and he started to sit on his bed, and Erik did the same. Erik brought his head down, and slowly looked up at Ashley with a seductive look.

"Is there something you need? Just remember the doctor is in." Ashley asked.

"I don't know how to tell you this..."

tell him your gay...

"...and i hope you don't hate me...."

just get over it...

"...after i tell you this..."

"Yeah what is it? Ashley asked.

...and everything will be fine...

"I hope you won't get mad..." Erik said, "What's up with you and Shelli?"

fuck. you chickened out again.

"huh?" Ashley asked.

"What's up with you and Shelli?"

Ashley groaned, as he started to lie down in bed.

"It's complicated right now. I don't know. I think I'm going to break up with her."

"Eh?" Erik asked.

"Things aren't going to smooth right now."

"Well dude, if you need a shoulder to cry on, I'm your man." Erik said, he stood up and started to walk out, but was stopped by Ashley. Ashley held Erik's arm.

"I know this is not the real reason you wanted to talk to me for you know." Ashley said.

i'm in deep shit right now...

"You know you can trust me with anything, Erik. and I mean anything."

"Well I just can't put my finger on this subject. It's very hard for me to explain it." Erik said.

"Jacob, Sorry about leaving you in the car." Trevor said, "You look so peaceful and happy, sleeping. You looked actually looked relaxed for once."

"What do you mean by that?" Jacob asked.

"Well don't punch me in the face or anything, but sometimes I noticed you are very focused in writing songs. And sometimes you just seem dead and don't care for it."

"You just caught me at a bad time." Jacob said.

"No really, I saw you this one time, where you spent like hours on a song, trying to make it so perfect. Then the next day, you were so pissed, mad, and didn't care."

"And when did this happen?" Jacob asked.

"I don't know but you were reading a magazine."

Jacob's mind raced with thoughts.

God, it was that magazine.

Jacob rolled his eyes. "Gee, thanks for reminding me about that magazine."

It was a recent magazine that they were on.

"I'll show you the magazine tomorrow, and I promise you that you will be angry as much as I was." Jacob said, as he walked out of Trevor's room and entered his own.

Jacob rustled through his bag, and finally found the magazine. He flipped through, until he was with a picture of *NSync.

"And I just can't blurt it out to you." Erik said. He then left Ashley's room, and proceeded to go into his own. Ashley then entered Erik's room, he never understood why Erik was mad, and had to find out.

"But you can, were practically brothers you know."

"I just can't right now, Ashley."

The truth was that Erik could trust Ashley with anything but not this, not now, it's too soon.

"I'll do it for you, oh!" as Dan practiced singing All For Love. So it was an old song, but he liked the song. "All for love baby, Girl what I'll do it for you."

"that so sucked," as Dan changed the pitched of his voice.

After an hour of passed by and he got bored of practicing by himself, so he decided to hang with the guys or whoever was free. Checking Trevor's room, he wasn't in, so he decided to try Jacob's room. Luckily Jacob was in.

"Hey Jacob, what you up to?" Dan asked.

Jacob, who was still mad, calmed down for his friend.

"Nothing." he replied as he began to clench the magazine page. He stop clenching then he threw the magazine across the room.

"Whoa dude, take a chill pill" Dan said, as he sat next to him on his bed.

"Are we fake?" Jacob asked.


"Are we fake?" he asked again.

"No were not fake." as he began to make a little humor by touching his hand with his pointer finger, Then by doing the same with Jacob's hair.

"Hey watch the hair." Jacob said.

"...and everything else." Dan added.


"Never mind, but to answer your question, We're real."

"I know we're real." Jacob said, as he took a deep breath. "I was taking about the band." Jacob then turned his head away from Dan.

"Are you done pestering me?" Erik asked Ashley who didn't leave him alone within the hour.

"I told you, if you need someone to talk to, just talk to me. I'm open for business." Ashley smiled on that last remark.

Erik's eyes traveled up Ashley's eyes, then down to Ashley's smile.

"Your such an angel." Erik said.

"Maybe because I am, you know, Ashley Angel."

Erik gave a face.

"Okay so that was corny." Ashley said. He then turned his head towards Erik, and whispered into his ear "I'm also horny." Ashley then brought his lips to Erik's but just barely touching his.

"Kiss me." Ashley said softly.

He then heard a snap. Ashley had snapped a couple of times to get Erik's attention.

"HUH?" as Erik gasped for air.




"What 'what'?" Erik asked.

"Okay wait, I'm confused for a second." Ashley said, "You said 'huh?' to me, so I'm just asking you 'what'."

"Oh, sorry, that was nothing." Erik lied.

"Okay stop playing games here, Estrada. I know why you wanted to talk to me dude." Ashley took a deep breath, and took a sat on his bed.


...he knows.


...he knows....i'm in deep shit now.

"Your worried about me aren't you?" Ashley said.

"What?" Erik asked.

"I see that distant look in your eyes, Erik."

"Um, okay, I'm worried about you. I just don't want to see you mad, or sad." Erik said, and he started lie in his bed. "I've seen you so happy when you're not talking with or about Shelli."

Ashley glares at Erik.

pity?!? Ashley thought.

"Do you pity me?" Ashley asked.

"Where did you get that idea?"

"I don't know. I just have a feeling that you have pity for me in some sort."

"Okay I pity you" Erik said, getting it off his chest.

You should be with me not that bitch, Shelli.

"I pity you not in a bad way." Erik said.

"How is pity you not in a bad way suppose to mean?" Ashley asked, as he started to lie too.

"I don't know." Erik said, as he stared at Ashley.

"Well you know I don't get mad to often so, I feel your pain." Ashley joked.

Erik just had to laugh, and raised his eyebrows.

Both of their eyes locked at that moment. What seemed like forever turned into seconds.

"I had one person in mind..." Erik said, as he stared at Ashley. "...who you could... date...."

"Who?" Ashley said, being sarcastic.


The phone rang.

Erik broke ground and answered the phone.

"Hello?" he asked.

"Erik, it's Dan."

"uh, Hey, Dan." Erik said, as he looked over to Ashley. Ashley was bored and threw his head up and looked at the ceiling.

"Jacob and I, was wondering if you wanted to hang out or something. I mean if your not busy and all."

"I'm not busy, and Ashley's not busy too." Erik said, as he saw Ashley yawning.

"Oh, Ashley's there?" Dan asked, ...he's in my bed...

"Yeah, Ashley's here with me."

"Ask him if he wants to hang out or something."

He turned to Ashley and asked, "Do you wanna hang with the guys?"

"I don't see why not." Ashley said, "unless you just wanna hang here, catch a movie, and eat dinner."

"We should spend it with the guys." Erik said, encouraging Ashley.

Ashley sighed, "All right, lets hang out with the guys. We're one big happy family." Ashley said.

Erik turned to the phone, "So where do you want to meet?" Erik asked.

"How about in Jacob's room?" Dan said.

"HEY!" Jacob said in the background.

"It should be clean in there, not like our rooms." Dan said.

Erik looked around his room, and he knew what Dan was talking about. It was already messy in his room.

"Jacob's room it is." Erik said.

"Well okay, see you in an hour?" Dan said.

"Sounds good."

"Well okay. Bye." Dan said, looking over Jacob.

"Hope you don't mind scout." Dan said.

"No, not at all." Jacob whined. "Why don't you just take all of my stuff while your at it."

Dan took off his cap that he was wearing, and threw it in Jacob's face.

"Lighten up, tight ass." Dan joked.

An hour passed, and everyone is in Jacob's room, well except for Trevor, he was to busy practicing, and nailing his notes.

"You know when you guys said hanging out, I didn't picture it like this." Ashley grumbled, as they all sat around doing nothing.

"What's on TV?" Ashley asked, grabbing the remote.

"Another Making The Band episode is on." Ashley said looking at the guys.

"TURN IT OFF!" they all yelled, throwing a pillow at him.

"We've lived the drama." Erik said.

"and I still didn't meet your mama." Dan joked.

Erik grabbed a pillow and smacked it on Dan's head. All of sudden a whole pillow war was upon them. They never had so much fun before. Just being normal for one second, and putting work behind them.

"OW!" Ashley said, as Dan then hit him so hard.

"STOP IT!" Ashley said in an angry voice.

They all stopped, and stared at Ashley. Ashley then grinned and began to hit Dan with his pillow. The pillow war then broke out again.

30 minutes later...

They were all laughing and each one of the plopped on the ground and took a breather.

"You know I need a soda, does anyone want one?" Dan asked.

"I'll take a diet" Ashley said.

"and you?" Dan asked Jacob.

"A coke."

Dan then turned to Erik.

"You know what, I'll come with ya. I don't know what I want right now." Erik said, as he began to stand up.

Both boys went to the vending machine around the corner. That's when Dan noticed something on Erik's shoulder. Dan reached for it and brushed it off. But Erik quickly reacted, grabbed Dan's hand, and held it.

"What are you doing behind my back?" Erik asked.

"A piece of lint of on your shirt." Dan said.

"Oh." Erik said, not letting go Dan's hand yet. Erik then let go Dan's hand and Dan did something unexpected. He wrapped his arm around Erik's chest and pulled him into a hug.

He then brought his lips towards Erik's ear, just barely touching it.

"You know, I love you guys." Dan said. He then gave Erik a tight squeeze and he let him go.

Erik quickly turned around, facing Dan.

That wasn't Erik Jr. talking.

"uh, what was that?" Erik asked.

"What was what?" Dan asked, getting some change and putting it in the vending machine.

Erik then cruised Dan, looking up then down.

Dan then turned his head towards Erik and let out a smile with those white teeth he had.

"The whole hug thing." Erik said, taking some drinks out of the vending machine.

"Oh, I don't know." Dan said, "I guess it was to thank you guys for picking me out of the other guys."

"You know I knew you were perfect from the beginning. Surprisingly you didn't make the eight cut. I thought you would of nail it from the beginning."

"Well I didn't" Dan said, "I guess I was lucky."

"You and I too brother." said a voice from behind.

"So where are our drinks?" Jacob asked, emerging from his hotel room.

"You had it in the bag, long ago, Underwood." Erik said, as he tossed Jacob's drink to him.

"What did you have to do?" Erik joked, "Did you blow Lou?" Erik laughed.

"No, I didn't blow Lou" Jacob said, "I blew your momma."

"Oh, no you didn't" Erik said.

"Oh, Yes I did" Jacob said, making a face.

"That's it" as Erik shook his soda, he faced Jacob and he opened it.

Jacob then did the same, and made a complete mess of Erik.

Dan was just watching, from a safe distance.

Erik and Jacob was nearly on top of each other until Erik spoke, "Watch this" he said softly to Jacob so Dan couldn't hear.

Erik shook another soda, faced Dan and opened it. facing it to Jacob.

"Hey now, that is just mean." Dan said, trying to shake off the liquid that was all over him.

"Why don't you just escape reality for a minute, and have fun." Erik said.

"Oh, How about this?" Dan said, facing Erik, opening his soda, and pouring it all over his head.

"Hey watch the hair."

"...and everything else." Jacob added in.

What sticky fun.

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